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78% | 1240 X | 1348 TS

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Chat log

00:00:04NotAHax heros?
00:00:08NotAHax visage,ud,ursa
00:00:11infect am cm clock
00:00:16NotAHax :O
00:00:16Strom nero pit terrorblade
00:00:16leftie thrall panda troll
00:00:19ihufa lion sven naga
00:00:26Kanki tak thrall
00:00:28NotAHax infectt kanki?
00:00:32Nagash lion
00:00:33NotAHax kanki mitä sulla on
00:00:34infect told ya
00:00:35Nagash mati
00:00:36infect am cm clock
00:00:37Nagash carryd
00:00:37wodrock anyone want aa naix or jugger?
00:00:37Kanki obsi sniper rexxar
00:00:38Nagash or ma?
00:00:41NotAHax hmm
00:00:44Nagash mul traz
00:00:45ihufa anyone got sf?
00:00:45NotAHax go cm ud lane?
00:00:47MATi zeus pl bara
00:00:52MATi nagash tahad midagi?
00:00:53MATi anna trax
00:00:54Strom I could play sniper I think
00:00:58NotAHax i could play necrolyte
00:00:58Nagash anna bara
00:01:00Kanki what u have?
00:01:02NotAHax or sniper also
00:01:03Kanki strom
00:01:05Nagash -swap 1
00:01:06ihufa can i go mid?
00:01:06MATi -swap 2
00:01:08Strom I have necro pit tb
00:01:11NotAHax gif necro
00:01:13NotAHax i need necro midd
00:01:19Kanki what u have akir
00:01:21NotAHax well
00:01:22NotAHax w/E
00:01:23infect dont want to go cm against those heroes. too faking easy pwnage for them
00:01:28NotAHax im midd
00:01:34MATi please share
00:01:36Kanki ill play this then
00:01:36Strom want swap kanki?
00:01:38infect i go clock
00:01:40Strom or you play sniper?
00:01:43Kanki y
00:01:47wodrock first time aa
00:01:51Strom allright I play this necro, it's ok
00:02:05Kanki make guinsoo strom
00:02:13Kanki we need disable
00:02:17infect y
00:02:29Kanki they have sick heroes
00:02:33infect y
00:03:09ihufa harras
00:03:11ihufa pls
00:03:16Kanki pull
00:03:53NotAHax lol
00:04:02NotAHax why the fuck
00:04:04NotAHax i dont see souls
00:04:23Nagash lefti
00:04:25Nagash ara näpi
00:04:28leftie ?
00:04:29Nagash või kahetsed seda
00:04:36leftie nagunii kahetsen ju
00:04:39leftie sa oled bara
00:04:40Nagash :D
00:05:10NotAHax lol ff
00:05:12Nagash mis teed wormik:D
00:05:17Wormik afk olen
00:05:19Wormik nüüd ok
00:05:26Strom what fucking ff?
00:05:32NotAHax cantp lay this hero lol
00:05:33leftie yea whats going on
00:05:36Nagash tulen midi
00:05:36infect lol:D
00:05:41infect almighty nota
00:05:44NotAHax xd
00:05:56Strom mis bara
00:05:58NotAHax yes
00:05:59NotAHax he was midd
00:06:07NotAHax how this fucking skill oworks
00:06:10NotAHax i dont get it
00:06:12Nagash rune down
00:06:18NotAHax shouldnt you get souls when you kill creeps?
00:06:18Strom the wave?
00:06:20NotAHax yes..
00:06:22Nagash tulen thrallile
00:06:26leftie its not nevermore
00:06:27leftie wtf
00:06:32Strom it makes damage based on how much damage he got earlier
00:06:39NotAHax oh
00:06:46leftie wtf
00:06:47leftie necro
00:06:54leftie hit him
00:06:56leftie sigh
00:07:03Nagash said!
00:07:12Strom leftie, you should have just run straight home btw
00:07:18Strom and I should have come faster
00:07:22leftie i thought you'd move or something
00:07:29leftie would have been alive
00:07:39ihufa omw imd
00:07:40ihufa rdy?
00:07:50Nagash tulen sniperile
00:07:54leftie 2 miss
00:08:04Nagash sa pane talle se stunni spell peale kui ligidla olen juba
00:08:06NotAHax arr
00:08:07ihufa reg
00:08:10NotAHax now i understood how to play this nigger hero
00:08:49Kanki i wonder why the tower didnt attack them
00:08:49Strom ogre mis
00:08:53infect dno
00:08:59MATi mid miss
00:09:10Nagash tuken midi
00:09:12Nagash ultiga
00:09:12ihufa ill roam
00:09:15Nagash pohh towerialla
00:09:19Kanki bot miss 2
00:09:22Kanki care
00:09:41MATi gj
00:09:42ihufa aa
00:09:45ihufa come with me bot
00:09:48ihufa and gank sniper
00:09:53Wormik me2
00:09:55ihufa y
00:10:18NotAHax wow retard will get tower
00:10:25NotAHax gg
00:10:40Kanki why is there 4 bot
00:10:44infect 4 bot lol :D
00:10:45Strom they roaming
00:10:51ihufa omw mid
00:10:57ihufa dro?
00:11:05Kanki miss
00:11:14infect b mid
00:11:47leftie nice sniper
00:11:47NotAHax omw
00:11:49leftie aww
00:11:50Kanki wtf
00:11:52Nagash lcuky
00:12:03Kanki this is shit
00:13:13Kanki ok i cant do shit
00:13:24ihufa wards pls
00:13:25ihufa ogre
00:13:25ihufa aa
00:13:27Kanki charge ulti im dead
00:13:42NotAHax FUU
00:13:53NotAHax bah sorry guys should take tb
00:13:54NotAHax not this shit
00:14:16infect b boyt
00:14:18infect b
00:14:32NotAHax strom
00:14:33NotAHax go gang top
00:14:37Strom 3+ there
00:14:45Kanki need help bot
00:14:49ihufa gank with me
00:14:50ihufa ogre
00:14:52ihufa sb
00:14:53ihufa pls
00:14:56Wormik sure
00:16:08Nagash tyra
00:16:22NotAHax go
00:16:35Kanki b
00:17:01leftie care top
00:17:24leftie scepter
00:17:30NotAHax make
00:17:31NotAHax ghost
00:17:42Strom I have had ghost for 5 minutes alreadyu
00:17:47NotAHax good
00:18:20leftie ffs
00:18:25leftie so many stuns
00:18:26infect tele
00:18:39Strom had no money for tp, sorry
00:18:56Kanki how about everyone carry tp so they can tele
00:19:02Strom had no money
00:19:09NotAHax lol ok
00:20:18Kanki that sb is so lame
00:20:40leftie rune top
00:20:44Nagash omame
00:20:50infect ss bot 4
00:20:52infect so b mid
00:20:57leftie ffs
00:20:58leftie fuckong shit
00:21:06NotAHax gg
00:21:10Nagash aa
00:21:43Kanki ff
00:21:45NotAHax gg ff
00:21:46infect why not run home
00:21:48ihufa will i ever get a kill
00:21:52Strom mul nii positiivne team
00:21:55Wormik ;D
00:21:57Nagash u ahve 6
00:21:58Nagash :D
00:22:02Kanki our heroes suck really
00:22:06Kanki no disable
00:22:07ihufa still :P
00:22:08NotAHax yea.. they do
00:22:17Wormik omw
00:22:20NotAHax noone didnt even have
00:22:21NotAHax anything good
00:22:22NotAHax rly
00:22:30Kanki yea
00:22:35ihufa silence lol
00:22:42ihufa hate that fkn hero
00:22:51leftie stun with familiars
00:22:58NotAHax yea..
00:23:00NotAHax cant micro lol
00:23:00Nagash msi tegite:D
00:23:16leftie ill just make 5 bracers
00:23:19leftie cant get any gold together
00:23:24Nagash OFC
00:23:28NotAHax ^HAha
00:23:36Nagash u msut be kidding me
00:23:57Nagash lol
00:24:10NotAHax imba hero
00:24:12Nagash idikate kari siin teamis
00:24:24NotAHax we should try
00:24:24NotAHax push
00:24:28NotAHax becouse we HAVE
00:24:29NotAHax strong early
00:24:36NotAHax and if strom gets fat
00:24:38NotAHax we can still win
00:25:18leftie ..
00:25:44infect inc bot prolly
00:25:59leftie you were right
00:25:59infect why stay there:O
00:26:04NotAHax im stypid
00:26:05NotAHax -,.-
00:26:11NotAHax tried buy ghost scepter from shop lol
00:26:26NotAHax but then i was, oh wait theres no scepter
00:26:26Kanki all def bot
00:26:57Nagash TEAM?
00:27:03Nagash hahahahhaha
00:27:22ihufa guys
00:27:25ihufa don't be so scared
00:27:26leftie top
00:27:33Nagash i go IN AND U JUST WATCH HOW I DIE
00:27:39Nagash ncie teamwork
00:27:41ihufa i came
00:27:42Wormik didnt watch
00:27:45Wormik i didnt see you :D
00:28:04Kanki i would want to see how sb could charge me when i was there
00:28:08leftie care forest
00:28:10ihufa i blinked behind tower
00:28:18Kanki b
00:28:30NotAHax ME
00:29:05leftie fuck
00:29:07leftie im dumb
00:29:10leftie should have used
00:29:13leftie that fucking skill
00:29:30leftie damnit
00:30:27infect mid
00:30:28infect b
00:32:04Nagash mida iganes
00:32:22MATi dagoneid vaja
00:32:27infect where's "nice hook" comments ah ?
00:32:40leftie WHAT THE FUCK
00:32:43leftie they got wards here
00:33:01infect we need dusts
00:33:04Kanki y
00:33:11leftie ill buy
00:33:12leftie u use
00:33:17leftie i'd die in 2 secs anyway
00:33:21Strom I'll take it
00:33:30leftie fucking almost had gold for ghost scepter, then died 4 fucking times, gey
00:33:33NotAHax you should buy obs thraall
00:33:36MATi lets take rosh for bara?
00:33:43leftie im doing that
00:33:47leftie but i always die when im planting
00:33:52leftie they got them where we do
00:34:03NotAHax strom
00:34:05NotAHax make shiva
00:34:52leftie I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:59ihufa drow
00:35:02ihufa slow is imba
00:35:06ihufa for chasing
00:35:15Strom jesus
00:35:19leftie STUN
00:35:19Strom that sb would have been so dead
00:35:21leftie gj
00:35:22Nagash ofc
00:35:33infect faking sb came and just pwned me alone
00:35:38MATi how much
00:35:40MATi is ur fps?
00:35:43MATi or what is normal?
00:36:02Nagash ,mul 25 alati:D
00:36:06MATi wat
00:36:08MATi see pask ju
00:36:09MATi mul 30
00:36:11MATi ja haigelt pask
00:36:15MATi pean resa tegema pärast pela
00:36:25ihufa -ms
00:36:36Kanki all miss
00:36:53leftie what do we do
00:36:57leftie we cant def only
00:37:06ihufa -ms
00:37:12infect we wait for them to make a mistake
00:37:13leftie uh trax is pretty farmed
00:37:17infect cause we cant push either
00:37:18ihufa -ms
00:37:26Nagash so whats up
00:37:29MATi go mid imo
00:37:30ihufa push
00:37:32infect imba sniper
00:37:33infect :d
00:37:39Nagash sven jump into thrall
00:37:44Nagash nvm:D
00:37:49Strom don't be so far out thrall
00:37:53Strom they want to get entry
00:38:22Kanki sb take screenshot
00:38:37ihufa PUSH
00:38:51Nagash well no need
00:38:55Nagash repel shows if im ahcking
00:39:01Kanki of course need if i ask
00:40:20Kanki b
00:40:30infect b
00:40:31infect b
00:40:35MATi go mid again
00:40:36MATi tower low
00:40:45Wormik need some reg
00:40:46NotAHax thrall
00:40:47NotAHax let them farm
00:40:51leftie pff
00:40:58leftie wont matter anyway
00:41:04NotAHax su
00:41:04infect b
00:41:04infect b
00:41:07Nagash need ogre
00:41:18Wormik w8=
00:41:30ihufa don't count on me
00:41:35ihufa ill jump directly in the back
00:41:37ihufa to snipe sniper
00:41:41infect illui
00:41:42infect b
00:41:43infect thrall
00:41:44NotAHax WTF
00:41:46Kanki wtf
00:41:47Strom thrall
00:41:47Nagash lol
00:41:48leftie sigh
00:41:49Strom don't be so far out
00:41:50NotAHax ban this retard
00:41:51ihufa wtf
00:41:52Strom they looking for entry
00:42:04Nagash I GO IN
00:42:28Kanki gj thrall
00:42:28ihufa gg
00:42:28infect this thrall needs to get banned for gameruin
00:42:33NotAHax I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:34Kanki how many entrys reallyt
00:42:36ihufa gg
00:42:37Kanki I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:40leftie that would have changed a lot really
00:42:40infect 3 entries
00:42:43infect I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:45infect I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:47Strom could have used your barrier + ulti
00:42:47leftie I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:51Kanki we could have deffed
00:42:51ihufa ur just jelaous
00:42:52infect I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:54infect I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:59leftie they won with picks
00:43:00infect y
00:43:00NotAHax Jelaous
00:43:02infect [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:43:02infect [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:43:02infect [DotA-GC] Game was won by Scourge!
00:43:02infect [DotA-GC] Sentinel must now wait near their fountain until Scourge destroys the tree.
00:43:02Strom I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:08infect this retard needs to get banned
00:43:08NotAHax you win with fucking sd mod
00:43:09infect for sure
00:43:10NotAHax su rly
00:43:18Nagash win is win
00:43:19ihufa not talking to you
00:43:20ihufa sry
00:43:23ihufa cuntface
00:43:28NotAHax Best furion
00:43:34ihufa yes im?
00:43:41ihufa i'd have to agree
00:43:42Nagash bani
00:43:45Nagash notahax
00:43:46NotAHax oh
00:43:47NotAHax shit
00:43:48NotAHax sorry
00:43:49NotAHax :(
00:43:50Nagash ei koti
00:43:52NotAHax lo lsorry
00:43:53Nagash RIGHT
00:43:53infect nagashh
00:43:55NotAHax sorry srsly
00:43:55Nagash banned
00:43:57infect we wont care either
00:43:58NotAHax i played at di
00:44:00NotAHax there you can still
00:44:01NotAHax att
00:44:03Kanki lol i didnt remember we should stay in well
00:44:04Kanki :D
00:44:06infect cause thrall wont get banned for gameruin either
00:44:06Nagash i dont gace
00:44:08Nagash it gc
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