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Chat log

00:00:07JeJePwn zeus sven sf
00:00:08J0te ench clokc ursa
00:00:15Luza jakiro kunkka slark
00:00:18JeJePwn i take zeus
00:00:20Biggie got morph and sand
00:00:22Norrebro me kunkka
00:00:28Luza you has?
00:00:31Biggie gonna play sand i guess
00:00:31Norrebro got multi panda weaver
00:00:36Muhammad lich abba riki
00:00:44Luza hmm
00:00:47Luza we go with 2x carries then?
00:00:51Muhammad can i kunkka plz
00:00:51Luza weaver would be smthing
00:00:51Biggie wat you guys got?
00:01:05Norrebro gigi should carry
00:01:07reptile leo, rasta mortred
00:01:10Norrebro support him gg
00:01:12Eksodick aa cent nerub
00:01:13pOWa get chiken i upgrayd
00:01:25Luza encha woods?
00:01:27Norrebro gimme kunkka
00:01:29Norrebro fast
00:01:29J0te kk
00:01:34Luza take me smthing
00:01:34Norrebro what u want
00:01:36pOWa can i go mid?
00:01:37Luza whatever
00:01:41Luza -swap 1
00:01:42Biggie no
00:01:42Norrebro -swap 2
00:01:51Luza g00d my hotkeys are fuckd with this but nå
00:02:30dRocketman going wodos
00:02:34Eksodick :/
00:02:36reptile me alone top....?=
00:02:39dRocketman whhhy?
00:02:40dRocketman y you are
00:02:46Luza cent ceno ytey
00:02:52JeJePwn i leave last hits for yyu
00:02:57Eksodick thoguht going woods too
00:03:02reptile i cant play solo top
00:03:09Eksodick veno shold go top then
00:03:21reptile come top veno
00:03:37Eksodick ench is in our woods
00:03:39dRocketman i can solo bot
00:03:45reptile guys
00:03:48reptile i cant play solo
00:04:17Luza LOL they giot tb
00:04:33J0te ya
00:05:34reptile where is chick
00:05:49dRocketman invis bot
00:05:50Luza i take invis
00:05:51Luza ok?
00:05:58reptile GUYS
00:06:01dRocketman ogre invis
00:06:01Muhammad jk
00:06:08reptile i go woods too
00:06:09Luza OMW MID KUNKKA
00:06:13Luza IM COMING
00:06:15dRocketman me top then
00:06:20JeJePwn sorry gigi . i tried to leave it for you but had to take it
00:06:35Muhammad np dude:)
00:06:48J0te guise
00:06:52Norrebro oom
00:06:56J0te naps
00:06:57Norrebro and low
00:06:57Luza i cant dive there u know
00:07:13J0te i caN
00:07:17Luza i See
00:07:21J0te cauSE IM PRO
00:07:32reptile u didnt bought chick veno..
00:07:42Luza ss bot
00:07:44JeJePwn copy
00:08:15Luza rune top
00:09:01JeJePwn gj
00:09:06Muhammad u2
00:09:13Luza how is mid
00:09:19Luza help
00:09:22Norrebro good
00:09:39Luza need
00:09:44J0te weed
00:10:00dRocketman ss
00:10:23Luza getting arcane
00:10:24Luza and then
00:10:25Luza pew
00:10:37reptile veno get vthe chick..
00:10:41J0te ss2
00:10:51Luza dont even neeed arcane
00:10:56Luza imma just go kiel
00:11:03Biggie veno
00:11:04Luza dis tb
00:11:05Norrebro ss mid
00:11:05Biggie rules state
00:11:06J0te dagon5
00:11:11Biggie that you got to buy the chicken
00:11:12JeJePwn kill
00:11:18J0te ss cent veno
00:11:22pOWa forgot
00:11:23Luza kunkka
00:11:24Luza lets mid
00:11:31reptile then get it
00:11:54JeJePwn gj
00:12:17Biggie lol
00:12:19J0te nice
00:12:23Muhammad b
00:12:34Muhammad rdy to kill
00:12:37Luza riki having good farm?
00:12:37JeJePwn no mana
00:12:46Luza lets goo
00:12:54JeJePwn bad mana :(
00:13:00reptile i go direct bkb
00:13:02J0te ss veno
00:13:08Luza was mid
00:13:33Luza cant
00:13:34J0te ss cent
00:13:36Luza well
00:13:40Luza enjoy freefarm
00:13:40Luza mid
00:13:58Norrebro stun
00:14:35Luza SEC
00:14:36J0te dese madafacking snakes
00:14:37Luza BUYING ARCANE
00:15:03Norrebro stun
00:15:05Norrebro and he dead
00:15:23Luza aw
00:15:24J0te fick
00:15:28J0te fUCK
00:15:39dRocketman rik
00:15:48Luza omw for tb
00:16:18Muhammad heal
00:16:35Muhammad ty
00:16:50Luza dive
00:16:52J0te tower
00:16:54Luza if we must
00:17:14J0te haha
00:17:22Luza Go again
00:17:32Biggie lol
00:17:40Eksodick ....
00:17:43dRocketman he took my farm
00:17:44J0te multii
00:17:46Eksodick u can suck dick and quit
00:17:46Luza trol
00:17:47dRocketman that's what hapens
00:17:58J0te lotto ilta
00:18:02dRocketman ff
00:18:04Luza cmon :D
00:18:12JeJePwn had to steal it :D:D:D:D
00:18:17Luza ofc u had to
00:18:21JeJePwn ;D;D;D;d
00:19:03reptile ????
00:19:07J0te bring sum dustii
00:19:51J0te il bring dutii
00:19:51Norrebro veno
00:19:55J0te dustii
00:20:00Luza :DD
00:20:13pOWa soul
00:20:15pOWa fucker
00:20:22Luza all lies
00:21:12reptile why he doesnt buy a chick?
00:21:38J0te faking snakes
00:21:40Luza Smoke
00:21:41Luza smoke
00:21:59Muhammad sry my foult
00:22:30J0te twr
00:22:52Eksodick not gonna get that chick?
00:23:22Muhammad invis
00:24:23Luza try tonrrent
00:24:24Luza torrent
00:24:25Luza wood
00:24:47J0te ya
00:24:50Luza veno first
00:25:11reptile goß
00:25:12J0te push
00:25:13reptile ?=
00:25:13Eksodick ward
00:25:15Eksodick go destroy
00:25:39JeJePwn amana
00:25:47Norrebro PEOPLE
00:25:57Norrebro omg
00:26:07JeJePwn heeel
00:26:28Luza gahh srsly
00:26:32J0te kunka sTOP SUICIDE
00:26:32Eksodick riki going bot
00:26:33Eksodick care
00:26:56Luza OMW
00:26:57J0te dis sand
00:26:58Luza I HAVE DUST
00:29:00JeJePwn cent maybe 10 hp
00:29:00Luza encha <3
00:30:03JeJePwn go you will get my support
00:30:24Norrebro lol
00:30:30J0te kunka ive told you once
00:30:43Luza OMW MID
00:30:48Norrebro b
00:31:03Luza wait wtf
00:31:03Luza oh
00:31:06Luza i have my staff
00:31:07Luza trolo
00:31:53dRocketman does manta work for meta or do you still have to shift click it?
00:32:00Biggie no idea
00:32:14dRocketman think i saw something about it in the latest changelog -.-
00:32:41Luza we cant go very late in this game
00:32:46J0te iF WE GET NECRO EARLY ITS gg
00:32:48Luza i mean over 70 min
00:32:56Muhammad lets push mid
00:33:26Biggie get to rosh
00:33:34J0te bot
00:33:37J0te boaT
00:33:50J0te rofl tb
00:33:51J0te farm
00:34:05Biggie leo has no boots?=
00:34:29reptile hm
00:34:32reptile i had pt??
00:34:54Luza dive
00:34:55Luza if we
00:34:57Luza see some1
00:35:15Norrebro ...
00:35:21J0te STEAL
00:35:21Luza wow
00:35:22J0te GO Q
00:35:24J0te QQ
00:35:24Luza kova creeppi
00:35:28reptile i accidential sold pt thought its ironwood..
00:35:30reptile :/
00:35:33J0te oli
00:35:35J0te miss click
00:37:11Luza oh
00:37:12Luza ok
00:37:12Luza :D
00:37:40Muhammad b
00:38:03J0te win
00:38:04Luza derf
00:38:24Luza -afk
00:38:51Norrebro sk
00:38:56Luza wich one
00:39:01Norrebro sand
00:39:34JeJePwn <3
00:39:49Biggie okay
00:39:53Biggie enough of fooling
00:40:05Norrebro damn my score
00:40:10Norrebro -x again
00:40:14Luza its awsome
00:40:14Biggie leo care
00:40:19Luza onks healii
00:40:20Luza <3
00:40:22Luza jee
00:40:39Biggie gether mid
00:40:44Luza uus
00:40:44Biggie care top
00:41:26Luza tb starting to have farm
00:41:30reptile can veno now a buy a chick?
00:41:34Luza should we do smthing about that?
00:41:34Norrebro naah
00:41:40Norrebro psuh mid
00:42:12Luza xD
00:42:30Luza get b
00:42:40Luza they has gem?
00:42:42Eksodick kunkka invi
00:42:45Luza no
00:42:46Luza they dont
00:43:05dRocketman it works btw
00:43:17J0te ive book
00:43:22J0te bb sks
00:43:38dRocketman meta bugged
00:43:39dRocketman yay1
00:43:44dRocketman lets hope i dont die
00:43:47dRocketman Nooo
00:43:51Luza df
00:43:52Luza def
00:44:57Eksodick sk did you get your ulti in?
00:45:02Biggie yep
00:45:16Biggie but they were split
00:45:16reptile rikki is to overfarmed
00:45:20Biggie so it only hit few
00:45:22Eksodick ye
00:45:34reptile he kills me almost instant
00:45:40Biggie you need armor
00:45:48reptile i go cuirass then
00:45:50Biggie some get a pack of dusts
00:45:56Biggie i focus my ulti on riki
00:46:03Luza wait me
00:46:04Luza wait
00:46:05Luza letsgo
00:46:06Muhammad push
00:46:06J0te go kick ass and chew gum
00:46:08J0te mis
00:46:10J0te mid
00:46:30Luza rege
00:46:40reptile b
00:47:21Luza sk still ulti
00:47:24Eksodick b
00:47:31J0te sTUN
00:47:59Luza gj riki
00:48:09Norrebro me and him lan
00:48:19Luza OH
00:48:19Luza ok
00:48:22Luza =)))
00:48:23JeJePwn :P yep it was good that i gave last hits to riki :P
00:48:24Luza who is this
00:48:27Luza have he played here before
00:48:31Norrebro no
00:48:57Muhammad b
00:49:26Eksodick they rosh?
00:49:27Muhammad go rosh i omw
00:49:50Luza -mc
00:49:54J0te veno knows
00:50:16Luza go rosh
00:50:17Luza now?
00:50:56Norrebro -ms
00:50:59pOWa in bse
00:51:01Biggie riki does alod of dmg now
00:51:05reptile y..
00:51:06Luza fqarm
00:51:07Luza famr
00:51:10Luza FARM
00:51:10JeJePwn i go
00:51:13Luza oki
00:51:32JeJePwn and i take top now
00:52:28Luza i get meka
00:52:38J0te hah
00:53:08Luza T
00:53:08Luza GO
00:53:10Luza Tb
00:53:10Luza Go
00:53:17JeJePwn mana
00:53:29Luza :D
00:53:33J0te ?-
00:53:38Norrebro dont stop tp
00:53:40dRocketman force staff doesnt disable tp
00:53:45Luza i saw that
00:53:46JeJePwn resfesher or agha ?
00:53:52J0te agha
00:54:01Luza agha is better
00:54:02Luza atm
00:54:05Luza after that
00:54:07Luza refreshet
00:54:10J0te less mana
00:54:13J0te and cd
00:54:39Norrebro b
00:54:47Norrebro b
00:54:48Norrebro b
00:54:49Norrebro gg
00:55:04J0te kk lost
00:55:09Luza cmon
00:55:11J0te bad fight
00:55:14Biggie i def
00:55:17Biggie push
00:55:20Luza that tb --_--
00:55:24Muhammad y
00:55:43J0te we shud before
00:55:55J0te fucken 50min
00:56:05reptile b?
00:56:07pOWa y
00:56:08Eksodick guess so
00:56:12J0te cant do SHIT
00:56:13J0te anymore
00:56:22Luza toldya we cant go late
00:56:34J0te coz no tank
00:56:50Luza we need gang
00:57:36Eksodick kunkka
00:57:40Norrebro gang em
00:57:50J0te its hard
00:57:52J0te need all
00:57:53Luza it is
00:57:54pOWa b
00:57:54pOWa b
00:57:55pOWa b
00:58:10Norrebro go
00:58:14pOWa 100 for dagger
00:58:14Eksodick push bot?
00:58:15Eksodick all?
00:59:05J0te riki gets killed to easy
00:59:19reptile go trhone
00:59:23Luza yeah
00:59:23Luza I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:59:28J0te I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:59:29Luza this was so won game
00:59:30Luza but no
00:59:52J0te no tank
01:00:00Luza yea well they have better late
01:00:02J0te all get killed in 1 sec
01:00:07Luza aLOT better
01:00:23Norrebro we shoulda finished earlier
01:00:28Luza tb best lategamer
01:00:41Luza and riki need bkb
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