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95% | 1229 X | 1607 TS

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16% | 955 X | 1067 TS

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14% | 868 X | 1105 TS

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Chat log

00:00:15Phytol lina, strygwyr, balanar
00:00:18j0shi necrolic abadon phantom lancer
00:00:28Dota.m -swap
00:00:30Norrebro -swap 4
00:00:32Dota.m -swap 1
00:00:34Herre thrall, ck, tb
00:00:36Norrebro -swap 3
00:00:54NotAHax i have been 1 month inactive
00:00:58NotAHax norrebro 97%
00:01:02NotAHax Something is terrible wrong...
00:01:09aRkker -swap 3
00:01:11Norrebro why
00:01:11Herre -swap 2
00:01:14NotAHax becouse you suck
00:01:32Norrebro "ok"
00:01:43Norrebro me wisp bot
00:01:55j0shi you better not leave me and phytol top both :P
00:02:04Norrebro u are 2 tanks
00:02:05NotAHax rhasta bottom
00:02:07Norrebro dont fucking die
00:02:13Phytol /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:31Phytol /w DotaKeys: You control Night Stalker [v,f,g,r]
00:03:07j0shi lags like hell
00:03:18j0shi only me?
00:04:21Herre PALIKKA
00:04:23Herre JA SEN
00:04:24Herre JUTUT
00:04:25Herre :--------DDDDD
00:04:26NotAHax xD
00:04:34Herre mistor -13 streak
00:04:34Herre mister*
00:04:40aRkker ja palikkasyndrooma
00:04:42aRkker ei osaa päästää altista
00:04:43Phytol 1 ss top
00:04:51NotAHax :D
00:04:59NotAHax 'SHARE
00:05:00NotAHax cHICKEN
00:05:17slc2 need gank
00:05:33NotAHax rhasta
00:05:35NotAHax can you buy wards
00:06:14NotAHax rhasta plz buy wards
00:06:32aRkker slardar and rhasta
00:06:34aRkker swap with us
00:06:34slc2 need gank
00:06:35Norrebro up
00:06:36Norrebro chicken
00:06:37aRkker we go bottom
00:06:37Norrebro now
00:06:38aRkker you go top
00:06:45j0shi -2 top
00:06:48Herre SLARDAR
00:06:49Herre GO TOP
00:06:54Norrebro uphgrade
00:06:54RalleBrazil we teleport
00:06:55Norrebro chicken
00:06:57Norrebro guys
00:07:01NotAHax rHASTA
00:07:06Phytol no money
00:07:11NotAHax if you dont wanna buy totally useless
00:07:14NotAHax be
00:07:22Herre SLARDAR
00:07:25slc2 yes?
00:07:28Herre go top
00:07:29aRkker swaptime
00:07:30Herre sir
00:07:49Norrebro die ho
00:07:51NotAHax RalleBrazil
00:07:56NotAHax can you buy wards
00:08:00NotAHax plz
00:08:01NotAHax buy
00:08:04NotAHax observer wards
00:08:46whatugotskills gj
00:09:00Herre :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:09:04j0shi hei guys what items for abadon?
00:09:07RalleBrazil ss toop
00:09:21Norrebro die ho
00:09:26NotAHax yes ur rly pro
00:09:59Herre :DD:D
00:10:05Norrebro die ho?
00:10:09aRkker 1 more time
00:10:14aRkker And you will be banned afterwards
00:10:23Phytol reg
00:10:30Norrebro oh
00:10:30whatugotskills tuy
00:10:36whatugotskills w8
00:10:40Norrebro u didnt hear him flaming?
00:10:43Phytol k
00:10:44whatugotskills go
00:10:58NotAHax Fatcs flame?
00:11:14Phytol gj :)
00:11:22Norrebro coming
00:11:25NotAHax RalleBrazil
00:11:25Norrebro jimmy kom
00:11:28NotAHax can you read this
00:11:29NotAHax BUY
00:11:29aRkker dead
00:11:30NotAHax OBSERVER
00:11:31NotAHax WARDS
00:11:31NotAHax FROM
00:11:31aRkker dead
00:11:32NotAHax SHOP
00:11:32aRkker dead
00:11:33aRkker dead
00:11:33aRkker dea
00:11:34aRkker d
00:11:35aRkker dead
00:11:35aRkker dea
00:11:38aRkker come back already please
00:11:40NotAHax plz
00:11:41NotAHax buy
00:11:42NotAHax observer
00:11:43NotAHax wards
00:11:43NotAHax from
00:11:44NotAHax shop
00:11:57slc2 miss???
00:11:59aRkker WE SAID
00:12:00aRkker LIKE
00:12:02aRkker 50 TIMES
00:12:03aRkker TO GET BVACK
00:12:05aRkker FOR FUCKS SAKE
00:12:11slc2 u said dead
00:12:14aRkker yes
00:12:15aRkker meaning
00:12:15aRkker that
00:12:16aRkker GET
00:12:17aRkker THE
00:12:18aRkker FUCK
00:12:19aRkker OUt
00:12:23aRkker if you can't understand that
00:12:25aRkker I don't know what
00:12:28Norrebro go mid
00:12:34RalleBrazil omg fail
00:12:38Phytol :(
00:13:35aRkker why did you not come back?
00:13:40aRkker don't you seriously see ???
00:15:04Phytol :)
00:15:31Herre TÄHÄN VÄLIIN
00:15:35Herre palikka - and his stories
00:15:38Herre piristää
00:15:38NotAHax :D
00:15:47NotAHax mun bot farm
00:20:12Norrebro come team
00:20:41Herre palikka vol 13
00:20:43NotAHax :DD:
00:20:52Norrebro b
00:20:52Norrebro b
00:20:53Norrebro b
00:20:53Norrebro b
00:20:56Norrebro wtf
00:21:46Norrebro abba
00:21:50j0shi y?
00:21:50Norrebro always shield me
00:21:53Norrebro and heal
00:22:13Norrebro go all
00:22:15j0shi casted shield rushed in, was disabled then died :P
00:22:27Norrebro go top all
00:23:04Herre def at base
00:23:15aRkker -apm
00:24:23j0shi take tower 4 dead
00:24:30j0shi ok 2 dead
00:24:32j0shi :P
00:24:38j0shi care
00:26:09Phytol b
00:26:10slc2 luna use it before omg!!!!!!
00:26:20NotAHax ??
00:26:20Norrebro abba
00:26:21NotAHax use what
00:26:21Norrebro come
00:26:21Norrebro end
00:26:22NotAHax im silenced
00:26:22Herre :DD
00:26:23Norrebro with us
00:26:24Norrebro ffs
00:26:25slc2 ure beam
00:26:29aRkker silened...
00:26:31aRkker silenced*
00:26:32slc2 not that long
00:26:38aRkker yes that long, he was silenced even when he got his kill
00:26:39j0shi was missing 200 cmon
00:26:40Herre gg
00:26:43aRkker it has a skull on top of his head
00:26:45aRkker when he is silenced
00:26:46Herre master-n kileld slardar
00:26:47aRkker pay attention
00:26:47j0shi and deffed bot tower
00:26:48Herre .........
00:26:52slc2 i know
00:26:54aRkker kileld loleld
00:27:04Norrebro go push top
00:27:56Norrebro shield me
00:32:06Norrebro so gg pro master n
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