Game #860067

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-35 X
-4 TS

78% | 1225 X | 1415 TS

-9 X
-7 TS

69% | 1235 X | 1316 TS

-26 X
-7 TS

66% | 1232 X | 1264 TS

-29 X
-3 TS

45% | 1018 X | 1319 TS

-14 X
-13 TS

28% | 923 X | 1187 TS

+25 X
+5 TS

96% | 1277 X | 1574 TS

-8 X
+5 TS

95% | 1347 X | 1480 TS

+43 X
+7 TS

52% | 991 X | 1280 TS

+41 X
+6 TS

40% | 920 X | 1317 TS

+20 X
+15 TS

8% | 828 X | 1065 TS

Chat log

00:00:10iNeuron tra meil mingi arkker
00:00:13kitkat noh
00:00:18kitkat katsu nyyd olla
00:00:19aRkker stfu
00:00:22iNeuron :D
00:00:22iNeuron sorri kit !
00:00:22iNeuron sina meeldid mulle
00:00:23PeterLars we have to win again :D
00:00:24iNeuron : D
00:00:25DangerZ kit, sulle ka siis
00:00:25DangerZ kit, sulle ka siis
00:00:25Timu bänni
00:00:25NotAHax o dangerz yo
00:00:25DangerZ the internet is full
00:00:25kitkat jee!
00:00:25DangerZ gtfo
00:00:25kitkat I want rex
00:00:25Timu bänni nota
00:00:25kitkat and I want to play it my own way!
00:00:25iNeuron nota banned
00:00:25Timu what did he ban
00:00:25mindspank who is nota
00:00:25iNeuron nota is banned
00:00:25PeterLars dunno
00:00:25NotAHax -visage
00:00:25kitkat notakat
00:00:25Dzinnu thrall and AA are fun
00:00:25curdi hitto oisin just pickannu visagen
00:00:25PeterLars ban alc
00:00:25iNeuron thrall tahan
00:00:25iNeuron ma
00:00:25kitkat xd
00:00:25Timu -alche
00:00:25Dzinnu ma AA siis
00:00:25kitkat ei saa
00:00:27NotAHax you want thralll?
00:00:28NotAHax ??
00:00:28iNeuron thrall kaob enne
00:00:29NotAHax ??
00:00:30iNeuron ye
00:00:31iNeuron m,e
00:00:39kitkat take many disable
00:00:40kitkat and win
00:00:42kitkat yayayaya
00:00:42Dzinnu aa and trhall lane
00:00:44Dzinnu gogo
00:00:49NotAHax give me sf
00:01:02kitkat TT-TT
00:01:04Dzinnu levi!
00:01:04kitkat mah rex
00:01:05kitkat noes
00:01:07iNeuron no i give you levi
00:01:13PeterLars we need tide
00:01:28curdi krobe?
00:01:32NotAHax SF
00:01:32NotAHax SF
00:01:34NotAHax give
00:01:37iNeuron -swap 1
00:01:38NotAHax -swap 4
00:01:44Dzinnu krove gogo
00:01:46Dzinnu krobe*
00:01:51iNeuron tule üles
00:01:57iNeuron tauno küll
00:01:58kitkat no oman krobega
00:02:00kitkat mis seal ikka
00:02:13PeterLars axe or something
00:02:23iNeuron i hope you guys dont fail bot, gonna be hard to go to sleep with all the yelling later
00:02:31kitkat o.O
00:02:33aRkker ...
00:02:49PeterLars they have 4 range :s
00:02:50kitkat don't fail top imho
00:02:52kitkat xddxdxdxd
00:02:53curdi try fb mid?
00:02:54PeterLars it gonna be a bad start
00:02:56iNeuron we never fail
00:02:59DangerZ so wat, we got 4 melees
00:03:00kitkat jaa
00:03:00DangerZ np
00:03:03kitkat Dzinnu omab ära :3
00:03:04PeterLars ^^
00:03:06iNeuron ma tavaliselt oman
00:03:07curdi go mid
00:03:08NotAHax you beter rape
00:03:10iNeuron tsinnu lasthitib
00:03:10kitkat 'jep'
00:03:10Dzinnu dzinnu failing = myth with no basis
00:03:16kitkat :D
00:03:26iNeuron spammime sodiks nad
00:03:29mindspank omw
00:03:33Dzinnu y
00:03:34iNeuron ss top
00:03:35iNeuron carem id
00:03:49curdi :D he rages
00:03:53DangerZ haters gonan hate
00:04:00NotAHax y like my last 7 games :D
00:04:05NotAHax i had mega feed before
00:04:08NotAHax too much wow i guess.
00:04:14aRkker too little*
00:04:32NotAHax lol
00:04:35curdi damn thats retarded
00:04:46iNeuron dzinneuron doing it again
00:04:51Dzinnu :D
00:05:21Dzinnu hmm, kiirelt võtame toweri?
00:05:23Dzinnu v6i pullime?
00:05:25iNeuron manba vähe
00:05:25kitkat kiirelt
00:05:26kitkat ploz
00:05:30kitkat alt kah
00:05:32iNeuron no fine
00:05:33curdi ss
00:05:42curdi re
00:06:02PeterLars kroub
00:06:26iNeuron kirjtuasin just
00:06:27iNeuron :D
00:06:31mindspank pulling
00:06:36Dzinnu sa v6iks ka mumblesse tulla
00:06:42kitkat JEP
00:06:43iNeuron mic pole ju
00:06:44curdi ss
00:06:46kitkat mis siis
00:06:48Dzinnu kuulad mind siis
00:06:51aRkker ja mind
00:06:53iNeuron suren siis tulen
00:06:54kitkat saad soomekeelset mölinat kuulata notalt :P
00:07:03iNeuron sama serv u ikka?P
00:07:07Dzinnu y
00:08:23mindspank couldi have like 2 creeps
00:08:24PeterLars tiny ss
00:08:25Dzinnu kaua 6ni?
00:08:29iNeuron püalju
00:08:32iNeuron üle poole
00:08:32PeterLars re
00:08:48Timu mid
00:08:51Timu needs gank
00:08:57mindspank omw
00:08:59mindspank say when youre 6
00:09:06mindspank got ulti
00:09:07mindspank i mean
00:09:17Timu ss
00:09:26mindspank care
00:09:28mindspank b
00:09:30iNeuron türa
00:09:41iNeuron nice razes
00:09:48mindspank magina
00:09:50mindspank i got pot for you
00:09:58mindspank come
00:09:59PeterLars okay :d
00:09:59iNeuron 1 raze and autoattack ftw?
00:10:08PeterLars ty
00:10:26kitkat sitt lane
00:10:29kitkat ma ei lähe sinna
00:10:30kitkat alla
00:10:31kitkat enam
00:10:32iNeuron :D
00:10:38iNeuron arkker handle the lane ffs
00:10:44aRkker ...
00:11:02mindspank say when you have utli
00:11:04mindspank rexx
00:11:04iNeuron top ss 2
00:11:07aRkker sk miss lol
00:11:29DangerZ tide?
00:11:32curdi ?
00:11:35DangerZ oh
00:11:37DangerZ you lvl 5
00:11:39DangerZ asjgdighijraesnbghikashgoibjgnoasigjnasga
00:12:06DangerZ now im just annoyed
00:12:08iNeuron ma ära
00:12:10iNeuron Justin Case
00:12:17kitkat 'ok'
00:12:57iNeuron teen gosublade : D
00:13:00NotAHax ...
00:13:01NotAHax no
00:13:01NotAHax dont
00:13:05iNeuron GOSUBLADe
00:13:07NotAHax just make shiva hex
00:13:08NotAHax srsly
00:13:11iNeuron GOSUUU
00:13:32mindspank omw mid
00:13:42kitkat I SAID I WON'T GO BOT
00:13:47iNeuron yet u do
00:13:50kitkat yus
00:13:52iNeuron something must be pulling you near bot
00:13:53kitkat cuz they be whining
00:13:54iNeuron or someone.. ?
00:14:26Timu flying?
00:14:35NotAHax haters gonna hate idd.
00:14:40mindspank omw mid
00:14:57iNeuron ss top for a while now
00:15:34iNeuron top tower
00:15:36iNeuron kit tule
00:15:37iNeuron ja keegi veel
00:15:39iNeuron kes viitsib
00:15:46mindspank what does the new hero do?
00:15:53curdi new?
00:15:54mindspank the ancient thing
00:15:59curdi how is that new
00:16:01mindspank i played dota a few years ago :S
00:16:09curdi watch and learn?
00:17:10mindspank daymn
00:17:12PeterLars ^^
00:17:29PeterLars they are feeding the right hero :D
00:17:32mindspank :D
00:18:03curdi ulti rdy
00:18:11Dzinnu janis tule
00:18:15iNeuron oom
00:18:30PeterLars haha die bitch
00:18:30DangerZ :DD
00:18:31mindspank daymn
00:18:44aRkker MonkeyBoy, remember, banhammer swings
00:18:56curdi enforcing the rules correct
00:18:59aRkker yes.
00:19:17mindspank just curious, what rule does he break?
00:19:20DangerZ wtf you can't say bitch anymore?
00:19:22aRkker 04.
00:19:23Timu trolling arkker
00:19:31curdi invi tiny
00:19:34DangerZ i mean he didn't even refer to kitkat
00:19:35kitkat FUU YOU
00:19:44aRkker 04
00:19:54iNeuron coming bot
00:20:43curdi damn that thrall sile is power
00:21:18iNeuron tagasi kiisu
00:21:25curdi go
00:21:59curdi yy dont kill apa
00:22:20mindspank dayyymn
00:22:24mindspank br0
00:22:30Dzinnu outplayed
00:22:33Dzinnu so pro i am
00:22:34Timu xaxa
00:22:44mindspank i dont even know what your hero has for spells :S
00:22:45PeterLars i was eating hot dog haha
00:22:52kitkat DENY DZINNU
00:22:53kitkat NOW
00:22:59kitkat :C
00:22:59Timu y
00:23:00iNeuron time to mumble
00:23:06Timu one guy is first time dota since 3.24
00:23:10kitkat O.o
00:23:17iNeuron joo
00:23:17iNeuron vittu
00:23:27kitkat :D
00:24:00DangerZ ffs
00:24:02DangerZ leo
00:24:03iNeuron vit
00:24:04DangerZ you blind?
00:24:17mindspank why do you stand there then
00:24:19mindspank thought it was cool :S
00:24:37iNeuron whos voice
00:24:38iNeuron nota?
00:24:41NotAHax yes
00:24:41kitkat D
00:24:43iNeuron aight
00:24:43kitkat ))
00:24:59iNeuron 2k to mystiuc
00:25:12iNeuron someone say mitä vittua sika
00:25:17Timu -ii
00:25:19kitkat :D
00:25:21mindspank -ii
00:25:21kitkat wat
00:26:03iNeuron oleko sina saanuta musta miesta?
00:26:22iNeuron hyvä
00:26:32iNeuron oleko sina saanuta onneli seksi ?
00:27:01iNeuron damn.. sexy
00:27:27curdi why so late
00:28:06NotAHax go mid
00:28:59mindspank 100 to dagger
00:28:59mindspank :S:S
00:29:08curdi dagger leoric
00:29:09curdi .
00:29:10curdi .
00:29:13mindspank y
00:29:18mindspank to eat their shit
00:30:30mindspank ur right
00:30:33mindspank ill go shivas <3
00:30:39mindspank xD
00:30:45curdi or just get the armlet
00:31:19kitkat sika
00:31:39curdi ward
00:31:43curdi any1 can buy sentry?
00:31:48PeterLars b
00:31:53DangerZ ward
00:32:02mindspank counter where
00:32:03mindspank pimng
00:32:08mindspank omw
00:32:16mindspank ok
00:32:36curdi would need some ranged here...
00:32:36PeterLars def
00:32:39curdi bm borrow pig?
00:32:49DangerZ drop mid
00:32:51DangerZ def base
00:33:07mindspank omw
00:33:15iNeuron hotkeyd ei funkand
00:34:22DangerZ i'll go counter
00:34:29Dzinnu shiva tulos sk?
00:34:30NotAHax mindpsank, you rly are pro i must say
00:34:35mindspank TY
00:34:51iNeuron isnt mindspank the one who has been whining in .support for awhilen ow?
00:35:14PeterLars omg
00:35:14iNeuron 200 to hex
00:35:16PeterLars b
00:35:18PeterLars a
00:35:19Timu gtfo there tide
00:35:27iNeuron and got it
00:35:36PeterLars they gonna push now i think
00:35:38Timu mystic stuff skele?
00:35:41iNeuron :D
00:35:46curdi he's going shiva
00:35:48curdi so retarded
00:35:49mindspank going hex
00:35:52Timu tard
00:35:54Timu go for dmg
00:36:08curdi bkb stygi ac...
00:36:09curdi or smth
00:36:11PeterLars he wanna be support haha
00:36:21mindspank we have enough dmg
00:36:26curdi no we dont
00:36:31mindspank check our last team fights
00:36:33kitkat OOKOO, KAVERI
00:36:35mindspank the go down in 1 sec
00:36:50iNeuron -ma
00:36:52iNeuron ops
00:36:53iNeuron 11 someone
00:36:54mindspank also
00:36:54mindspank shivas
00:36:57mindspank is excellent for magina
00:37:00aRkker -ma
00:37:15mindspank w8
00:37:34iNeuron I didnt even see myself
00:37:35iNeuron gg
00:37:38mindspank said wait
00:37:41Dzinnu ssame
00:37:41Dzinnu :D
00:37:44Dzinnu surin enne kui arugi sain
00:37:46kitkat xd
00:37:46Dzinnu ulti sain sisse tho
00:37:53iNeuron ma sain hexi ja spellid sisse
00:37:54kitkat kitu pwn
00:37:55kitkat xd
00:37:56iNeuron siis enda aruga autoattackin
00:38:01iNeuron ja järsku mind pole enam
00:38:02iNeuron wattafak
00:38:06curdi see our last teamfight
00:38:11curdi they didnt go down in 1 sec
00:38:23Timu imo y
00:38:23mindspank bc
00:38:25mindspank i wanst there
00:38:55mindspank oms
00:38:56mindspank w
00:39:29PeterLars b
00:39:42curdi push bot
00:39:42kitkat xd
00:39:46mindspank imo kong
00:39:46iNeuron shiva rdy on skele
00:39:48mindspank rosh i mean
00:39:48iNeuron : D
00:39:51kitkat xDD
00:39:52NotAHax oh noes
00:39:53DangerZ hon fag
00:39:54NotAHax Shiva!!
00:39:56kitkat :D
00:39:58PeterLars they have wards
00:39:59NotAHax what we gonna do
00:40:05kitkat I DEFEND BASE
00:40:07mindspank il counter
00:40:11iNeuron that autoattack skele will surely pwn us all now :<
00:40:26mindspank b
00:40:27iNeuron dzinnu
00:40:28iNeuron gankime
00:40:34iNeuron poih
00:40:34iNeuron hex
00:40:51mindspank ill
00:41:02PeterLars omg
00:41:30iNeuron shiva man
00:41:30iNeuron and run
00:41:31iNeuron fast
00:41:34mindspank cd
00:42:00iNeuron shiva
00:42:02iNeuron i mean
00:42:02iNeuron manta
00:42:41mindspank ill ward kong
00:42:42mindspank lets get it
00:42:49curdi fuck off with ur hon shit
00:42:58NotAHax sigh
00:42:58NotAHax .
00:43:00DangerZ FUUUUUUUU
00:43:01DangerZ :D
00:43:05NotAHax no u
00:43:14DangerZ you got greedy
00:43:16DangerZ fagcake
00:43:18NotAHax arkker lured me
00:43:24mindspank tey have
00:43:25mindspank ward here
00:43:26kitkat b
00:43:26mindspank someoen
00:43:28mindspank get it
00:43:31iNeuron f?
00:43:36kitkat y
00:43:47iNeuron ward
00:44:10kitkat me :c
00:44:34DangerZ am ?
00:44:38mindspank ofc
00:44:38PeterLars i take plz
00:44:42iNeuron true story
00:44:44PeterLars mid all
00:44:45kitkat yep
00:44:51Timu -apm
00:44:55mindspank -apm
00:44:55curdi focus krobe if he ulties
00:45:00curdi then aa and thrall
00:45:02iNeuron time for gosu
00:45:46kitkat aegis
00:45:50mindspank AM help?
00:45:51mindspank maybe
00:45:54mindspank wtf
00:46:00curdi ur shiva helps
00:46:09mindspank it actually odes
00:46:10mindspank if am
00:46:13mindspank focused on heroes
00:46:15mindspank instead
00:46:29mindspank i cant believe he has so little items
00:46:31mindspank 43 min
00:46:31mindspank 13-5
00:46:32mindspank wtf
00:46:36kitkat I TAKE BOT
00:46:38kitkat PLZ
00:46:41aRkker NO ME
00:46:42iNeuron 'take it !
00:46:43aRkker PLZ
00:46:44iNeuron now !
00:46:46mindspank -gpm
00:46:46kitkat :C
00:46:50kitkat well....
00:46:57iNeuron take it.. ITS YOURS
00:46:58kitkat I haven't farmed anything really
00:47:13kitkat no they won't >_<
00:47:35kitkat NIIN
00:47:45kitkat kurat krobega ei saa ju sittagi
00:47:45PeterLars :S
00:47:46iNeuron overplay by neuron
00:47:48iNeuron once agian
00:47:49kitkat tehtud
00:47:50kitkat kurat
00:47:51kitkat noh
00:47:57curdi there's always the 1st time
00:47:58kitkat terve mäng olen mäpil ringi joost
00:48:01iNeuron once again
00:48:04NotAHax (c) curdi
00:48:09curdi nota mad
00:48:10iNeuron its ©
00:48:26curdi NotAHax(fake)
00:48:45kitkat mingit ghostblade ma ei saa
00:48:47kitkat 50 cs
00:48:48curdi all bot
00:48:49kitkat oujeeeee
00:48:57mindspank jesus fucking christ
00:49:02mindspank stop throwing the game
00:49:42iNeuron kit ftw
00:49:45curdi shiva did work
00:49:49DangerZ kitkat carrying nota
00:49:52DangerZ pretty regular
00:50:05iNeuron am always has haste?
00:50:06iNeuron gg
00:50:16PeterLars b
00:50:18mindspank b
00:50:24kitkat sk doesn't do any damage either
00:50:29iNeuron wonder why
00:50:33Dzinnu :D
00:50:33kitkat xdxdxdxd
00:50:34kitkat mystic
00:50:35kitkat xd
00:50:54kitkat 700 for the fucking ghost
00:50:55kitkat shit
00:50:56kitkat >_<
00:51:10iNeuron dzinnu..
00:51:13Dzinnu ?
00:51:13iNeuron UNDERLEVEL MUCH ?
00:51:14kitkat and can't farm anywhere
00:51:16kitkat as always
00:51:36PeterLars def mid
00:51:39kitkat am
00:51:43mindspank w8 for me
00:51:44mindspank OMG
00:51:47PeterLars b
00:52:00kitkat don't go
00:52:04iNeuron roger wilko
00:52:12kitkat CAN I HAS TOp
00:52:15kitkat SO I GET GHOSTBLADE
00:52:19kitkat SO I DON'T DIE
00:52:30kitkat so np
00:52:31iNeuron lets get some wards up
00:52:34iNeuron at rosh
00:52:34iNeuron fast
00:52:50kitkat 300
00:52:57PeterLars wait
00:52:59PeterLars for my butte
00:53:01PeterLars r
00:53:43mindspank let me tank
00:53:45mindspank the initiatl dmg
00:53:55kitkat mid
00:54:06PeterLars got my butter
00:54:18iNeuron :D
00:54:28PeterLars soemone tank
00:54:30mindspank we should
00:54:31mindspank go mid
00:54:47mindspank rosh up?
00:54:48curdi or rosh
00:54:56mindspank pick off
00:54:58mindspank someone
00:55:33mindspank ill tank now
00:56:12iNeuron mitä vittua saamegi suhu?
00:56:23kitkat no kui on vaja seal istuda
00:56:26kitkat ääre peal
00:56:27iNeuron kus seal
00:56:31kitkat siin
00:56:39kitkat oleks v6ind olla raxide juures vähemalt
00:56:50kitkat saand koos minna
00:57:06kitkat NO
00:57:06curdi basher magina?
00:57:10kitkat make ac
00:57:13mindspank mkb better
00:57:14PeterLars monk
00:57:14Dzinnu bf
00:58:13iNeuron keep turtle up ?
00:58:31Dzinnu till nota has boyout money aswell
00:58:57PeterLars they all go together
00:58:58PeterLars :D
00:59:06PeterLars gay paride :D
00:59:13Timu ban hamemr sswings
00:59:14Timu beware
00:59:18mindspank rofl
00:59:19kitkat a m
00:59:37PeterLars wtf
00:59:56iNeuron arkker bad time :<
00:59:59curdi wp
00:59:59PeterLars all the team :S
01:00:01mindspank why
01:00:01mindspank do
01:00:02mindspank you
01:00:05mindspank initiate that badly
01:00:06mindspank i dont get it
01:00:07PeterLars anyone can buy out?
01:00:09mindspank no
01:00:14PeterLars yes
01:00:14iNeuron 'catas
01:00:16mindspank your guys positioning is so bad
01:00:17kitkat sec
01:00:18PeterLars rhasta
01:01:15kitkat bs or hot?
01:01:22kitkat >-<
01:01:28iNeuron wait me
01:01:34iNeuron ?
01:01:38kitkat dead
01:01:41PeterLars they gonna push mid now
01:02:05curdi kill krobe fast
01:02:08curdi ulti rapes
01:02:20mindspank let me
01:02:21mindspank go in
01:02:23mindspank this time
01:02:24mindspank but up here
01:03:02curdi well initiated
01:03:12mindspank thank you for the well thought up followup
01:03:16Timu yeah
01:03:20Timu fighting under tower is too easy
01:03:23NotAHax gg
01:03:26Dzinnu imba sk ftw
01:03:43Timu "we have enough dmg, I go int build"
01:03:46mindspank if i knew the only items am had at 42 min
01:03:56mindspank was manta and vanguard
01:03:59mindspank i would go carry build
01:04:05NotAHax Shiva sk ftw
01:04:05kitkat :DDDDDDDDDDD
01:04:05iNeuron this thrall
01:04:06kitkat OFC
01:04:06iNeuron so good
01:04:07curdi excuses flooding in
01:04:08kitkat MYSTIC SK
01:04:10kitkat :DDDDDDDDDDDD
01:04:11Dzinnu instead you went fun build?
01:04:12NotAHax thanks sk for winning
01:04:25kitkat :DDDDDDDDDDD
01:04:27iNeuron got gosu too
01:04:36mindspank andi ts not thanks to me
01:04:39kitkat :D
01:04:41mindspank its thanks to the 4-5 bad positioning
01:04:43mindspank theyve done
01:04:48kitkat :D
01:04:49mindspank where you picked them off
01:04:50kitkat :D:D:D:D
01:04:51kitkat :D
01:04:52kitkat :D
01:04:52mindspank one and one
01:04:54kitkat :D:D:D
01:04:57kitkat :D:D:D:D
01:05:04kitkat D:D:D::D:D
01:05:14Timu +20 dmg, np king leoric
01:05:20DangerZ usually the best players are the ones to blame
01:05:23DangerZ cuz they the worst
01:05:33kitkat :C
01:05:37kitkat I take
01:05:39kitkat OKAY
01:05:42kitkat -.-
01:05:46iNeuron thrall with santa hat more fun
01:05:48iNeuron calm down kitu
01:05:57curdi bkb 1st would've done wonders on sk
01:05:58NotAHax imbak robe with candy cane
01:06:07iNeuron :D:D:D:D
01:06:14mindspank whatever
01:06:16mindspank you lost the fucking game
01:06:19mindspank whent hey picked you guys off
01:06:21mindspank 1 and 1
01:06:24mindspank like 5 times in a row
01:06:53iNeuron : D
01:06:58iNeuron come come
01:07:42iNeuron gg sirs
01:07:58iNeuron +20 dmg sk ftw
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