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+52 X
+9 TS

78% | 1173 X | 1406 TS

+28 X
+17 TS

69% | 1207 X | 1299 TS

+4 X
+9 TS

66% | 1191 X | 1292 TS

+47 X
+10 TS

63% | 1040 X | 1400 TS

+55 X
+6 TS

44% | 963 X | 1313 TS

-56 X
-6 TS

95% | 1403 X | 1486 TS

-29 X
-5 TS

96% | 1306 X | 1579 TS

-51 X
-7 TS

52% | 1042 X | 1287 TS

-13 X
-23 TS

28% | 936 X | 1210 TS

-27 X
-14 TS

8% | 855 X | 1079 TS

Chat log

00:00:07Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:00:18Timu -akasha
00:00:18McNabb new bird:D
00:00:18Dzinnu -spectre
00:00:20kitkat ouukey :C
00:00:41kitkat I pick hero
00:00:54PeterLars i play bb
00:01:03mindspank was puck buffed?
00:01:05kitkat I can take foresthero -.-
00:01:13mindspank notaske support hero
00:01:14mindspank like dazz
00:01:21mindspank or thd
00:01:29Gevomancer oom, lets see
00:01:38kitkat not again t-t
00:01:43PeterLars we need skeleton king
00:01:46mindspank you want to start winning games?
00:01:47Timu 4
00:01:49Timu fk boo
00:01:51kitkat wat
00:01:52PeterLars or drow
00:01:53mindspank instead of being 8%?
00:01:57kitkat wat?
00:02:01mindspank wat wat
00:02:04kitkat what the hell are you talking
00:02:08mindspank your TS
00:02:10kitkat I'm talking with people in mumble :D
00:02:17aRkker mindspank doesn't have much to say
00:02:20NotAHax indeed :D
00:02:27McNabb new bird nice?
00:02:32PeterLars dunno
00:02:35Gevomancer imba
00:02:36kitkat :D:D:D:D:
00:02:41PeterLars i hope so
00:02:43Gevomancer imbastrong
00:02:49Timu stronk stronk
00:02:52kitkat I said 'not again' to roof
00:03:04kitkat forest roof
00:03:05kitkat that is
00:04:55mindspank gj
00:06:04kitkat -2
00:06:04Timu small target lol?
00:06:10kitkat re1
00:06:23Dzinnu ma lihtsalt ei tea ta skille
00:06:55mindspank need gank bot
00:07:27PeterLars omg that furi
00:07:28Gevomancer care furi
00:07:30Gevomancer all the time
00:07:31mindspank ¨come
00:07:34Timu ss
00:07:49Timu re
00:08:43McNabb ss tyop
00:08:48Timu ss mid
00:09:08kitkat crappy creep
00:09:32kitkat wrong way
00:09:34kitkat the skills xD
00:09:53PeterLars come her
00:10:06Timu ss
00:10:20mindspank nice miss
00:10:37mindspank tunnel vision much?
00:11:15Timu ss
00:11:21kitkat I have cent
00:11:27Timu care dwon
00:11:28Timu !!!
00:11:50aRkker gravemuch?
00:12:08PeterLars omg
00:12:10PeterLars 4 bot
00:12:53Dzinnu sad sad me
00:13:12NotAHax sup
00:13:19mindspank he would die
00:13:20mindspank to my slow..
00:13:51Gevomancer -ma
00:14:07NotAHax MISS TOP
00:14:08NotAHax LEORIC
00:14:13kitkat MISS TOP
00:14:15kitkat SK STILL
00:14:16kitkat MISS
00:14:18kitkat MISSING
00:14:20mindspank sk bot
00:14:42kitkat you can use the cent
00:14:43kitkat if you want
00:14:47kitkat notahax
00:14:50McNabb 3 bot
00:14:58kitkat :3
00:15:05kitkat xd
00:17:01kitkat no
00:17:05kitkat xd
00:17:45NotAHax ulti
00:17:45NotAHax heal
00:18:13kitkat NIIN
00:18:20Dzinnu necro 3 vs sk
00:18:24PeterLars who killed the chick
00:18:29curdi idk
00:18:32curdi furi
00:19:34mindspank -2
00:19:51mindspank LOL
00:20:06Dzinnu FFFFFFFFFFFFS
00:20:23mindspank shit team
00:20:26aRkker :DDDDDD
00:20:29kitkat ofc
00:20:31kitkat xdfxxfxdxdxfxfdx
00:20:38aRkker banhammer swings if you don't fix your attitude
00:20:38mindspank arkker
00:20:43Timu push towers guys
00:20:47PeterLars y
00:21:20mindspank chen 0 creeps?
00:21:23mindspank dps chen or what
00:21:31kitkat ?!?!?
00:21:34aRkker Im warning you again
00:21:35kitkat I've died twice
00:21:36aRkker fix the attitude
00:21:39kitkat because you don't gank
00:21:40aRkker or you'll be bnned
00:22:10kitkat see?
00:22:15kitkat you farm instead on ganking
00:22:20mindspank ive tped 2 times
00:22:21kitkat and I can't get creeps like that :3
00:22:23mindspank tried to help
00:22:27mindspank and died myself
00:22:28Timu care
00:22:28kitkat yeah when everyone's dead
00:22:30mindspank and 1 time i died
00:22:32mindspank bc
00:22:34mindspank top didnt say miss
00:22:43kitkat cause top didn't have sk since 3rd minute
00:22:55aRkker let me quote some asshole from our team: tunnelvision much?
00:23:00aRkker *ba-dum-tshh*
00:23:22Timu unpack chick :S
00:23:31NotAHax nvm
00:23:40PeterLars where is the chick .s
00:23:46Timu in base unpacked
00:23:49Timu packed*
00:23:53PeterLars it is dead again
00:24:27kitkat YAY
00:24:31kitkat grave yourself <33<3<
00:24:39kitkat teams best support
00:24:43Timu b
00:24:49Timu and get dust
00:24:51Timu -.-
00:24:52PeterLars skele
00:24:58Timu 2 denied towers
00:24:59Timu jeebus
00:25:05curdi who the fuck kills the couriers
00:25:09Gevomancer nota
00:25:12Gevomancer teled in base
00:25:16Timu wat
00:25:36Timu arkker
00:25:42aRkker what do you want?
00:25:45Timu teleing to opponent's base to kill courier allowed?
00:25:51aRkker why wouldn't it be?
00:25:54curdi why wouldnt it
00:25:57Timu kinda cheeky dont u think
00:26:00NotAHax you retard?
00:26:02aRkker clever, more so
00:26:02Dzinnu clever imo
00:26:05Timu pff
00:26:17NotAHax you havent even see all my tricks
00:26:18Timu hold bird at some other palce
00:26:25Timu dont move alone
00:26:43Timu come sk
00:26:52Timu gang theri wood
00:27:11PeterLars let push they cant do anything
00:27:36Timu push
00:27:36Dzinnu osta hpd kit
00:27:41kitkat jaa jaa
00:27:44kitkat kui saaks midagi tehtud
00:28:16aRkker ffs dazzle
00:28:18aRkker hit the fucking egg please
00:29:09Timu b
00:29:20Timu b
00:30:24Timu next time attack towers raxes
00:30:25Timu no need to hund
00:30:26Timu t
00:31:12Timu huskar with invi
00:31:13curdi huskar invisi
00:31:14Timu b
00:31:15curdi bot b
00:31:29aRkker they got wards, dazzle, not us
00:31:32McNabb where are u arkker
00:31:41aRkker ?
00:31:42mindspank arkker
00:31:43mindspank i told u
00:31:48McNabb invis:D
00:31:49mindspank i wont ward, i justget negative x then
00:31:52aRkker :D:DD:D:DDD
00:31:56kitkat xDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:32:04aRkker just because you don't understand how it works, doens't mean that you can't learn tbh
00:32:11aRkker but if you're an asshole who doesn't even want to... meh
00:32:24aRkker you'll get even more -X from this one ^^
00:32:48PeterLars i go for gem now
00:32:58mindspank and chen will get +100 x
00:33:00McNabb sec
00:33:01Dzinnu i heard warding gives +x, must have been a lie i guess
00:33:02aRkker useful dazzle is useful
00:33:03kitkat o.O
00:33:14aRkker yeah afterall Im the one who programs the shit, and I wouldn't know
00:33:24Dzinnu ye, weird
00:33:27kitkat O.o
00:34:10PeterLars i had to stop furi
00:34:48NotAHax turn ur mh off necro plz
00:34:49PeterLars wait
00:34:50Gevomancer i can buy gem
00:34:51PeterLars getting gem
00:34:55Timu lol :D
00:35:05PeterLars give me .d
00:35:12Gevomancer i saw your tele spot
00:35:28Gevomancer wait bb
00:35:44PeterLars mid
00:35:45PeterLars alle
00:35:47PeterLars all
00:37:12Timu go up
00:37:17Timu take raxesa
00:37:19Timu and go up
00:37:20Timu tower + rax
00:37:29kitkat gogo benkku
00:37:39Timu tower!!!!
00:37:54Timu ok tower andb
00:38:12curdi b
00:38:43aRkker -ma
00:39:06curdi top
00:39:13curdi tp cd
00:39:16McNabb i take bot
00:39:19kitkat :D
00:40:28Dzinnu gg, i failed badly
00:40:34PeterLars you suck furi hahahah
00:40:39PeterLars bd noob
00:40:39Timu :D
00:40:39aRkker ":D"D:"D"
00:40:45aRkker banhammer swings, fix your attitude
00:40:54curdi mad
00:41:00aRkker nope, enforcing the rules
00:42:16Timu gg bros
00:42:20kitkat bg
00:42:20aRkker *bg
00:42:31Timu for u always, arkker
00:42:34aRkker stfu
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