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-4 X
-3 TS

89% | 1298 X | 1467 TS

+7 X
-3 TS

74% | 1243 X | 1330 TS

-39 X
-3 TS

68% | 1109 X | 1387 TS

-18 X
-4 TS

20% | 886 X | 1179 TS

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-8 TS

13% | 937 X | 1090 TS

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97% | 1350 X | 1553 TS

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+4 TS

83% | 1190 X | 1519 TS

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+3 TS

51% | 959 X | 1365 TS

+45 X
+1 TS

33% | 890 X | 1295 TS

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+19 TS

4% | 791 X | 1051 TS

Chat log

00:00:11Balbii ohh
00:00:13Balbii mr.ham!
00:00:16Mr.HaM :)
00:00:19Balbii how pleasant to have you in this game
00:00:21Mr.HaM got insomnia, i just realised
00:00:21Balbii i would ban...
00:00:21Mr.HaM and thank you
00:00:21MATi whats the plaaan
00:00:21najk albin
00:00:21najk hör du
00:00:21MATi u carryyyy and i chill?
00:00:21najk i vent?
00:00:21Mr.HaM for beeing so kind :)
00:00:21Balbii furi mby? :P
00:00:21Balbii i hate him
00:00:21Balbii riki
00:00:21jakkihirki hmm
00:00:21Knaitti just dont pick viper as carry
00:00:21Mr.HaM lyan naix
00:00:21Tomek furi fixed?
00:00:21Mr.HaM my pick
00:00:21Mr.HaM riki
00:00:21Juffos the plan is that i lastpick carrier and 30min treads
00:00:21Balbii i will play sk
00:00:21Mr.HaM lycan naix riki
00:00:21najk hm..
00:00:21MATi :D:D
00:00:21jakkihirki you can take
00:00:21ulikiluu sounds good
00:00:21MATi have seen that
00:00:21jakkihirki mid hero
00:00:21Knaitti beardy
00:00:21MATi nice ok
00:00:21Balbii banna nån bara
00:00:21Knaitti nah
00:00:21jakkihirki i want solo top qop
00:00:21MATi i have qop in mind
00:00:21Tomek i could try to play furi, havent played it since 644 :D
00:00:21Balbii inte hela världen!
00:00:21MATi :D:D:D
00:00:21jakkihirki :/
00:00:21Knaitti 50min treads only Od
00:00:21MATi np
00:00:21MATi i can furi or lion mid
00:00:21najk riki
00:00:21Balbii MEN RIKI DÅ
00:00:21Balbii haha :D
00:00:21Balbii älskling
00:00:21jakkihirki viper
00:00:21Balbii jag ska ta sk iaf
00:00:23Balbii do what u want
00:00:24Mr.HaM get crix
00:00:26Juffos i can buy wards and ciken and stay poor all game
00:00:28MATi go qop jakki
00:00:30Balbii vill du ha lion?
00:00:31MATi and take top
00:00:31Balbii lejonet
00:00:31jakkihirki ye
00:00:44Balbii ogre lär du ska ta då
00:00:57Tomek damn
00:01:01Balbii take riki
00:01:02Balbii ham
00:01:03Balbii or
00:01:04ulikiluu hmm
00:01:05Balbii he's banned
00:01:05Balbii soz
00:01:08najk mr.ham
00:01:08Balbii take like
00:01:09najk carry?
00:01:10Balbii DK
00:01:14Balbii lion
00:01:16MATi get stuns and nukes
00:01:19MATi lion and ogre
00:01:19Balbii ahahah
00:01:21MATi for example
00:01:22Balbii ahahahah
00:01:24Balbii JAG PICKADE JU
00:01:27Balbii VAFAN
00:01:28MATi lol
00:01:29MATi nice :D
00:01:31Balbii any1 wants this?
00:01:32MATi now maybe some tank
00:01:34MATi abbadon
00:01:35MATi dk
00:01:35Balbii soz afkade
00:01:38Balbii jag failade
00:01:47Balbii du är fan bra på den
00:01:50Balbii minns jag
00:01:50ulikiluu lol
00:01:52MATi :D:D
00:01:53ulikiluu they picked them both
00:01:54Balbii haha jag failade
00:01:58ulikiluu knaitti wants omni
00:01:58Balbii razor
00:01:59Balbii i wanna mid
00:02:00Balbii :D
00:02:05Knaitti -swap 5
00:02:05Tomek to fail
00:02:05Mr.HaM can u playinvoker?
00:02:07Juffos -swapall
00:02:08Balbii ye
00:02:09Knaitti -CLEAR
00:02:12Balbii i can if i solo him
00:02:13MATi dont forget
00:02:14MATi chick
00:02:16Mr.HaM then go
00:02:19Mr.HaM get stun
00:02:21Mr.HaM 3x
00:02:24Balbii haha
00:02:26jakkihirki well we dont have hardcarry
00:02:26Mr.HaM and faster shooting
00:02:27jakkihirki np
00:02:37jakkihirki i am solo top
00:02:39Juffos ill put wards
00:02:41Juffos and go down
00:02:44jakkihirki orrait
00:02:53Balbii u mean
00:02:53Knaitti 3 down?
00:02:59Balbii cold snap + the speed thingy?
00:02:59jakkihirki ogre can roam
00:03:06Mr.HaM speed and stun
00:03:08Balbii tror du på det själv?
00:03:10Mr.HaM dont know names
00:03:13Mr.HaM i never play inv
00:03:18Balbii du spelade han förut
00:03:19Balbii äg bara
00:03:21MATi get rune ogre, maybe we can fb bot
00:04:56Mr.HaM up chicpls
00:04:57Balbii närå
00:05:12Mr.HaM invoker up chic PLSS
00:05:21Balbii nah^^
00:05:26Balbii aba can
00:05:28Mr.HaM plsss
00:05:29Mr.HaM i need it
00:05:43Balbii lol furio tpd
00:06:00MATi :(
00:06:16najk oom
00:06:23Mr.HaM double kill if i had CHIC now
00:06:25Y4KUZA this trilane so fail
00:07:09najk rdy?
00:07:16Balbii ss mid
00:07:17Balbii again
00:07:19Tomek y
00:07:32Tomek ..
00:07:32Mr.HaM noobs
00:07:37MATi sry
00:07:40jakkihirki np
00:07:41najk CHICK DEAD
00:07:43Balbii told aba to do i
00:07:44Balbii t
00:07:44Balbii :D
00:07:44MATi got chick :D
00:07:48MATi thats the priority
00:07:54Tomek aba buys next one
00:08:00Y4KUZA nope
00:08:09Tomek youre support here
00:08:10Balbii -invokelist
00:08:32Balbii ss mid
00:08:33Balbii oncemore
00:08:35MATi stuin
00:08:50Mr.HaM i don tliek u anymore
00:08:52MATi gj
00:08:54Mr.HaM invoker
00:08:54Balbii me?
00:08:57Mr.HaM u seemed like nice guy
00:08:59Mr.HaM y
00:08:59Balbii why's that?
00:09:04Balbii told our support to up it
00:09:22Mr.HaM u should have
00:09:24Mr.HaM u got solo
00:09:24Y4KUZA sk?
00:09:25jakkihirki dk easy kill
00:09:30Y4KUZA is it support?
00:09:35Mr.HaM now they rock
00:09:38Mr.HaM causei dnothave mana
00:09:39najk grumbe
00:09:44Knaitti ss
00:09:50najk dd
00:09:53Balbii ta dyu
00:09:58najk pallar inte
00:10:00najk ta du
00:10:44Mr.HaM fuck off from mid
00:10:46Mr.HaM and get down
00:10:52MATi take
00:10:53MATi tangos
00:10:55Balbii lets get...
00:10:56ulikiluu ty
00:10:56Balbii DOWN
00:10:57Juffos tango down
00:10:58Balbii rofl
00:11:06najk dk
00:11:08najk first i stun
00:11:09najk then u
00:11:10najk ok?
00:11:12Balbii i like mid tbh
00:11:13Tomek y
00:11:17Tomek have
00:11:18Tomek b
00:11:24Mr.HaM get chic invoker
00:11:26Mr.HaM and up it
00:11:26Y4KUZA :D:D:D:DD:D:
00:11:34Knaitti ss2
00:11:35najk fu
00:11:45najk fan va sämst
00:11:47najk faan
00:13:38MATi who is this ogre?
00:13:44MATi :(
00:13:47Knaitti megapro juffos :D
00:13:47jakkihirki sk miss
00:13:53ulikiluu he's 4%
00:13:55MATi k :D
00:13:59MATi nvm sry
00:14:02Juffos what
00:14:08najk asså grumbe
00:14:08MATi razor
00:14:13Juffos why so angry
00:14:55MATi omni :D
00:14:59Knaitti oom :<
00:15:09MATi no, i was laughing at other thing :D
00:15:11MATi nvm
00:16:00najk dd top
00:16:56Knaitti mati :D
00:17:01Knaitti i just healed myself to kill invo
00:17:03Knaitti u put trees
00:17:05Knaitti and he didnt died
00:17:07MATi :/
00:17:09Knaitti and we died cos of that .<
00:17:10najk tard
00:17:19ulikiluu y his fault we all died blame him
00:17:45jakkihirki heal
00:17:48najk fan asså
00:17:49jakkihirki hela
00:18:01MATi i tp
00:18:09jakkihirki tele
00:18:22MATi ah damn :D
00:18:28Mr.HaM next tiem bkb
00:18:32jakkihirki oh
00:18:41najk didn't see u cumin
00:18:48Balbii namme såg du?
00:18:49Mr.HaM noticed
00:19:05najk no man
00:19:06najk ägde du
00:19:07najk 1v2?
00:19:09Balbii ja
00:19:14najk BRA
00:19:14Balbii qop o furi
00:19:26najk ljugpotta
00:19:30Balbii haha nepp :D
00:20:15jakkihirki well top is goner
00:20:54jakkihirki tele bottom
00:21:33Y4KUZA wtf
00:21:37najk NEEJ
00:21:51Y4KUZA mb kill this furi first
00:22:06Juffos lothar invoker
00:22:15Balbii ham
00:22:18Balbii why do you hate me? :(
00:22:22Balbii i thought you loved me
00:22:46Mr.HaM u dont lietn to me
00:22:50Balbii :(
00:22:52Balbii i play my race
00:22:54Mr.HaM becuase of "i won tup chic, i am solo" attitude
00:23:01Mr.HaM we lost down
00:23:19najk meen
00:24:53jakkihirki koita castaa se repel ennen kun menet sisään
00:25:15Balbii -invokelist
00:25:48Tomek ..
00:25:57Tomek waste glyph
00:26:06jakkihirki need all
00:26:32Tomek caer
00:27:43Knaitti reuse
00:27:54Balbii du använder shift click va?
00:27:57Balbii mkt lättare med ulti då
00:27:58jakkihirki anna repel
00:28:01najk haha
00:28:02najk menja..
00:28:04Balbii :D
00:28:24Balbii lol DUST
00:28:24MATi lol
00:28:26MATi i have dust :D
00:28:26Balbii haha i fail now
00:28:28Y4KUZA why u tp?
00:28:36Balbii why u vanguard?
00:28:36jakkihirki furi make dmg now
00:28:39MATi y
00:28:46Balbii why u go ?
00:29:16najk asssååååååååå
00:29:17Tomek fucking inventory keys
00:29:19Tomek never work
00:29:25Balbii oh they do for me
00:29:27Balbii perfectly
00:29:28MATi b
00:29:30MATi after
00:29:33jakkihirki like deso
00:29:35jakkihirki or something
00:29:42Balbii ur not h4x enough
00:29:53MATi or mkb?
00:30:15MATi u going hex?
00:30:17jakkihirki yes
00:31:23jakkihirki where did you come7!
00:31:34Y4KUZA we have our ways
00:32:56Mr.HaM b
00:32:56Mr.HaM b
00:33:00Mr.HaM B NOW
00:33:05Knaitti lotj
00:33:05Balbii DO IT
00:33:08Balbii DO IT NAO
00:33:15Balbii soz
00:33:16Mr.HaM 4 here
00:33:17Balbii najk is drunk
00:33:19jakkihirki repel
00:33:20najk ?
00:33:27Balbii drank sant kink
00:34:51Mr.HaM crix -_-
00:34:59najk :D
00:35:16jakkihirki dont focus aba
00:35:25jakkihirki and we need entry to push more
00:35:30najk could use some wards
00:35:36Mr.HaM rofl
00:35:38Mr.HaM realy? :D
00:35:38Y4KUZA says crix?
00:35:44najk aye
00:35:44Mr.HaM and bird also right? :D
00:35:59jakkihirki tele
00:36:38Balbii oh
00:36:40Balbii you were all dead
00:36:48najk omg :(
00:36:48Balbii being pro sure is tough
00:36:57Mr.HaM nice entry
00:37:06Balbii mr.ham
00:37:09Balbii you're nickname is funny
00:37:13Balbii but why are you not funny?
00:37:15Balbii be happy
00:37:18MATi gj
00:37:26Mr.HaM i am happy
00:37:30Balbii no ur not
00:37:31Balbii u whine
00:37:31najk go top
00:37:32najk top
00:37:33najk top
00:37:40jakkihirki repel
00:38:05Knaitti kill rax+??? :E
00:38:08Knaitti not heroes :<
00:38:11Tomek I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:37MATi omg :D
00:38:38MATi fail tele
00:38:42jakkihirki why you hate me :S
00:40:09jakkihirki we need gem
00:40:20Y4KUZA push?
00:40:23Mr.HaM top
00:40:26Mr.HaM u push
00:40:28Mr.HaM top
00:40:31najk albin
00:40:31najk hem
00:40:39Mr.HaM TOP
00:40:58MATi dick damaget
00:40:59MATi but i got rax
00:41:00MATi so np
00:41:13Y4KUZA we can still win
00:41:55jakkihirki go mid
00:41:55MATi we have top
00:41:56MATi guys :P
00:42:02jakkihirki mid
00:43:52MATi ghost :D:D:D
00:43:54ulikiluu :DD
00:43:55MATi right timing
00:43:59ulikiluu perfect
00:44:05MATi comeon ogre
00:44:06MATi carry dust
00:44:20Mr.HaM dagger top
00:44:26najk and then..
00:44:32Mr.HaM wait for dagger c
00:44:34Mr.HaM cd
00:44:35Balbii wait for me
00:44:37Balbii and we kill
00:44:51MATi i come
00:45:03jakkihirki hmm
00:45:10jakkihirki blinked so many times
00:45:16Knaitti ministun
00:45:20najk fint albin!!!
00:45:21jakkihirki it seems
00:45:27Balbii ^^
00:45:53jakkihirki push there
00:45:57jakkihirki and take roshan
00:45:58jakkihirki then end
00:46:11jakkihirki make ac next
00:46:13jakkihirki furi
00:46:18MATi hmm k
00:46:26jakkihirki come ogre
00:46:27jakkihirki roshan
00:46:28MATi qop u take
00:46:39jakkihirki i am so fragile
00:46:44MATi i take?
00:46:47jakkihirki i can
00:46:52MATi take
00:48:01Juffos :D
00:48:02Tomek I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:04MATi this invoker too fucking fat :D
00:48:10Tomek push
00:48:45najk OMG
00:48:46najk 3 bkb
00:49:01Balbii ty najk
00:49:03najk fuck..
00:49:15Balbii ^btw dk
00:49:17najk fan va fail
00:49:19Balbii you can't build BKB
00:49:23Balbii cause then we loose
00:49:27jakkihirki now with five
00:49:30Balbii by default loss
00:49:46Juffos dd up
00:51:03Knaitti b
00:51:03Knaitti b
00:51:04Knaitti b
00:51:04Knaitti b
00:51:04jakkihirki b
00:51:26MATi oeh
00:51:26Tomek :C
00:51:29MATi im so tired making dumb mistakes :D
00:51:33jakkihirki why dont you just give up
00:51:38Balbii playing for x
00:51:39Mr.HaM funny
00:51:39Balbii :D
00:51:40jakkihirki you have to buy out
00:51:46Mr.HaM i am thinkingthe same thing about u :D
00:51:47jakkihirki to win fights
00:51:59jakkihirki lion
00:52:00Balbii more to get kills
00:52:00jakkihirki hae toi
00:52:01najk albin
00:52:02najk mid
00:52:02najk ?
00:52:07ulikiluu cd
00:52:09ulikiluu telessä
00:52:09Balbii k
00:52:15Tomek go
00:52:17Mr.HaM btw
00:52:20Mr.HaM i killed gem :PP
00:52:21jakkihirki b
00:52:23jakkihirki b
00:52:24Tomek you have tp
00:52:32jakkihirki base
00:52:32Y4KUZA i def np
00:52:34Tomek fuck
00:52:35jakkihirki deff base only
00:53:22Balbii fan asså
00:53:25najk buy out
00:53:25Balbii skulle haft din ulti där
00:53:26Balbii :D
00:53:27najk cooldown
00:53:30najk jaa
00:53:31najk ...
00:53:41Mr.HaM dk should def
00:53:44Mr.HaM he is useless
00:53:46najk asså vadå cooldown
00:53:48najk sämst
00:54:16Balbii i guess it's gg
00:54:24jakkihirki realluy
00:54:25najk aye
00:54:25najk gg
00:54:27najk wp
00:54:53MATi :D:D
00:54:54MATi nice try
00:55:23Mr.HaM gg
00:55:24jakkihirki sigh
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