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Chat log

00:00:04NotAHax -sd
00:00:05Tundmatu what rakett are you talking about?
00:00:05Aisa sd
00:00:05NotAHax ur retard like him, now quiet
00:00:05Tundmatu i don't remember the last time i played with rakett
00:00:05Dzinnu sd sd
00:00:05exilm again with same players ...
00:00:05exilm -sd
00:00:05aRkker sd
00:00:05Zapple and there goes your cw?
00:00:05Aisa -clear
00:00:07kitkat DUSA
00:00:08Timu rakett best player in scandinavia
00:00:08kitkat YAYAYAYA
00:00:09aRkker kunkka wr ursa
00:00:10exilm where play carry and 0-4
00:00:11NotAHax HEROS:
00:00:12Timu doesnt play in gc anymore
00:00:12Aisa naga tiny obsi
00:00:14Zapple -ii
00:00:14NotAHax ENCH
00:00:15NotAHax BM
00:00:15NotAHax NA
00:00:16Dzinnu clock, sd, pl
00:00:17Zapple -water 0 0 0
00:00:17aRkker kunkka wr ursa
00:00:20NotAHax :OO clock
00:00:21kitkat eza ud dusa
00:00:22Chuck can i solo mid med lion?
00:00:24NotAHax can i has clock?
00:00:25Timu tos, bb, sylla
00:00:29Timu ts
00:00:33NotAHax well
00:00:35exilm ts?
00:00:37NotAHax wankmaster will farm
00:00:38Aisa well i take tiny
00:00:38exilm or tc
00:00:39exilm ?
00:00:40Timu tormanted soul
00:00:40NotAHax dzinnu can you farm?
00:00:41Chuck leshrac?
00:00:44exilm yes
00:00:46exilm irs lesh
00:00:47exilm :D
00:00:49kitkat :3
00:00:52Dzinnu i can farm, and they first pick isnt wankmaster
00:00:56Dzinnu its exilm
00:00:56Chuck can i solo with lion????
00:00:56NotAHax oh
00:00:57NotAHax k
00:00:58NotAHax ..
00:01:00exilm can
00:01:00NotAHax that more shit thing
00:01:02exilm i go woods
00:01:04exilm i think
00:01:06Tundmatu -ii
00:01:08NotAHax give me wr
00:01:08Tundmatu -water red
00:01:10Zapple prolly you can
00:01:15NotAHax -swap 3
00:01:16aRkker -swap 1
00:01:17exilm endh :(
00:01:24Dzinnu -swap 5
00:01:29Zapple :D
00:01:31Dzinnu gogo swap swap
00:01:32Aisa reallly ?
00:01:35Dzinnu yep
00:01:37Aisa -swap 2
00:01:38exilm lol
00:01:42exilm so much disable
00:01:44exilm they have :(
00:01:45NotAHax Dzinnu you rly have to gang shit out of blue
00:01:45kitkat -clear
00:01:46aRkker -ceal
00:01:48aRkker -clear
00:01:48kitkat -ma
00:01:51Aisa -clear
00:01:51Zapple np
00:01:53exilm lion should get scepter
00:01:54exilm :S
00:01:56Zapple no
00:02:00Zapple dagger and treads
00:02:02exilm yes
00:02:03Zapple best combo
00:02:05exilm then ca nscepter
00:02:05Zapple easy targets
00:02:16Zapple or perhaps quinsoo
00:02:19exilm i pool
00:02:21Zapple depends on how this goes
00:02:22Tundmatu go fb
00:02:26kitkat I once almost won purja
00:02:26exilm ok
00:02:28kitkat with dusa
00:02:34kitkat but he had a team :(
00:02:36Aisa care
00:02:39Aisa tiny
00:02:41Timu ss2
00:02:43Timu re
00:02:53exilm let me fb..
00:02:55exilm :(
00:02:59Aisa 3 bot
00:04:25exilm rune
00:06:24kitkat bb miss
00:06:39kitkat re
00:06:52Dzinnu regent clock and kill down
00:06:57NotAHax midm iss
00:07:41Chuck miss wr
00:07:57exilm -cs
00:08:14Aisa b
00:08:28Aisa said b
00:09:01NotAHax kuka tuo chuck on
00:09:08kitkat bb miss
00:09:35kitkat re
00:10:24Dzinnu kill wd
00:10:33Chuck kitkat 8min treads lol
00:10:49kitkat bb miss
00:10:58Timu mana /hp constant null
00:11:30Tundmatu pull
00:11:30kitkat bb re
00:11:31Tundmatu next
00:12:01exilm ...
00:12:04Chuck wr miss
00:12:04Zapple :D
00:12:27Aisa no stun ?
00:12:45Tundmatu wait for me
00:12:58Tundmatu ah went b
00:13:36Chuck bot
00:13:51exilm low far mahve :(
00:13:56exilm -cs
00:13:58NotAHax can you
00:13:59NotAHax fucking
00:14:00NotAHax retard
00:14:01NotAHax let me farm
00:14:08Aisa go mid
00:14:46Chuck rofl
00:15:29Aisa yep yep
00:15:37Tundmatu tiny
00:15:40Tundmatu somewhere there
00:15:46Tundmatu or not
00:15:56Timu -ii
00:16:18aRkker back
00:16:32exilm let me far mwodos :(((((((
00:16:41Chuck tower
00:17:17aRkker CLOCK?
00:17:19Aisa why go ?
00:17:24aRkker WHY THE FUCK NOT?
00:17:25aRkker 4v 3?
00:18:12exilm :D
00:18:18NotAHax well played.
00:18:21exilm np
00:18:46Tundmatu mana
00:18:52exilm -cs
00:19:46Chuck cmon whats up with kitkat
00:19:53Chuck she owns
00:20:08Chuck kitkat sure its you playing?
00:20:15kitkat O.o
00:20:24NotAHax kitkat
00:20:25NotAHax just stay top
00:20:27NotAHax and farm
00:20:29NotAHax and clock gang retard
00:20:55Timu carebare
00:21:01Chuck goit ulti
00:21:19Chuck oh
00:21:21Chuck :D
00:21:36Chuck go void
00:24:42Aisa wtf my hook
00:24:45Chuck FUCK THIS SHIT
00:24:49Chuck i fucking missclick all the time
00:24:50aRkker hit an ally..
00:24:56Tundmatu WHY do you go there?
00:25:00Timu dont misclick
00:25:03Timu problem lol?
00:25:07Tundmatu i bet they have their whole forrest warded
00:25:09Chuck its like all of them are gondar models
00:25:28Zapple -apm
00:25:32Timu -apm
00:25:40Tundmatu -apm
00:25:43kitkat need recipe for linken
00:25:44exilm -apm
00:25:47Tundmatu me
00:25:48NotAHax good
00:26:00NotAHax just try stay alive, farm 24/7
00:26:03Tundmatu faggot :/
00:26:07exilm ;ddd
00:26:10NotAHax clock
00:26:12NotAHax buy 1x wards pl
00:26:18Chuck are we asians?
00:26:20Tundmatu need like 400 for lothars
00:26:38Chuck u have enough items to fight even once
00:26:45Aisa what i make ?
00:26:49exilm who ?
00:26:51Chuck all
00:26:56NotAHax item.
00:27:02Timu im full build now
00:27:02Timu np
00:27:09Aisa yeh but what item
00:27:19kitkat b
00:27:25NotAHax vanguartd hood
00:27:30kitkat fight at tower
00:27:31kitkat ?
00:27:40kitkat b top
00:28:16Timu wp
00:28:48Timu worth it
00:28:48exilm WD
00:28:49exilm STOP
00:28:51exilm FARM
00:29:00kitkat cuz you didn't manage on lane qq
00:29:02Tundmatu deffing mid but k
00:29:11Timu problem officer?
00:29:15kitkat qqqq
00:29:21Timu lol u mad tho?
00:29:24kitkat nop
00:29:36aRkker troll-sensor warning, manners ban inbound
00:29:49Tundmatu wannabe banrobot, shut it
00:30:00exilm wd
00:30:01exilm always
00:30:03exilm farm my farm
00:30:05exilm and stiill
00:30:08exilm cant finish
00:30:09exilm fucking
00:30:10NotAHax go farm dagger woods
00:30:10Tundmatu don't blame your death's on me
00:30:12exilm say
00:30:13Tundmatu kthxbye
00:30:15exilm when he tp if i can
00:30:24exilm o say not about deatsh
00:30:26exilm about farming wd
00:30:28kitkat dusa <3
00:30:31exilm never
00:30:33exilm fight
00:30:34exilm up
00:30:36exilm when was
00:30:40Dzinnu vaata et ära omad siis:D
00:30:53Chuck go
00:31:07kitkat jep
00:31:15NotAHax onko ees perseestä
00:31:22NotAHax kitu pelaa vitu hyvi nii paska clock ei saa mtn aikaseks
00:31:29NotAHax nuo o vaa kaikki liian läskei
00:31:31NotAHax ei voi mtn
00:31:33Timu so these creeps do dmg?
00:31:39kitkat as I have said, even if I play good I still lose :D:D:D::D:D:D:Dd..DXd.x.
00:31:40aRkker ":D":D":D":D":D":D"
00:31:46Chuck :P
00:31:58NotAHax yes kit, that effects me more then you can believe
00:32:03NotAHax welcome to club.
00:32:06kitkat xD
00:32:15NotAHax I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:21Tundmatu :D
00:33:06Timu go
00:33:12kitkat clock
00:33:15kitkat wards
00:33:44Dzinnu what a sad day
00:36:02exilm wd
00:36:03exilm wait
00:36:06exilm i come u give me mana
00:36:19Chuck push?
00:36:22exilm mana
00:36:24Timu no turtle
00:36:27Tundmatu don't have yet
00:37:31Aisa I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:37:35kitkat I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:39kitkat nice work, clock
00:38:29Tundmatu banned terrorblade
00:38:33aRkker For what?
00:38:33NotAHax for what?
00:38:37exilm for take tp
00:38:39Tundmatu took my teleport from my bag
00:38:41Tundmatu and teleported bot
00:38:42NotAHax high five!
00:38:43NotAHax :D:D
00:38:43NotAHax hahaha
00:38:44aRkker Is that so?
00:38:45Tundmatu fucking niger
00:38:48Tundmatu ban this motherfucker
00:38:54exilm carries cant take if need
00:38:55Tundmatu i was just gonna tele bot
00:38:59exilm and u farming
00:39:00Tundmatu then i see, my tp dissapears
00:39:03exilm cuz u dont need farm
00:39:07NotAHax No you cant
00:39:12Tundmatu i don't give a fuck what you think
00:39:18Tundmatu share is for chiken
00:39:26Tundmatu not for you to touch my hero
00:39:27exilm i rebuy
00:39:30exilm 3 if u want
00:39:31Tundmatu i don't care
00:39:33exilm so stop
00:39:34aRkker Its against the rules.
00:39:35NotAHax hf ban
00:39:39kitkat xd
00:39:39NotAHax you bouth bannd
00:39:40Dzinnu banned
00:39:41NotAHax :D
00:39:42Tundmatu i would've gotten 5 from bot creeps
00:39:59exilm wow 5 cs
00:40:01exilm only 1 tp
00:40:02NotAHax y
00:40:03exilm :SDD
00:40:05NotAHax gives you recipe for sy
00:40:07NotAHax enjoy ban nigger
00:40:08aRkker its against the rules
00:40:10Tundmatu actually there was more
00:40:18exilm ...
00:40:23exilm i said can rebuy
00:40:24Tundmatu notahax, what're you talking about?
00:40:26exilm so ppls
00:40:27exilm cant give tp
00:40:28exilm ?
00:40:30exilm for carry
00:40:34Dzinnu they can, you cant take
00:40:35Tundmatu they can give
00:40:40Tundmatu but i didn't give, you took
00:40:45aRkker indeedyt
00:40:48NotAHax thank you for making these rule breaks
00:40:49Dzinnu banned, mwhahaha
00:40:53NotAHax i got satisfaction for my rage.
00:40:55NotAHax Thank you-
00:40:56NotAHax hf ban
00:40:58exilm who care..
00:41:00aRkker I do.
00:41:08aRkker and as an admin of this community, my thoughts weight quite some
00:41:47Chuck D_D
00:41:50exilm :))
00:42:07exilm but
00:42:09exilm why ppls
00:42:13exilm dont get ban if ruin
00:42:14NotAHax quiet
00:42:14exilm game?
00:42:17NotAHax quiet ur banned
00:42:19Dzinnu but nothing, stfu banned people dont talk
00:42:20NotAHax you can read rules
00:42:31NotAHax at
00:42:33exilm i asking
00:42:34NotAHax go read them with heart
00:42:36Dzinnu i suggest you quit now
00:42:36aRkker You interpret the rules in a little weird way, as you consider anything that doesn't have KD of 0.9 or higher as game ruin
00:42:37NotAHax and then come back
00:42:38exilm why ppls
00:42:39exilm dont get
00:42:42aRkker READ
00:42:43aRkker WHAT
00:42:43aRkker I
00:42:44exilm ban i f i did re7uest ban
00:42:45aRkker WROTE
00:42:57Dzinnu tb quit, youre banned anyway
00:43:02exilm so what
00:43:08exilm if i want write
00:43:09exilm i can
00:43:12exilm u are not god
00:43:14NotAHax wp.
00:43:15exilm to silence me
00:43:19exilm LOL
00:43:19Chuck pretty solid manners dzinnu
00:43:20exilm :DDD
00:43:26Chuck arent you admin?
00:43:28exilm i though its true was runign with me
00:43:35aRkker Dzinnu hasn't been an admin for years
00:43:36aRkker LOL
00:43:42kitkat xd
00:43:43Dzinnu true
00:43:47Dzinnu long long time ago
00:43:49exilm so how long 1 time
00:43:51exilm ba nfor this
00:43:51NotAHax i think dzinnu could be admin again :3
00:43:52exilm ?
00:43:55Dzinnu 10d
00:43:58exilm hahaha
00:44:00exilm 10 days
00:44:03exilm for tp
00:44:04exilm :DDDDD
00:44:05Dzinnu 6 if you quit now
00:44:19exilm u know ppls can write
00:44:22exilm if like
00:44:25exilm and u r not god
00:44:27exilm like i said
00:46:24Dzinnu sweet, i dont mind losing if i see people being banned
00:46:26exilm but i did screen shot when ppls
00:46:33exilm spaming al lgame
00:46:35exilm ur noob
00:46:35NotAHax dzinnu
00:46:35aRkker I know, your shots proved nothing
00:46:36NotAHax ur like me
00:46:37NotAHax lets hug
00:46:38aRkker they didn't show your thing
00:46:38Timu gg
00:46:40exilm and nothing do more
00:46:41Dzinnu :D
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