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Chat log

00:00:04Kastrup -
00:00:05NotAHax -ap
00:00:05Kastrup -ap
00:00:09Tazok am i playing dk?
00:00:11NotAHax y
00:00:13KredeC i can 2
00:00:15KredeC if u want
00:00:16KredeC puck
00:00:22Tazok no can do
00:00:32extremewaari u can go solo mid lion
00:00:35NotAHax you guys go triple lane
00:00:41NotAHax and dk just farm, you support him
00:00:53svents puck mid?
00:00:55NotAHax only what you get with dk is bkb lv 16 , gg
00:00:56KredeC yes pls
00:00:57NotAHax puck is top
00:01:00svents k
00:01:01KredeC notahax
00:01:07NotAHax btw no cvhicken
00:01:07KredeC whats ur name in old gc?
00:01:08NotAHax banned
00:01:09NotAHax too bad
00:01:13NotAHax NotAHax?
00:01:18KredeC no purple
00:01:19GOSUKURDI kredec
00:01:20GOSUKURDI no chicken
00:01:20GOSUKURDI banned
00:01:28svents lol
00:01:28KredeC ok fuckheads, not used to be last pick and i forgot
00:01:30KredeC ill buy asap
00:01:44GOSUKURDI btw wisp = gg ff
00:01:47DangerZ mr. Darkline
00:01:55KredeC jesus why are u so sceptic?
00:02:00KredeC so fucking negative
00:02:02GOSUKURDI i maek dagon
00:02:08KredeC then its gg
00:02:12GOSUKURDI yep
00:02:15GOSUKURDI we win
00:02:32Kastrup pulæling
00:02:38Kastrup pulling
00:02:44Kastrup 3lane
00:03:12Tazok give me?
00:03:16KredeC need 200
00:03:17KredeC for chick
00:03:20Tazok aight
00:03:26KredeC then u get
00:03:55KredeC attack
00:04:05KredeC svents
00:04:07KredeC just attack hiM!
00:04:45KredeC SVETNS
00:04:46KredeC HARRAS
00:04:48KredeC FUCKTARDO
00:04:50AbiTh no
00:04:50AbiTh ty
00:05:44NotAHax need chick bot
00:06:05Kastrup hows midt?
00:06:12KredeC i tp back in a sec
00:06:13Kastrup -ms
00:06:25NotAHax tee tolle urn phaset
00:06:31Nagash have stun?
00:06:51NotAHax puck i banreq you
00:06:55KredeC omw
00:07:04NotAHax uypgrd it
00:07:04NotAHax plz
00:07:11KredeC done
00:07:13NotAHax furion too gang bot?
00:07:16DangerZ frui tping
00:07:19DangerZ nvrm
00:07:28KredeC u got ur flying
00:07:29KredeC then use it?
00:07:32NotAHax yy
00:07:33svents i come to gank bot
00:07:38NotAHax ok sure
00:07:43Kastrup -3
00:07:43Kastrup top
00:07:46Kastrup -2
00:07:49Tazok wisp miss
00:08:11NotAHax fuck
00:08:12NotAHax lopl
00:08:58Kastrup hows bot?
00:09:02extremewaari bot miss
00:09:30Kastrup gj
00:09:54AbiTh :D
00:09:56svents ffs
00:10:02svents fcking luckboxx
00:10:02Kastrup np :P
00:10:13Kastrup omw
00:10:18Tazok miss jugger
00:10:40KredeC the trilane works
00:10:41KredeC when ur tri
00:11:12Kastrup furion got his dagger...
00:11:13Kastrup :|
00:11:14Kastrup great..
00:11:17DangerZ dagon
00:11:20Kastrup dagon**
00:11:21Kastrup ye
00:11:39NotAHax jaa
00:11:40Kastrup wait jug
00:11:41Kastrup come to me
00:11:48GOSUKURDI b
00:12:24Kastrup -3
00:12:25Kastrup top
00:12:42KredeC i cant play support like this
00:12:42NotAHax tuu gang
00:12:45NotAHax on ulti
00:12:48KredeC it will be 4 v 5
00:12:57KredeC dk has all farm frmo top lane
00:12:59KredeC and he has treads
00:13:02KredeC in 10 min
00:13:35NotAHax sigh
00:13:56NotAHax kredec why youj have phase shift lv 2?
00:13:56NotAHax wtf :DD
00:14:01KredeC wisp jugger lane?
00:14:04KredeC dumnbass
00:14:06NotAHax mmm
00:14:17KredeC ye its pretty rape
00:14:17extremewaari mana
00:14:32KredeC i have 11 creeps
00:14:33Kastrup i tp bot
00:14:34KredeC dk has all farm
00:14:36KredeC hes lvl 7
00:14:36AbiTh k
00:14:39KredeC and has treads
00:14:41KredeC wtf is this new gc
00:14:43GOSUKURDI lion
00:14:47Kastrup go
00:14:53KredeC i cant take being
00:14:56KredeC being lasthit
00:15:04Tazok well after venge left, i kinda lost the farming
00:15:28NotAHax huoh miks tulin
00:15:41NotAHax mikset tee lotharii
00:15:46NotAHax se on imba tolle, heittää lothar tele ei ota invii pois
00:15:54GOSUKURDI ehkä sul on ennenaikanen siemensyöksy
00:15:57Kastrup mana plz
00:15:57GOSUKURDI monilla on se ongelma
00:16:04NotAHax ..
00:16:11Kastrup relocate top?
00:16:14AbiTh u
00:16:52AbiTh gfail
00:17:24KredeC -ma
00:17:30Kastrup omw midt
00:17:43svents 4 mid
00:18:00NotAHax swap?
00:18:49Nagash CAncel that:S
00:18:58Kastrup not possible ffs
00:19:01Tazok swap
00:19:01Nagash it is:D
00:19:04Kastrup how?
00:19:14AbiTh no luck
00:19:19Nagash same way how i us eit
00:19:31Kastrup hmm
00:19:34DangerZ hea means link
00:19:43Kastrup well then i have to go out of range
00:19:49NotAHax stay b
00:19:50Kastrup they got wards
00:19:54DangerZ no you don't
00:20:01DangerZ click on link spell
00:20:07DangerZ while it's active
00:20:50KredeC gj
00:20:54NotAHax got mjeka
00:21:19KredeC whos meka is it?
00:21:22NotAHax mine
00:21:27KredeC why not bring on chicken?
00:21:31NotAHax dk using
00:21:36KredeC i bring it
00:21:37KredeC to mid
00:21:37KredeC come
00:21:39Kastrup go top?
00:21:45NotAHax k ty
00:22:01NotAHax go top
00:22:04NotAHax furi
00:22:07AbiTh surnud
00:22:30extremewaari hey guys buy obs
00:22:36Kastrup i was trying to put them
00:23:08Kastrup -ii
00:24:20NotAHax rune bot
00:24:37KredeC they dont have wards
00:25:05Kastrup dagon lvl 4
00:25:11svents gj
00:25:19NotAHax we can go end soon
00:25:21NotAHax with mjeka + dk
00:25:24AbiTh w/r
00:25:46NotAHax dk farm ur bkb and lets go
00:26:11KredeC me
00:26:32Tazok b
00:26:35Tazok invis
00:27:01Kastrup got ulti klion?
00:27:03Kastrup wanna go furion top?
00:27:13svents omfg
00:27:24Nagash gg
00:27:25Nagash ff
00:27:31Kastrup midt failed..
00:27:34Kastrup gg
00:27:37NotAHax we can get rax
00:27:39DangerZ no I didn'
00:27:40KredeC y
00:27:44Kastrup well you did
00:27:49Kastrup furion had dagon in 7-8 min
00:27:53Kastrup and you didn't gank once
00:27:54Kastrup so...
00:27:55DangerZ he wasn't on lane
00:27:56Kastrup yea you failed
00:28:01Nagash poisil oli kiirelt dagon ja sa ytled et ei failinud:D
00:28:02DangerZ well cool story
00:28:02Kastrup who was then?
00:28:06DangerZ i really don't care
00:28:10Kastrup he was midt..
00:28:57Kastrup lol
00:29:06NotAHax dk...
00:29:07NotAHax kill him?
00:29:08NotAHax ...
00:29:16KredeC omw
00:29:18KredeC with dust
00:29:27NotAHax b
00:29:39Tazok he would just spin on me if i attacked
00:29:46KredeC with 70 mana
00:30:06Tazok mid again?
00:30:10NotAHax y
00:31:10Kastrup so much for heling..
00:31:12Kastrup helping
00:31:32AbiTh ff
00:31:48NotAHax 'go end
00:31:57KredeC k
00:31:59Tazok bot lane?
00:32:02NotAHax no just midd
00:33:21KredeC gg
00:33:32svents lion sange?:D:D
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