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+11 TS

94% | 1276 X | 1511 TS

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80% | 1242 X | 1341 TS

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+39 TS

64% | 1170 X | 1299 TS

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+16 TS

59% | 1122 X | 1270 TS

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-9 TS

99% | 1458 X | 1602 TS

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-10 TS

78% | 1285 X | 1315 TS

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-11 TS

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55% | 1031 X | 1283 TS

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51% | 901 X | 1372 TS

Chat log

00:00:18Norrebro pugna
00:00:18Solisluu kato kaikki taas samassa
00:00:18Sepetos -bar
00:00:18Sepetos bat
00:00:18Solisluu miten ois sen kanavan kanssa tms nii voitais niitä fw:eitä pelata
00:00:18Sepetos ehQ
00:00:22Sepetos tuu gameframe public mumblee
00:00:30Norrebro someone play rylai?
00:00:36Jimpai i know jockwe can
00:00:41Kanki voin pelaa omnia
00:00:43Jimpai (irl mate)
00:00:57Norrebro swap?
00:01:02Jockwe was afk
00:01:03Jockwe zup
00:01:04Jann apro is anti nerub
00:01:12Jockwe i play rylai?
00:01:17Norrebro yeah
00:01:19Jockwe and u
00:01:20Jockwe ?
00:01:22Jann lich or apro?
00:01:25Jann for me
00:01:25Norrebro krob me
00:01:29Norrebro u ayto
00:01:32Norrebro atro
00:01:35Jann k
00:01:40Norrebro ..
00:01:44Jimpai lanes?
00:01:50Sepetos take pit
00:01:51Norrebro -swap 4
00:01:51Sepetos dude
00:01:58Norrebro skele cm top
00:02:17Jockwe skele cm top
00:02:25Norrebro bot
00:02:26Dizney king bot.
00:02:29Keimo shaare
00:02:31Jimpai well, we can fb top
00:02:35Jimpai cant we:D?
00:02:39Jockwe sure thing
00:02:46Jockwe i wanna go get some milk
00:02:50Jockwe nova
00:02:52Keimo share chick
00:02:59Norrebro time ure stuns
00:03:17Jockwe gj
00:03:18Dizney nice1
00:03:19Norrebro gj
00:03:21Keimo :D
00:03:33Jockwe du först?
00:03:42Affliction 3 tal
00:03:44Affliction lane
00:04:17Affliction :D
00:04:23Affliction monks
00:04:33Jockwe having huge lags
00:07:01Jockwe leo
00:07:03Jockwe tangos
00:07:52Norrebro crow
00:08:03Sepetos krobe
00:08:03Jockwe out of money
00:09:01Jockwe olw
00:09:10Jockwe laggar sönder
00:09:24Jockwe bra
00:09:25Norrebro ss
00:09:28Jockwe gj
00:09:58Jockwe nupp
00:10:05Jann 2 ssõ
00:10:33Keimo topmis
00:10:36Affliction sk
00:10:37Affliction hree
00:10:40Affliction here
00:10:53Sepetos midmiss
00:11:10Norrebro gang
00:11:27Norrebro go
00:12:55Sepetos midmiss
00:12:56Sepetos sk krobe
00:13:00Jimpai miss omni
00:13:29Jann i got ulti get him
00:13:31Norrebro invis
00:13:51Jockwe wtf
00:14:33Sepetos -fs
00:14:36Jockwe care that pudge
00:15:52Norrebro help him
00:16:02Norrebro coming
00:16:10Sepetos sven
00:16:10Sepetos plz
00:16:20Keimo sven???
00:16:57Sepetos -fs
00:17:41Jimpai So lucky hook
00:18:10Jockwe nära
00:18:11Jockwe ..
00:18:28Norrebro he just hook u
00:18:49Norrebro inc top
00:19:08Norrebro ...
00:20:41Jockwe bra försök endå
00:20:50Norrebro wards
00:20:57Jockwe ups
00:21:00Jockwe forgot to put em out
00:21:03Sepetos -fs
00:23:32Norrebro gj sk
00:23:41Dizney i was out of mana.. @ hunt..
00:24:08Dizney and neither me or krobo could catch up.. i was a sucide hunt
00:24:46Jockwe always me
00:25:28Jockwe dör innan alla battles
00:25:34Jockwe så jag får inge lvls
00:25:51Norrebro du har ikke brug for lvls
00:26:01Jockwe huh
00:26:02Jockwe ?
00:26:55Norrebro all def
00:27:08Jockwe yey
00:27:23Norrebro people
00:27:38Jimpai ..
00:28:11Dizney SVIN!
00:28:14Dizney 7 hp
00:28:21Dizney nej!
00:28:27Dizney omg..
00:28:30Norrebro stop fucking failing
00:28:36Dizney 2 x below 10 hp ...
00:28:41Norrebro dosnt matter
00:28:46Norrebro we have to go togther
00:28:55Norrebro u go 1 by 1
00:28:56Norrebro and due
00:28:58Norrebro die
00:30:04Norrebro ffs
00:30:12Jockwe OMGpo¨l,wea
00:30:23Norrebro SK?
00:30:28Norrebro wow
00:30:42Norrebro ure really bad
00:30:43Dizney SK what was that about ?
00:30:45Jimpai i have been on phone for the last 5 minutes.
00:30:52Dizney great!
00:30:52Jimpai and now im here
00:30:57Jimpai nah, thats not great
00:30:59Norrebro u sure not whole game?
00:31:04Jimpai but im getting a new computer til christmas
00:31:11Jimpai krob, am i that bad.?
00:31:44Jann fucking lsow ass team farming
00:32:10Jann sk does not stun
00:32:18Norrebro ff
00:32:23Dizney i was blocked!
00:32:47Jann ur like allways bloked getting everywhere last and then dieing alone
00:33:04Norrebro can we go 5 now?
00:33:11Dizney What are u talking about freak lich !... i was first in last time we all went mid !
00:33:20Dizney maybe ur just to blind to se
00:33:30Norrebro gang
00:33:32Norrebro all 5
00:33:34Jann wait
00:33:40Norrebro im waiting
00:33:46Norrebro blin
00:34:33Jann this is over
00:34:35Sepetos -fs
00:34:36Jockwe I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:40Jann we fucked up to much
00:34:45Jann I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:34:45Norrebro cause of tard team
00:34:56Dizney just gotta teampaly.. like them..
00:35:01Norrebro o rly?
00:35:06Jann lol
00:35:08Norrebro look ure items
00:35:10Dizney and omni made a lucky last sec. save just there
00:35:13Norrebro mr carry
00:35:16Jimpai Always the cocky leaders that pwns..
00:35:20Jimpai (norrebro
00:35:21Jimpai )
00:35:28Norrebro im not cocky
00:35:37Jimpai okey, well i dont like ur attitude
00:35:43Norrebro u just sucked all game long
00:35:52Jimpai and u say it in such a comforting way
00:35:53Jimpai <3
00:35:57Jimpai fucktard
00:36:23Affliction sven was born to fertilize
00:36:28Dizney yeah !
00:36:40Solisluu let me
00:36:41Solisluu sven
00:37:26Norrebro gang
00:37:31Norrebro sk
00:37:39Dizney dust. :(
00:37:44Norrebro i can silence
00:38:33Norrebro cm?
00:38:39Kanki ostin kanal just :D
00:38:44Jimpai didnt have blink
00:39:04Dizney lets do rosh !
00:39:09Norrebro gogo
00:39:33Dizney krobo takes
00:39:38Dizney krobe..
00:39:40Dizney :)
00:39:48Affliction ?!
00:39:49Jimpai cant krobo take?
00:39:53Affliction ah
00:39:53Affliction :D
00:39:54Dizney hehe
00:40:08Norrebro def
00:40:09Dizney y
00:40:36Sepetos -fs
00:41:47Norrebro omg
00:41:54Dizney lcuky!
00:42:17Dizney b
00:42:17Dizney bb
00:42:38Jockwe tredje gamet i rad som jag lirar med honom
00:42:47Jockwe ganska bra, men inte så bra som norrebro
00:42:49Jockwe sepeli
00:43:00Sepetos -fs
00:43:12Norrebro i shoulda picked carry :/
00:43:22Jimpai so true
00:43:27Kanki sven
00:43:50Norrebro avoid hook
00:44:58Norrebro well gg
00:47:32Norrebro ok let focus pudge last
00:47:35Dizney y
00:48:45Affliction 4.6k hp
00:48:46Affliction wtf
00:50:10Dizney take him again !>
00:50:13Jimpai I DEF
00:50:14Jimpai :)
00:50:34Norrebro sk get deso plz
00:50:41Dizney yeah.. i will
00:50:42Sepetos -fs
00:50:46Affliction ?!+
00:50:49Affliction -fs
00:50:51Sepetos 70
00:50:55Affliction shiiit
00:50:55Affliction :D
00:51:12Dizney i was gonna make a HoT before but lost all gold..
00:51:28Norrebro we need damage
00:51:58Affliction have rot on all the time ?
00:52:06Dizney don't hunt them wait @ top
00:52:26Dizney wards up !
00:53:37Norrebro ..
00:53:37Sepetos -ha
00:53:53Sepetos g-g
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