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Chat log

00:00:15ihufa get me sf and u can go afk all of u
00:00:20ihufa and we'd still win
00:00:37Wavesofchange hax
00:00:39NotAHax yo
00:00:44Wavesofchange tt
00:00:46Wavesofchange wanted wr
00:00:48NotAHax who are you mr unknow
00:00:48Laged gief ogre
00:00:49NotAHax ?
00:01:08Laged lucky you aren't luckyone, are you?
00:01:21NotAHax sopmeone beter play wisp
00:01:24ihufa sf pls
00:01:24Gevomancer -water 0 0 0
00:01:31NoX never played it so count me out
00:01:32ihufa ty
00:01:47Laged sven wisp, yay
00:01:53Lucky get tiny
00:01:54Gevomancer puck? :3
00:01:55ihufa can someone else buy chicken?
00:01:57Usires anyone puck? lesh? tiny?
00:01:59Laged I will
00:02:00ihufa lol shitpicks :D
00:02:04ihufa get lesh
00:02:04NotAHax LANES: Wisp,Sven
00:02:05ihufa imo
00:02:07Laged you mean ours or theirs?
00:02:10NoX puck riki ud, they all own pubs
00:02:11NotAHax axe woods
00:02:13ihufa super good in this lienup
00:02:21Gevomancer ok, i can play axe
00:02:24Lucky give me furion
00:02:35Gevomancer riki 2 carry?
00:02:35Iho to me its furion
00:02:37Gevomancer 4 you
00:02:39Gevomancer =
00:02:39Wavesofchange get me puck
00:02:41Lucky nope
00:02:53Wavesofchange u mid ?
00:02:55NotAHax i go sniper solo mid
00:02:55NotAHax y
00:02:56Laged lucky, are you luckyone?:|
00:02:56Wavesofchange k
00:02:57NotAHax you can solo bot
00:02:59NotAHax with puck
00:03:01NotAHax but who are you
00:03:01Wavesofchange i will
00:03:03Lucky yes very
00:03:05Wavesofchange cant tell :)
00:03:07Wavesofchange but u know me
00:03:07NotAHax why not
00:03:10Laged the luckyone from dpp?:|
00:03:11NotAHax ah cmon
00:03:15NotAHax i must know are you good or basd
00:03:18NotAHax say name at private
00:03:19ihufa can lesh get chicken?
00:03:22Gevomancer can some1 corrier?
00:03:23Laged i GOT IT
00:03:23ihufa or tiny
00:03:25ihufa pls
00:03:25ihufa ty
00:03:27Gevomancer i need money tbh
00:03:28Gevomancer :D
00:03:28Wavesofchange just watch ,me :)
00:03:28Iho -swap 5
00:03:30Lucky lesh with me top
00:03:39Gevomancer wisp puck?
00:03:41ihufa -clear
00:03:43Wavesofchange nah
00:03:43Gevomancer corrier?
00:03:46Wavesofchange i solo
00:03:47Wavesofchange bot
00:03:51Wavesofchange wisp
00:03:52Wavesofchange go chick
00:03:57Wavesofchange axe
00:04:03Wavesofchange u just gank lvl 6
00:04:11NotAHax lol he can gang before
00:04:18NotAHax brav you know how to play wisp?
00:04:18Wavesofchange well
00:04:20Gevomancer ill pull first lane
00:04:20Wavesofchange vs stunners
00:04:23Bra~ a little
00:04:24Wavesofchange not gonna be that usefull
00:04:34Gevomancer -ma
00:05:09Wavesofchange make double pull first
00:05:10Wavesofchange axe
00:05:28Lucky remember to hassas and pull
00:05:38Gevomancer fail
00:05:45Lucky i pull
00:05:53Laged I'll gank mid
00:05:57Laged you can handle a solo puck
00:05:57ihufa ok
00:06:30Wavesofchange spikes?
00:06:46NoX hehe
00:06:47NoX wth was that
00:06:51Bra~ :p
00:06:54Bra~ soz
00:07:21Wavesofchange ?
00:07:21Wavesofchange ?
00:08:20Laged top rune taken?
00:08:25NotAHax cmon
00:08:43NotAHax i need wards imd
00:08:50NotAHax wisp can you buy
00:08:56Bra~ not atm
00:09:00Wavesofchange kidding me
00:09:02Iho gj
00:09:08Wavesofchange how bad was that
00:09:16Laged SUP sf?
00:09:24NoX riki miss
00:09:32Gevomancer -cs
00:09:42Wavesofchange biggest joke death there
00:09:44Wavesofchange both 30 hp
00:10:08NoX take m bottl please
00:10:08ihufa ss mid
00:10:11Iho wait
00:10:14Wavesofchange ss bot
00:10:20NotAHax we need wards
00:10:25NotAHax puck can you buy?
00:10:26NotAHax or WISP
00:10:29Gevomancer np, neutrals got me:D
00:10:41ihufa wow
00:11:23Gevomancer coming
00:11:59Laged Ok
00:12:05Laged skilled sf of doom
00:12:07NotAHax i get you ward there
00:12:13Lucky take the healing
00:12:15Lucky lehs'
00:12:16Gevomancer thanks
00:12:18Wavesofchange wards
00:12:19Wavesofchange in base
00:12:33NoX riki gone
00:12:34NoX lvl 6
00:12:43Wavesofchange omg
00:12:44Wavesofchange mid
00:12:45Wavesofchange omw
00:12:46ihufa ss mid
00:12:49NotAHax go
00:12:53ihufa care top
00:12:56Laged w8 for me
00:12:57Laged top
00:13:04Wavesofchange -_
00:13:20Lucky come
00:13:29Bra~ -.-
00:14:33NotAHax gang mid puck
00:14:41Bra~ sven go mid?
00:14:42Wavesofchange oom
00:14:47NoX wahtch mid
00:15:04NotAHax puck
00:15:05NotAHax we need you
00:15:05NotAHax sigh
00:15:20Bra~ sven i tp you
00:15:23Bra~ you get it?
00:15:24Bra~ :p
00:15:26NoX ye i realise
00:15:30NoX never played with wisp
00:15:30Bra~ ok
00:15:38NotAHax leave mid daxe
00:16:05ihufa il tp
00:16:10Laged w8
00:16:30Wavesofchange ffs
00:16:32Wavesofchange they to warded
00:16:48NotAHax you guys need go as team
00:16:50NotAHax so riki dosent get kills
00:17:20Wavesofchange fuck u suck
00:17:22Wavesofchange wisp
00:17:24Wavesofchange wtf
00:17:25Wavesofchange u doing
00:17:26Wavesofchange going away
00:17:28Wavesofchange from all of us
00:17:39Lucky balance
00:17:39Wavesofchange get wisp
00:17:39Wavesofchange out
00:17:39NotAHax y wisp go
00:17:47Lucky i get ogre takes the boots
00:17:57Laged huh?
00:18:02Lucky its mana boost
00:18:04Laged oh
00:18:05Laged cool
00:18:24NotAHax who took
00:18:25NotAHax wisp items
00:18:28Wavesofchange teamsold
00:18:29Wavesofchange them
00:18:32NotAHax ..
00:19:18Usires ill take basi
00:19:21Usires someone want big ring?
00:19:25Usires SA
00:19:28Usires vanguard?
00:19:30Usires fury?
00:20:36Gevomancer -cs
00:20:37NotAHax sven needs dagger
00:20:40NotAHax STUN HIM
00:20:41NotAHax ??
00:20:44NotAHax sven..
00:20:45NotAHax ur so bad
00:20:47NoX my comp sucks
00:20:52NoX takes 3 seks before it does something
00:21:01NoX retarded shit comp
00:22:22Gevomancer should i go treads?
00:22:34Gevomancer or wut
00:22:36Wavesofchange fucking fial game
00:22:38Wavesofchange fail this is
00:22:52NotAHax no
00:22:55NotAHax if axe and sven gets dagger
00:22:57NotAHax and they can use stuns
00:22:58NotAHax we win
00:23:07NoX well i cant really
00:23:14NotAHax share ur unit to all
00:23:17Wavesofchange both 0 farm
00:23:33Gevomancer ok
00:23:48Gevomancer care riki
00:23:50Gevomancer sniper
00:23:58Wavesofchange haha
00:24:01Wavesofchange go more luck
00:24:05Gevomancer ok, he stayed mid
00:25:02Laged xd
00:25:12Usires wtf
00:25:19Wavesofchange push
00:25:21Gevomancer lol
00:25:26Gevomancer i take top farm
00:25:40ihufa never played this bad solo mid xD
00:25:45ihufa but let's push got bkb and dagger
00:25:58Wavesofchange rolf
00:26:00Wavesofchange dint see dagon to
00:26:03NotAHax l,ol
00:26:03NotAHax :D
00:26:16Wavesofchange dagon lvl 2
00:26:48Laged REG
00:26:58Wavesofchange sven
00:26:58Wavesofchange come
00:26:59Usires mid tower imo
00:27:19Laged GO TOP SOON
00:27:36NotAHax 'axe you need dageer
00:27:39Wavesofchange y
00:27:40Gevomancer i know
00:27:42Wavesofchange we need it alot
00:27:44Wavesofchange i cant entry
00:27:44Gevomancer 500 missing
00:27:45Wavesofchange withut u
00:27:46Wavesofchange rly
00:28:48Wavesofchange axe b
00:28:55NotAHax axe??
00:29:26Wavesofchange this team
00:29:28Wavesofchange need blink
00:29:29Wavesofchange -.-
00:29:31Wavesofchange no blink
00:29:32Wavesofchange useless
00:29:47Gevomancer cant farm in woods either if no wards
00:30:40ihufa let's end pls
00:30:42NotAHax axe farm ur dagger now plx
00:31:01Laged ILLU
00:31:57NoX 3 seks later something happens when i cloick
00:32:01NoX this is useless
00:32:11NotAHax WHY YOU PLAY
00:32:14NotAHax if ur computer is that shit
00:32:14NotAHax srsly
00:32:19NotAHax ur ruining every one game
00:32:22NoX ye im sorry
00:32:27Laged -mc
00:32:27NoX have to fix it after this
00:32:29NoX not even fun
00:32:41NotAHax you could lagg out and it would bel ock
00:32:44NotAHax then i would be happy
00:32:50NoX i understand that
00:32:58NoX its not lag really
00:33:05NoX everythng happens in realtime
00:33:06NotAHax they not gonna ban you if you drop you know ;)
00:33:08NoX but i cant move
00:33:52Wavesofchange fuck i love ogre
00:33:55Wavesofchange nuub ass
00:35:06Wavesofchange FUCK
00:35:07Wavesofchange OPFF
00:35:08Wavesofchange OFF
00:35:14Wavesofchange WITH YOUR FUCKING MULTI CAST
00:35:17Wavesofchange jfhdfhd
00:35:17Wavesofchange ofhdi
00:35:17Wavesofchange j
00:35:19Wavesofchange op¨k
00:35:22Gevomancer ok, blink now
00:35:28Wavesofchange this idiot ogre is just a pub noob
00:35:54Laged sir who are you then, if not just a pub noob?
00:36:01Wavesofchange yu are
00:36:27Laged -mc
00:36:53ihufa guys
00:36:55ihufa wanna end????
00:37:01Wavesofchange axe
00:37:01Lucky sure
00:37:01Usires sure
00:37:02NotAHax okay
00:37:02Usires base
00:37:03NotAHax we can still win
00:37:04Usires and then
00:37:04Wavesofchange when u jump
00:37:07NotAHax stay b
00:37:07NotAHax sven b
00:37:07Wavesofchange dont just jump
00:37:08ihufa ty
00:37:09Laged MID GOGO
00:37:11Wavesofchange wait
00:37:15Wavesofchange til the right moment
00:37:45Usires 10sec
00:37:47Usires im there
00:39:06Usires kurdit ff jo
00:39:14ihufa tp???
00:39:16NotAHax eN IKINÄ
00:39:19Wavesofchange oujoådsg
00:39:20Laged u mad?
00:39:20Wavesofchange oåjgsd
00:39:20Wavesofchange oåjgfhsd
00:39:21Wavesofchange jngfsdbijngsdaf
00:39:22Wavesofchange oågsdgsdaif*d#&H
00:39:23Wavesofchange L
00:39:28Usires gj puck
00:39:30Wavesofchange SU
00:39:31Laged no multicast this time sir
00:39:35Usires moves 2011
00:39:36Wavesofchange u see
00:39:43Wavesofchange its hard to have skills with ogre
00:39:51Wavesofchange 0.1 sec
00:39:55ihufa raxes next time
00:39:55Wavesofchange i could jump u and silence
00:40:25Laged w8
00:40:25Wavesofchange hax
00:40:27Laged let me kill him
00:40:27Wavesofchange u should focus
00:40:28Wavesofchange him
00:40:28Laged alone
00:40:30Wavesofchange when he trieds to ult
00:40:31Laged if I dont get him then come
00:40:31Laged :|
00:40:32Wavesofchange mini stun
00:40:34Wavesofchange with a bit of luck
00:40:56Laged you had to scare him away
00:41:35Wavesofchange axe
00:41:35Wavesofchange sven
00:41:37Wavesofchange come
00:41:47Usires rosh?
00:41:50ihufa go
00:41:51ihufa ima
00:43:23Wavesofchange taber til noob ihufa
00:43:27Wavesofchange joke
00:43:33ihufa who are uy
00:43:59NotAHax we can still win
00:44:01NotAHax we just need go togethert
00:44:02Wavesofchange nope
00:44:02NotAHax srsly
00:44:04NotAHax yes
00:44:08ihufa riki
00:44:10ihufa can u come hlp?
00:44:13NotAHax axe
00:44:14NotAHax go
00:44:15NotAHax ogre
00:44:16ihufa then we can end
00:44:22Lucky lets just go rosh
00:44:22NotAHax i bait
00:44:23Gevomancer hood or blade mail?
00:44:26NotAHax hood
00:44:58NotAHax b
00:44:58NotAHax b
00:45:01ihufa we're losing
00:45:04ihufa guys
00:45:27NotAHax b
00:45:28NotAHax b
00:45:28NotAHax b
00:45:36Lucky get rosh ==
00:45:39ihufa k
00:45:39Lucky b
00:45:41Laged just go with all
00:45:43Laged and we win
00:45:43ihufa go then
00:45:43Laged :|
00:45:51ihufa k
00:45:52ihufa mid
00:45:57Laged I spawn in 5
00:46:04NotAHax GO SF
00:46:13ihufa focus sniuper in fights
00:46:22NotAHax stay goteher
00:46:38Lucky ogre give bloodlost
00:46:46NotAHax b
00:46:58Wavesofchange they can just outpush us
00:47:04NotAHax we need get good call
00:47:11Lucky more bloodlost
00:47:42Wavesofchange roplf
00:47:44ihufa sup
00:47:47Wavesofchange u love me huh ogre?
00:47:49Laged y..
00:49:41Wavesofchange Lorte game
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