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Chat log

00:00:07NotAHax ckalle
00:00:08NotAHax let me pick
00:00:12Soulyah dont forget chicken digez
00:00:13Soulyah :D
00:00:17NotAHax just do as i say
00:00:18Ckalle I know how to captain, chill out
00:00:20NotAHax Ban wisp
00:00:23Ckalle we do together
00:00:30NotAHax and tell
00:00:32NotAHax svents to buy chicken
00:00:34NotAHax instead of digez
00:00:39svents no
00:00:41NotAHax get es / venge first
00:00:42NotAHax YES
00:00:46Ckalle the support hero gets chick.
00:00:53svents u are not captain -.-
00:00:57Ckalle I am
00:00:58NotAHax he is rofl
00:00:58Ckalle .
00:01:01DangerZ picki alche
00:01:04DangerZ see on win
00:01:07NotAHax get venge
00:01:07svents i meant nota
00:01:09Buugi svents boon
00:01:14Buugi booooonie
00:01:15Rakett alche ja cria
00:01:15Ckalle nota is my friend.
00:01:17Rakett crix?
00:01:21Rakett või es
00:01:21Ckalle aka he's kinda captain
00:01:22Soulyah v6in crix
00:01:23Buugi joel is my friend
00:01:29NotAHax es
00:01:31svents okok i can buy it
00:01:34Buugi bara
00:01:39NotAHax naix
00:01:39Ckalle not decided yet svents
00:01:40DangerZ gyro
00:01:41NotAHax miksi bara
00:01:42Ckalle depends on heroes
00:01:43DangerZ nigma?
00:01:43NotAHax naix raiskaa
00:01:43NotAHax ton
00:01:44NotAHax alchen
00:01:47Buugi bara tuhoo alchen
00:01:47NotAHax ..
00:01:50NotAHax why enigma?
00:01:50NotAHax ff
00:01:52NotAHax retard you are
00:01:53Buugi ff
00:01:55svents take techies :D
00:01:57Buugi retard
00:01:57ihufa ff
00:02:05NotAHax CARRYS NOW PLZ
00:02:05NotAHax ..
00:02:09NotAHax furion
00:02:10Buugi BARA
00:02:13Ckalle brood or tinker
00:02:13NotAHax FURIOON
00:02:14ihufa ¨get furion
00:02:15NotAHax FURION
00:02:16NotAHax FURION
00:02:16Buugi BARA
00:02:17NotAHax FURION
00:02:17ihufa ill gank a lot
00:02:18NotAHax FURION
00:02:20Ckalle u rly sure?
00:02:22NotAHax YES
00:02:23Soulyah or rex
00:02:24Rakett ok.
00:02:24Soulyah instead
00:02:25Ckalle trilane then
00:02:27Buugi y
00:02:28Buugi trilane
00:02:31Ckalle furi and nigma solo
00:02:32NotAHax mun furi
00:02:36Ckalle furi mid
00:02:38Ckalle nigma top
00:02:40diGez what do i play
00:02:40NotAHax buugi pelaa naix
00:02:42Buugi mun es
00:02:44Ckalle I play naix
00:02:44svents i take venge pls
00:02:48NotAHax k..
00:02:50diGez what do i play
00:02:51Ckalle venge chick
00:02:55svents y
00:02:55Ckalle ES wards
00:02:59Buugi no
00:02:59NotAHax Joel pelaa vengee tai enigma
00:03:00Buugi es chick
00:03:02Buugi venge wards
00:03:02Ckalle and give wards to enigma
00:03:06diGez i'm venge
00:03:10NotAHax svents solo enigma
00:03:11svents i am!!!
00:03:11NotAHax o_ O
00:03:13svents i cant solo
00:03:18NotAHax well
00:03:22NotAHax good venge>enigma
00:03:23Rakett rexxar mid
00:03:24Rakett lesh sk
00:03:27Rakett alhemist gyro
00:03:31Soulyah i sayd
00:03:32Soulyah im sk
00:03:32Rakett lesh wards
00:03:33diGez what lane am i ?
00:03:34svents ok gg
00:03:37DangerZ yeah
00:03:39diGez what lane
00:03:40diGez am i
00:03:40Rakett crixa chicken
00:03:42DangerZ ihufa
00:03:43DangerZ wat
00:03:45Buugi top lane
00:03:46diGez ok
00:03:47ihufa ?
00:03:47Ckalle trilane
00:03:49Ckalle top or bot
00:03:51Ckalle not sure
00:03:51Rakett give soulyah
00:03:51Ckalle hmm
00:03:53Rakett crixa
00:03:53svents i go bot then?
00:03:53Buugi it is top
00:03:58Buugi svent woods
00:03:59Buugi no bot
00:04:00Ckalle ye
00:04:01NotAHax ye
00:04:01Soulyah -swap
00:04:03ihufa nah
00:04:03NotAHax put svents woods
00:04:04ihufa -clear
00:04:04Soulyah -swap 5
00:04:06ihufa -clear
00:04:07Soulyah i sayd im sk
00:04:07Ckalle no
00:04:08Sepetos where i go
00:04:09Sepetos ?
00:04:09NotAHax YES
00:04:10Ckalle bot
00:04:10NotAHax HE FEEDS
00:04:11Buugi we dont need bot
00:04:11NotAHax CKALLE
00:04:11Rakett boyt
00:04:12Ckalle freefarm
00:04:12DangerZ bot
00:04:12Rakett bot.
00:04:13NotAHax RETARD
00:04:13DangerZ with me
00:04:18NotAHax HE WILL _FEED_
00:04:20Soulyah tyra
00:04:20NotAHax do you understand?
00:04:21Soulyah see
00:04:24Soulyah failib
00:04:24Soulyah sk
00:04:24Buugi y
00:04:25NotAHax we dont need bot
00:04:26Soulyah 100%
00:04:26Rakett ihufa...
00:04:27NotAHax srsly
00:04:27Ckalle stop calling me retard
00:04:27svents i cant alone vs 2
00:04:28Soulyah ta nii noob
00:04:30ihufa i played lesh last game
00:04:30Ckalle or I'll force u all
00:04:32ihufa not playing it again
00:04:32Soulyah -clear
00:04:33Rakett so what.
00:04:34Rakett -.
00:04:35Ckalle to do opposite of what u want
00:04:36Buugi u cant
00:04:37DangerZ poh
00:04:39Rakett come here
00:04:40ihufa u don't decide picks
00:04:41NotAHax PLZ
00:04:42Buugi ur a pussey
00:04:43NotAHax put him woods
00:04:44Rakett i do
00:04:45NotAHax Ckalle
00:04:45svents ok itry to solo
00:04:45Rakett actually
00:04:46NotAHax ....
00:04:47NotAHax NO
00:04:47ihufa we have two people who want to play the same hero
00:04:51Buugi svent
00:04:52Buugi go mid
00:04:53Buugi furi bot
00:04:54ihufa why should i eat the shit
00:04:59ihufa im already buying chciekn
00:05:01Soulyah i asked while drafting
00:05:02NotAHax no
00:05:02Ckalle try bot lane
00:05:03Soulyah but just dont fail
00:05:03Buugi pew
00:05:04ihufa so?
00:05:04Ckalle if 2 hard
00:05:05Ckalle u go wood
00:05:05ihufa u mh?
00:05:07NotAHax midis alche
00:05:09svents omfg
00:05:11Rakett :D?
00:05:12Soulyah yea
00:05:12NotAHax se ion noide ainoo carry
00:05:13Buugi warded
00:05:15ihufa i can't feel for u
00:05:19Ckalle go fb
00:05:19ihufa after u fucked this league
00:05:26Soulyah ?
00:05:52Ckalle fb grade
00:06:03Soulyah 3 top
00:06:04Soulyah :(
00:06:14Rakett umm
00:06:15Rakett gyro
00:06:16Rakett go top
00:06:16Buugi i pull
00:06:32Buugi melkee fail :P
00:06:33diGez i got it
00:06:42Ckalle ss 2 care woods
00:06:49NotAHax go woods svents
00:06:52svents cant bot
00:06:54Ckalle k
00:06:55Ckalle go wood
00:06:58ihufa got it
00:07:03svents better idea yeah
00:07:07svents 2 stuns bot
00:07:19Ckalle vs stop attacking creeps
00:07:23Sepetos cs alkche?
00:07:25Soulyah top
00:07:26Soulyah needs
00:07:27Soulyah help
00:07:31Sepetos k
00:07:49Ckalle WHY
00:07:50Rakett asd
00:07:51Rakett ad
00:07:53Rakett asdasasdasd
00:07:54Buugi need
00:07:56Buugi boots
00:08:11Buugi who is this es?
00:08:14Buugi so pro
00:08:18Ckalle yep
00:08:20Ckalle stealing 2 kills
00:08:22Ckalle very stronK
00:08:36Rakett N
00:08:38Rakett nice screaming banned frmo vent
00:08:39Rakett fool
00:08:44NotAHax '
00:08:51NotAHax g
00:08:51NotAHax go
00:08:52NotAHax lesh
00:09:02NotAHax stun
00:09:08NotAHax jee lasthit
00:09:18Soulyah fucking hell
00:09:20Buugi 5 lane top
00:09:21Buugi imba
00:09:27Ckalle STOP TAKING FARM
00:09:37Buugi need 1
00:09:40NotAHax gang alche
00:09:43Ckalle U DON'T NEED SHIT
00:09:49Buugi 1
00:09:49Ckalle I got no farm
00:09:51Ckalle and no exp
00:09:51NotAHax ganga alchh
00:09:52NotAHax gang alche
00:09:54Ckalle cus u ppl suck BALLS
00:09:54Buugi guelling
00:10:01Buugi help
00:10:04diGez omw gank mid
00:10:19diGez go top
00:10:20diGez omw with haste
00:10:27Buugi xD
00:10:28diGez :DD
00:10:28Ckalle -ii
00:10:29Rakett :DDd
00:10:30Sepetos mkay
00:10:31diGez ::D
00:10:37Ckalle some idiot making 3rd urn?!
00:10:41diGez i am
00:10:51NotAHax jaa
00:11:06Sepetos fuckin creeps
00:11:39NotAHax cool urn naix
00:11:48Ckalle cool team y'all
00:12:04Ckalle 4 ppl taking farm from naix
00:12:06Rakett gj
00:12:10diGez oh my god
00:12:25Sepetos midmiss
00:12:37diGez i have 2 creep kills
00:12:38diGez mega stealer
00:12:40diGez 1 is neutral
00:12:41Buugi me 2
00:12:42Buugi ..
00:12:51Buugi -cs
00:12:52Ckalle yes cus u suck at lasthitting
00:12:53Rakett wait.
00:12:54Buugi 0 neutral
00:12:54Rakett oom
00:12:55Ckalle and u autoattack
00:13:05Ckalle ¨well ES u only stole hero kills
00:13:12Buugi yy blabla
00:13:25Buugi u just cant farm -._.-
00:13:30Ckalle I got very good CS
00:13:34Ckalle but coulda been betetr
00:13:39Ckalle if u let me
00:13:42Buugi gang
00:14:47Ckalle FURI
00:14:51Rakett MID
00:14:51Rakett go
00:14:52NotAHax yo
00:15:26NotAHax tapetaa bot?
00:15:28Buugi hoo
00:15:29Buugi joo
00:15:33Sepetos no wards is hard
00:15:34NotAHax sitku sen ulti ohi
00:15:36Buugi y
00:16:10NotAHax ei manaa
00:16:10Rakett well sepeli u manage to fed os much
00:16:11diGez laag
00:16:21diGez i cant move :D
00:16:25Buugi xD
00:16:40Buugi hhahah
00:16:46Rakett hea stun
00:16:47Rakett (Y)
00:17:22ihufa gank
00:17:25Sepetos wards
00:17:26NotAHax go
00:17:27Soulyah y
00:17:34Sepetos need
00:17:40Rakett i come
00:17:40Rakett for naix
00:17:41Rakett go
00:17:51Buugi easy
00:17:52NotAHax manaa
00:17:54NotAHax tack
00:17:58DangerZ only toke you 3 years
00:18:05Buugi paper hero
00:18:07Ckalle lol 4 ults
00:18:17Buugi naix..
00:18:26Ckalle we got
00:18:28Ckalle 3 supports
00:18:30Ckalle and no wards
00:18:31Ckalle yes
00:18:33Ckalle they can gank me
00:18:47Ckalle ss 4 top
00:18:48Sepetos midtower?
00:18:48Sepetos top?
00:18:52Buugi tapame
00:18:55Rakett no mana
00:19:03ihufa top lesh
00:19:08Soulyah omw
00:19:09Sepetos ill come
00:19:11Buugi furi
00:19:26Sepetos WTF CRIXXA?!?!?
00:19:28Buugi easy
00:19:37Buugi omg naix..
00:19:40Ckalle ROFL
00:19:42Ckalle my team
00:19:43Ckalle so awesome
00:19:44Ckalle 0 tp
00:19:45Ckalle 0 wards
00:19:47DangerZ they like to gank
00:19:48DangerZ :D
00:19:49Ckalle just constant blaming me
00:20:01ihufa what can u do?
00:20:05Ckalle I dunno
00:20:05ihufa with such a paper hero
00:20:11ihufa impossible not to feed early
00:20:13Ckalle yeah.. naix paper
00:20:15Buugi bara would be better..
00:20:19Buugi but no
00:20:21Buugi me pick naix
00:20:43diGez ::Dd
00:20:43NotAHax you mad?
00:20:49Ckalle Not like I wanted this lineup
00:20:50Ckalle yeah I am
00:20:54Ckalle I got 4 fucking idiots in team
00:20:58NotAHax näöh
00:21:00NotAHax we got 1x only
00:21:01NotAHax sorry
00:21:04Sepetos go
00:21:04Rakett EASY
00:21:11Buugi no1 tp..
00:21:13Ckalle I know u guys know how to play
00:21:19Ckalle but ure not even trying
00:21:53diGez cant move funny :D
00:22:06Ckalle yep
00:22:06Buugi noob cap gg
00:22:08Buugi ff
00:22:12NotAHax stun
00:22:12Ckalle was smart to let them freefarm 15 mins
00:22:24Sepetos really
00:22:25Sepetos this crixa
00:22:28Sepetos is so fuckin bad
00:22:31diGez i cant move so dont count on me
00:22:31diGez :D
00:22:32Sepetos that i want take wrists
00:22:39Rakett :d
00:22:41Soulyah :D
00:22:41Buugi xD
00:22:42diGez i have a packet loss of 90%
00:22:44diGez :D
00:22:45NotAHax miten muka et voi liikkua
00:22:45NotAHax :D??
00:22:45diGez great IS
00:22:46diGez P
00:22:48NotAHax pelaat jollain mokkulalla?
00:22:50Sepetos how fuckin close u gotta go before u can fuckin stun CRIXA
00:22:51diGez 90% packet lossia
00:22:54diGez vähä vaikeeta
00:23:00Sepetos would have killed that naix there b4 enigma even near
00:23:00ihufa what?
00:23:01diGez ku 10% paketeista kulkee
00:23:08Buugi ei ees
00:23:09ihufa u know what it means when he's black?
00:23:15Sepetos he wasnt
00:23:15NotAHax hei
00:23:15ihufa it means he's magic immune
00:23:16NotAHax venge
00:23:17ihufa im sorry
00:23:18Sepetos ur just fuckin newb
00:23:19ihufa yes he was
00:23:20NotAHax jos saadaa visioni niide basee
00:23:21ihufa wtf
00:23:22NotAHax voin menän hakee kana
00:23:22Sepetos he was black just when my missile hit
00:23:25ihufa what's ur problem
00:23:27Sepetos then he it went off
00:23:28ihufa yes
00:23:29diGez no joo varmaa mä meen niide respaa
00:23:30diGez :D:D
00:23:31NotAHax et voitko kokeilla mennä base lähelle wavee?
00:23:34ihufa adn 4 sec after that
00:23:36ihufa and then i stunned
00:23:46Sepetos engma behind
00:23:47Sepetos go top?
00:23:50Buugi lol
00:24:03NotAHax B
00:24:16Sepetos push top
00:24:20NotAHax svents can you share
00:24:20diGez go
00:24:43diGez why cant you blink and blackhole
00:24:44diGez es ulti
00:24:45diGez 3 dead
00:24:53svents blackhole cd
00:25:29Buugi noob svents
00:25:30Buugi ........
00:25:30Soulyah lol
00:25:32Soulyah kerge comeback
00:25:34Soulyah sjkooriga
00:25:50Rakett cool luck nobo
00:25:56Buugi quit dota haha
00:26:11Rakett ur es is like the worst ive seen and ur telling me to quit dota ok
00:26:21Buugi old
00:26:28ihufa rakett :)
00:26:29Sepetos oh we had alche
00:26:30Sepetos :o
00:26:33svents gj
00:26:35svents omfg
00:27:13Buugi xD
00:27:14Sepetos got dust
00:27:14NotAHax hahaah
00:27:15Sepetos go
00:27:23Soulyah :(
00:27:51Buugi noob
00:27:58DangerZ :DDDDDD
00:28:00Sepetos who lasthit denys??? :DD:D
00:28:03DangerZ i'm not losing
00:28:05ihufa ihufa
00:28:05Sepetos lasthit deny tower
00:28:06DangerZ noob
00:28:06ihufa does
00:28:06Sepetos imbaness
00:28:08ihufa any time
00:28:10Buugi ur alchemist is bad :)
00:28:18DangerZ worst es I ever seen
00:28:27NotAHax tulos
00:28:30Buugi outplayed
00:28:36Rakett u mad for losing ?
00:28:41Buugi :DD
00:28:43Buugi i just killed you
00:28:50Rakett and ur still gonna lose
00:28:59Buugi well y
00:29:00NotAHax rage tele
00:29:00Buugi our naix..
00:29:00NotAHax .
00:29:06Ckalle was cd
00:29:17Sepetos push? :o
00:29:26Soulyah need to regen abit mana
00:29:29NotAHax kuha alche o controllis kyl me voitetaa
00:29:37NotAHax kuha saan itemeit meen ninja puskee koko aja nii nuo saa hermoromahduksen
00:29:38Rakett soulya bkb oleksid pidanud tegema
00:29:39Rakett .s
00:29:44ihufa svents
00:29:44ihufa Care
00:29:46Soulyah tean jah
00:29:46NotAHax vittuku sais visioni niide basee
00:29:46diGez voiko joku ostaa yhe tango
00:29:49Soulyah pohmell peal ei suuda mõelda
00:29:53Rakett :(
00:29:53ihufa told ya
00:29:55Ckalle Maybe if u let me have some CS and lvl... And didn't steal all hero kills early game... Maybe then I'd be more useful?
00:29:57NotAHax siel o
00:29:58Buugi he is prop
00:30:00diGez ok
00:30:10NotAHax ...
00:30:13Buugi lol
00:30:13DangerZ pro
00:30:14DangerZ really
00:30:15Buugi oli cd :D
00:30:19Ckalle oh
00:30:19Buugi packet loss 100%
00:30:20Buugi ..
00:30:22Ckalle u didn't have ult?
00:30:52diGez b hpole
00:30:55ihufa im b
00:30:56ihufa oom
00:31:07diGez go es
00:31:08diGez go bhole
00:31:35diGez roshan?
00:32:02Buugi hahaha
00:32:03Buugi rly?
00:32:13Buugi worst rexar ever
00:32:13ihufa wow
00:32:18Rakett nice blink there
00:32:19Rakett buugie
00:32:19NotAHax miten susta tuli tollane rölli
00:32:21Rakett Didnt even get ulti off
00:32:22Rakett before u died
00:32:23Rakett :DDD
00:32:24Buugi emt
00:32:25NotAHax oot viettäny liikaa aikaa kihi ja dedu seuras
00:32:27Buugi tänää on tämmöne päivä
00:32:39diGez mua vituttaa ku 80 pingi repelillä
00:32:40NotAHax mä kunnioitin sitä vanhaa viisasta hyv ää pelaajaas
00:32:41NotAHax :_ D
00:32:42diGez ja muutenki noit packet loss spikejä
00:32:42Sepetos get gem for alche?
00:33:13Buugi owninggg
00:33:15Ckalle WHY STOP SO MANY TPS
00:33:24Soulyah use
00:33:25Soulyah ur
00:33:25Sepetos alche
00:33:26Soulyah stun
00:33:27Soulyah sk
00:33:34Sepetos gem in base
00:33:36Sepetos take it alche
00:33:37Sepetos and we push
00:33:42Rakett come
00:33:42NotAHax kenen lothar kanal
00:33:42Rakett for es
00:33:44Rakett someone
00:33:48Buugi vengen
00:33:56Sepetos chick can keep gem again?
00:33:57diGez ei oo
00:33:59DangerZ y
00:34:01Sepetos nice
00:34:02diGez teen necroa
00:34:03NotAHax onkoha se mun :DD
00:34:06NotAHax oon ostanu 2x vahingos
00:34:11NotAHax sharee takas
00:34:11Buugi y
00:34:13NotAHax en oo käytätny heroos
00:34:26NotAHax pakko saada vision
00:34:31NotAHax keinolla millä hyvänsä
00:34:37Sepetos come
00:34:38Sepetos all mid
00:34:39Buugi ky suikkaa siel
00:34:39Sepetos with gem
00:34:42NotAHax niin teen
00:34:44Buugi tee cuirass
00:34:46DangerZ y got lvl 3 ult
00:34:47Buugi ni alche tippuu sekunnis
00:34:49Soulyah sk start before
00:34:51Buugi tai naixi
00:34:52Soulyah they do
00:34:53NotAHax niin ajaatttelin
00:34:54Buugi tai ehxi
00:34:55Buugi hexi
00:34:56Sepetos care es enigma
00:35:12Sepetos alche ts brokes the tower
00:35:16Buugi bird see us
00:35:24Buugi naix go
00:35:25diGez gem alche
00:35:25Buugi kill alche
00:35:50NotAHax lol
00:35:50Buugi wp pros
00:35:52Rakett ??
00:35:52DangerZ nice one
00:35:53DangerZ really
00:36:03Buugi toi venge on kyl hullu counter tolle
00:36:05NotAHax buugi
00:36:08NotAHax kohta näät mun salaisen suunitelamn
00:36:08Buugi et läski tulee tuhoo tornii
00:36:13Buugi venge vaa swappaa sen
00:36:14Buugi taakse
00:36:17Soulyah lol
00:36:18DangerZ wp
00:36:18Soulyah bad idea
00:36:18Rakett good jo
00:36:19Soulyah :d
00:36:20DangerZ fucking
00:36:21Sepetos really
00:36:22Sepetos want know
00:36:24Sepetos what happened
00:36:25Sepetos in teamfight
00:36:29DangerZ you didn't come
00:36:31ihufa christmas gift
00:36:32Buugi meet tuhoo kanan
00:36:33Rakett there was no fight cause u didnt come
00:36:33Buugi niilt
00:36:35ihufa 2 kills
00:36:36Buugi :D
00:36:36Soulyah i came
00:36:37NotAHax nii
00:36:37NotAHax xd
00:36:38Sepetos i was there
00:36:40Buugi sick
00:36:40ihufa from all of us
00:36:42Sepetos put all spells i had
00:36:42ihufa to all of u
00:36:52NotAHax vittu
00:36:52NotAHax faiol
00:37:10Buugi purpose deef
00:37:12Buugi feed
00:37:19Buugi ban notharax
00:37:20Sepetos go mid?
00:37:26Rakett BLINK
00:37:27Rakett STUN
00:37:27Rakett ?
00:37:29Sepetos y
00:37:36Rakett too laten ow
00:37:47ihufa u werent' ready
00:37:47Sepetos where is our gem?
00:37:50Buugi b
00:37:53ihufa why should i blink
00:37:55Sepetos need another?
00:38:20ihufa GEM
00:38:22Sepetos gj no detect
00:38:28Sepetos im only one who can buy?
00:38:35NotAHax se o illu
00:38:38diGez wanha
00:38:40Ckalle u A/C furi?
00:38:43NotAHax y
00:38:49Ckalle gem
00:38:50Ckalle on ground
00:38:53NotAHax Destroy
00:39:05Soulyah push or?
00:39:06Sepetos come here
00:39:09Sepetos lets fuckin gang and push
00:39:11Rakett we need
00:39:11NotAHax hes alone
00:39:13Rakett entry gank
00:39:13Rakett y
00:39:16ihufa need gem
00:39:17ihufa buyin
00:39:19Ckalle not.
00:39:28NotAHax y
00:39:28NotAHax not
00:39:40Rakett THATS OUR
00:39:40Rakett ENTRY
00:39:41Rakett COME MID
00:39:45Rakett jesus crixalis
00:39:46Soulyah lol
00:39:48NotAHax new gem
00:39:49NotAHax : D
00:39:51Buugi naix go in
00:39:53diGez go in
00:39:55Buugi i come
00:40:11Sepetos that was really fuckin bad
00:40:20Sepetos why u start chase that naix like that
00:40:21Rakett because
00:40:21Buugi sick es
00:40:22Rakett our crixalis
00:40:23Rakett is an idiot
00:40:24diGez roshan?
00:40:27Buugi nocando
00:40:28ihufa rakett
00:40:30ihufa ur an idiot
00:40:33ihufa why go suicide
00:40:34Rakett okay keep farming
00:40:35Rakett newb
00:40:36diGez roshan?
00:40:37Ckalle sk gem aswell
00:40:39Sepetos this ihufa should have been banned time ago
00:40:40Buugi y
00:40:40Buugi rosh
00:40:41Sepetos lastgame
00:40:42Sepetos in cd
00:40:44Sepetos he picked my hero
00:40:51Sepetos and before that xd he ruined game with profet
00:41:00Ckalle spell him plz
00:41:05Sepetos when i say "dont ulti if no teamfight ill farm here now" he ulties instantly
00:41:24Sepetos hah? :D
00:41:26ihufa what?
00:41:27diGez ;/
00:41:28Ckalle he's pro
00:41:32ihufa ruined game with profet?
00:41:33diGez sure am
00:41:34Sepetos come bot
00:41:34Sepetos all
00:41:36Sepetos BOTBOT
00:42:03svents imbalagg
00:42:04svents -.-
00:42:05Soulyah i forfeit
00:42:15diGez :D:DD:D:D
00:42:17diGez HAAHahahahah
00:42:20diGez 1v5 still pwned alchemist
00:42:23diGez 1v5 still pwned alchemisat
00:42:24DangerZ wtf
00:42:30Ckalle u killed the necroboomicon
00:42:32Ckalle smartass
00:42:34diGez nooob
00:42:37Buugi haahah
00:42:39DangerZ well cloud
00:42:39Buugi low skill
00:42:40DangerZ killed it
00:42:43diGez it didnt
00:42:44DangerZ tardcock
00:42:45diGez you hit it
00:42:46diGez :DD
00:42:48Buugi :DD
00:42:50Ckalle u actually did hit it
00:43:07Ckalle cloud woulda killed if ur teammates didn't save u
00:43:12NotAHax that was cool move ihufa
00:43:21ihufa ?
00:43:27Rakett nice stun gj
00:43:29NotAHax stun
00:43:36Sepetos y
00:43:37Sepetos mid
00:43:38ihufa ty
00:44:16Buugi pro gang xD
00:44:25Rakett yeah we killed es and enigma
00:44:26Rakett P
00:44:40Rakett go mid?
00:44:53NotAHax hieno cd
00:44:53NotAHax D:
00:45:13diGez gank mid
00:45:14Sepetos where are our gems?
00:45:14diGez got swap
00:45:19NotAHax ac soon
00:45:19Ckalle go kill
00:45:23ihufa u mean my gem?
00:45:24Sepetos just kill naix and alche survives
00:45:28Sepetos not with that armor though
00:45:33Ckalle they ros?
00:45:37diGez its not up
00:45:38NotAHax might be
00:45:38ihufa im the only one going detection
00:45:44Soulyah lol
00:45:47Sepetos i already bought dust and gem
00:45:50Rakett venge has
00:45:51Rakett one gem
00:45:53Sepetos now 100 to linken
00:45:56diGez gank?
00:45:59diGez swap
00:46:07Sepetos b
00:46:07Sepetos b
00:46:08Sepetos b
00:46:08Sepetos b
00:46:08Sepetos b
00:46:09Sepetos bb
00:46:22Rakett Best es
00:46:38Buugi i know
00:47:37Buugi this sentinel should rly l2p
00:47:40Buugi wops all chat
00:47:43svents ego :D
00:47:43Ckalle Bye Joel
00:47:43Rakett lol
00:47:46Rakett he minimized
00:47:47Rakett and then got kicked
00:48:16Buugi gg
00:48:21Rakett nofarm naix carrying how lovely
00:48:23Buugi i take necr
00:48:33Ckalle if ure his mates u can tell him he didn't play worst but wanted svents to get reward for actually not sucking major ass one gam
00:48:38Sepetos very nice picked
00:48:44Ckalle ty
00:48:46Sepetos fun rakett firstpick
00:48:48Rakett ?
00:48:54Buugi y
00:48:57Buugi rakett failpick
00:49:33svents gj
00:49:44Sepetos yes nice pick alche he tanks and leave naix there
00:49:46Rakett Sepeli you lost us the game by "teamfightin" alone when we fought the rest
00:49:48Sepetos sounds like a masterplan
00:49:50svents gg mates :D
00:49:56Buugi it is good to make tank
00:49:56Sepetos ah okay
00:49:57Sepetos :D
00:49:57Buugi when naix
00:49:58Buugi enemy
00:50:00Ckalle gg wp
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