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Chat log

00:00:17Nickless tc here!
00:00:17fUNCh laier mad ?
00:00:17fUNCh wank
00:00:17fUNCh jäta axe alles
00:00:17fUNCh meil siin
00:00:17fUNCh koll2
00:00:17Zwerg Laier you better not say not a fucking one word in the whole game.
00:00:17fUNCh oskab aint axet siit poolist omst
00:00:17fUNCh :D no teoreetiliselt pole siin ühtegi herot mida peaks nende meeskonna käes kartma
00:00:17Laier sup with teams =DD
00:00:17Nickless its bad enough that theres one game every 4 years in gc
00:00:17Nickless skip chat
00:00:17Nickless to bans
00:00:23fUNCh fu laier
00:00:23Laier what
00:00:23fUNCh ban tard
00:00:23Laier was checking heroes
00:00:23Laier furi
00:00:23fUNCh ära axet banni
00:00:23fUNCh koll võtab axe
00:00:23Laier someone want phoenix?
00:00:23fUNCh koll2
00:00:23fUNCh :D
00:00:23Nickless y
00:00:23WANKmaster ck
00:00:23fUNCh meil 4'ne lan
00:00:23fUNCh :D
00:00:26fUNCh aga zwerg sai ikka teise teami
00:00:26WANKmaster norm
00:00:27fUNCh -.-
00:00:39WANKmaster want something? lc ma metsa see axe vist lanel?
00:00:49Koll luna,
00:00:50fUNCh dno
00:00:51WANKmaster aga axe
00:00:53WANKmaster :D see on lane peal
00:00:58fUNCh ta lanel noop tal raske aniway
00:00:59fUNCh axega funch võtab omale lanele vms
00:01:06Laier phoenix still there
00:01:08Laier get it mby? :)
00:01:09fUNCh :D
00:01:14Buttons can't play it
00:01:15Buttons at all
00:01:15fUNCh vähemalt zwerg teises toa otsas mida soovid siit?
00:01:20fUNCh ja ei saa screenhackida
00:01:20fUNCh :D
00:01:23WANKmaster anna
00:01:24WANKmaster tiny
00:01:25Nickless whats new with his spells
00:01:29WANKmaster -swap 3 -swap 1
00:01:31Nickless still has heal?
00:01:48Laier go sk
00:01:49Laier ? :)
00:01:55Zwerg no
00:01:55Laier sk top
00:01:56Laier wioth gyro
00:01:56fUNCh anna see libu
00:01:58fUNCh kõige all
00:02:00fUNCh cristal maiden
00:02:01Laier phoenix puck bot
00:02:09fUNCh -swap 5
00:02:17Koll2 -swap 2
00:02:27WANKmaster kana
00:02:58WANKmaster need kollid ei suuda osta? :D
00:03:01fUNCh ee
00:03:06fUNCh no
00:03:09edgarass we fb
00:03:10fUNCh põhimõtetega vennad
00:03:14fUNCh + ei tea reegelid
00:03:14fUNCh :D
00:03:17WANKmaster õige
00:03:23edgarass so slow
00:03:24Nickless better w8 lvl 2 stun to be sure :)
00:03:30WANKmaster sa tõmbad solo jah
00:03:33fUNCh jh
00:03:33Zwerg .. :D
00:04:00Buttons wp
00:05:02edgarass moron sk
00:05:03edgarass idiot
00:05:12edgarass go puoll
00:05:13Zwerg gyro stfu
00:06:00edgarass u first
00:06:26Laier tiny ss
00:06:27Nickless again cast spirits separately
00:06:28Nickless ffs
00:06:34Laier care bot
00:06:35Laier tiny with rune
00:06:35Laier mby
00:06:55WANKmaster ss
00:07:00WANKmaster re koll mehed, kana saate upg-? senks
00:08:20fUNCh top gang :D
00:09:12Zwerg w8
00:09:17WANKmaster rune
00:09:22Laier mid ss
00:09:22Laier still
00:09:27edgarass come mid sai invise
00:09:30WANKmaster ei olnud
00:09:33WANKmaster ?
00:09:35Zwerg hes gone mid sai invise
00:09:42Zwerg cm miss
00:09:49Buttons too close
00:09:50Buttons tiy
00:09:51Buttons n
00:09:52Zwerg re
00:09:52fUNCh ss
00:10:05Laier what
00:10:06Laier you doing?
00:10:11Laier tiny inc top
00:10:13Buttons what
00:10:14Buttons u doing
00:10:15fUNCh top suht unreal
00:10:20Laier waiting for you to nuke
00:10:24edgarass b
00:10:35Laier b bot
00:10:36Laier tiny there
00:11:05Buttons 5 bot mis mõttes ei pand ultit peale
00:11:17fUNCh ?
00:11:18fUNCh sul
00:11:19fUNCh :D ? da
00:11:51WANKmaster NORM pfft
00:11:52edgarass wp Siuke slow
00:11:55edgarass push bot twr
00:11:56WANKmaster panin mööda ei hiti mitte munnigi
00:11:58WANKmaster lihtsalt
00:12:21fUNCh top gang sk PUITS
00:12:53edgarass nort no silence?
00:12:56edgarass use it sometimes
00:13:23Laier deny?
00:13:23Buttons tt
00:13:23Laier mby?
00:13:25Laier .....
00:13:28Buttons thought you'd live
00:13:29Buttons tbh
00:13:32Zwerg lol
00:13:36fUNCh oom ma tlen siis sk või teine mnja ;D
00:15:01Zwerg ffs
00:15:22Buttons lol
00:15:26Buttons axe hardkilled
00:15:49Buttons tiny inc bot
00:15:50Buttons care
00:15:50Laier care bot
00:16:35Buttons ss tiny bot
00:16:36edgarass push bot twr all
00:16:36Laier soon
00:16:44Zwerg take legion
00:16:45WANKmaster mis itemeid see koll 2 teeb
00:16:46WANKmaster ?
00:16:47fUNCh somebody ja wankk
00:16:48Zwerg noneed
00:16:49fUNCh mis teema on
00:16:51fUNCh läheb normal ? nii ja naa
00:16:58WANKmaster no ei
00:17:02WANKmaster need fiidivad ju
00:17:15Buttons tp
00:17:16Buttons ffs
00:17:26Laier funched
00:17:33fUNCh worth it
00:17:35Laier :D
00:17:36Laier not
00:17:36fUNCh or not
00:17:38WANKmaster gg
00:17:38WANKmaster kah
00:17:50Laier but you had to try :o
00:17:59fUNCh ei ole gg eel "veel"
00:19:00Laier bait with ult
00:19:01Laier sk
00:19:02Laier we go
00:19:06Laier go in
00:19:10Laier GO täiesti putsis dmg ka ei saa nii masendav nahhui
00:19:54edgarass tower kill idiots
00:19:55Zwerg twr
00:20:12Laier give salve
00:20:13Laier puck?
00:20:21Laier ty
00:20:30WANKmaster DIE
00:20:31WANKmaster :D:D.d
00:20:32Buttons lulsut
00:20:34Buttons wut
00:20:40Buttons like 10s phase
00:20:59WANKmaster no see axe
00:21:00WANKmaster :d:d:
00:21:21Laier sure
00:21:54Laier go in
00:21:55Laier hes oom
00:22:42Zwerg ty
00:22:46Laier def bot
00:23:03Laier :D:D:
00:23:32edgarass move faster come on
00:23:47edgarass lets push they cant do shit
00:23:59Buttons nvm
00:24:06edgarass blink legion
00:24:08Laier go sk
00:24:10Zwerg b imo
00:24:15fUNCh sitt build lc'le imo
00:24:21WANKmaster ff
00:24:26Laier jsut go
00:24:27Laier push mid oh They leave ok
00:25:11Laier why so late :/
00:25:12Laier bah
00:25:33Laier Wankie just pick dat carry :D
00:25:38Laier no luck today :/
00:25:44Laier take bot
00:25:46Laier i tp there
00:25:47Laier go oot ära wank tulen juba tpan alla
00:28:02edgarass wp
00:28:07Laier gj sk
00:28:31fUNCh lothar sitaks asjalikum kui neil 0 venda kes warde viitsivad osta
00:28:52Laier take it
00:28:53Laier tower
00:28:58Zwerg 3
00:29:00WANKmaster miks sa ei ütle axele mida osta ? :d
00:29:07fUNCh ta tajub seda imo :D
00:29:11fUNCh tal 0 raha lihtsalt
00:29:11fUNCh :D
00:29:18WANKmaster no tegelt? :D
00:29:21WANKmaster milleks see blade?
00:29:24Laier -st
00:29:30fUNCh vale item :D
00:29:31fUNCh kogemata
00:30:06WANKmaster for sure 'ei solo ju
00:30:55WANKmaster miks? no bkb
00:31:01WANKmaster pane attack speed peale ja hüppa
00:31:21Laier take rosh?
00:31:25edgarass easy
00:31:28Laier y
00:31:29Laier go take it
00:31:37Laier 20sec till my ulti rosh
00:31:58Laier i take
00:32:02edgarass okok
00:32:33Laier we should push mid
00:32:34Laier with 5
00:32:35Laier tower mega low
00:32:42Laier sk come
00:32:43Laier we go mid
00:32:54Buttons -afk
00:33:01Buttons tiny megaafk
00:33:04Buttons swear to god
00:33:17Laier go mid
00:33:17Laier go
00:33:18Laier mid
00:33:19edgarass go
00:33:44edgarass why u chase veno which is useless
00:33:45edgarass ?
00:33:51Buttons low hp
00:33:52Buttons myself
00:33:59edgarass dont chase veno idiots
00:34:02Buttons that was
00:34:04Buttons insane baiting
00:34:04Buttons tho
00:34:08fUNCh top peale seda
00:34:09edgarass get gem and go mid mahe spiid :DD
00:34:14Buttons all run into axe call
00:34:15Buttons as well
00:34:22Laier i need to bo?
00:34:24Laier or can you def
00:34:28Laier y
00:34:30Buttons can bo
00:34:30Laier they were lucky
00:34:31Buttons to
00:34:32Buttons o
00:34:32edgarass i def
00:34:33edgarass np
00:34:39Koll toits alla
00:34:41edgarass go top
00:34:43edgarass and fget gem
00:34:45Laier dont go die 3v5
00:34:48Koll teeme oma asja
00:34:51Buttons out oson y
00:34:52Buttons soon
00:34:55Koll seal tower
00:35:04Buttons care
00:35:04Buttons phoe kui mitte midagi muud siis närvi ajame neid ikka
00:35:37edgarass get gem ja lööme liimist laiali
00:35:43Buttons who b mehed all kohe kohe
00:36:08WANKmaster oeh jah ..
00:36:13edgarass get gem majj tea
00:36:17WANKmaster nii ei võta lisab kudagi räuigelt pinget
00:36:21WANKmaster võida ;D
00:36:23Nickless for now
00:36:27Nickless we can push with this
00:36:45edgarass tiny will hunt us down
00:36:57edgarass told u idiots
00:37:03Laier get that fucking gem
00:37:03Laier then
00:37:04edgarass i get gem
00:37:17edgarass morosn
00:37:20edgarass u so bad
00:37:38Buttons I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:44edgarass dont go puck
00:37:47edgarass we all revive and go
00:37:50WANKmaster hüppa silele
00:37:51WANKmaster kui saad y
00:38:01edgarass phoe care
00:38:13WANKmaster mõttetu
00:38:13edgarass no
00:38:14WANKmaster fightida
00:38:14edgarass dont go
00:38:15Laier dont go
00:38:16Laier dont
00:38:16WANKmaster me ei võida
00:38:17fUNCh b jupp jupp haaval
00:38:25fUNCh kui ma saan bkb ja scepter nokime
00:38:27fUNCh siis normal
00:38:40Laier go mid
00:38:41Laier with 5
00:38:55Laier wait skj
00:39:00Buttons soos in 20
00:39:02Buttons 200 vend
00:39:20fUNCh silence
00:39:21fUNCh :D niimoodi
00:39:30edgarass retards
00:39:47WANKmaster sain gemmi
00:39:48WANKmaster maha
00:39:48edgarass so retard team
00:39:49WANKmaster jess
00:39:53Zwerg top
00:39:54Zwerg ?
00:39:58edgarass cant even go with 5
00:39:59Laier we just lost gem
00:40:01Laier coz you cant focus
00:40:11WANKmaster puckil hex .. silenceril ka khoe
00:40:30edgarass dont split u die one by one
00:40:41Zwerg lets go then somewher
00:40:49edgarass mid all
00:40:53edgarass sk dont fucking run back
00:40:57edgarass puck initiate
00:40:59Zwerg aint gonna
00:41:04edgarass nort dont forge to use silence
00:41:06Laier we still need setnrys
00:41:14WANKmaster MIKS
00:41:16WANKmaster TE L"HETE
00:41:25fUNCh ei oodanud nii palju
00:41:25fUNCh :D
00:41:29Laier mid
00:41:31fUNCh sain hit + critiga surma
00:41:31fUNCh :D
00:41:33WANKmaster oijah
00:41:47WANKmaster ja ma veel lootsin midagi ..
00:42:02Buttons top
00:42:29edgarass b
00:42:30edgarass ?
00:43:37Buttons ffs
00:43:38Buttons guys
00:43:39Buttons wake up
00:43:52Buttons just watched me get duelled from 500 range away
00:43:58Zwerg sry
00:44:06Zwerg my bad also
00:44:26Laier rosh is up
00:44:28Laier if someone wants
00:44:30Laier sk can take or something
00:44:34Zwerg k
00:45:01Buttons y not right click her
00:45:40edgarass reuse
00:45:43Buttons go end
00:45:46Buttons why stall
00:46:02fUNCh sile teeb necrot ka veel
00:46:23WANKmaster sure liiga ulmelist
00:46:26Buttons fag
00:46:34Laier go bot kuradima disablet on neil juba
00:46:35Laier after
00:46:36WANKmaster eatshit naab
00:46:47Buttons go farm forest more pls
00:46:48Buttons tryhard
00:46:50Buttons D:
00:46:55WANKmaster farm forest?
00:46:58WANKmaster farm forest?
00:47:03Buttons ye
00:47:04WANKmaster i ganked u noobass down
00:47:05Buttons chinese way
00:47:15WANKmaster sure thing bob
00:47:19Buttons ok jack
00:47:29Nickless stay on beam for heal
00:47:32WANKmaster no
00:47:38WANKmaster suht ulme skoorid teil
00:48:23fUNCh laier happy ?
00:49:04Buttons slut
00:49:06WANKmaster eatshit
00:49:07WANKmaster bob
00:49:14Buttons raging hard tonight
00:49:17Laier 2-16 1-15 :D
00:49:18Buttons son
00:49:25WANKmaster ?
00:49:32Buttons should let koll guys carry
00:49:35Laier :D
00:49:46Laier take tower
00:49:47Laier with aegis
00:50:06Laier i tp
00:50:06Laier fight
00:50:08edgarass wow sk so good
00:50:31fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:35Koll I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:38Koll2 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:39Zwerg whats ur fkn problem?
00:50:40Laier -st
00:50:44Laier whos
00:50:56Zwerg "sk so good" kaotasime tegelt praegu meie funch tehes paar lolli calli wank oleks ära carrynd tuima näoga
00:51:17fUNCh no m aei tea miks cm
00:51:24fUNCh mõtlesin et kerge support wardidi no see oli laus lollus eniwe
00:51:27fUNCh tegelt oleks poh olnndD
00:51:59Laier :D
00:52:14Laier WANKED
00:52:15Laier gg
00:52:16edgarass wp
00:52:17edgarass GG
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