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Chat log

00:00:17yeW- furi
00:00:17Diablo ban geo ofc
00:00:17DeMiaN le géo
00:00:17infect y
00:00:17DeMiaN aha
00:00:17yeW- :p
00:00:17Inuusini geo
00:00:19DeMiaN je peux jouer
00:00:21DeMiaN invo
00:00:23DeMiaN si tu veux
00:01:00infect u wanna mid ?
00:01:02yeW- Tu penses que Morph va mid?
00:01:07DeMiaN probable
00:01:08yeW- Ou Bat?
00:01:12DeMiaN -clear
00:01:14Inuusini sure
00:01:15fUNCh imo bat mid
00:01:18DeMiaN bahh je sais pas
00:01:18fUNCh so much bette
00:01:21fUNCh vs ursa
00:01:21Diablo tide jakiro
00:01:22Diablo and gg
00:01:24fUNCh i can half forest
00:01:25fUNCh top
00:01:25DeMiaN je pense bat
00:01:26fUNCh with jugger
00:01:29infect i want to mid
00:01:30yeW- C'est capital, je dois savoir si je prends un stick xD.
00:01:33Diablo no jugger
00:01:34Diablo NOOB
00:01:35yeW- -ma
00:01:35Diablo omfg
00:01:36infect but captain decides
00:01:41Inuusini you can mid
00:01:46Diablo get tide
00:01:47Diablo omfg
00:02:07fUNCh i cum bot ?
00:02:09fUNCh i can forest
00:02:10fUNCh most time
00:02:11fUNCh with spin
00:02:13fUNCh and ward
00:02:13yeW- 4 ranged
00:02:16yeW- for shizzle
00:02:17infect let's hope no zeus mid :)
00:02:17Inuusini ok
00:02:22Inuusini shredder top then
00:02:28Diablo jugger
00:02:31Diablo said he will top
00:02:34Diablo i want to pull
00:02:35fUNCh bot*
00:02:37Diablo so u can farm..
00:02:44fUNCh i can pull
00:02:46yeW- -ma
00:02:47DeMiaN zeus you will pull please
00:02:49fUNCh + take other spwans too
00:02:50Diablo this funch
00:02:51fUNCh with furi
00:02:53BACKENiZER- no can do
00:02:54Diablo is wrost cancer
00:02:54DeMiaN ping for sunstrike
00:02:55Diablo on gc
00:02:56fUNCh :D
00:02:58fUNCh su
00:02:58yeW- pull or ban
00:02:58BACKENiZER- its warded
00:03:03fUNCh ur such a trashnooob
00:03:04DeMiaN ifi t's not do it pls
00:03:06fUNCh that you shouldnt talk
00:03:08Diablo i really think that..
00:03:09fUNCh infect
00:03:13fUNCh juudil ursa üks lemmikuid
00:03:15fUNCh ta hea
00:03:15BACKENiZER- yew you can fuck off
00:03:20yeW- xddd
00:03:39Diablo ss
00:03:39Diablo 1
00:04:18infect SHARE
00:04:21infect need bottle mid
00:04:27Daki.90.o i need ward
00:04:30Daki.90.o w8 sec
00:05:27yeW- jaki
00:05:28yeW- take rune
00:05:31yeW- n come gang mid pls
00:07:05BACKENiZER- fuck this pulling shit
00:07:32infect ss mid
00:07:34yeW- ss bat
00:07:35yeW- going top
00:07:36yeW- with rune
00:07:37infect top gankanble?
00:07:42Diablo go
00:07:47yeW- TOP
00:07:48yeW- CARE
00:07:52yeW- idiot
00:08:39yeW- courier care
00:09:09yeW- up courier
00:09:11yeW- paulin
00:09:12yeW- n wards
00:09:15Paulin8813811 ???
00:09:15fUNCh :D
00:09:17Paulin8813811 nab
00:09:20infect ss mid
00:09:23infect rune bot
00:09:23fUNCh these guys getting heavytroll bot
00:09:24yeW- ss bat
00:09:28yeW- pls up courier
00:09:46infect võttis
00:09:52infect need flying
00:09:52yeW- ss bat
00:09:52infect ffs
00:10:05yeW- re
00:10:07yeW- gang mid
00:10:26DeMiaN ss
00:11:04infect thd mid
00:11:08yeW- paulin
00:11:09yeW- rune
00:11:19yeW- ss bat
00:11:21Paulin8813811 ff
00:11:31Diablo tide
00:11:32Diablo go
00:11:35Diablo ult them
00:12:11Paulin8813811 ss
00:12:19yeW- -ma
00:12:28yeW- WARDS
00:12:29yeW- COURIER
00:12:30yeW- CMON
00:12:52Diablo go tide
00:13:51DeMiaN blocked
00:14:02yeW- nice feed on morph ladies.
00:14:04infect ss mid
00:14:31fUNCh need1
00:14:42fUNCh tnx
00:15:02yeW- -ma
00:15:03yeW- zz
00:15:07Diablo bat ult?
00:15:23infect 3 mid
00:15:38Diablo go
00:15:59Paulin8813811 nab
00:16:04Diablo gogo
00:16:12infect ursa tp
00:16:38Inuusini gj
00:16:43Paulin8813811 ff
00:16:43Inuusini 3 for 1
00:16:56BACKENiZER- RUsSiaN Fagg0Tw0w
00:17:15infect ward their forest
00:17:16infect for ursa
00:17:19infect and gank him with me
00:17:36Diablo bat gang mid
00:17:40yeW- 10s pls
00:17:41infect dont have
00:17:59Daki.90.o 4 bot
00:18:33infect 4 bot my ass
00:18:35infect 4 mid
00:18:38Inuusini we had wards
00:18:43Inuusini we saw them at river
00:19:45Diablo how?
00:20:07yeW- wards paulin
00:20:22Diablo mid twr needs 2 fall
00:20:51Paulin8813811 reuse
00:21:04fUNCh push mid then
00:21:06fUNCh got my ward
00:21:27yeW- -ma
00:21:58yeW- go b
00:22:37infect send there
00:22:42infect ROSH
00:22:43infect MORF
00:23:20infect 4 mid
00:23:29Diablo wheres ursa?
00:23:47Diablo dead
00:23:56yeW- cmon rosh
00:23:58yeW- appear!!
00:24:10yeW- stop GOING MID
00:24:11yeW- ffs
00:24:24yeW- farm
00:24:29DeMiaN i'll tp
00:25:06DeMiaN ursa rosh ?
00:25:19yeW- ye
00:25:31Diablo we need 2 gang ursa
00:25:32Diablo go ward
00:25:33Diablo wood
00:25:34Diablo tide
00:25:36Diablo or bat
00:25:37fUNCh rosh goes
00:25:37fUNCh ursa
00:25:41Diablo go rosh
00:25:53fUNCh cant with 3
00:25:57infect we can
00:25:58Diablo omw
00:26:17infect lotharsa
00:26:23yeW- stay here
00:26:23Diablo cmon
00:26:25Diablo gem?
00:26:59infect well, that happens when nobody ganks mid :(
00:27:06infect he gets levels
00:27:07DeMiaN p?sh bot
00:27:20infect and tide doesnt want to support either
00:27:33Inuusini u failed mid bat vs ursa?
00:27:36infect no
00:27:39Daki.90.o ofc i dont
00:27:53Diablo bat ult works
00:27:55Diablo with bkb
00:27:56Diablo so np
00:28:01infect cant stop ursa farming forest alone
00:28:02yeW- -ma
00:28:03Diablo get gem
00:28:08Diablo and wards
00:28:17infect tide
00:28:19infect is an idiot
00:28:27Diablo lol
00:28:27Daki.90.o yes i am
00:28:39fUNCh shredd things he is massive carry
00:28:43fUNCh and cant buy nithing himself
00:28:45infect he goes some stupid shit, instead of supporting
00:28:54infect you got your manaboots and blink
00:28:58infect you dont need anything else tide
00:29:12infect unless you go refu, then we can understand a ltitle. But not really
00:29:22Daki.90.o and?
00:29:27Daki.90.o whay u saying that
00:29:29Daki.90.o what i did?
00:29:33infect tide is a support hero
00:29:36infect you need to support
00:29:39yeW- go mid
00:29:39yeW- husk
00:29:42McFele y
00:29:52Daki.90.o and what im i doing? pls tell me
00:30:07infect where are wards ?
00:30:08infect dust
00:30:17infect that's supprot dude
00:30:23Daki.90.o im letting u to do something
00:31:15Diablo bat
00:31:19Diablo why didnt u get any1?
00:31:26infect i got ursa
00:31:28fUNCh he got ursa
00:31:30fUNCh blindfuck
00:34:10infect !ff
00:34:11infect I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:11Daki.90.o I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:14Diablo I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:19infect teeme selle ff
00:34:23infect ei viitsi seda sitta enam
00:34:24fUNCh _D
00:34:52Diablo funch im not a carry
00:34:54Diablo ur a carry
00:34:57Diablo and ur useless
00:35:02infect tide, supporting is when you go meka as well or pipe
00:35:07fUNCh well
00:35:10fUNCh was forest
00:35:15fUNCh and i can still do shit
00:35:23fUNCh was only guy who bought wards
00:35:28Diablo face it
00:35:30Diablo ur useless
00:35:35fUNCh ur more useless
00:35:41Diablo im not
00:35:50Daki.90.o srsly i dont care, u pick like shit then asking me to pick tide.
00:36:04infect dont blame us for funch
00:36:29fUNCh we did nice bot
00:36:32fUNCh we had worst lane
00:36:36fUNCh you had easy lane top
00:36:38fUNCh and no action
00:36:39fUNCh no gangs
00:36:45yeW- -ms
00:36:48yeW- -ms
00:36:52fUNCh and you say i'm useless -.-
00:36:59Inuusini terrible pick
00:37:06infect well, ursa didnt die
00:37:18infect that was the problem. And nobody cared enough to gank him either
00:37:28BACKENiZER- funched?
00:37:34fUNCh diablod
00:37:37Daki.90.o just ff
00:37:40yeW- FUNCH NOOOB
00:37:49fUNCh jälle see maun mu tiimis
00:37:51Diablo mega bob
00:38:10fUNCh I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:15DeMiaN bot final push
00:38:33yeW- np team
00:38:35yeW- for free win
00:38:41BACKENiZER- always alone
00:38:47BACKENiZER- forever alone (yew)
00:39:19BACKENiZER- ahhahaha
00:41:08DeMiaN -ms
00:41:10DeMiaN -ms
00:41:50infect fags
00:42:03DeMiaN morph
00:42:09DeMiaN yur is morph illu
00:43:26fUNCh I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:31Inuusini I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:43:34BACKENiZER- always a pleasure to own funch
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