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Chat log

00:00:13McFele noway, 1st time cm
00:00:13Laier Hei mitä vitun cm modei
00:00:13fUNCh hei laier
00:00:13Jerkku jep CXDXDXD
00:00:13fUNCh :D
00:00:13fUNCh well
00:00:13fUNCh we are in lan
00:00:13Jerkku hajosin just
00:00:13Laier joo mä bannaan pelkkää paskaa
00:00:13fUNCh me zwerg and koll
00:00:21Laier ei jaksa kiinnostaa nii paljoo
00:00:23fUNCh and might wanna listen us about what to get
00:00:27fUNCh since they havent played dota so much
00:00:30fUNCh specially koll
00:00:31fUNCh -.-
00:00:42Laier shit mode with shit players
00:00:44Laier like i care
00:00:48fUNCh :D
00:00:51Jerkku miten porukka jaksaa votee jtn tällästä
00:00:52fUNCh dont c ry plz
00:01:00Laier ei hajuu
00:01:02fUNCh laier
00:01:05fUNCh ?
00:01:06fUNCh so
00:01:08fUNCh ?
00:01:16FoxManiDou anti mage ban
00:01:42fUNCh get ck for koll plz
00:01:55fUNCh i can play dazzle/lina/lion
00:01:58Diablo invo <3
00:02:00fUNCh for support
00:02:02Diablo i do invo :)
00:02:06fUNCh or dk for koll
00:02:08fUNCh ck/dk
00:02:22Diablo koll have no keyboard? :)
00:02:27fUNCh nah
00:02:29fUNCh 2'nd time in gc
00:02:30fUNCh :D
00:02:33Laier Jaa
00:02:35Laier se o mu picki
00:02:36Laier :D:D
00:02:36Diablo or no fingers?
00:02:40Jerkku ju
00:02:47Laier emmä huomannu
00:02:54Koll got everything mate
00:02:57fUNCh laier get ck/dk for koll plz
00:03:01Diablo nice then :)
00:03:01Koll sry
00:03:16Diablo both fingers and keyboard? :)
00:03:21Koll ayyy
00:03:34Diablo get eredar
00:03:36fUNCh sd for Zwerg
00:03:39Diablo to deal magina
00:03:39fUNCh and ck/dk for koll
00:03:40fUNCh plz
00:03:45fUNCh Laier
00:03:47fUNCh plz
00:03:49FoxManiDou ban lord of Avernus
00:03:51fUNCh sd and ck/dk
00:03:56fUNCh since Koll cant play most heros
00:04:02Laier time to learn
00:04:04fUNCh you will just fuck up ur own game
00:04:10Zwerg laier
00:04:12Zwerg u again
00:04:16fUNCh laier is mad
00:04:19fUNCh wants to ruin our game
00:04:21Laier im not mad
00:04:24Zwerg i feel like i have something to say to you :D
00:04:24Laier just not picking shit
00:04:26fUNCh mad cuz yesterday
00:04:26Laier for shit players
00:04:28fUNCh :D
00:04:30Laier who cant play "most of heros"
00:04:33fUNCh sd is shit ?
00:04:35Zwerg fuck off
00:04:35FoxManiDou geomancer ban :P
00:04:40Jerkku lol
00:04:46Diablo take sd and wr
00:04:50fUNCh dont take wr
00:04:55Zwerg as we saw, u were not much as u trying to appear at all
00:04:58Koll I can play any hero, no problemo
00:05:02fUNCh :D:D:D
00:05:05Koll For me
00:05:07Diablo wr is most picked hero in competetive scene..
00:05:14fUNCh y
00:05:17Koll but might be for yo
00:05:21fUNCh but who would play it
00:05:25fUNCh laier
00:05:25Diablo i can do
00:05:27Jerkku im am btw
00:05:27fUNCh retarded ?
00:05:29fUNCh they got am
00:05:29Diablo briliant wr :)
00:05:30fUNCh and you ban sd ?
00:05:33fUNCh gj
00:05:35McFele im jakiro
00:05:38Pieti ogre me
00:05:39Laier invo mid
00:05:40fUNCh brood
00:05:41Laier brood top
00:05:41fUNCh :D::D:DD
00:05:42Laier rest bot
00:05:49Diablo he was picking good
00:05:54Diablo all picks are ok
00:05:59Zwerg fail picks
00:05:59Laier koll chick
00:06:00Diablo exept maybe swap wr for sd
00:06:02Laier aa wards
00:06:20Jerkku ogre mid
00:06:23Laier tide wards
00:06:23Laier then
00:06:25Diablo anyway outpicked
00:06:27Jerkku lion top
00:06:30Jerkku jakiro bot
00:06:33Jerkku omni top
00:06:51Laier tide BOT
00:06:51McFele morons
00:06:51Diablo lastpick is our carry? :)
00:06:51Laier seems so
00:06:51Diablo DD
00:06:52Zwerg totally pointless pick
00:06:59Diablo brood is epic
00:07:00Laier can this fucking cunt read chat?
00:07:00fUNCh Laier just didnt listen us
00:07:00Diablo stfu
00:07:02McFele lion u are top
00:07:02Diablo get bkb
00:07:03Jerkku LION TOP
00:07:06Jerkku JAKI BOT
00:07:06FoxManiDou ok
00:07:06Laier TIDE BOT
00:07:09Jerkku btw some1 make meka
00:07:09Laier im not playing
00:07:09McFele i do
00:07:13Jerkku what
00:07:14Laier if these bobs wont go to lanes
00:07:27Koll good because you are an asshole
00:07:33Laier stfu retard
00:07:40FoxManiDou ss
00:07:55Jerkku LOL
00:08:12Jerkku 3 bot
00:08:18Jerkku ootko tosissas
00:08:36Laier kui
00:08:41Jerkku 3lane
00:08:52Laier ja aa vetää väärään cold feeti :)
00:10:04McFele dont blink in fight
00:10:07McFele blink out of him
00:10:08fUNCh need1min lags
00:10:08Jerkku well
00:10:10Laier brood doing ok?
00:10:10Jerkku lion
00:10:10Jerkku come bot or omni
00:10:10FoxManiDou ?
00:10:10Jerkku they are 3 so are we then
00:10:10fUNCh 321
00:10:11McFele so u hsould be alone top
00:10:11Zwerg bit rough but u dont worry
00:10:12McFele magina
00:10:25Zwerg u show me how to play wr n4p
00:10:26Laier well
00:10:28Jerkku yea
00:10:38McFele miss
00:10:39McFele bot
00:10:41McFele care mid
00:10:58McFele re
00:11:11Jerkku lion come bot
00:12:03Laier abit earlier
00:12:14Laier go again
00:12:16Laier after next wave
00:12:17Diablo MISS
00:13:16Jerkku MOVE LANE pls
00:13:23Jerkku u dont need to be 2 against brood
00:13:32McFele push tower
00:13:34McFele and go away
00:13:39Diablo tide roa
00:13:40Diablo go b
00:13:53Laier we kill
00:13:54Laier jaki
00:13:57Laier when tide comes
00:14:22Zwerg gank top
00:14:41Diablo roam bot
00:15:18FoxManiDou omGG
00:15:27FoxManiDou ss?
00:15:33Laier jaki mid
00:15:40McFele miss mid
00:15:41McFele b top
00:15:43Jerkku WARDS
00:15:52Laier wtf happened @top :o
00:15:57fUNCh repel
00:15:58Jerkku gank bot
00:15:58fUNCh -.-
00:16:00Laier i mean
00:16:01fUNCh and ogre
00:16:04Laier brood losing tower 1v2 lane
00:16:05Laier >.<
00:16:10fUNCh lion + omni lane
00:16:11fUNCh --.
00:16:14Laier and?
00:16:22Zwerg oh stfu though guy
00:16:24Jerkku ...
00:16:24Zwerg fu rly
00:16:41Zwerg i aint no brood fan
00:16:54FoxManiDou up
00:17:22Laier b
00:17:29Diablo gore
00:17:30Diablo ogre
00:17:56Paulin8813811 ?????
00:17:58Paulin8813811 bitch
00:18:26Paulin8813811 nm1
00:19:38FoxManiDou omG
00:19:45FoxManiDou inv ulti
00:20:10Laier wtf
00:20:11Laier :D:D:D
00:20:29Jerkku omni just fucking farms
00:20:31Jerkku so useless
00:20:35Laier take mid
00:20:56Diablo need rune
00:20:56FoxManiDou midd
00:21:00Diablo anci
00:21:28Pieti invo invis
00:21:33Pieti bottle
00:22:24Diablo shackle
00:22:38Paulin8813811 ok
00:22:38Diablo dafuck
00:22:46Jerkku wards
00:22:58Paulin8813811 im farn
00:23:11FoxManiDou ?????????????????
00:23:12Jerkku ure so useless omni
00:23:12Diablo gosu
00:23:14Diablo D
00:23:16Jerkku when u just farm
00:23:17Jerkku i need u
00:23:54Jerkku omni
00:23:57Jerkku stay with me now
00:24:04Jerkku i need repels and stuff
00:24:23Laier invo tide
00:24:29Diablo omw
00:24:31Laier brood push top
00:24:40Diablo cd tp
00:24:45Laier y
00:24:46Laier np
00:24:51Pieti b
00:25:07Jerkku needm meka
00:25:08Laier go
00:25:18Paulin8813811 b
00:25:41Laier b
00:26:59Diablo got e blade
00:27:36Paulin8813811 WARDS TAKE
00:28:14Laier sop fuicking slow
00:29:44Jerkku OMNI
00:29:47Jerkku WE NEED U
00:30:01Laier ihme jengii kyl taas
00:30:03Jerkku HEAL
00:30:08Jerkku tärkee omistaa omni
00:30:09Laier äskönki ku diveette ni invol ja tidel tp
00:30:12Laier eikä kumpikaa jaksa tp
00:30:13Jerkku joka vaa farmaa
00:30:24Laier tää tide jos ois tpnny ja läväyttäny ulti
00:30:27Laier ni oisitte kuollu kaikki toho
00:31:00Koll älä höbödä
00:31:12Diablo shack
00:31:14Diablo jakiro
00:31:23Jerkku oom
00:31:31Laier go
00:31:32Laier all
00:31:48Jerkku REPEL
00:31:59Jerkku b
00:32:38Jerkku i farm bot
00:32:39Laier ive seen
00:32:41Laier 0 tide ulti
00:32:43Laier in this 25mins
00:33:27FoxManiDou care
00:33:41Diablo b
00:33:49Diablo oom
00:34:32Diablo CMON I SAY B im oom
00:34:33Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:34:35Laier gg
00:34:37Jerkku je
00:34:41McFele oom
00:34:46Laier pelataa 3v5
00:34:50Laier ja invo buildaa eb:n :)
00:34:56Jerkku joo se terkee aina
00:35:02Jerkku brood on kyllä hullu
00:35:06Laier älä
00:35:07fUNCh guy cries after picks shit on purpose
00:35:14Laier i pick shit? :DD
00:35:14Laier ok
00:35:19Koll idiot
00:35:24fUNCh told our 2 guys cant play most heros
00:35:24Zwerg u pick like idiot, not shit
00:35:28fUNCh told what to pick
00:35:34fUNCh but he is mad cuz lost lastgame to me
00:35:38Laier he needs to push 1 button
00:35:41Laier fucking stop playing this game
00:35:43fUNCh and now cant pick heros for us
00:35:53fUNCh guys plays once in month
00:35:57fUNCh and you cry
00:36:09Laier actually
00:36:18Laier you ask for hero
00:36:24Laier because you guys havent played much
00:36:28Laier how hard tide is
00:36:29Laier tell me
00:36:53Koll might be we got lives, which you obviousli dont have
00:37:20Laier tide farmaa botis
00:37:21Laier :D
00:37:26Jerkku jep
00:38:44Laier go push with 5
00:39:36Laier why you chase
00:39:38Laier am
00:39:39Laier ..
00:39:43Zwerg my bad
00:39:45Zwerg this was
00:39:47Laier ;:/
00:39:50Laier just kill omni
00:40:23Laier brood just eat omni
00:40:27Laier coz he repels am anyway
00:40:48Jerkku buy me gem pls
00:41:10fUNCh am top
00:41:12Laier take it
00:41:13Laier rosh
00:41:25fUNCh no vlad
00:41:30Laier brood takes
00:41:30fUNCh will get killed there
00:41:30Laier easily
00:41:37Laier def top then
00:41:40Laier brood focus omni
00:41:42Laier and others
00:41:43Jerkku omni farmaa
00:41:53fUNCh 3-5
00:42:05Laier go fight
00:42:08Laier omni not here
00:42:13Laier camp here
00:42:21Laier fast
00:42:25FoxManiDou get smoke some one
00:42:28Jerkku y rosh
00:42:50Laier ff it
00:42:51Laier now
00:42:52Laier gg
00:42:57Diablo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:24Zwerg -ma
00:43:49McFele omni u dont know how aa´s curse work?
00:44:10Zwerg bkb cd ...
00:44:26FoxManiDou 777777
00:44:28McFele u cant heal me when im ultied
00:44:32fUNCh no sun ?
00:44:39Diablo didnt wanna steal :)
00:46:10FoxManiDou lol
00:46:16Jerkku omni
00:46:18Jerkku u know
00:46:21Diablo anci ult top
00:46:22Jerkku WE FUCKING NEED U ???
00:46:25fUNCh cd
00:46:26FoxManiDou ASSHOL
00:46:34FoxManiDou ASHOLE
00:46:39Jerkku omni repel now
00:46:41FoxManiDou ASSHOLE
00:47:23Paulin8813811 pro
00:47:38Jerkku repel
00:49:48Jerkku my top
00:49:51Laier why not invo make hex
00:49:52Laier >.<
00:50:00Diablo coz we need2 finish
00:50:01Diablo fast
00:50:04Laier we?
00:50:19Laier b
00:50:28Laier b
00:50:44Diablo fu.
00:50:46Laier b
00:50:46Laier b
00:50:46Laier b
00:50:48McFele end fast
00:50:51FoxManiDou oom
00:51:13Jerkku just keep me repeled
00:51:20Laier def
00:51:46Diablo deff
00:51:47Diablo deff
00:51:52Diablo RAX
00:53:10Laier I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:53:10Laier I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:53:13Diablo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:53:32Koll I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:53:45Pieti GO AWAY:d
00:53:46Laier Endatkaa
00:53:47Laier ei nää voi ff
00:53:55fUNCh cant ff
00:54:01fUNCh since ur too much of a fag
00:54:10Laier ye
00:54:26Laier well you guys need some time anyway to learn to play those heroes
00:54:28Laier maybe its good
00:54:37Koll thats right
00:54:46fUNCh we just play for fun -.-
00:54:51fUNCh but there is no fun in dota for you
00:54:51Jerkku all bot
00:54:52fUNCh it seems
00:55:48FoxManiDou oom
00:56:07FoxManiDou b
00:56:40FoxManiDou oom
00:57:02Zwerg I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:57:12FoxManiDou type ff
00:57:12fUNCh I surrender! [5/4 of Scourge]
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