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Chat log

00:00:04Jerkku -ap
00:00:37Renatus peiti wtf
00:00:45Renatus u picked lina
00:00:45Pieti ?
00:00:45Diablo bot
00:00:47Diablo obsidian
00:00:48Pieti lol
00:00:49Pieti no
00:00:51Zwerg razor pieti?
00:00:53Renatus nvm
00:00:55mxL- diablo wants top
00:00:56Pieti i pick razor
00:00:57Jerkku HE HAD IT
00:00:57mxL- dont go ther
00:00:59Jerkku ...
00:01:02Jerkku hes my m8
00:01:04Zwerg sry
00:01:09yeW- in exactly what universe would u think you're mid? ^^
00:01:10yeW- go top
00:01:10Pieti koll take dragon..
00:01:15yeW- woods
00:01:18yeW- actually
00:01:18mxL- stfu
00:01:20fUNCh i picked dk for him
00:01:22Diablo lc wood
00:01:24Pieti aa ok
00:01:24Jerkku sven lina bot
00:01:26Diablo me solo top
00:01:26yeW- get the fuck wood.
00:01:28mxL- wtf
00:01:28yeW- -clear
00:01:29Jerkku dk razo top
00:01:30Diablo rest bot
00:01:31mxL- is this shit
00:01:32Diablo and gg
00:01:34fUNCh i'm with dk
00:01:37fUNCh we are in lan
00:01:38Jerkku ok
00:01:39fUNCh plz
00:01:41fUNCh we go top
00:01:43Jerkku y
00:01:45yeW- lc woods.
00:01:46mxL- im bottom
00:01:46Renatus ??
00:01:48Renatus me top?
00:01:50yeW- you are woods.
00:01:50mxL- zwerg go up
00:01:50Zwerg mxl down up?
00:01:53fUNCh me and dk top
00:01:54Zwerg ffs
00:01:56fUNCh we are in lan
00:01:57yeW- LC
00:01:58yeW- WOODS
00:02:00yeW- ABA BOT
00:02:03mxL- fine
00:02:05Diablo reported.
00:02:07Zwerg omg
00:02:09yeW- zwerg
00:02:10Diablo let them
00:02:10yeW- BOT.
00:02:14yeW- lc
00:02:15yeW- OUR WOODS
00:02:18Diablo lc cen their wood
00:02:18mxL- FFS
00:02:20yeW- i will report this.
00:02:21fUNCh i ruin abit
00:02:27Diablo let him their wood
00:02:29fUNCh i start
00:02:32yeW- no
00:02:34mxL- you tell 10 sec after game started
00:04:10Diablo DONT PULL
00:04:13mxL- STFU
00:04:15mxL- I WOODS
00:04:17mxL- THEY SAY
00:04:51yeW- remember
00:04:53yeW- furi mid
00:05:16Zwerg ...
00:05:27Diablo say fast ss
00:05:30Diablo if furi missing
00:05:36yeW- kk
00:05:56Diablo ss lina
00:06:03Zwerg fox spam bit more
00:06:13Zwerg k?
00:06:45Diablo come to papa
00:07:07Diablo lc ur still wood
00:07:16mxL- i die to neutrals
00:07:21FoxManiDou ty
00:07:24Zwerg np
00:07:28yeW- ss
00:07:31yeW- re
00:07:51yeW- fuch
00:07:53yeW- warded
00:07:55Jerkku up chick pls
00:07:56yeW- here
00:08:31mxL- why u put obsi down?
00:08:36Diablo MIS 2
00:08:38mxL- can i ask?
00:09:13FoxManiDou gank down
00:09:19yeW- 3 mid
00:09:47yeW- courier up
00:10:10Zwerg sven miss
00:10:10yeW- help
00:10:11yeW- tt
00:10:58Diablo go lina
00:11:01Diablo when ur six
00:11:07mxL- OK
00:11:10Renatus go pull plz
00:11:34yeW- ABA
00:11:35yeW- courier up
00:11:44Zwerg ?
00:11:49Zwerg me up?
00:11:51yeW- yes
00:11:58Zwerg aight
00:12:04Renatus ss 2
00:12:05Diablo yew top
00:12:35Diablo aba mana?
00:13:11mxL- stun maybe...
00:13:42Diablo ty
00:13:49fUNCh need to fuck that meeppo up
00:14:20yeW- -ma
00:14:24yeW- we need
00:14:25yeW- COURIER UP
00:14:28yeW- and wards.
00:14:29fUNCh top tier1
00:14:30fUNCh plz
00:14:31fUNCh go
00:14:45Diablo ill up
00:14:47Diablo chick
00:14:49fUNCh algo
00:14:52fUNCh free 5x175
00:14:53mxL- thx for info
00:15:41yeW- no support
00:15:43yeW- whatsoever.
00:15:50mxL- no shit
00:15:58mxL- you put obsi down
00:16:17yeW- it is really saddening
00:16:52Diablo they have imba tanks..
00:16:56Diablo razor/dk
00:17:02mxL- imba
00:17:05fUNCh come bot
00:17:06fUNCh plz
00:18:02fUNCh pause 321
00:18:03yeW- fox
00:18:03fUNCh zwerg had to go
00:18:03fUNCh for moment
00:18:03FoxManiDou ?
00:18:03yeW- why do you pick heroes u cant play?
00:18:03mxL- thanks alot for warning before pause
00:18:03Diablo tower?
00:18:03yeW- ye
00:18:03mxL- why you put him bottom lane
00:18:03mxL- ??
00:18:03Diablo go
00:18:03mxL- sucks for him a bit
00:18:03yeW- where to put him then?
00:18:03mxL- top lane
00:18:03yeW- to steal diablos farm?
00:18:03yeW- ?
00:18:03fUNCh 321
00:18:04mxL- diablo would have been bottom
00:18:04yeW- if only he could steal
00:18:05yeW- rofl
00:18:05Diablo diablo gg
00:18:38Diablo go?
00:18:52Jerkku WTF
00:18:55Jerkku u do in their base
00:18:59Diablo D
00:19:01fUNCh 1hp
00:19:04fUNCh od
00:19:04fUNCh :D
00:19:05mxL- tää on nii paskaa
00:19:09mxL- tää gc nykyää
00:19:17fUNCh y
00:19:18Jerkku no ei oo enää kauaa gc:tä
00:19:21fUNCh you too good for gc
00:19:34mxL- nii
00:19:38Diablo n1 :)
00:19:38Renatus no way that hit
00:19:40Renatus srsly
00:19:42Jerkku just buy ghost scept againt meepo
00:19:46Diablo gosu shackle
00:19:47yeW- diablo
00:19:48yeW- rosh ho
00:19:49Diablo ?
00:19:53Diablo go?
00:19:59Renatus its not real
00:20:03fUNCh fu yew
00:20:07fUNCh less pussy plz
00:20:15yeW- to me
00:20:35yeW- we need dusts
00:20:40yeW- go ulti
00:20:55yeW- b
00:20:56yeW- zzz
00:21:10mxL- no support -.-
00:21:12yeW- lal
00:21:13fUNCh y
00:21:14mxL- " "
00:21:17fUNCh 2good for gc
00:21:27mxL- what are you talking about
00:22:02Diablo should i carry?
00:22:10mxL- we all should
00:22:11yeW- carry what
00:22:20Diablo build
00:22:32yeW- hm
00:23:11yeW- stay b
00:23:19Diablo mid
00:24:14Diablo go yew
00:25:45Diablo gosu shack;e
00:25:48Diablo shackle
00:26:57Zwerg fuck
00:26:58Zwerg fck
00:27:37fUNCh w
00:27:38fUNCh wtf
00:27:45fUNCh tree ?
00:27:53fUNCh take
00:27:54fUNCh plz
00:29:04Diablo gosu bind :)
00:29:15mxL- GO
00:29:22yeW- lmao
00:29:27Renatus wards
00:29:33Renatus or stop solo
00:29:37fUNCh wait me
00:29:40fUNCh furi
00:29:44fUNCh lc firest
00:29:48Renatus go
00:29:57Diablo bird?
00:30:25Zwerg mxL u show the class i see
00:30:29fUNCh funehd
00:30:31fUNCh funched
00:30:44fUNCh rosh up
00:30:45fUNCh go
00:30:45fUNCh imo
00:30:50Jerkku y
00:30:54Diablo lol?
00:30:54Jerkku before he gets it
00:31:03Jerkku i tp
00:31:10fUNCh come here
00:31:11fUNCh all
00:31:18Jerkku i tp
00:31:22Jerkku fast
00:31:22yeW- wards
00:31:24yeW- come on
00:31:26yeW- i bought em
00:31:30yeW- get the next ones
00:31:32yeW- fuckin fox
00:31:35Diablo i get
00:31:39mxL- nice wards yew
00:32:38yeW- WARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:34:05Diablo where we need ward?
00:34:13Diablo yew?
00:34:18yeW- just rune spots
00:34:24Diablo 1 is here
00:34:24fUNCh top tier2
00:34:30mxL- OK
00:34:33fUNCh and wait for initiative for raxes
00:34:33mxL- THERE IS ONE
00:34:38Diablo mxl :)
00:35:57mxL- plees -.-
00:36:08mxL- b
00:36:08mxL- b
00:36:09mxL- b
00:36:09yeW- ...
00:36:13yeW- what an idiot this mxl.
00:36:18mxL- what
00:36:28yeW- u duel a dude that deals 1k dmg?
00:36:32mxL- yes
00:36:36yeW- go leave
00:36:37yeW- pls
00:36:39mxL- becouse i save wr
00:36:45Diablo dude
00:36:46yeW- wr had run
00:36:48mxL- more valuable player than me
00:36:49Diablo u didnt save me
00:36:52Diablo have windrunner
00:36:57yeW- fuckin lowbo
00:36:59yeW- for real.
00:37:00mxL- sven runs faster than you
00:37:02mxL- please
00:37:28fUNCh smoke
00:37:30Jerkku got hex
00:37:31fUNCh initiative
00:37:33fUNCh and go rax
00:37:38fUNCh all
00:37:39fUNCh come
00:37:41fUNCh plz
00:37:52fUNCh wait sven reg
00:38:56Renatus LUCUCUCUC
00:38:56Diablo sure?
00:39:07Jerkku wtf do u come
00:39:31Renatus lol guuys
00:39:32fUNCh its kinda gg
00:39:35Renatus no
00:39:43Renatus just stay with me
00:40:00fUNCh shoulda banned meepo
00:40:03fUNCh would been easy win
00:40:20Renatus gogogo
00:40:50fUNCh fu yew
00:40:51Jerkku just few days ago yew said i miss meepo so let him play it and dont cry about it
00:40:54Jerkku 2 weeks gc
00:40:57fUNCh ;D
00:41:02yeW- ^^
00:41:07Renatus stun
00:41:07fUNCh he lost his last meepo game to me -.-
00:41:12Diablo that lc
00:41:13Diablo :)
00:41:13yeW- i did not
00:41:16yeW- i won at the end
00:41:17yeW- Lol
00:41:18yeW- remember?
00:41:20mxL- yes?
00:41:24fUNCh or
00:41:28fUNCh was last that laier game ?
00:41:35yeW- ye
00:41:37fUNCh if laier was init
00:41:39yeW- Im talkin bout that one
00:41:40fUNCh doesnt count
00:41:47yeW- lol
00:41:49fUNCh he is just uberraterd
00:41:52fUNCh retard
00:42:20yeW- b
00:42:23yeW- sven ulti
00:42:46Diablo run
00:42:51mxL- :D
00:42:51Diablo yew needs time
00:43:13yeW- cheese on the ground for wr
00:43:19Diablo omw
00:43:20mxL- ill take it
00:43:28Zwerg wr takes it
00:43:31Diablo ur not wr
00:43:31Zwerg ffs
00:43:37yeW- tis here
00:43:38yeW- ^^
00:43:40yeW- bug ftw
00:43:44Diablo loled
00:43:45yeW- xD
00:43:48Diablo some1 get my dusts
00:43:51yeW- tried to put in on the circle
00:43:52yeW- in*
00:43:57Diablo get my dust
00:45:37mxL- omg no
00:45:51mxL- -cs
00:46:28mxL- yew buy me 30 salves
00:46:31yeW- xD
00:46:43mxL- ?
00:46:46mxL- some brobelm?
00:47:40Renatus 400 to bkb..
00:47:47mxL- dont go crazy with buyouts yew
00:47:54Renatus get wards and smoke imo
00:48:01mxL- justatip
00:48:04Zwerg mxl teach more
00:48:10yeW- indeed
00:48:10mxL- i will
00:48:15mxL- if needed
00:48:36mxL- -st
00:49:07fUNCh tp bot
00:49:08fUNCh furi
00:49:15Diablo fu,
00:49:24Zwerg omg i wanted to kill myself with u
00:49:25yeW- 0-15
00:49:30yeW- all u had to do was go woods
00:49:32fUNCh just go
00:49:32yeW- pull
00:49:33fUNCh all
00:49:36Diablo D
00:49:38yeW- get phase and lothars
00:49:40yeW- and yet
00:49:42fUNCh meepo cant buyout
00:49:42Pieti somebody def top
00:49:42yeW- i dunno how
00:49:43mxL- diablo said dont bulll
00:49:44yeW- u managed to suck
00:49:47yeW- beyond words
00:49:49fUNCh fucktop
00:49:50Diablo I SAID DONT PULL
00:49:51Diablo go wood
00:49:55Diablo coz tower got pused
00:49:57yeW- either way
00:49:58Diablo pushed
00:50:04Diablo and u can go
00:50:06Diablo wood only
00:50:08Diablo without
00:50:13yeW- USE ULTI
00:50:17Diablo ult
00:50:19Diablo obsidian
00:50:19yeW- FOX
00:50:20mxL- this is what i mean when i said "dont go crazy with buouts yew"
00:50:21yeW- jessu
00:50:47mxL- first duel win
00:50:52fUNCh 50g short
00:50:53fUNCh -.-
00:51:11Renatus gj
00:51:13Diablo fuck it yew
00:51:15mxL- yew pls
00:51:19yeW- well they used armor
00:51:24mxL- WELL
00:51:26Jerkku chill
00:51:30mxL- dont go crazy i said
00:51:33fUNCh hardcore game kinda
00:51:40fUNCh that od
00:51:41fUNCh is just
00:51:41mxL- ppl say mxl dont teach
00:51:43fUNCh so easy
00:51:44fUNCh to get imba
00:51:45fUNCh in late
00:51:46fUNCh -.-
00:51:56yeW- are you
00:52:01yeW- some kind of troll
00:52:02Renatus carry tp
00:52:03yeW- i hope you are
00:52:03fUNCh mxl 0 15
00:52:05fUNCh :D
00:52:07mxL- no
00:52:11mxL- i serious
00:52:19mxL- dota is serious game
00:52:43mxL- why dont you push when yew is dead? -.-
00:53:14fUNCh wat
00:53:17fUNCh 10sec
00:53:56Diablo yew?
00:54:01yeW- ye
00:54:13Diablo lol mega vs mega :)
00:54:27Renatus chick!
00:54:28Jerkku fucking aegis yew
00:54:39yeW- cheese wr
00:54:43Diablo where?
00:54:49Diablo key
00:54:58Diablo whatz plan now?
00:54:59Renatus all mid
00:54:59Renatus go
00:55:02Jerkku y
00:55:04yeW- dunno
00:55:06yeW- sven
00:55:08yeW- kills me
00:55:09yeW- sol
00:55:09Jerkku all just mid
00:55:12Diablo sven needs to go down
00:55:13fUNCh wait me
00:55:14yeW- so i cant be in the fight
00:55:14yeW- with u
00:55:26Diablo 1 good shackle hes dead
00:55:27fUNCh took gem
00:55:30fUNCh kill if i die
00:55:34fUNCh anti meepo
00:55:57Renatus omg
00:55:59Renatus no bo
00:56:12Renatus gggg
00:56:14Renatus :(
00:56:29Renatus dont die
00:56:30fUNCh shoulda waited me
00:56:32fUNCh was dead
00:56:32fUNCh ffs
00:56:39Diablo finish mid?
00:56:44mxL- :DDD
00:56:44yeW- gah
00:56:45Renatus LOL
00:56:45fUNCh :D::D:D
00:56:46yeW- dam
00:56:47yeW- ^^
00:56:48Jerkku XD
00:56:48fUNCh gut
00:56:53mxL- hyvä jäynä jerku :D
00:56:53fUNCh no bo on meepo
00:57:04Renatus we got this
00:57:09Pieti push fast
00:57:29Jerkku XD
00:57:29Diablo D
00:57:32Zwerg gg man
00:57:32Jerkku forgot megas
00:57:33Renatus hahahahaah
00:57:34yeW- wot wot xD
00:57:40Diablo they are raping hard
00:57:46Jerkku those creeps
00:57:49Jerkku so strong XDf
00:57:51Diablo >heroes
00:57:55yeW- mega deal more dmg than mxl.
00:58:01Jerkku XDXD
00:58:01Diablo DDD
00:58:04Jerkku rofled hard
00:58:04mxL- no
00:58:05Pieti XD
00:58:08Jerkku ggwp
00:58:12Diablo 1 mega>mxl
00:58:16Pieti we cant go
00:58:16yeW- MID GO
00:58:17Renatus w8
00:58:20Renatus b
00:58:23Renatus b
00:58:23Renatus b
00:58:23Renatus b
00:58:26mxL- diablo hates me cos yew does too
00:58:30Renatus b
00:58:30Renatus b
00:58:30Renatus b
00:58:39Jerkku dk dude
00:58:39Renatus why
00:58:40Diablo lol fail ult
00:58:49yeW- i hate u cuz u feed 0 16 with an easy hero
00:58:50Koll shittt
00:59:01Jerkku 0 16
00:59:05Jerkku is pretty amazing
00:59:05yeW- rasmus
00:59:06yeW- style
00:59:08mxL- i got assists
00:59:08Pieti b
00:59:08Jerkku y
00:59:12Diablo belka
00:59:16Diablo style
00:59:22yeW- belka is a genius
00:59:25yeW- compared to that lad
00:59:27Diablo true
00:59:44Pieti gg
00:59:52Jerkku gg
00:59:56Renatus gg
01:00:27Jerkku dk farms
01:00:29yeW- GO
01:00:30yeW- EEND
01:00:34yeW- wr
01:00:34yeW- omg
01:00:35yeW- ^^
01:00:38FoxManiDou :)
01:00:39yeW- they're all dead
01:00:47FoxManiDou hahaha
01:00:47Renatus hah
01:00:56Jerkku dk just attacks creeps when destruyer attacks him
01:01:18mxL- gg :)
01:01:29Renatus wtf
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