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-29 X
-1 TS

97% | 1810 X | 1532 TS

-44 X
-2 TS

92% | 1632 X | 1476 TS

-45 X
-2 TS

80% | 1468 X | 1444 TS

-4 X
-4 TS

68% | 1411 X | 1321 TS

-53 X
-2 TS

62% | 1271 X | 1341 TS

+30 X
+2 TS

93% | 1710 X | 1439 TS

+40 X
+3 TS

89% | 1626 X | 1443 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

85% | 1570 X | 1417 TS

+24 X
+2 TS

70% | 1352 X | 1414 TS

+47 X
+2 TS

69% | 1335 X | 1417 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Laier [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... Laier with 110 seconds.
00:00:20SieMpr3_TeAm3 gimme am?
00:00:20Yuriko ban wl laier takes
00:00:20Laier am = shit
00:00:20Asiankid -omni
00:00:20SieMpr3_TeAm3 not at all
00:00:20yeW- wl
00:00:20Laier it iss
00:00:21Firelord0.1 god i wantet omni
00:00:22AliBaba jew
00:00:25Laier well
00:00:26Asiankid can u play am ?
00:00:27Laier that sucked
00:00:35Asiankid i give u
00:00:35Asiankid am
00:00:42yeW- wishes
00:00:42Asiankid Fuck
00:00:42yeW- ali
00:00:45Asiankid i picket am
00:00:46Asiankid !!!
00:00:48AliBaba daz
00:00:49Asiankid What but
00:00:52Asiankid bug
00:00:57AliBaba haha
00:00:58Impressed -clear
00:00:59yeW- soz
00:01:01AliBaba :D
00:01:01yeW- i panicked
00:01:02yeW- xD
00:01:03yeW- -clear
00:01:05yeW- didnt c ur daz
00:01:09Laier worst invoker inc
00:01:17AliBaba give rubick ?
00:01:26Impressed sure
00:01:32yeW- -ma
00:01:32Firelord0.1 what shold i pick
00:01:32Laier sup?
00:01:32Firelord0.1 lina ?
00:01:32Impressed ali u go rubick?
00:01:32Firelord0.1 or es
00:01:32AliBaba y
00:01:32Firelord0.1 es
00:01:32Asiankid -afk
00:01:32Asiankid .afk
00:01:32Asiankid afk ?
00:01:32Firelord0.1 unpuase pls
00:01:54AliBaba what you want ?
00:01:55Impressed wanna play sven
00:01:58Laier yes
00:01:58SieMpr3_TeAm3 lanes?
00:01:59Laier epic picks
00:02:00Laier :DD
00:02:02AliBaba -swap 4
00:02:03SieMpr3_TeAm3 well
00:02:03Asiankid Ff
00:02:05SieMpr3_TeAm3 wyvern
00:02:05Impressed -swap 5
00:02:06Impressed -clear
00:02:07Firelord0.1 yew i dont want to top
00:02:08SieMpr3_TeAm3 can own am
00:02:09AliBaba -clear
00:02:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 in sec
00:02:19AliBaba me mid
00:02:20yeW- well u have no choice
00:02:26yeW- ali bot
00:02:27Firelord0.1 me solo bot ?
00:02:27SieMpr3_TeAm3 chick
00:02:28SieMpr3_TeAm3 yeah
00:02:28AliBaba bah
00:02:29Laier necro b ot
00:02:31Rotkiv fuck
00:02:32Laier with tide
00:02:32Laier imo
00:02:33Rotkiv sry ..
00:02:33SieMpr3_TeAm3 no chick
00:02:41SieMpr3_TeAm3 let invoker mid
00:02:43Asiankid go mid
00:02:43yeW- ali go sup naix
00:02:48AliBaba i want
00:03:09Impressed sec
00:03:09Asiankid -afk
00:03:09yeW- -ma
00:03:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 well
00:03:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 we have
00:03:12SieMpr3_TeAm3 epic combo
00:03:13yeW- gah
00:03:13SieMpr3_TeAm3 so
00:03:14SieMpr3_TeAm3 np
00:03:14yeW- say so
00:03:18Impressed sörry
00:03:24yeW- blah
00:03:28AliBaba blah
00:03:31Firelord0.1 blöh
00:03:39AliBaba want pukl ?
00:03:40SieMpr3_TeAm3 go pll
00:03:49Yuriko ye
00:03:50AliBaba warded
00:05:09yeW- share
00:05:10yeW- ali
00:05:26Laier go
00:05:27yeW- SS
00:05:28yeW- MID
00:05:29yeW- GOING TOP
00:05:39AliBaba ss
00:05:46Asiankid -ms
00:06:14yeW- wtdf
00:06:15yeW- was that move
00:06:16yeW- es?
00:06:25Firelord0.1 i pulled top
00:06:35SieMpr3_TeAm3 ss
00:06:48AliBaba he just heal
00:07:19Firelord0.1 bot rune
00:07:25SieMpr3_TeAm3 invo
00:07:36yeW- SS
00:07:37yeW- MIOD
00:07:38Laier had no mana
00:07:38yeW- re
00:07:40Asiankid fight
00:07:57Asiankid b
00:07:58yeW- gang mid
00:08:10yeW- gang
00:08:12yeW- easy
00:08:17SieMpr3_TeAm3 b
00:08:18SieMpr3_TeAm3 ss es
00:08:41Firelord0.1 noes
00:08:47yeW- u shithole..
00:08:56j22koer ?
00:09:01Yuriko ?
00:09:05j22koer sad and mad?
00:09:05Asiankid :D
00:09:17Laier crazy fuckers
00:09:20AliBaba :D
00:09:24yeW- es of the year
00:09:41Asiankid lucky
00:09:42Asiankid riki :D
00:09:44Asiankid gj
00:09:50SieMpr3_TeAm3 ty
00:09:56Rotkiv np
00:09:57SieMpr3_TeAm3 should i go difus and manta?
00:10:01Rotkiv eat tree
00:10:05SieMpr3_TeAm3 stun strike
00:10:08SieMpr3_TeAm3 tower
00:10:12Asiankid i go
00:10:12Laier wcd
00:10:13yeW- care top
00:10:13Laier was
00:10:15Asiankid ssmid
00:10:15yeW- wyvenr inc
00:11:16yeW- care
00:11:17yeW- es
00:11:17yeW- b
00:11:33Asiankid why u
00:11:34Asiankid necro
00:11:35Asiankid stay back ?
00:11:36Firelord0.1 4 top
00:11:43Rotkiv i was 75 hp
00:11:49yeW- go ali
00:11:57SieMpr3_TeAm3 summon
00:12:00SieMpr3_TeAm3 curier
00:12:15yeW- earlier?*
00:12:15Firelord0.1 4,mid
00:12:19Asiankid team play
00:12:19SieMpr3_TeAm3 go
00:12:19SieMpr3_TeAm3 am
00:12:21Asiankid if we want to win
00:12:21j22koer ty
00:12:30Laier oom
00:13:02SieMpr3_TeAm3 i go farm
00:13:03SieMpr3_TeAm3 bot
00:13:06SieMpr3_TeAm3 lets get naix
00:13:22Laier fucking
00:13:24Laier buy
00:13:25Laier that chicken
00:13:27Rotkiv i will
00:13:29Firelord0.1 ssmid
00:13:29Asiankid -s
00:13:30Asiankid -ms
00:13:34j22koer you have
00:13:34yeW- -ma
00:13:35SieMpr3_TeAm3 up it
00:13:47Laier share....
00:13:50Impressed 'es tango
00:13:51Impressed plz
00:13:57Impressed ty
00:13:58AliBaba ss mid
00:13:58Laier SHARE
00:13:59j22koer wizard
00:14:01SieMpr3_TeAm3 in necro
00:14:04j22koer in
00:14:05Firelord0.1 come
00:14:22Laier share
00:14:23Laier that fucking
00:14:24Laier bird
00:15:03Asiankid ye
00:15:04SieMpr3_TeAm3 help me
00:15:05Firelord0.1 rike
00:15:08Firelord0.1 is in wood
00:15:10yeW- -ma
00:15:14Laier coming
00:15:22Laier sven
00:15:24Laier go
00:15:29Laier sven here
00:15:29Laier go
00:15:38Asiankid cope
00:15:54Laier sure
00:16:09Laier :D
00:16:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 NO
00:16:10Laier ali
00:16:16AliBaba dno my hero is fuckt
00:16:44Laier go
00:16:44Laier go
00:16:45Laier ffs
00:16:47Laier why you b
00:16:51SieMpr3_TeAm3 wheres curier
00:16:51SieMpr3_TeAm3 ffs
00:16:52Rotkiv ffs cant you come earlier
00:16:57SieMpr3_TeAm3 drop items
00:17:35SieMpr3_TeAm3 go go
00:18:08SieMpr3_TeAm3 gem
00:18:09SieMpr3_TeAm3 on naix
00:18:10SieMpr3_TeAm3 KILL HIM
00:18:16Impressed upgrade
00:18:16SieMpr3_TeAm3 go go ulti
00:18:18SieMpr3_TeAm3 necro
00:18:18Impressed someone
00:18:35Asiankid gogo
00:18:42SieMpr3_TeAm3 why u cant
00:18:43SieMpr3_TeAm3 ulti him
00:18:46Rotkiv tooo fart
00:18:48Firelord0.1 go ?
00:18:49Yuriko go
00:18:51Impressed i t
00:18:52Impressed p
00:18:55yeW- omw
00:19:19Yuriko gem
00:19:27Impressed wtf
00:19:31yeW- he took it
00:19:55Rotkiv you welcome
00:19:56yeW- we got split
00:20:01yeW- or rather
00:20:02Impressed ye
00:20:02yeW- u got split
00:20:03yeW- god knows why
00:20:04Asiankid this wirm
00:20:10SieMpr3_TeAm3 is fucking imba
00:20:11SieMpr3_TeAm3 vs
00:20:12Asiankid isnt that bad
00:20:13SieMpr3_TeAm3 hard late
00:20:18Asiankid ye
00:20:36Rotkiv bot
00:20:46AliBaba why mordigan ?
00:20:55Impressed care bot
00:20:56Impressed inc
00:21:11Firelord0.1 god
00:21:20SieMpr3_TeAm3 ulti
00:21:21SieMpr3_TeAm3 necro
00:21:23yeW- wards
00:21:24Asiankid push tower
00:21:25yeW- courier up
00:22:05Asiankid -ms
00:22:05yeW- naix
00:22:12AliBaba ups
00:22:27yeW- blah
00:22:28yeW- cmon
00:22:29Asiankid base?
00:22:29Asiankid a;d
00:22:33SieMpr3_TeAm3 y
00:23:01Laier go
00:23:18Asiankid base
00:23:19Asiankid gogo
00:23:25AliBaba willie style
00:23:34Asiankid ;]
00:23:39yeW- turiko wtfss
00:24:06yeW- lol k
00:24:11SieMpr3_TeAm3 heal me
00:24:13yeW- terrible supports
00:24:15Asiankid yews
00:24:17Asiankid cd
00:24:24Asiankid b
00:24:26Rotkiv raxx
00:24:32Rotkiv RAX
00:24:40Impressed no wards and no upgrade
00:24:42Impressed rofl
00:24:43Asiankid go mid ?
00:24:45yeW- this alibaba
00:24:48Asiankid b
00:24:48yeW- noob of the year
00:24:50Asiankid dont dive
00:24:51AliBaba .:D
00:24:55yeW- very funny
00:25:22SieMpr3_TeAm3 tide
00:25:23SieMpr3_TeAm3 make dagger
00:25:24SieMpr3_TeAm3 and
00:25:27SieMpr3_TeAm3 refresh
00:25:34j22koer yeap
00:25:42Firelord0.1 lol
00:25:43Impressed ...
00:25:59Asiankid go mid
00:26:02Asiankid one side
00:26:03Asiankid for 22 min
00:26:05Asiankid is hard
00:26:10Asiankid make presure
00:26:18Impressed UPGRADE
00:26:20Impressed COURIER
00:26:20Impressed FFS
00:27:14SieMpr3_TeAm3 gem
00:27:51yeW- ff in 15s
00:27:56Asiankid gogo
00:28:07yeW- I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:24SieMpr3_TeAm3 heal
00:28:25SieMpr3_TeAm3 me
00:28:46yeW- xd
00:28:48yeW- bit ltae
00:29:00Firelord0.1 never too late
00:29:09Yuriko never say never?
00:30:20Firelord0.1 lol
00:30:21Impressed ?
00:30:25yeW- he is terrible ^^
00:30:29yeW- worse than mamo
00:30:31AliBaba :D
00:30:38Firelord0.1 b
00:30:41Firelord0.1 i just spamm
00:30:49SieMpr3_TeAm3 inc
00:30:50SieMpr3_TeAm3 sec
00:30:52yeW- dagger
00:30:53yeW- tide
00:31:17Asiankid ulti
00:31:18Asiankid tide
00:31:20Asiankid and i ulti woo
00:31:22Asiankid too
00:31:38yeW- gho ff
00:31:39yeW- go
00:31:45Impressed I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:48Firelord0.1 I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:52Asiankid gjgj;]
00:32:03SieMpr3_TeAm3 go
00:32:08SieMpr3_TeAm3 throne
00:32:16yeW- cmn
00:32:18yeW- ali
00:32:21AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:21yeW- yuri
00:32:23AliBaba ?
00:32:24Yuriko I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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