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-31 X
-1 TS

86% | 1589 X | 1417 TS

-48 X
-2 TS

82% | 1530 X | 1406 TS

-28 X
-2 TS

73% | 1466 X | 1336 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

53% | 1295 X | 1285 TS

+22 X
-2 TS

41% | 1165 X | 1297 TS

+8 X
+1 TS

92% | 1684 X | 1432 TS

+26 X
+1 TS

82% | 1516 X | 1421 TS

+49 X
+1 TS

77% | 1458 X | 1393 TS

+15 X
+12 TS

64% | 1340 X | 1344 TS

+27 X
+9 TS

19% | 1086 X | 1114 TS

Chat log

00:00:07faildn lol
00:00:10fUNCh cm
00:00:11MnmlArT -cm1
00:00:11Diablo -cm1
00:00:14Banana remake või ma lasen ego
00:00:14fUNCh -cm1
00:00:142deep4u jälle funchi pole, korras!
00:00:14Banana no cm
00:00:14fUNCh banana ära nusso
00:00:14faildn come on
00:00:14faildn ära nussi
00:00:14faildn pls
00:00:142deep4u jää vait banaan.
00:00:14MnmlArT play noobs
00:00:14faildn ära riku meie mängu
00:00:14faildn türa
00:00:14faildn sibul
00:00:14fUNCh puff
00:00:142deep4u cm on tore vaheldus.
00:00:14fUNCh got cm tactics ?
00:00:14faildn y
00:00:14fUNCh or want some advice
00:00:14Pufff-Reis ban and pick
00:00:14Diablo why is the game paused?
00:00:142deep4u who paused it?
00:00:28fUNCh ban wl
00:00:31fUNCh since they got first pick
00:00:362deep4u who the fuck votes for cm anyway.
00:00:39fUNCh me
00:00:422deep4u why?
00:00:472deep4u you cant do the picks anyway.
00:00:48fUNCh better than sd
00:00:53faildn küsid funchi käest miks
00:00:54faildn :D
00:00:58faildn ta ret ju, kamoon
00:01:00Pufff-Reis say me your wishes
00:01:03Renatus cm = best games
00:01:04fUNCh faildn mine ime kuskil
00:01:08MnmlArT i want sile
00:01:09faildn ime mida
00:01:14Pufff-Reis i am mid ffs
00:01:162deep4u funch on ret jah, juudi instituudi poolt tõestatud.
00:01:21MnmlArT i can lane
00:01:21MnmlArT whit sile
00:01:24Diablo our captain afk?
00:01:28fUNCh hmmz
00:01:292deep4u fuck it, random.
00:01:29Renatus brb
00:01:37Pufff-Reis w8 him
00:01:39MnmlArT pause
00:01:392deep4u funch isn't the waiting type.
00:01:39Laier wtf
00:01:39Laier is this
00:01:39Laier shitmode
00:01:392deep4u you've never played it?
00:01:39fUNCh funch mode
00:01:39Diablo btw best mode in the game...
00:01:39Laier ye but stilll
00:01:392deep4u no it' snot the best mode in the game.
00:01:39Diablo sure.
00:01:39Laier what you want me to ban
00:01:39fUNCh best mode is ardmwtfmc
00:01:392deep4u not for this shithole gc atleast.
00:01:39Pufff-Reis funch want axe?
00:01:39fUNCh :D
00:01:39fUNCh dno
00:01:39Diablo its payed @ the International
00:01:392deep4u yeah
00:01:39fUNCh i'm in lan with zwerg
00:01:39fUNCh i think i rather make combolane with him
00:01:39Pufff-Reis need 1 wood for sil
00:01:39fUNCh well
00:01:392deep4u so? none of us will ever get paid for playing -cm
00:01:39fUNCh i can furi forest
00:01:39Diablo laier?
00:01:39MnmlArT y
00:01:39Pufff-Reis no furi
00:01:39Laier yes?
00:01:392deep4u we dont play for money
00:01:39fUNCh :D
00:01:39Laier i asked what you want me to ban
00:01:39MnmlArT axe
00:01:39MnmlArT ?
00:01:39Pufff-Reis got 2 farmers already
00:01:39fUNCh well
00:01:39Diablo ban es
00:01:39Laier start talkign or i just ban shit
00:01:39fUNCh i go axe then
00:01:39Diablo es ban
00:01:39Laier cba thinking at this time
00:01:39Renatus unpause?!?!??!??!??!?!!?!?!!!!!!!!!!??!
00:01:41Diablo i can tell u full pick/ban
00:01:43Diablo if u want..
00:01:512deep4u what do you have in mind?
00:02:07Diablo tide/anci/brood/wr/ds
00:02:11Diablo for picks
00:02:13Diablo and bans
00:02:18Zwerg puff krobelus 4 me?
00:02:20Banana give me tide
00:02:23Zwerg wouldbe ok?
00:02:26Pufff-Reis maybe
00:02:38Diablo es/invo/magna/eza/puck
00:02:41fUNCh ban am
00:02:42fUNCh im
00:02:42Diablo thats bans..
00:02:44fUNCh imo
00:02:49fUNCh or dno why they banned sd
00:02:50fUNCh otherwyaz
00:03:00fUNCh puff ur invo sucks :D
00:03:05Pufff-Reis and?
00:03:052deep4u what's the point of cm if u already know everything you're going to pick?
00:03:11fUNCh why take it -.-
00:03:17Diablo dude its gc
00:03:232deep4u yeah
00:03:23Diablo ofc i dont know what to pick
00:03:24MnmlArT me sile right
00:03:242deep4u exactly
00:03:28faildn and you are gay
00:03:29fUNCh oeh
00:03:292deep4u why are we playing cm then :D
00:03:31fUNCh 2 wannabes
00:03:35fUNCh going useless craps
00:03:48faildn i can play sk
00:03:48Diablo im masterminding when its cm when i play with my clan
00:03:49Diablo so
00:03:50faildn or some shit
00:04:012deep4u you dont seem like a mastermind to me.
00:04:04Diablo i know pick and ban analysis
00:04:04fUNCh need early def push
00:04:09Pufff-Reis some1 undy?
00:04:12fUNCh can anyone ud or pit
00:04:14fUNCh or well
00:04:15fUNCh krob is ok
00:04:172deep4u a mastermind makes up a lineup as he goes, countering what he sees on the table.
00:04:19fUNCh actually
00:04:21fUNCh would work
00:04:25Renatus i can play anything u want
00:04:38Pufff-Reis reantus you can ud?
00:04:38Diablo the point is that we cant play
00:04:41Diablo these heroes
00:04:46Diablo as they are picked :)
00:04:47Renatus not great but ok
00:04:49faildn stfu diablo
00:04:51faildn afuera ret
00:04:51fUNCh hmmz
00:04:522deep4u :D
00:04:53Pufff-Reis fine
00:04:542deep4u brb bathroom
00:04:54MnmlArT so no
00:04:55fUNCh what you good with+
00:04:56fUNCh ?
00:04:57fUNCh renatus
00:05:04fUNCh what heros you rly like ?
00:05:05Renatus just gimme ud
00:05:08fUNCh .-.-
00:05:11fUNCh well
00:05:12fUNCh if ud
00:05:15fUNCh we cant krob
00:05:16fUNCh imo
00:05:20fUNCh would be crap lane
00:05:21Renatus i can play support
00:05:22MnmlArT y
00:05:28Diablo w8 with lastpick..
00:05:29fUNCh imo take krob
00:05:35fUNCh and mby lina
00:05:37fUNCh or lion
00:05:37Diablo ill tell u what to get later...
00:05:40fUNCh support wards
00:05:41MnmlArT lyon
00:05:42fUNCh and lane power
00:05:42MnmlArT imo
00:05:51Renatus can play lion
00:05:53Diablo need2 see their carry
00:05:59Pufff-Reis ban snip or riki?
00:06:04fUNCh snip
00:06:05MnmlArT ri
00:06:07MnmlArT ;D
00:06:08Pufff-Reis ...
00:06:10fUNCh or well
00:06:17Laier well
00:06:18Laier yew takes geo
00:06:19fUNCh y
00:06:19Laier for sure
00:06:20fUNCh sniper
00:06:24faildn yew isnt playing
00:06:242deep4u yew?
00:06:26Diablo yew?
00:06:30Laier k
00:06:31faildn artard
00:06:312deep4u there's no yew here.
00:06:322deep4u :D
00:06:32Diablo whos that?
00:06:33fUNCh they get sf imo
00:06:35Pufff-Reis renatus can u panda?
00:06:35fUNCh but its not so bad
00:06:36Diablo whos yes?
00:06:38Diablo yew?
00:06:42fUNCh nah
00:06:432deep4u a retard
00:06:45fUNCh panda not so great idea
00:06:49Renatus no, im badass atro tho xD
00:06:51Diablo w8 with
00:06:52fUNCh not so good at early def pusher
00:06:55Diablo i tell u what to get...
00:07:06Pufff-Reis last one wishes?
00:07:11Diablo hmm
00:07:13MnmlArT lyon >
00:07:14Banana ns?
00:07:15MnmlArT can u
00:07:16MnmlArT zverg
00:07:17Renatus atro
00:07:18Renatus gimmeee
00:07:22fUNCh wait
00:07:23MnmlArT ur ud
00:07:25Zwerg krobe
00:07:26Pufff-Reis you are undy
00:07:27Diablo ill play wr.
00:07:28fUNCh zwergg not so good ud
00:07:29Renatus fine
00:07:30Zwerg hell no
00:07:332deep4u me ds.
00:07:36Pufff-Reis not krob
00:07:37Zwerg i dont play that shitfuck
00:07:37fUNCh pretty much never pplayed
00:07:382deep4u or actually
00:07:382deep4u nvm
00:07:40Banana tide or aa
00:07:402deep4u i'll pick last
00:07:44Pufff-Reis other?
00:07:452deep4u since i can play all
00:07:47Laier i play aa or wr
00:07:49fUNCh renatus has to plau it imo
00:07:50Diablo tide bananna
00:07:51Laier dont care what rest of you guys do
00:07:53Banana tide then
00:07:53Diablo laier aa
00:07:54fUNCh wait
00:07:55fUNCh abit
00:07:572deep4u laier AA
00:07:57fUNCh we got 100sec
00:07:59Diablo me wr
00:08:00Renatus go rylai imo
00:08:04fUNCh nah
00:08:05faildn diablo
00:08:07Pufff-Reis zwerg cmon say waht u like
00:08:07Diablo w8 with lastpick..
00:08:09fUNCh abba mby ?
00:08:10Diablo yes?
00:08:12faildn afuera
00:08:13fUNCh they can tank lane
00:08:14MnmlArT would be ok
00:08:142deep4u :DD
00:08:15Diablo eng?
00:08:162deep4u mierda
00:08:19faildn mierda diablo
00:08:19Zwerg abbadon
00:08:20Zwerg ?
00:08:21Diablo k.
00:08:22fUNCh y
00:08:23MnmlArT y
00:08:23faildn ne hablo eng
00:08:24fUNCh abba is ok
00:08:25Pufff-Reis abba or dazz
00:08:30faildn afuera puta
00:08:312deep4u doggy out
00:08:322deep4u afuera
00:08:35faildn diablo out
00:08:36faildn afuera
00:08:37faildn no no no
00:08:39Laier stfu
00:08:39faildn no diablo
00:08:40Renatus dazzle plz need support
00:08:41Laier allready
00:08:41MnmlArT u play better
00:08:42MnmlArT abba
00:08:42Zwerg both ok but abba
00:08:42Laier both of you
00:08:43MnmlArT or dazz;e
00:08:45faildn no u
00:08:47faildn hhhhh
00:08:472deep4u afuera laier
00:08:54faildn yuronero noon
00:08:58Diablo hmmm
00:08:582deep4u hhhhhhhhhhhhh
00:09:01faildn hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
00:09:02Diablo w8w88
00:09:05faildn w8w8w8w8w8ww8
00:09:06faildn LEO
00:09:08faildn LOL
00:09:12faildn LEOL
00:09:132deep4u faildn dark seer?
00:09:14faildn LOEL
00:09:14Pufff-Reis solo sil top
00:09:15faildn y
00:09:17MnmlArT we got no stuns
00:09:172deep4u k.
00:09:17Pufff-Reis axe woods
00:09:23faildn sa aa :D
00:09:252deep4u ei
00:09:25Diablo get doom
00:09:27MnmlArT only
00:09:272deep4u laier AA
00:09:28faildn kes aa on
00:09:28fUNCh they dont have stuns also
00:09:28MnmlArT qqq
00:09:29faildn aa
00:09:30faildn cool
00:09:30Laier fuck you and your doom
00:09:30fUNCh only tide
00:09:30Laier :D
00:09:32fUNCh and i got call
00:09:342deep4u dont get doom.
00:09:34Diablo doom
00:09:37faildn stfu diablo
00:09:38Renatus <slow
00:09:39faildn afuera puta
00:09:39fUNCh ud has slow
00:09:44faildn guacamole bitch
00:09:47Pufff-Reis 2 times heal
00:09:482deep4u tacowhore
00:09:48fUNCh if i get good start
00:09:49faildn :D
00:09:50Diablo we need doom for ud or invo...
00:09:51fUNCh i can go hex
00:09:52Laier i go suprise suprise hero
00:09:54Diablo OR NAGA
00:09:54faildn you need to STFU
00:09:55faildn afuear
00:09:56Pufff-Reis no go tanky
00:09:56Laier that you all hate ;)
00:09:59Diablo NAGA OR DOOM
00:10:00Pufff-Reis + dagg
00:10:01Diablo naga sleep
00:10:04Diablo ds vacuum
00:10:04faildn you stfu
00:10:05Laier troll incoming
00:10:06Diablo tide ult
00:10:072deep4u lel
00:10:09Pufff-Reis abba pls mekka
00:10:122deep4u u play troll then.
00:10:152deep4u i hate troll.
00:10:20Zwerg well.. aight
00:10:20Pufff-Reis ud mass tanky also
00:10:21MnmlArT ud max ur first
00:10:22Diablo just like IG owned NAVI @ international
00:10:22faildn como estas
00:10:23faildn puta
00:10:23Diablo final :)
00:10:23MnmlArT and 3rdf
00:10:25MnmlArT skill
00:10:27Renatus i go pipe
00:10:28faildn : ) : )
00:10:29Pufff-Reis y
00:10:30faildn retard alert
00:10:31faildn stfu afuera
00:10:32Pufff-Reis pipe good
00:10:35Zwerg 1 and 3?
00:10:36Diablo naga
00:10:36Zwerg art
00:10:36Pufff-Reis sile fast hex
00:10:37Diablo or doom
00:10:38faildn :D
00:10:39MnmlArT not u
00:10:41MnmlArT ud
00:10:46Zwerg lol
00:10:47Zwerg y
00:10:51MnmlArT and abba
00:10:522deep4u sa ei taha doomi?
00:10:53MnmlArT should
00:10:55faildn tra tuleb põnev
00:10:55MnmlArT shiled
00:10:56faildn ei :D:D
00:10:56MnmlArT and heal
00:10:57Diablo anci mid doom solo top
00:10:57Zwerg yeye
00:10:582deep4u k.
00:10:58MnmlArT imo
00:10:59MnmlArT -hhn
00:11:00Diablo me tide and ds bot
00:11:00MnmlArT -clear
00:11:01Zwerg go play
00:11:04faildn stfu
00:11:06faildn dont make lanes
00:11:08faildn no triple fuck
00:11:16Diablo dude heroes are picked
00:11:18Pufff-Reis bah should have banned doom
00:11:18Diablo as i said
00:11:19faildn and you stfu
00:11:21Diablo i need2 make lanes
00:11:23Diablo omfg...
00:11:24faildn no
00:11:25MnmlArT ward bot pull
00:11:26faildn captain does
00:11:28Diablo i know how it works..
00:11:29faildn you go back outside
00:11:30faildn afuera
00:11:33faildn diablo out
00:11:40Laier there is your wards
00:11:40Pufff-Reis axe gang mass at voker
00:11:43Pufff-Reis at sil*
00:11:44Laier and you buy second back
00:11:46MnmlArT doom and aa
00:11:46Laier pack*
00:11:47MnmlArT solo
00:11:51MnmlArT this 3 3ple
00:11:51Diablo tho
00:11:52MnmlArT at bot
00:11:54MnmlArT imo
00:11:55Diablo it was for top
00:11:55Diablo nwm
00:12:04faildn omg diablo
00:12:04Diablo tide bot ofc
00:12:06Laier you are bot
00:12:09faildn please die one day
00:12:11fUNCh bot rune
00:12:152deep4u we all die one day
00:12:22faildn ich mean asap
00:12:33fUNCh want pulls or not ?
00:12:37MnmlArT i do
00:12:41faildn nüüd küll snusi aeg :D
00:12:49faildn vähe põnevax läheb
00:12:512deep4u ja
00:13:07faildn said solo vastu v
00:13:092deep4u ja
00:13:13Renatus 3 bot
00:13:142deep4u tra ära kirjuta
00:13:172deep4u ma missin lh'si
00:13:17MnmlArT told u
00:13:20faildn k
00:13:22faildn gl
00:13:26Diablo let me farm
00:13:282deep4u a tal metsas abi
00:13:32Renatus this will be grizzly
00:13:35faildn axe vist
00:13:372deep4u trilane has to kill
00:13:412deep4u funch :D
00:13:44faildn :D:D
00:13:46faildn ret
00:14:062deep4u mhmh
00:14:07faildn FUNCH
00:14:10faildn türa küll
00:14:102deep4u very impossible.
00:14:152deep4u im lvl 1
00:14:172deep4u funch 2
00:14:182deep4u sile 3
00:14:252deep4u shit lanes
00:14:36Laier or just shit players
00:14:45faildn no u
00:15:11faildn tahad lane muuta v
00:15:172deep4u ei
00:15:32MnmlArT gj
00:15:34Laier :D:D
00:15:36Laier wp botlane
00:15:372deep4u gg :D
00:15:39faildn retard lane
00:15:412deep4u lost
00:15:42faildn i hate diablo
00:15:43faildn afuera puta
00:15:44Zwerg wp
00:15:50Renatus so ownd
00:15:53Diablo lanes are good
00:15:57faildn yea they are
00:16:02Diablo u are bad
00:16:05faildn lol
00:16:29faildn zwerg abba
00:16:30faildn its ok
00:16:31faildn win
00:16:382deep4u yeah
00:16:422deep4u unkillable hero
00:16:452deep4u whoever plays it
00:16:54Diablo no if he is doomed
00:17:002deep4u >dooming abba
00:17:27Diablo meka uselesss
00:17:44faildn n1
00:18:06MnmlArT upgrade
00:18:09MnmlArT for midas
00:18:222deep4u WTF
00:18:34faildn vihane ka v
00:18:362deep4u see uus sile on fucked up OP :D
00:18:372deep4u ei üldse mitte
00:18:382deep4u nii suva ju.
00:18:39Laier wr leave mid
00:18:392deep4u :D
00:18:42Diablo SHARE
00:18:492deep4u ma ei saa midagi teha enivei.
00:18:53MnmlArT SS
00:18:53Diablo SHARE
00:18:552deep4u isegi kui ma juut oleks
00:19:00faildn oledki juut
00:19:042deep4u vittu käi
00:19:04Laier can yhou like
00:19:05Laier leave mid
00:19:07Laier and go bot
00:19:182deep4u ss sile
00:19:21MnmlArT re
00:20:00Renatus awh shit
00:20:50Laier should gang sile
00:20:51Laier and invo
00:21:48Laier invo ss
00:21:52Laier go
00:22:03Zwerg renatys
00:22:13Zwerg if u want u can go i will shield then
00:22:49Renatus b
00:22:49MnmlArT SS
00:23:02faildn hea
00:23:042deep4u loll zwerg :D
00:23:06faildn diablo where the fuck are you from
00:23:07faildn taun :D
00:23:12Diablo ?
00:23:20faildn where were you born
00:23:23Zwerg i so could have used some mana when i was next to 3 yber lows
00:23:24Diablo why?
00:23:35faildn just curious
00:23:37faildn u gotta stupid name
00:23:49faildn tulen top
00:23:50Diablo ok
00:24:042deep4u b...
00:24:092deep4u retard
00:24:14Pufff-Reis ss
00:24:17fUNCh i come soon
00:24:17Laier care bot
00:24:18Laier 4 there
00:24:19Laier probably
00:24:222deep4u tra mida sa teed?
00:24:292deep4u võtad lhsi lihtsalt.
00:24:362deep4u nussid oma shelliga.
00:24:382deep4u Shelly
00:24:59Renatus ty
00:25:20faildn lel
00:25:54Laier we should roam with 5
00:25:59Laier this aint working :s
00:25:59Zwerg lets go?
00:26:06faildn to
00:26:07faildn p
00:26:10Renatus he jsut run
00:26:17Banana ulti cd
00:27:06Banana D:
00:27:08fUNCh :D
00:27:09fUNCh homo
00:27:122deep4u you guys
00:27:132deep4u walked past
00:27:142deep4u an axe
00:27:17faildn :D
00:27:182deep4u blue yelolw
00:27:35faildn twr
00:27:42MnmlArT heal me
00:28:16faildn omg
00:28:38Laier np
00:28:392deep4u could've saved me tide
00:28:40Laier keep farming bob
00:28:422deep4u and made a double kill.
00:28:502deep4u but fuck that, right.
00:28:50Banana srry
00:28:53fUNCh denyable
00:28:542deep4u np
00:28:54Banana phone
00:28:58MnmlArT got 80 cs
00:28:592deep4u i dont care
00:29:03Diablo thats what i said..
00:29:10fUNCh go take it
00:30:07faildn TÜRA no
00:30:072deep4u WR
00:30:112deep4u ffs....
00:30:13Laier its nice
00:30:142deep4u this is so hopeless...
00:30:18Laier thast you focus different targes
00:30:19fUNCh funched ?
00:30:23Laier :D:D:D:D
00:30:24Laier ahhahaha
00:30:35Diablo problem is tide...
00:30:43Laier problem is
00:30:43MnmlArT -st
00:30:45Laier all lanes lost
00:30:55Diablo shouldnt mean game is lost...
00:30:59Laier except mid
00:31:142deep4u well
00:31:14Diablo pro mid :)
00:31:16Laier go with 5
00:31:16Laier now
00:31:172deep4u they ganked top.
00:31:24Laier with 5
00:31:29Diablo roam
00:31:30faildn y
00:31:43Diablo ds?
00:32:11Laier tower
00:32:17Diablo dont split
00:32:18Laier and keep roaming
00:32:36Laier go from woods
00:32:36Laier to mid
00:33:38Diablo ds ult?
00:33:39Laier was stupid
00:33:41Diablo no shit?
00:33:51Laier i bet ds has now ult
00:33:53Laier no*
00:33:57faildn i dont
00:34:01Laier :)
00:34:02Diablo x
00:34:02Laier over rated
00:34:02Diablo D
00:34:16Renatus plz spin
00:34:27Laier why split
00:34:27Laier again
00:34:372deep4u -afk
00:34:522deep4u ffs
00:34:522deep4u WT
00:34:532deep4u F
00:35:02Diablo gg
00:35:14Diablo u need2 focus tomb
00:35:192deep4u ma deleten wc3 pärast seda mängu
00:35:25Banana ma ka
00:35:37faildn wc3.exe v
00:35:402deep4u jah
00:35:43faildn miks
00:35:442deep4u quit
00:35:54Diablo go gang
00:35:56Laier go with 5
00:35:59Laier tide dagger
00:36:00Banana sec
00:36:09Diablo ds no ult -.-
00:36:11faildn i do
00:36:20fUNCh laier
00:36:31Renatus lololo
00:36:33MnmlArT ffs
00:36:34MnmlArT abba
00:36:372deep4u tower mid
00:37:00Laier b
00:37:01Laier b
00:37:52Laier kidna over
00:37:55Laier they got pipe meka
00:37:55Laier etc
00:38:22Laier b
00:38:26Laier fucking pointless
00:38:55faildn b
00:38:55faildn b
00:38:55Diablo b
00:39:29Diablo doom
00:39:34Diablo ud
00:39:35Diablo always
00:39:392deep4u i tried.
00:39:422deep4u silenced and shit.
00:39:43Renatus got pipe
00:39:48Zwerg -ma
00:40:30faildn oom for ulti..
00:40:46Diablo go ff
00:40:46Diablo I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:482deep4u I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:48Laier I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:48faildn I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:49faildn !ff
00:40:51MnmlArT got hex
00:40:59Banana I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:41:02faildn gg
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