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92% | 1681 X | 1424 TS

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Chat log

00:00:23Nickless i must have fallen asleep while surfing the net because this game seems unreal- a game today??
00:00:23Multi_Ljep DOTA NIGHT HAS BEGAN
00:00:23marsbar2k Sry was getting coffe
00:00:23marsbar2k Wjhat u wanna play
00:00:23marsbar2k Jew
00:00:23yeW- I want Geo.
00:00:23marsbar2k k
00:00:23yeW- Please.
00:00:23marsbar2k silencer
00:00:23yeW- Phoenix.
00:00:23marsbar2k i want NO
00:00:23marsbar2k Then i do geo
00:00:23yeW- No?
00:00:23marsbar2k I want phoenix
00:00:23yeW- ok
00:00:23yeW- errr
00:00:23yeW- i ban krobe
00:00:23yeW- then
00:00:23marsbar2k Krob e silencer
00:00:23marsbar2k banned
00:00:23marsbar2k Go
00:00:25marsbar2k <3 Pure <3
00:00:27yeW- ^^
00:00:39custy can i have ogre plz`?
00:00:39yeW- get ogre
00:00:45marsbar2k sure u pick it
00:00:46marsbar2k lol
00:00:52marsbar2k tryhards
00:00:55custy omg
00:00:56marsbar2k aRab and rus
00:00:59yeW- ^^
00:01:01marsbar2k Cooperating
00:01:05yeW- hardly
00:01:06yeW- -clear
00:01:07BACKENiZER- hmm sk?
00:01:08yeW- OGRE VENGE
00:01:10yeW- AND WE WIN
00:01:11marsbar2k whatever dudes
00:01:12yeW- SIMPLE MATH
00:01:14marsbar2k have some fun
00:01:30Multi_Ljep to je to
00:01:30custy can i have ogre???
00:01:31custy plz
00:01:37marsbar2k its taken
00:01:41Multi_Ljep i have delay 3 secs
00:01:43yeW- lets hope your nick doesnt betray u
00:01:43yeW- mate
00:02:07yeW- xd there's arc
00:02:13yeW- BELKA'ED!
00:02:19Multi_Ljep -swap 5
00:02:20yeW- cent top, rest bot
00:02:21Multi_Ljep wanna?
00:02:21yeW- -clear
00:02:30yeW- no keep ur ogre mate
00:02:33Belka -swap 4
00:02:40yeW- cent go top
00:02:47yeW- ah u got wards
00:02:49Nickless mate uzmi wardove
00:02:53custy fuck i really wanted that ogre....
00:02:54Nickless tu su
00:02:57yeW- ogre take wards
00:03:04Multi_Ljep i bought them
00:03:06Laier and i wanted pussy
00:03:08Nickless mislija san da ti dam ja sam vec kupija...
00:03:09Laier didnt get it...
00:03:11Nickless nvm
00:03:13Multi_Ljep but i want make it on time
00:03:16custy too bad for u
00:03:20BACKENiZER- never gonna get it anywayD
00:03:28Multi_Ljep wont*
00:03:43Laier pull?
00:03:49NeverbACKdOwn ye
00:04:14yeW- courier up
00:05:55yeW- SS
00:05:58yeW- RE
00:06:08yeW- UP COURIER PLS
00:06:16Laier sure
00:07:08yeW- lol
00:07:20yeW- im gonna fuck u up mate
00:07:22marsbar2k :D
00:07:24yeW- badly
00:07:41yeW- UP
00:07:45Belka ty
00:07:49yeW- gore
00:07:56Multi_Ljep np
00:08:00Multi_Ljep can u up?
00:08:02yeW- courier up
00:08:02yeW- ls
00:08:52Laier sure
00:08:55Multi_Ljep .i.
00:08:56Nickless gj
00:08:58yeW- ogre
00:09:00yeW- stop farming
00:09:02yeW- n come gang mid
00:09:06Nickless -ms
00:09:07BACKENiZER- ss clinkz
00:09:11Belka ok
00:09:12Multi_Ljep we had some troubles down jew
00:09:19Multi_Ljep yew*
00:09:33yeW- gj ty
00:10:00NeverbACKdOwn ss bot2
00:10:42NeverbACKdOwn fuckyea lag spikes 1000 ping sometimes
00:10:43yeW- get me a tp
00:10:44yeW- pls
00:10:52Laier so fucking shit
00:10:54Laier this game
00:11:03marsbar2k ss
00:11:16Multi_Ljep crap
00:11:25yeW- -ma
00:11:42custy ss 2
00:11:43Nickless hp
00:12:09NeverbACKdOwn push tower
00:13:16Laier dd bot
00:13:17Multi_Ljep MISS BOT
00:13:17Multi_Ljep 2
00:13:18marsbar2k take
00:13:26Multi_Ljep pudge only
00:13:42Multi_Ljep nice
00:13:52Nickless ss mid
00:14:33yeW- rofl
00:14:45marsbar2k track ?
00:14:47Laier sure
00:14:47Laier oom
00:15:16Laier epic swap
00:15:38custy he was inc
00:16:00Multi_Ljep tnx
00:16:18marsbar2k crap swaps
00:16:19marsbar2k all the way
00:16:37custy omg
00:17:17marsbar2k WHAT
00:17:20yeW- xd pwnt
00:17:26marsbar2k ;)))*
00:17:34marsbar2k I was sexing with u
00:17:38Laier oom
00:17:40Laier need mana
00:17:44marsbar2k take dd
00:17:46Laier y
00:17:56Laier taken
00:17:58yeW- pudge go
00:18:23BACKENiZER- the swap
00:18:25Multi_Ljep radi or difu?
00:18:28Multi_Ljep difu?
00:18:39Aleks875 dif
00:19:00yeW- wards
00:19:11marsbar2k farm posibility bot
00:19:59Laier too fast bitch
00:20:07Laier fucking venge
00:20:37marsbar2k b
00:21:35yeW- clinkz?
00:21:37yeW- lmao
00:21:39yeW- fucktard.
00:21:44Nickless shes mine
00:22:09Nickless go
00:23:38Nickless push mate
00:23:46yeW- this belka
00:24:16NeverbACKdOwn fj
00:24:18NeverbACKdOwn gj
00:24:19yeW- gah
00:24:31yeW- me
00:24:33yeW- lets go rosh
00:25:03Laier sec
00:25:04Laier items
00:25:07Multi_Ljep b
00:25:15Multi_Ljep gondar is there
00:25:39Nickless pipe
00:25:39Multi_Ljep :)
00:25:40Nickless come
00:26:02marsbar2k Gay tryhard with pipe
00:26:04marsbar2k zzzzzzzz
00:26:28Laier vengeboyyy
00:26:31Laier doing hes own stuff
00:26:52Nickless gogogog
00:27:05BACKENiZER- rosh?
00:27:07yeW- yep
00:27:46Laier y
00:27:47Laier i know
00:28:25Multi_Ljep LETS KILL
00:29:27Nickless -ms
00:30:47marsbar2k y go
00:30:53marsbar2k how u like arab
00:30:58marsbar2k Israel ambush
00:31:00BACKENiZER- XD
00:31:01yeW- lmao
00:31:14BACKENiZER- swapü
00:31:42Nickless try btm
00:31:45Nickless push clinkz
00:31:50Nickless they up
00:32:28marsbar2k enter ray
00:32:29marsbar2k or heal
00:32:29yeW- sentries?
00:32:30marsbar2k bob
00:32:33marsbar2k Gem :D
00:32:37yeW- ah
00:32:43yeW- tryhardin at its best
00:32:57Multi_Ljep now we kill all
00:32:59Multi_Ljep :)
00:33:02Multi_Ljep jokin
00:33:24yeW- wards
00:33:25yeW- pls.
00:33:26marsbar2k this pudge
00:33:26yeW- today
00:33:40yeW- gem
00:33:42yeW- at phoe
00:34:14Nickless stay near for pipše
00:34:19Multi_Ljep b
00:34:19yeW- GO
00:34:20Multi_Ljep man
00:34:20yeW- OGOGOGOGO
00:34:20yeW- G
00:34:21yeW- G
00:34:21yeW- O
00:34:47Nickless GOO???
00:36:01Laier alexed
00:36:10marsbar2k wth
00:36:14marsbar2k wth was that
00:36:21BACKENiZER- pl has gem
00:36:22Aleks875 speak english
00:36:38marsbar2k go
00:36:55Laier GO FFS
00:37:00yeW- wazrds
00:37:02yeW- belka
00:37:04Laier xD
00:37:05yeW- -ma
00:37:27Laier slowbobs
00:37:46yeW- they rosh
00:37:46yeW- go
00:37:59Laier dont do
00:38:00Laier scepter
00:38:04Laier when me and sk next to them
00:38:10marsbar2k jajajaja
00:38:42Laier so bullshit
00:38:49Laier fuck you yew and your luck
00:38:51custy wow
00:39:08custy big sceleton santa
00:39:35marsbar2k wtf
00:39:36marsbar2k bobs
00:39:40Laier this kid
00:39:42Laier and hes fucking luck
00:39:57marsbar2k your hitting different meepos
00:40:05Laier couldnt get close
00:40:15Laier but
00:40:16Laier 100hp
00:40:19Laier last fight @rosh
00:40:20Laier 130hp
00:40:23Laier so bullshit
00:40:34yeW- b top
00:40:42yeW- lmao
00:40:43BACKENiZER- rofl those swaps:D
00:40:48Laier y
00:40:50Laier so retard swaps
00:41:00Laier -st
00:41:47yeW- re use
00:42:07Laier fuck these kids
00:42:08Laier and their luck
00:43:10Nickless pipe ulti dive
00:43:15Multi_Ljep lets kill em all
00:43:19Multi_Ljep no
00:43:22Multi_Ljep b cen
00:43:26Multi_Ljep or?
00:43:45Multi_Ljep :D
00:43:49yeW- waste.
00:43:52Nickless y
00:43:56Multi_Ljep but adrenaline
00:43:58Nickless thought he was not aloone
00:44:11Nickless cd 60
00:44:14Nickless now half
00:44:17Laier swap
00:44:18Laier now
00:44:19Laier idiot
00:44:41marsbar2k this swap
00:44:52BACKENiZER- fuck you custy
00:44:57Laier wp venge
00:44:59Laier won game for you :D
00:45:03Multi_Ljep .i.
00:45:08marsbar2k The moment i saw that swap i was like. hit me bitches hit me hart
00:45:09Multi_Ljep SUCK IT
00:45:14Laier yes
00:45:15Laier pl won
00:45:22Multi_Ljep ...
00:45:33Laier wp bobs
00:45:35Aleks875 nonobobs
00:45:35Laier -st
00:45:38Laier 11k freecash
00:45:40Laier and you cant winnnnn
00:45:40yeW- stfu aleks
00:45:45marsbar2k -st
00:46:09Multi_Ljep gg
00:46:12Laier not really
00:46:15Laier :) but next 1
00:46:17Multi_Ljep i mean its over
00:46:22Multi_Ljep y
00:46:23Laier over doesnt mean its gg?
00:46:40Multi_Ljep luka add odma
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