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+29 X
-2 TS

92% | 1663 X | 1435 TS

-1 X
-2 TS

89% | 1625 X | 1448 TS

+30 X
-2 TS

73% | 1380 X | 1442 TS

-37 X
-2 TS

72% | 1384 X | 1418 TS

+17 X
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65% | 1308 X | 1397 TS

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+2 TS

97% | 1800 X | 1528 TS

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+3 TS

83% | 1571 X | 1389 TS

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+3 TS

82% | 1502 X | 1442 TS

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77% | 1433 X | 1429 TS

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+4 TS

37% | 1197 X | 1208 TS

Chat log

00:00:02VanillaThunder rd
00:00:02Pufff-Reis -rf
00:00:02yeW- -rd
00:00:02Firelord0.1 -rd
00:00:03Pufff-Reis -rd
00:00:20Pufff-Reis Sil
00:00:20creeeeeee jah funch
00:00:20fUNCh oeh
00:00:20fUNCh these teams
00:00:20DeMiaN yeww
00:00:20creeeeeee sai firstbloodi
00:00:20yeW- wat²ban
00:00:20creeeeeee ja insta ego
00:00:20DeMiaN yew tu joues quoi
00:00:20DeMiaN -clear
00:00:20fUNCh altf4 või juhe ?
00:00:20VanillaThunder silencer ban
00:00:20creeeeeee altf4
00:00:20fUNCh :D
00:00:20yeW- or zet
00:00:20yeW- ?
00:00:20VanillaThunder nah silencer
00:00:20yeW- sile banned
00:00:20Pufff-Reis SILENCER
00:00:20yeW- alrdy
00:00:20DeMiaN sile is too good atm
00:00:20VanillaThunder zet then
00:00:20yeW- zetser
00:00:20DeMiaN hmm
00:00:20yeW- cree
00:00:20fUNCh they will get am
00:00:20DeMiaN puff wil go INVO
00:00:20fUNCh imo ban am
00:00:20yeW- can u make em red letters appear
00:00:20fUNCh they donthave any zet players
00:00:20creeeeeee !BANNED: Silencer & Arc Warden
00:00:20creeeeeee sure
00:00:20yeW- i ban am
00:00:20yeW- actually
00:00:20fUNCh and give zet to me
00:00:20creeeeeee !BANNED: Silencer & Anti-Mage
00:00:33DeMiaN tu go mid ?
00:00:37yeW- j'pense ouais
00:00:42yeW- tu joues kw? toi?
00:00:46DeMiaN bah je sais pas
00:00:58DeMiaN hmm
00:01:00DeMiaN ok...
00:01:04yeW- donne-le moi
00:01:06yeW- s'tu veux
00:01:19DeMiaN d'acc, file moi dazzle
00:01:22fUNCh watchawant
00:01:23yeW- dazle
00:01:24yeW- funch
00:01:28yeW- -swap 4
00:01:30fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:32yeW- -swap 2
00:01:32DeMiaN -swap 1
00:01:32creeeeeee I know he goes necro to this arc but still
00:01:32DeMiaN TIDE
00:01:32DeMiaN get tide
00:01:40DeMiaN last tide pls
00:01:52fUNCh u go mid right yew ?
00:01:56yeW- ye
00:02:02creeeeeee well picked :)
00:02:12VanillaThunder let me top
00:02:14DeMiaN u go with tide
00:02:16DeMiaN better combo
00:02:24DeMiaN and zet is freefood
00:02:27DeMiaN gotta sup him
00:02:34VanillaThunder well belka too
00:02:36DeMiaN veno
00:02:38DeMiaN wards in chick
00:02:39DeMiaN for u
00:02:45VanillaThunder k
00:02:59yeW- 10s pls
00:03:00Firelord0.1 there are still red banners
00:03:00creeeeeee !
00:03:00creeeeeee not anymore
00:03:00Firelord0.1 ^^
00:03:00yeW- re 32
00:03:00yeW- 1
00:03:10yeW- ??
00:03:23yeW- wtf xD
00:03:25yeW- -ma
00:04:50yeW- invo mid
00:04:59yeW- remember
00:05:02yeW- sun
00:06:04fUNCh pull ?
00:06:11DeMiaN y
00:06:23yeW- up ourier pls
00:06:42VanillaThunder b
00:06:58creeeeeee no way
00:07:00creeeeeee that hp :D
00:07:05Buttons idd
00:07:12DeMiaN LOOOL
00:07:13Rotkiv nice
00:07:19yeW- -a
00:07:20yeW- -ma
00:07:41VanillaThunder ss
00:07:47creeeeeee top rune
00:07:48creeeeeee if not taken
00:07:52VanillaThunder ss fgondar
00:07:55VanillaThunder re
00:08:06VanillaThunder re
00:08:47yeW- gang mid if u can
00:08:59Pufff-Reis pl gang or gg in 10 min
00:08:59DeMiaN inc
00:09:02yeW- ss
00:09:03yeW- invo
00:09:24VanillaThunder thx
00:09:25Firelord0.1 share chick
00:09:35creeeeeee ss
00:09:36creeeeeee veno
00:10:24Buttons ss
00:10:24Buttons sd
00:10:25Buttons ??
00:10:26Buttons ?/
00:10:28Buttons sp
00:11:00yeW- oom
00:11:21DeMiaN midas already zet ?
00:11:30Firelord0.1 ssnimi
00:11:31fUNCh not even close
00:11:32yeW- xD
00:11:34DeMiaN :)
00:11:35yeW- bottle
00:11:37yeW- :D
00:11:37Firelord0.1 ssmid
00:11:42Buttons why come bot
00:11:43Buttons 3
00:11:44Buttons 4
00:12:03Firelord0.1 wtf
00:12:30VanillaThunder n
00:12:42Firelord0.1 mana
00:12:47yeW- -ma
00:12:49VanillaThunder com e
00:13:03yeW- GET THJAT INBVO
00:13:37Firelord0.1 4mid
00:13:38Firelord0.1 5
00:13:39Firelord0.1 mid
00:14:23VanillaThunder im b
00:14:37creeeeeee my jinda hit
00:14:38creeeeeee just missed
00:14:40creeeeeee on veno
00:14:41creeeeeee dahell
00:15:01Firelord0.1 i cant stay here all time
00:15:05Firelord0.1 top gets farm
00:16:02yeW- ill go boty
00:16:07DeMiaN yep
00:16:26DeMiaN veno stay mid
00:17:35DeMiaN we can't 3v4
00:17:56Firelord0.1 come for mana
00:18:03yeW- ward up
00:19:02fUNCh :D
00:19:04VanillaThunder tide ulti
00:19:05creeeeeee nii random
00:19:09creeeeeee isegi kui invis olla
00:19:11creeeeeee see näeb sind
00:19:12creeeeeee -.-
00:19:16fUNCh gayhero on gay
00:19:22creeeeeee true dat
00:19:30creeeeeee -st
00:19:54yeW- FG
00:19:54yeW- F
00:20:11VanillaThunder heal plz
00:20:32Firelord0.1 200 gold
00:20:45yeW- top
00:20:45VanillaThunder bf on gondar
00:20:47yeW- they push
00:22:01Buttons nm
00:22:47Firelord0.1 need manareg
00:23:17Rotkiv aih
00:23:17creeeeeee no way
00:23:22creeeeeee he just random attacked me
00:23:25creeeeeee autoattack went on me
00:23:26creeeeeee insta
00:23:27creeeeeee lol
00:23:38Pufff-Reis wardsß
00:23:38DeMiaN this is where the party's at
00:23:39yeW- attaboi
00:24:02Pufff-Reis pl imba
00:24:19Buttons ye
00:24:20Buttons go end
00:24:23Buttons or gank him
00:24:24Buttons or w/e
00:24:38DeMiaN ahah grave feeds necro
00:25:07DeMiaN tellement fed ce pl
00:25:18creeeeeee -st
00:25:18Buttons radi
00:25:19Buttons soon
00:25:38Firelord0.1 necro 3 rdy
00:25:39Buttons hf losing
00:25:40Buttons srs
00:26:51yeW- lol
00:26:57yeW- bitches are angry
00:26:58creeeeeee -st
00:27:14yeW- b
00:27:15yeW- tide
00:27:23DeMiaN go
00:27:25yeW- stop the bracers belka
00:27:27yeW- get a dggare
00:27:43yeW- b
00:27:45yeW- tide no ulti
00:28:39Firelord0.1 i have ulti tp somwhere
00:29:13Firelord0.1 hmm or not
00:29:13yeW- mana boots meka
00:29:14yeW- someone
00:29:34yeW- smoke rosh
00:29:36yeW- go
00:29:39Firelord0.1 we can do rosh
00:30:12yeW- zz
00:30:13yeW- cmoin
00:30:25yeW- get wards pls
00:30:35fUNCh :D;D:D:D:D:D
00:30:38fUNCh noobtrap
00:31:12yeW- one more time, get wards, shops fulla em
00:31:28yeW- veno
00:31:28yeW- go
00:31:41VanillaThunder plant someone
00:31:49yeW- just come rosh with ur meda
00:32:15yeW- G
00:32:15yeW- GF
00:32:19yeW- my bad
00:32:20yeW- go b
00:32:57yeW- dont
00:32:59yeW- its warded
00:33:06Buttons item requests?
00:33:20Firelord0.1 -ii
00:33:20yeW- gathere here
00:33:29Firelord0.1 dagger ?
00:33:32Buttons have force
00:33:34Buttons will mb aghs
00:33:36yeW- tide
00:33:37yeW- stay b
00:33:45Firelord0.1 dagger is nice with forge
00:33:45yeW- meda
00:33:47yeW- veno
00:33:54yeW- use medallin
00:33:56yeW- god
00:34:22Firelord0.1 nooooooooooo
00:35:24creeeeeee care bot
00:35:25creeeeeee lion
00:35:27creeeeeee ultracaree
00:36:15Buttons !!
00:37:07yeW- lol
00:37:08yeW- dazzle
00:37:30yeW- cocksuckers
00:37:32yeW- get the fuck b
00:37:33VanillaThunder omg
00:38:25yeW- wards
00:38:29Firelord0.1 #ilu zet top
00:38:30VanillaThunder in chick
00:38:33yeW- took em
00:38:36yeW- have one left
00:38:42yeW- got killed tho
00:38:55Buttons go push
00:38:57Buttons b4 pl
00:38:59Buttons goes mental
00:39:01DeMiaN fight
00:39:02yeW- no
00:39:02yeW- with pit tp
00:39:04yeW- we're both dead
00:39:30Firelord0.1 ilu
00:39:32yeW- -ma
00:39:49creeeeeee 100 to bkb
00:39:56yeW- GOGOG
00:41:42yeW- anyone dust?
00:42:03VanillaThunder go gather now
00:42:08VanillaThunder too me
00:42:21creeeeeee -st
00:42:58yeW- stay b
00:43:02yeW- belka
00:43:35yeW- iidot
00:43:36yeW- t_t
00:43:40DeMiaN :))
00:44:44yeW- ven
00:45:12Buttons soos up
00:45:36Firelord0.1 got a bit cd ulti
00:45:36yeW- ah top needs def
00:45:37Firelord0.1 sorry
00:45:57yeW- can i take
00:45:59VanillaThunder y
00:46:05DeMiaN but hurry
00:46:06yeW- care for gond
00:46:09DeMiaN gem
00:46:10VanillaThunder got gem
00:46:11creeeeeee bmid
00:46:18yeW- ty
00:47:01fUNCh want hex
00:47:03fUNCh or mjill
00:47:11yeW- hex
00:47:49yeW- TOP TP
00:48:00yeW- blah
00:48:01yeW- srsly
00:48:03DeMiaN firelord homosexual
00:48:04VanillaThunder no tzp..
00:48:34yeW- nuke
00:48:35yeW- tide?
00:48:37yeW- use gush?
00:48:43yeW- o
00:48:44Rotkiv cansomeone buy me tp
00:48:51DeMiaN go push
00:48:53DeMiaN pl got aegys
00:49:06DeMiaN go mid ?
00:49:10DeMiaN def bot be4
00:49:18Firelord0.1 lol
00:49:22VanillaThunder all mid
00:49:24yeW- -ma
00:49:24fUNCh 900 to hex
00:49:42DeMiaN i'm fullbuild and bored
00:49:43DeMiaN go mid
00:49:58Firelord0.1 cd
00:50:00Firelord0.1 ulti
00:50:08Buttons gewm on veno
00:50:18DeMiaN now go
00:50:27fUNCh i go def
00:50:29fUNCh or
00:50:30yeW- k def top
00:50:31yeW- ye
00:50:32yeW- def top
00:50:56DeMiaN FFS
00:51:15creeeeeee kill gem
00:51:16VanillaThunder gem
00:51:17creeeeeee KILL GEM
00:51:21creeeeeee omg
00:51:49Firelord0.1 i take radi ?
00:51:55VanillaThunder buy bot all
00:51:58Buttons ac
00:52:06creeeeeee we have ac
00:52:13Firelord0.1 shiva
00:52:16creeeeeee y
00:52:47yeW- b
00:52:49VanillaThunder no
00:53:31Firelord0.1 base
00:53:42yeW- -ms
00:53:44yeW- 100 xD
00:54:24DeMiaN bot
00:54:28VanillaThunder b
00:54:32yeW- go b
00:54:54yeW- tp top someone
00:54:55Buttons wp pit
00:55:12yeW- jesus fuckin christ, buy tps
00:55:42VanillaThunder so slow rly
00:55:43yeW- tide
00:55:48yeW- sell that bracer n get a tp
00:56:01Firelord0.1 all ss
00:57:17yeW- TIDE
00:57:47yeW- tp arc
00:58:03Firelord0.1 god
00:58:27yeW- ye or go top
00:58:29yeW- same shit
00:58:37VanillaThunder omg ur so bad rly
00:58:47creeeeeee -st
00:59:01Firelord0.1 take some travelboots
00:59:11yeW- get skadi
00:59:11yeW- last
00:59:25VanillaThunder need gem
00:59:26yeW- tide
00:59:28yeW- can u make vlads?
00:59:38yeW- belka, can you do vladimir
00:59:45yeW- someone tell him in russian
00:59:45yeW- pls
00:59:46Belka ok
00:59:49yeW- klkl
01:00:00Buttons items
01:00:03DeMiaN let's push ?
01:00:09yeW- ye
01:00:16fUNCh mjoll bASE
01:00:17fUNCh sec
01:00:48yeW- xD
01:00:53yeW- stay together!!
01:01:09yeW- tide
01:01:11yeW- wtf u doin
01:01:12yeW- b pls
01:01:12yeW- b
01:01:14yeW- b from bot
01:01:35VanillaThunder guys...
01:01:41yeW- what do i get
01:01:42Buttons smoke or smth?
01:01:45yeW- instead of vg
01:01:46VanillaThunder hot
01:01:48yeW- crit?
01:02:20VanillaThunder gg
01:03:09Firelord0.1 bounty
01:03:12Firelord0.1 why
01:03:16Firelord0.1 u didnt killed pl
01:03:17yeW- got it
01:03:24Firelord0.1 me and linon was behind him
01:03:48Pufff-Reis BH OMG
01:03:56creeeeeee YES
01:03:57creeeeeee OMG
01:04:00creeeeeee WORLD WILL END
01:04:03yeW- xD
01:04:12yeW- in a week as a matter of fact
01:04:23Firelord0.1 i tp
01:04:25VanillaThunder all bot now
01:04:29Firelord0.1 stay gond
01:04:29Firelord0.1 i tp
01:04:29creeeeeee k
01:04:29VanillaThunder go invo
01:04:29DeMiaN Asaxa
01:04:47Buttons go
01:04:47Firelord0.1 god
01:04:47Buttons necro
01:04:47creeeeeee fs
01:04:47Buttons wtf
01:04:47creeeeeee gogo arc
01:04:47Buttons invo go
01:04:47Buttons veno
01:04:47Buttons ?
01:04:47Pufff-Reis y
01:04:47Firelord0.1 go rax ?
01:04:47VanillaThunder tp bot
01:04:47creeeeeee no
01:04:47VanillaThunder yew
01:04:47creeeeeee lets kill
01:04:47Firelord0.1 i go rax
01:04:47VanillaThunder try rax
01:04:47creeeeeee only 1 dead
01:04:47creeeeeee u can go
01:04:47VanillaThunder we deff
01:04:47fUNCh i come too
01:04:47yeW- they're all missin
01:04:47Buttons care
01:04:47fUNCh if i survive
01:04:47Buttons @ botlane
01:04:47yeW- i'll wait til i see em
01:04:47Firelord0.1 im not so fast as u
01:04:47Buttons have t[
01:04:47yeW- oh they're there?
01:04:47Buttons t
01:04:47Buttons p
01:04:47Firelord0.1 same
01:04:47creeeeeee can tp also
01:04:47fUNCh top almost all imo
01:04:47VanillaThunder y
01:04:47fUNCh mby necro not
01:04:47creeeeeee its np
01:04:47yeW- k
01:04:47yeW- necro is np
01:04:47yeW- gah
01:04:47yeW- dazzle went emo
01:04:47Firelord0.1 maybe after kill try midrax
01:04:47yeW- belka, got that vlads?
01:04:47VanillaThunder u got buyback so tra it
01:04:47Pufff-Reis ncice gold bh
01:04:47Buttons where's
01:04:47Buttons yew
01:04:47VanillaThunder try*
01:04:47creeeeeee -st
01:04:47yeW- i dont think i do
01:04:47Firelord0.1 puff buy some travelboots ?
01:04:47VanillaThunder what?
01:04:47yeW- i'd say bo is about 1800
01:04:47Firelord0.1 ?
01:04:47Pufff-Reis rebuy money
01:04:47yeW- i only got 2.1k
01:04:47VanillaThunder u will get the gold by pushing i think
01:04:47Buttons who goes
01:04:47yeW- lets hope so
01:04:47yeW- ^^
01:04:47VanillaThunder y :D
01:04:47VanillaThunder they are 4 now so mby it works
01:04:47Firelord0.1 looks like necro
01:04:47Firelord0.1 i think
01:04:47Pufff-Reis i go
01:04:47yeW- oh
01:04:47yeW- we get
01:04:47yeW- the gold
01:04:47yeW- from teamsell
01:04:47Firelord0.1 u go ??!!
01:04:47yeW- anyways
01:04:47Pufff-Reis y
01:04:47VanillaThunder y
01:04:47Buttons we can end
01:04:47Buttons in 5m
01:04:47yeW- except
01:04:47yeW- he's dead
01:04:47yeW- xD
01:04:47fUNCh :D::D
01:04:47yeW- darn it
01:04:47creeeeeee but we need you
01:04:47creeeeeee puff
01:04:47Firelord0.1 i have no use for ur items
01:04:47Pufff-Reis i am noob
01:04:47Firelord0.1 need u puff
01:04:47creeeeeee -.-
01:04:47yeW- so long rotkiv
01:04:47fUNCh cree
01:04:47fUNCh ära mind tapa siis
01:04:47creeeeeee k
01:04:47Buttons FL
01:04:47Buttons r u about to die
01:04:47fUNCh muidu mul juut seljataga lubas sulle ära teha kohe
01:04:49Pufff-Reis necro
01:04:49creeeeeee yew is mid here
01:04:49Firelord0.1 there is a veno
01:04:49VanillaThunder tp now
01:04:49yeW- yee
01:04:49yeW- jhust gettin some mana
01:04:49Pufff-Reis go veno
01:04:49creeeeeee kill it
01:04:49creeeeeee use shiva
01:04:49yeW- n i'll tp
01:04:49VanillaThunder no now
01:04:49Pufff-Reis i dagger
01:04:49yeW- kk
01:04:49VanillaThunder all top
01:04:49Firelord0.1 used already
01:04:49yeW- go on rotkiv
01:04:49creeeeeee k
01:04:49Firelord0.1 but have hex
01:04:49yeW- NECRO
01:04:49yeW- GO
01:04:49Firelord0.1 ????
01:04:49creeeeeee play necro also
01:04:49VanillaThunder ffs
01:04:49yeW- z_z_z_z_z_z_z_z
01:04:49yeW- -afk
01:04:49Firelord0.1 -afk
01:04:49Pufff-Reis -
01:05:12creeeeeee DONT SKIP
01:05:57VanillaThunder gg
01:06:12VanillaThunder gg
01:06:12VanillaThunder :d
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