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Chat log

00:00:24FoxManiDou i give furi !
00:00:24fUNCh nope
00:00:24fUNCh my furi
00:00:24fUNCh ja karm
00:00:24Buttons weaver is fucking sexy now
00:00:24fUNCh edgar savipadaga pole mänginud enam
00:00:24fUNCh väga kaua
00:00:24karm funch, sul mingi uus kasutaja?
00:00:24fUNCh :D
00:00:24karm :D
00:00:24fUNCh mhm
00:00:24karm mis kasutaja
00:00:24karm tegid uue vai said mingi ?
00:00:24fUNCh nevermoreqq
00:00:24fUNCh uue
00:00:24Buttons give wl pls
00:00:24FoxManiDou warlock
00:00:24Buttons ban invo
00:00:24Buttons + go
00:00:24yeW- wishes
00:00:24FoxManiDou bann
00:00:24yeW- etc etc
00:00:24fUNCh ban krobe
00:00:24fUNCh get wl
00:00:24fUNCh imo
00:00:24bragh wl if they don't ban it
00:00:24Buttons krobe is nothing
00:00:24karm miks sa uue tegid? many good heroes
00:00:24yeW- i cant leave it unbanned tho
00:00:24yeW- :D
00:00:24fUNCh müüsin ju 10 euri eest maha kõik kulla
00:00:24fUNCh :D but i always lose when i play invoker
00:00:24fUNCh suht nüri acc oli
00:00:24bragh why not? you're fp
00:00:24yeW- he is
00:00:24fUNCh nüüd hea div1 uuesti farmida kulda
00:00:24karm uus on ju sama nüri :D
00:00:24bragh ah shit
00:00:24karm lol
00:00:24yeW- xD
00:00:24bragh he is : |
00:00:24fUNCh plaanis oli multiboostida
00:00:24yeW- i'll ban invo
00:00:24fUNCh aga pole viitsinud veel
00:00:24fUNCh või noh
00:00:24fUNCh ühe multi tegin :D
00:00:24yeW- i think mm
00:00:24fUNCh aga läks kasutaja ja password meelest :D if they wont ban wl
00:00:24fUNCh ja email millega regasin oli ka uus
00:00:24karm sa oled varsti div2 ja jälle perses :D
00:00:24fUNCh ja too läks ka meelest
00:00:24fUNCh :D:D:D:
00:00:24fUNCh ma lvl20 seal
00:00:24mrk silence
00:00:24yeW- w
00:00:24fUNCh sitaks aega
00:00:24yeW- l
00:00:24yeW- w
00:00:24yeW- wl
00:00:24karm noh 4 levelit ainult eel they go butcher imo
00:00:28yeW- he goes furi
00:00:32yeW- for funch
00:00:38yeW- or not
00:00:39yeW- xD hmm
00:00:41fUNCh mrk
00:00:42fUNCh rly ? u go furi
00:00:43mrk kes selle võttis and
00:00:45fUNCh vaja nussida ? go my invo fucker
00:01:06mrk -swap 2
00:01:09mrk -swap 1
00:01:13bragh the fuck to take now
00:01:17bragh ?
00:01:18fUNCh pole suurem asi weaveri vend
00:01:19karm all carry team pls
00:01:26yeW- lich/roof/dp krobe always good hiiro
00:01:36bragh oh we have aleks
00:01:42bragh oh
00:01:53fUNCh me and karm top
00:02:00Aleks875 aleks play so much better u idiot
00:02:04Aleks875 so stfu bob
00:02:05fUNCh or well
00:02:08fUNCh fucked up lanes anyhow and still is so shit player so stfu bob
00:02:17yeW- why is he talkin bout himself at the 3d person? xD
00:02:19mrk its fiiine
00:02:33Aleks875 cose u stupid
00:02:33bragh because he is russian, they don't have pronouns for first person
00:02:37Buttons go early end pls
00:02:40fUNCh sul peab väga imba weaver olema
00:02:42Aleks875 estonia shit
00:02:43Buttons don't sit with ur dicks in ur hands
00:02:44fUNCh et ära võita seda
00:02:47Buttons in forest or smth lal
00:02:49karm we dont have push team
00:02:51karm dude
00:02:51mrk mingi esimest korda üle aasta
00:02:51Buttons lol
00:02:52mrk vasgt
00:02:52yeW- ^^
00:02:53Buttons don't have push team
00:02:57mrk share
00:02:58mrk share
00:02:58bragh i can speak russian, you can't speak estonian our country rocks times more than urs cunt
00:02:59yeW- b
00:03:06Buttons nw
00:03:10bragh so
00:03:13Aleks875 ur conuntry suck dick
00:03:13karm u are wanting to push against invoker, krobe
00:03:14karm -ma
00:03:15mrk müts on peas jälle
00:03:18Aleks875 nothing in world
00:03:19karm prophet well russians
00:03:31Buttons u want to go late vs invo void furi etc? i hope those chinese come over those borders faster
00:03:41mrk ???
00:03:43mrk not allowed
00:03:48Buttons tru dat
00:03:54yeW- 'tiz
00:03:57mrk go rmk
00:04:21fUNCh purpose creepblock ?
00:04:28yeW- ye nüüd tagasi viper oli kaugel
00:05:02bragh yeah spamm
00:05:12Buttons trellen
00:05:13Buttons regen her
00:05:14Buttons e
00:05:24mrk up chick
00:06:02yeW- ping
00:06:03yeW- for gang
00:06:06karm nüüd
00:06:07karm kui tulevad
00:06:08karm killime hes gone
00:06:36fUNCh hea hook block
00:06:53karm sorry freekill canu help hiom? duh Karm rebib
00:07:57FoxManiDou REXX
00:08:01FoxManiDou omg
00:08:03karm -ma
00:08:50yeW- ss
00:08:55yeW- wever
00:09:00yeW- re
00:09:09Buttons rune
00:09:57yeW- ss
00:09:58mrk go krobe
00:10:32FoxManiDou omg
00:10:51mrk up chick pls
00:11:01Aleks875 always 3 bot wtf
00:11:33yeW- cmon lic
00:11:35yeW- lich
00:11:35yeW- rofl
00:11:54mrk loll
00:12:18fUNCh millega müts tuleb ?
00:12:21fUNCh -st
00:12:28mrk killstreakiga
00:12:53Aleks875 go
00:12:58yeW- go puge
00:13:52Aleks875 i cant farm
00:13:57Aleks875 cos eu suck all sides rofl
00:14:03yeW- xD god this russianf ag
00:14:13Aleks875 bot was ganged all time
00:14:31mrk wait me
00:14:32mrk n kill
00:14:40FoxManiDou w8
00:14:54yeW- b
00:14:54yeW- jesus
00:14:55yeW- cmon
00:14:56mrk dont ult roof
00:15:01mrk zz
00:15:06yeW- go puge
00:15:07FoxManiDou np man
00:15:09FoxManiDou :s
00:16:09yeW- b
00:16:10yeW- go im oom so
00:16:10yeW- b
00:16:16fUNCh tra sa teed
00:16:17bragh lul
00:16:19bragh lucky
00:16:24Buttons oudge
00:16:25Aleks875 all up
00:16:31fUNCh tp cd
00:16:43mrk GO
00:17:07FoxManiDou gj
00:17:33FoxManiDou yy
00:17:57FoxManiDou gg
00:18:15mrk ult rex
00:18:18Buttons 4
00:18:23mrk before
00:18:24mrk u shoulda ulted
00:18:26mrk i mena
00:18:30mrk not now
00:18:38Buttons 2 just went
00:18:39Buttons why not go
00:18:40Buttons now
00:18:55fUNCh useless team is useless ales u first we cast blegh
00:20:16mrk miks te jooksete
00:20:19mrk kui krobe/lich divevad
00:20:20mrk alla
00:20:22mrk viper :D
00:20:28mrk roof where were u
00:20:29fUNCh nah keegi ei aita
00:20:31fUNCh teen hoogi
00:20:34fUNCh vennad passivad toweri all
00:20:38mrk stop being so afraid you all
00:20:48mrk im with 350hp much further than u guys idiots.
00:21:40mrk GO ULT
00:21:42Buttons cd
00:22:04yeW- b bleka
00:22:05yeW- lol
00:22:15mrk zzz
00:22:21mrk again
00:22:22mrk too afraid
00:22:59mrk las ma võtan
00:22:59mrk 500g
00:23:04yeW- belka
00:23:05yeW- get eul
00:23:17yeW- eul's scepter of divinity
00:23:21yeW- and use it on yourself
00:23:23yeW- when you ulti care
00:24:45mrk b
00:24:45mrk b
00:24:45mrk b
00:25:06fUNCh viper
00:25:07fUNCh lothar
00:25:08fUNCh ja gem
00:25:09fUNCh plz
00:25:14karm lothar?
00:25:23mrk ROOF WHY U RUN
00:25:25mrk PLS
00:25:40yeW- go
00:25:46mrk stop being so fucking afraid
00:26:01yeW- aleks feel free to join
00:26:05fUNCh Wtf
00:26:06Buttons wjhy
00:26:07Buttons roof
00:26:08Buttons fucking
00:26:08Buttons runs
00:26:29yeW- aleks
00:26:29yeW- go
00:26:30yeW- roof
00:26:30yeW- i tp
00:26:41mrk furi
00:26:49Aleks875 i solo
00:26:50Aleks875 X
00:26:52karm ta ei killi mind oma lv1 dagoniga :p kk u solo then. 1 hit :DD Neeger ime seda
00:27:26fUNCh mõttetu team
00:27:31yeW- hook's cd
00:27:33yeW- lowered? dno mby
00:27:44bragh where?
00:27:52yeW- we need to stick
00:28:04yeW- void get dmg not fuckin agha
00:28:05yeW- zz
00:28:10yeW- b belka
00:28:17Aleks875 aghanim good for team ye but ur not there for team
00:28:24bragh refresher good
00:28:30bragh even better for team
00:28:54Aleks875 soon aghabin
00:28:57Aleks875 then go mid
00:29:15yeW- why do they se
00:29:17yeW- e me dno thats wierd indeed
00:29:25fUNCh scepter void
00:29:26fUNCh by aleks
00:29:27yeW- earlier too
00:29:34Buttons how much it increases duration by
00:29:37fUNCh 1sec
00:29:40Buttons lol
00:29:47bragh well gg i can't initiate and void not here
00:30:02mrk jesus roof
00:30:05FoxManiDou ?
00:30:09yeW- pudge sentries
00:30:10yeW- i guess
00:30:25Aleks875 go mid now
00:30:29fUNCh kill
00:30:30fUNCh ward
00:30:41yeW- k
00:30:42yeW- fuck me
00:30:47bragh yes
00:31:27yeW- b
00:31:55fUNCh furi
00:31:56mrk furi
00:31:57mrk z
00:32:02fUNCh this guy
00:32:03fUNCh wtf
00:32:09fUNCh told him furi there
00:32:12fUNCh he goes suicide
00:32:16Buttons dude i moved straight away u fucktard
00:32:22mrk not really
00:32:25mrk he was there
00:32:26mrk went lothar
00:32:27Aleks875 gogog
00:32:28Aleks875 mid
00:32:28mrk 2 ways he could og
00:32:34Buttons fair enough
00:32:38karm sec
00:32:39karm base
00:32:41yeW- get armlet
00:32:41yeW- voi
00:33:04FoxManiDou GG
00:33:41FoxManiDou push mid
00:33:43yeW- srsly
00:33:45yeW- karm fed
00:33:47yeW- what a joke
00:33:48yeW- xD
00:33:51mrk no dont
00:33:53Aleks875 ult rdy it is.
00:34:08FoxManiDou to mouni ths giagia s
00:34:13yeW- -ma
00:34:16fUNCh -st
00:34:16bragh rosh?
00:34:24yeW- belka
00:34:26yeW- aleks
00:34:26yeW- pls
00:34:28yeW- tell in russian
00:34:33yeW- tell belka
00:34:33FoxManiDou push down
00:34:34FoxManiDou all
00:34:35yeW- to get eul
00:34:44bragh belka eul sabirai
00:34:53bragh stroitel u first
00:35:14mrk b
00:36:16Aleks875 u need push meteor
00:36:21Aleks875 when i ult them rofl u need to ult them not 1
00:37:02fUNCh smoke mid
00:37:22Aleks875 go push mid
00:37:32yeW- if u dont ulti
00:37:33yeW- weaver
00:37:37yeW- we might as well back
00:37:38yeW- void
00:37:43fUNCh imo nägin wardi
00:37:44karm vunts
00:37:45karm sec
00:38:04mrk 4 guys
00:38:05mrk standing
00:38:16mrk with 2 ults to disable attacking
00:38:17mrk + hook
00:38:22yeW- tay b
00:38:23yeW- stay b mrk, ma ei tea Mõtle kui lahe oleks kui Void suudaks rohkem kui 1he kinni püüda
00:39:23mrk pls pay more attention next time
00:39:29mrk we woulda got rax there if i survived chrono
00:39:32fUNCh poleks saanud ära hookida sind
00:39:37mrk roof/rex
00:39:38fUNCh liiga palju jobikaid oli ees
00:39:39Buttons lol
00:39:40Buttons l2p
00:39:50Buttons srsly man
00:39:54Buttons the rangei on ulti
00:39:56Buttons isn't 3k
00:40:01mrk exactly
00:40:03mrk dont be so far away
00:40:07Buttons i was on edge of chrono
00:40:12Buttons uy want me to waste ulti on just void
00:40:13Buttons sure..
00:40:15mrk yes?
00:40:17mrk i woulda survived lol
00:40:26mrk cd tp
00:40:30yeW- b
00:40:45Aleks875 love this fat gay
00:40:54Aleks875 guy
00:41:08yeW- get him
00:41:09yeW- got hex
00:41:13bragh love this eurobattle alex
00:41:24Buttons dunno what that means
00:41:31Aleks875 me too
00:41:32Aleks875 XD
00:41:36yeW- all to me
00:41:38yeW- i have smoke
00:41:39yeW- come
00:41:56yeW- jum
00:42:02yeW- cmon
00:42:02Aleks875 y
00:42:03yeW- so slow
00:42:09yeW- god
00:42:09bragh tard
00:42:13mrk yeah
00:42:14mrk go ult him then
00:42:14bragh eurobattle
00:42:15bragh garena
00:42:15mrk he was alone
00:42:17FoxManiDou care
00:42:32mrk miks sa hookid voidi :D
00:42:44mrk ho god
00:42:46fUNCh oleks ära tapnud kui oleks jõudnud ultida
00:42:46mrk ff
00:42:46mrk ggwp
00:43:09mrk roof get 1 thing in ur head
00:43:11mrk never be afraid
00:43:12mrk never run
00:43:17mrk if u see teammates in dangerzone
00:43:20mrk stay there and help im winnning with invoker the fuck
00:43:23mrk incase fight starts
00:43:46Aleks875 b
00:43:47Aleks875 b
00:44:52mrk care void imbad itemid funch, ;D
00:45:06mrk ULT HIM REX
00:45:07mrk WTF
00:45:07fUNCh soloward
00:45:16Buttons lol
00:45:20fUNCh ja alguses võeti kõik kilid ära Nagu ikka .gc-s
00:45:24Buttons ulti him for you to do like 3dps
00:45:36fUNCh olek eest tulnud viper
00:45:39fUNCh oleks hookinud
00:45:41fUNCh ja ära canceldanud
00:45:46mrk he used mom
00:45:53mrk + he couldnt have ultid himself
00:45:56mrk + we coulda ran
00:45:58Buttons n
00:46:01Buttons they all come
00:46:03Buttons pudge pussying out
00:46:08Buttons noone wants to push here
00:46:14mrk we shouldnt have been there in the first place
00:46:15mrk as i said
00:46:38karm nice
00:46:41karm rexxar ultied
00:46:41Buttons come
00:46:42Buttons u cunt
00:46:43karm for the first time
00:46:44karm :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:46:59karm gem
00:47:00karm on krobe
00:47:12fUNCh rex
00:47:12mrk ROFL
00:47:13mrk REX
00:47:13fUNCh just watched
00:47:14fUNCh :D
00:47:27fUNCh oeh
00:47:29fUNCh this team
00:47:29fUNCh fff
00:47:30fUNCh f
00:47:31fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:47:32Buttons he shud have died
00:47:34Buttons to those axes
00:47:40mrk he should have died
00:47:44mrk but u missed atleast 3 autoattacks
00:47:44mrk :S we need void to get some dmg
00:47:46karm he could have died if u did hit him and it would be easy as hell
00:47:55Buttons fro
00:47:56Aleks875 we won already
00:48:06bragh did we already kill throne?
00:48:09FoxManiDou gem
00:48:10FoxManiDou gem
00:48:12fUNCh wtf
00:48:12bragh oh wait, no we didn't
00:48:13fUNCh why
00:48:14fUNCh why
00:48:14fUNCh why
00:48:15Buttons he comes
00:48:16fUNCh why
00:48:16bragh oh wait, no we haven't won yet
00:48:16Buttons to tp back for it
00:48:18Buttons fagrat
00:48:21mrk THEN PICK IT UP
00:48:23Buttons n
00:48:24Buttons u
00:48:24mrk WE NEED IT ASWELL ROFL alex the thing is after battles their carryes are alive ours arent meaning they farm we're not
00:49:05Aleks875 go bot and finish rax kk
00:49:28yeW- go
00:49:41mrk GO FAST
00:49:43mrk BEFORE BASE
00:49:48yeW- lol funch's items.
00:49:50mrk OGOGOGOG
00:50:46fUNCh bd ?
00:50:51karm kinda
00:50:57yeW- gem
00:51:05karm tegelt ma ei vaadanud :D
00:51:10yeW- go
00:51:17Buttons mb stop this
00:51:18Buttons u retardds
00:51:26karm can u please stop this flaming
00:51:33karm and go learn to play or smt
00:51:34yeW- pudge there well aniways gj with the rax
00:51:38bragh lul, sul hex oli cd's/
00:51:39yeW- ye igast asjad väntasin niggerile peale
00:51:52bragh : ( linken ka veel
00:51:59bragh aah
00:52:01bragh yeah we need to be as team not that belka gets initiated at their base and the rest is is behind triying to do something stick ffs
00:52:32bragh ffs
00:52:37bragh void cyka
00:52:49yeW- omg
00:52:52yeW- ur items beka not omg actually he soloed funch alrdy
00:53:09mrk roof agian with em :D
00:53:10mrk ur too far
00:53:11mrk form the team
00:53:17yeW- funch got no items
00:53:19FoxManiDou tower heal
00:53:21mrk we need to fight
00:53:21Aleks875 go
00:53:22mrk before base
00:53:24Aleks875 i jump
00:53:26mrk who cares tower heal :P god yew ffs
00:53:52mrk B BASE
00:53:55yeW- this idiot imprisons me
00:53:56yeW- xD
00:54:05Aleks875 u dead anyway
00:54:06Aleks875 idiot
00:54:09bragh he is texas ranger "That" idiot who got imprisoned was out of position
00:54:13bragh he likes to put people in prison
00:54:40yeW- belka sny is very pointless on void alex
00:54:44yeW- u makin bkb or agha? mom insta crits or battlefury
00:54:51bragh tp is
00:55:07yeW- lmao xD
00:55:14bragh man
00:55:18bragh i already used nova on weaver
00:55:21bragh you can disable her qq this alex is loosing it so bad
00:56:11bragh so go top with 5?
00:56:12yeW- ye game that was supposed to end 10 mins ago or more
00:57:22Buttons goi roof
00:57:32Buttons im going
00:57:32bragh NAISSSSS
00:57:32Buttons ffs come
00:57:33Buttons u cuntr GO VOID FFS Gg gg ff
00:58:28bragh void i hope many strong dicks in your anus long time
00:58:28yeW- xD
00:58:32fUNCh mul laggab ?
00:58:37karm yes
00:58:43fUNCh unreal
00:58:50bragh ward Loteriia
00:58:54bragh ward
00:58:57mrk ggwp
00:58:58mrk I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:59:01Buttons I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:04karm I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge] Void täielik mauk
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