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95% | 1716 X | 1498 TS

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Chat log

00:00:14yeW- belka, don't go pl pls
00:00:14Tough yew
00:00:15Tough :D
00:00:15yeW- pls
00:00:17yeW- -clear
00:00:17yeW- hi emo tough
00:00:17Impressed -clear
00:00:17Tough emo? :D
00:00:17yeW- want ur nub slark
00:00:17yeW- ?
00:00:17Tough why?:D
00:00:17Tough y :p
00:00:17creeeeeee ban ursa please
00:00:17BACKENiZER- ban lich
00:00:17yeW- snipster
00:00:17marsbar2k slark u mean
00:00:17creeeeeee he wont slark
00:00:17marsbar2k tough goes slark
00:00:17Tough why emo ? :D
00:00:17creeeeeee ou
00:00:17creeeeeee yea
00:00:17yeW- dunno
00:00:17marsbar2k is it 1-2 ?
00:00:17yeW- ^^
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17Tough good game
00:00:17marsbar2k what say u
00:00:17creeeeeee about?
00:00:17yeW- ye too bad we had the biggest whiner cunt
00:00:17marsbar2k slark goes
00:00:17marsbar2k ?
00:00:17creeeeeee hmm
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17yeW- aka laier
00:00:17creeeeeee deem hard choice :D
00:00:17Tough what u go
00:00:17creeeeeee dno if yew
00:00:17creeeeeee can resist
00:00:17Tough if slark bannend?
00:00:17marsbar2k slark
00:00:17marsbar2k Suck me
00:00:17creeeeeee not picking ursa or huskar
00:00:17Tough y
00:00:17marsbar2k :D
00:00:17Tough suck u
00:00:21marsbar2k go ursa biatc
00:00:24BACKENiZER- hmm me lycan
00:00:25Tough u go mid?
00:00:34yeW- chill, that was the plan
00:00:34marsbar2k i go sven
00:00:37marsbar2k get a mid hero someone
00:00:38Tough u go mid
00:00:40Tough ?
00:00:42creeeeeee hmm
00:00:43yeW- ye i think
00:00:45Tough k
00:00:47yeW- lich wud b nice
00:00:49Tough I GET AXEEEEEEEe
00:00:50yeW- lich dazzle
00:00:51yeW- -clear
00:00:56Impressed ursa banned? ;S
00:00:56InDaHouse he banned ursa? O.o
00:00:59Tough LICH
00:01:02Multi_Ljep who banned slark and sniper?
00:01:04Tough GET LCIHC
00:01:05Tough LICH
00:01:07Tough LKICH
00:01:07yeW- no he did not
00:01:08Tough LICH
00:01:08Laier captains mby
00:01:09marsbar2k the captains
00:01:09Tough LICH
00:01:12creeeeeee captains or what?
00:01:13marsbar2k xD
00:01:14BACKENiZER- me lycan
00:01:15Tough dazzle <33
00:01:15yeW- he just said ursa
00:01:16yeW- after
00:01:18Multi_Ljep whos banned
00:01:19yeW- which changed his ban
00:01:20yeW- -clear
00:01:21marsbar2k slark
00:01:23InDaHouse okok
00:01:23Multi_Ljep k
00:01:23marsbar2k slark
00:01:26marsbar2k cant change
00:01:27marsbar2k Wierd
00:01:32yeW- ye too late
00:01:33Tough dazzle with me
00:01:33Tough <3
00:01:33yeW- strom afk?
00:01:34creeeeeee i change
00:01:36marsbar2k laier we go top
00:01:42yeW- I mean creee
00:01:42yeW- ^^
00:01:44Laier y
00:01:50creeeeeee !BANNED: Dwarven Sniper & Slark
00:01:55Multi_Ljep mars
00:01:57Multi_Ljep am i bot?
00:02:02marsbar2k gues so
00:02:02yeW- i've never seen u pla
00:02:04yeW- y
00:02:05Multi_Ljep k
00:02:07yeW- support
00:02:09yeW- impressed
00:02:10Multi_Ljep we can trilane top
00:02:11Multi_Ljep ?
00:02:11yeW- -clear
00:02:13Impressed -clear
00:02:15Impressed haha :D
00:02:16Multi_Ljep i deny and pull and gank
00:02:16yeW- n now with ur mate two games in a row
00:02:16yeW- :D
00:02:16Multi_Ljep etc
00:02:17marsbar2k and leave belka alone :s ?
00:02:21Multi_Ljep a
00:02:21yeW- cocksucker much
00:02:21Multi_Ljep ah
00:02:24creeeeeee lich bot is best
00:02:28creeeeeee eat creeps all the time
00:02:31creeeeeee + pullward
00:02:34BACKENiZER- belka xD
00:02:36creeeeeee n they cant do much
00:02:36Impressed my carries is too good
00:02:38yeW- -ma
00:02:44yeW- oh ye
00:02:45Impressed gotta relax
00:02:46Tough 4 range
00:02:46Tough :D
00:02:46yeW- too good is the word :(
00:02:47yeW- -clear
00:02:51yeW- -ma
00:02:53InDaHouse -clear
00:02:55InDaHouse -fish
00:02:58creeeeeee !All BANNED
00:03:03BACKENiZER- -fish?
00:03:05BACKENiZER- -fish
00:03:10InDaHouse trollolol
00:03:11BACKENiZER- -ma
00:03:14Tough _DD
00:03:22Multi_Ljep all banned
00:03:24Multi_Ljep :)
00:03:25InDaHouse ? O.o
00:03:25marsbar2k :(
00:03:28BACKENiZER- -ma
00:03:29Tough who? :D
00:03:31BACKENiZER- -clear
00:03:49Laier fuck dude
00:03:50Laier my bad
00:03:51creeeeeee !
00:03:54Laier was eating sandwitchj
00:04:02marsbar2k :D
00:04:25Laier wp yew
00:04:26yeW- gah wasnt watchin :D
00:04:51Tough gj
00:05:02Tough ursa u dont go bottle right?
00:05:07yeW- nope
00:05:11Tough good man
00:05:14Multi_Ljep ty
00:05:18marsbar2k oom
00:05:27yeW- CARE TOP
00:06:00Tough go
00:06:02Tough next wave
00:06:04Impressed y
00:06:19Tough gj
00:06:20Impressed u2
00:06:23Laier belka doing hes thing
00:06:58yeW- gj laier
00:07:05Laier y
00:07:07Laier keep talking fag
00:07:19Tough RUN
00:07:32Laier sure
00:07:41creeeeeee :D
00:08:00Tough coming
00:08:20InDaHouse ss 1
00:08:24InDaHouse sorry for late ^^
00:08:39yeW- up courier dazzle!!!
00:08:44Impressed yy
00:09:09marsbar2k ss2
00:10:02Tough gj
00:10:15Impressed u2
00:10:18Tough taj
00:11:29InDaHouse ajndkaksdk
00:11:34yeW- fool xD
00:11:43InDaHouse pussywanker arrow
00:11:44creeeeeee dd
00:11:45InDaHouse -st
00:13:06yeW- zzz
00:13:08yeW- make fim ly
00:13:10yeW- him fly
00:13:12BACKENiZER- he cant fly
00:15:29marsbar2k all lanes out of controll
00:15:33Laier lost game
00:15:35marsbar2k with such early game
00:15:36marsbar2k hero
00:15:45creeeeeee mid was np
00:15:52creeeeeee but then he got feeded
00:15:56creeeeeee as you see
00:15:58InDaHouse lol
00:15:59yeW- lmao
00:16:01yeW- 2nd time
00:16:02InDaHouse sorry
00:16:16Multi_Ljep dust
00:16:17Multi_Ljep care
00:16:52yeW- arrow?
00:16:55InDaHouse cd
00:17:08Laier you can ff now
00:17:46Tough 200 for dagger
00:17:51yeW- woods
00:17:52yeW- it
00:17:52yeW- then
00:17:53Tough i got so muching fucking farm
00:18:11Tough 1 cS
00:18:14InDaHouse -st
00:18:15Laier i got boots :o
00:18:19Tough FUICK U
00:18:29Laier will rosh soon
00:18:43creeeeeee he is there
00:18:43creeeeeee now
00:18:53Laier what you doing top then
00:19:47Tough TEAM SO SLOW
00:20:05BACKENiZER- laier sup
00:20:10Laier you too good
00:20:12Laier cant handle
00:20:17BACKENiZER- must be
00:20:40yeW- armlet?
00:20:54Laier rosh up
00:20:54Laier camp
00:20:55Laier for yew
00:21:47Tough tell me how?
00:21:51Laier BRAINS
00:21:51creeeeeee i die
00:21:59Tough bp
00:22:02Tough :D
00:22:15Laier yew there
00:22:19creeeeeee there went my relic
00:22:21creeeeeee :)
00:22:29Multi_Ljep go
00:22:39Multi_Ljep he has no ulti
00:22:40Multi_Ljep i think
00:22:59Laier ult
00:23:01Laier :D:D:D:D
00:23:27Laier FRAGI
00:23:55BACKENiZER- belka you mad bro?
00:24:14Laier =DDDD
00:24:15BACKENiZER- rofl
00:24:16Laier YEWED
00:24:37Laier faill
00:24:51creeeeeee what is fail?
00:24:54Laier you
00:24:55Laier almost
00:24:56creeeeeee that he jumped over me?
00:24:57Laier xD
00:25:22Laier we got it from your mama
00:25:28yeW- what? xD
00:25:31Laier penis :<
00:26:02Laier gooo
00:26:03Laier gang
00:26:16Laier come bot
00:26:16Laier all
00:26:18Laier asap
00:26:23yeW- all inc bt
00:26:36yeW- go
00:26:42Laier not anymore
00:26:54Tough im b
00:26:56creeeeeee sek
00:26:58creeeeeee i get that radi
00:28:04Laier care top
00:28:36marsbar2k dis lich ultis :D
00:29:00yeW- xd
00:30:39yeW- go i tp
00:31:06Tough b
00:31:06Tough b
00:31:06Tough b
00:31:07Tough b
00:31:08marsbar2k Haxor
00:31:14InDaHouse hehe
00:31:22Laier waaai
00:31:23Laier t
00:31:24Multi_Ljep ?
00:31:27Laier goooo
00:32:18Laier y
00:32:19Laier chase
00:32:21Laier when top rax goes
00:32:34marsbar2k hello
00:32:36Tough dazzle
00:32:43Tough i dont want to tell u how uto play dazzle
00:32:50Tough buit get port^^
00:32:55Tough they got one disabler
00:33:22Laier up?
00:33:54Laier go
00:33:54Laier go
00:33:55Laier go
00:34:03yeW- lal
00:34:11marsbar2k rosh mb
00:34:12Tough yew`
00:34:13Tough ?
00:34:17Tough b
00:34:17Tough b
00:34:19creeeeeee ye
00:34:19creeeeeee get it
00:34:25InDaHouse -st
00:34:39Laier axe blink
00:34:40Laier we dead
00:34:46marsbar2k heakl
00:34:47marsbar2k on me
00:34:54Multi_Ljep kILLL
00:35:18Multi_Ljep cheese
00:35:20yeW- cheese
00:35:21yeW- mra
00:35:48marsbar2k get a freaking ghost staff
00:35:55InDaHouse me b
00:35:57Laier you think i had money
00:35:59Laier before this fight :D
00:36:00Laier ?
00:36:32yeW- sup
00:36:32yeW- ?
00:36:51creeeeeee ma vaatan sa nagu üritada
00:36:54creeeeeee aga ei tule välja
00:36:54creeeeeee :D
00:37:00BACKENiZER- mina w:D
00:37:02creeeeeee ye
00:37:03creeeeeee :D
00:37:12BACKENiZER- tõsi
00:37:28BACKENiZER- (hiire viga)D:D:D:SAD:SA::DD:
00:38:24Laier what ever
00:38:30Multi_Ljep b
00:38:31Multi_Ljep ?
00:38:41yeW- apparently ursa has to sup here
00:38:41yeW- np
00:39:20Laier great ult
00:39:30yeW- maa
00:39:37Multi_Ljep -afk
00:39:49creeeeeee WHAT
00:39:50Tough mana?
00:39:52Laier def
00:39:53Laier mid?
00:39:54Laier mby
00:39:55yeW- haaa
00:39:58yeW- ye
00:40:01Laier or go die
00:40:02creeeeeee fucker
00:40:02Laier like bob
00:40:04BACKENiZER- EZ
00:40:05creeeeeee blinking
00:40:07creeeeeee like tard
00:40:10creeeeeee if I can get mid
00:40:13creeeeeee in 5 sek
00:40:23creeeeeee idiot
00:41:49Tough b pl
00:41:58Multi_Ljep mby
00:42:01Multi_Ljep hes there
00:42:09creeeeeee he is not
00:42:11creeeeeee OMG
00:42:11marsbar2k he was mid
00:42:12marsbar2k moron
00:42:12creeeeeee he was mid
00:42:15creeeeeee long time agao
00:42:20Multi_Ljep AGAO!
00:42:31Multi_Ljep some sort of plant?
00:42:45creeeeeee nope
00:42:47creeeeeee just lose game
00:42:48creeeeeee thats it
00:42:56Laier y
00:42:58Laier go 2v5
00:42:59Laier more
00:43:01marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:43:03Laier and wonder what happens
00:43:06marsbar2k justff it :p
00:43:09Belka I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:43:19yeW- gem
00:44:26Impressed gem
00:44:28yeW- ye
00:44:30yeW- ill tp
00:44:43Laier well
00:44:44Laier good entry
00:45:16marsbar2k WHY
00:45:17marsbar2k PKADOPKASP*dk
00:45:21creeeeeee IDIOT
00:45:26creeeeeee just saved panda
00:45:29BACKENiZER- vahi raipeid kambaga kallale
00:45:29creeeeeee god
00:45:31creeeeeee how bad
00:45:41Multi_Ljep who saved panda
00:45:43marsbar2k belka and multi on tem auto loose
00:45:46creeeeeee huskar
00:45:49Laier this wanst lost
00:45:52Laier before you too bobs
00:45:54marsbar2k injknow
00:45:54Laier gave that entry mid
00:45:55Multi_Ljep ungreatful bitch
00:45:55marsbar2k dosnt matter
00:46:07marsbar2k lol
00:46:09Multi_Ljep no more armor for u
00:46:10creeeeeee 4:13 laier giving some pro tips how to survive or what?
00:46:16Laier still doing
00:46:17Laier better
00:46:19Laier than you atm
00:46:20creeeeeee sure
00:46:24Laier no matter what i was @start
00:46:28Laier atleast i dont lose our fucking raxes
00:46:31Laier due stupid chase
00:46:39yeW- tough nub.
00:46:41creeeeeee it didnt lose rax
00:46:44creeeeeee when I chased
00:46:44Laier you did
00:46:46Laier with that entry
00:46:55creeeeeee was ist chase?
00:46:58creeeeeee idiot
00:48:31Laier .DDDDDDDDDDD
00:48:32yeW- LOL
00:48:33yeW- LIE
00:49:50marsbar2k worst lich ever
00:49:51marsbar2k i must say
00:49:51Laier imo
00:49:51Laier he did
00:49:51BACKENiZER- owned?
00:49:51Laier best ulties
00:49:51Tough yew
00:49:51Laier ever
00:49:51Tough noob
00:49:51Laier y
00:49:52Laier panda too pro
00:49:56Laier you deserve win
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