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Chat log

00:00:20edgarass clock my ass
00:00:20Diablo hmm
00:00:20Diablo any wishes?
00:00:20mxL- laier best wl ever
00:00:20Laier my wl autowin
00:00:20FirstBlood go ban
00:00:20Diablo geo
00:00:20Diablo geo
00:00:20FirstBlood -warlock
00:00:23Laier :<
00:00:40Laier we go push?
00:00:43TheyCallMeHaci slark for me ? :)
00:00:52Diablo get es
00:00:53mxL- haluutko laijer jotai
00:00:57Laier anna bh
00:00:57FirstBlood dont pick more carries guys
00:00:58TheyCallMeHaci i wont disapoint u
00:00:59Laier tapan ton drowi
00:01:00edgarass lets do that
00:01:01mxL- ok
00:01:03FirstBlood now es trall etc
00:01:12TheyCallMeHaci fb?
00:01:12Diablo get UD
00:01:14mxL- stfu
00:01:15FirstBlood ?
00:01:27Laier mitä haluut
00:01:28FirstBlood slark is for mysel
00:01:30Diablo ud and es
00:01:30FirstBlood myself
00:01:31Laier es?
00:01:32TheyCallMeHaci may i play it?
00:01:34mxL- joku ud tai es
00:01:34Diablo ye
00:01:35Diablo and ud
00:01:36mxL- tai visage
00:01:37TheyCallMeHaci hmm ok then
00:01:37FirstBlood no let me
00:01:40Laier -swap 2
00:01:40edgarass ud and clock
00:01:42mxL- -swap 4
00:01:46FirstBlood i more trust myself
00:01:46Diablo es last pick
00:01:46Laier 4x melee
00:01:47Laier gj
00:01:50Asiankid pul
00:01:52Asiankid pig
00:01:52FirstBlood pick es
00:01:53Buttons ye
00:01:55Buttons wtf is this
00:01:58TheyCallMeHaci u are better with it no doubt
00:02:05TheyCallMeHaci but u can play everything :P
00:02:08edgarass lanes>?
00:02:13Laier me with ogre or ud
00:02:15Laier ogre mby
00:02:15Diablo gond ud
00:02:16Diablo top
00:02:19Diablo top UD
00:02:22Diablo bot clock ad ogre
00:02:23Laier tuiu toppii läski
00:02:24mxL- why the fuck
00:02:27mxL- ok tuun
00:02:30Diablo gondar need heal
00:02:36Diablo and need to be babysitted
00:02:52Diablo rocket mid
00:02:57TheyCallMeHaci u gang lvl 6 fb?
00:03:04FirstBlood yes i suppose
00:03:08TheyCallMeHaci ok
00:03:19Asiankid pukl
00:03:19mxL- pullaanx laijer?
00:03:19TheyCallMeHaci cause schredder need it :p
00:03:21Asiankid pul*
00:03:22Allistysmies k
00:03:24Asiankid u
00:03:25Asiankid not me
00:03:30Asiankid im range
00:03:32Asiankid -motw
00:03:32Diablo ?
00:03:32Asiankid -ms
00:03:32Asiankid -ma
00:03:32TheyCallMeHaci ?
00:03:32mxL- oox afk
00:03:32Asiankid -afk
00:03:32Asiankid ?
00:03:32Asiankid say reason
00:03:32Asiankid Omg
00:03:32mxL- no
00:03:32Diablo ?
00:03:32mxL- laier afk
00:03:32Laier halojaa
00:03:33mxL- o
00:03:35Laier pullaan
00:03:37mxL- sok
00:04:36TheyCallMeHaci -apm
00:04:48FirstBlood :D
00:04:51Diablo fb fb
00:04:51Diablo :)
00:05:07Laier mitä sille kävi :D:D:
00:05:12mxL- tapoin sen
00:05:17Laier nmil vitul
00:05:19Laier sil oli 75%
00:05:25mxL- vähä soul rippii
00:05:41Allistysmies phon
00:06:09Allistysmies phon
00:06:15Diablo MSS MID
00:06:15Asiankid k
00:06:16Diablo TOP B
00:06:29Diablo re
00:07:00mxL- pullöön
00:07:10FirstBlood ss mid
00:07:20Allistysmies pho
00:07:20Allistysmies n
00:07:23Asiankid still
00:07:24Asiankid ?
00:07:24Diablo go bot
00:07:25FirstBlood B
00:07:26Asiankid lol
00:07:27Allistysmies y
00:07:29Asiankid ssmid
00:07:30Asiankid go b
00:08:07TheyCallMeHaci gank top
00:09:04Diablo MISS
00:09:05Diablo top b
00:09:06Diablo B
00:09:11TheyCallMeHaci oom
00:09:11FirstBlood go und
00:09:25Buttons don't
00:09:26edgarass \stun him?>
00:09:26Buttons dive#
00:09:27Buttons ffs
00:09:32edgarass u first srun
00:09:34Diablo TOP B
00:09:34Buttons no
00:09:36Buttons u let them push
00:09:38Buttons just be patient
00:09:58edgarass idiot
00:10:02Buttons n
00:10:03Buttons ur bad
00:10:05Buttons m8
00:10:09edgarass u go ands stun i follow
00:10:11Diablo MISS
00:10:13edgarass now i go they run away
00:10:15TheyCallMeHaci b
00:10:15edgarass shithead
00:10:19Buttons don't go
00:10:21Buttons full stop
00:10:24Buttons if their team was better they;d tp
00:10:26Buttons and double kill
00:10:36Asiankid b
00:10:45Allistysmies k, not phone anymore
00:11:07Diablo MISS SLARK
00:11:51Diablo miss
00:11:58Buttons ss bot 2
00:12:15Pieti 3 top
00:12:18Diablo 3 mid
00:12:20Diablo tp
00:12:21Diablo fast
00:12:30Laier clock
00:12:32Laier gtfo
00:12:59FirstBlood b
00:13:22Asiankid briste nhoob
00:13:23Asiankid ..
00:13:25Diablo oom
00:13:26Allistysmies y
00:13:29Asiankid no more help
00:13:31Allistysmies k
00:13:31Asiankid for u
00:13:35Allistysmies sounds good
00:13:48Pieti gondar freefarm
00:13:54Diablo CLOCK?
00:14:04edgarass what?
00:14:09Diablo wtf u do?
00:14:11edgarass su
00:14:33Buttons tp[
00:14:34Buttons u shit team
00:14:47Pieti miss top
00:15:30Asiankid fucking team
00:15:31Asiankid of noobs
00:15:34Asiankid come to fight
00:15:35Asiankid and help
00:15:40TheyCallMeHaci i was dead
00:15:44Asiankid Gj
00:16:08Buttons rly nice
00:16:29Diablo rly need gondar for that slark
00:16:34Buttons why did you go back in
00:16:38Buttons i thought low hp hero or smth so i turn
00:16:51Diablo tp
00:16:55edgarass mana
00:17:12Laier inc
00:17:33mxL- tyhmä possu
00:17:40mxL- tuhoo mun veljet
00:17:51Laier :D:D:D:
00:17:51mxL- :D
00:17:52Laier sure
00:17:55mxL- xxxxxxxxxd
00:18:17Buttons guys???
00:18:19edgarass ehal me ifiot
00:18:22mxL- nah
00:18:30edgarass fucking shitheads
00:18:31mxL- dont want to waste mana
00:19:27edgarass \
00:19:28Laier nice lag
00:19:30edgarass ff
00:19:31Laier kivaa lagii puskee
00:19:37mxL- joo
00:19:46Buttons rly
00:19:47Laier sticki täynnä ja shurikeni valmiin
00:19:49Laier ni ei tapahdu mitää
00:20:03Buttons deny the fucking tower
00:20:07Buttons you absolute moron
00:20:09mxL- why
00:20:20mxL- i dont kill teammater
00:20:23mxL- teammates
00:20:28Buttons ff
00:20:30Buttons x1000
00:20:30Diablo u fed slark
00:20:31Diablo gg
00:20:34edgarass top b
00:20:42mxL- you fed
00:20:43mxL- mid
00:20:48Diablo lol i owned him mid
00:20:53Diablo u didnt go b
00:20:55edgarass why u dont buy sentires or smth?
00:20:56Laier aika gg
00:20:57Diablo when i said
00:21:00Diablo miss
00:21:05Buttons I'VE BOUGHT
00:21:06Buttons FUCKING
00:21:07Buttons SENTRIES
00:21:18Buttons standing around with ur dick in ur hand
00:21:29Laier 3 top
00:21:30Buttons get here
00:21:33Buttons u fucking tards
00:21:53Buttons orange
00:21:55Buttons freekill
00:22:55Diablo TRACK?
00:23:02Laier i did on 2
00:23:06mxL- stfu dieablo
00:24:10Laier -st
00:24:16Buttons where u off
00:24:28Laier b
00:24:28Laier b
00:24:39Buttons they 3
00:24:41Buttons and u want to b
00:24:44Buttons so bad
00:25:02Allistysmies fucking 1 hit
00:26:25Buttons go
00:26:26Buttons u fux
00:27:37Allistysmies lal
00:27:40Buttons rly nice
00:27:55Diablo focus slark and gg
00:27:58Buttons no shit
00:28:10Buttons everyone wants to lose here
00:28:11Buttons i think
00:28:27Laier dong go
00:28:31Buttons its
00:28:31Buttons fine
00:28:32Buttons u retard#
00:29:01Buttons ignore
00:29:01Buttons bb
00:29:09Diablo TRACK
00:29:14mxL- stfu
00:29:23mxL- slark cant be tracked
00:29:52Laier gg
00:29:53Laier noobs
00:30:15edgarass trax is not even playing :)
00:30:22TheyCallMeHaci go go top
00:30:34Laier :D:D:
00:30:34Allistysmies gj
00:30:34Laier gj
00:30:44TheyCallMeHaci np u got twr
00:30:49Allistysmies and .. !
00:30:59mxL- nii
00:31:05Buttons I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:31Diablo I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:31:46Laier rhasta blink
00:31:46Laier mby
00:31:46Asiankid gogo
00:32:05FirstBlood B
00:32:12Laier what ever
00:32:49Allistysmies lal
00:32:50Allistysmies gj
00:32:53edgarass ff this team
00:32:59Diablo go gg
00:33:02edgarass I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:02Diablo its gg
00:33:33Diablo firstblood
00:33:37FirstBlood ?
00:33:42Diablo u have an e mail?
00:33:47FirstBlood y
00:33:48FirstBlood why?
00:33:51Diablo can u give me?
00:33:57FirstBlood yes but why?
00:33:58Laier he wants to lick your butthole
00:34:00FirstBlood tell me the reason
00:34:02Diablo wanna pm u
00:34:07Laier private sec
00:34:08Allistysmies for what reason?
00:34:09Laier sex
00:34:20FirstBlood ok you can
00:34:36Diablo ?
00:34:41mxL- hyvö lair
00:34:49Diablo i can what?
00:34:55Laier have buttsex
00:35:10Diablo ty
00:35:26mxL- what a faggot email
00:35:26edgarass slark bkb
00:35:28Allistysmies rosh huh?
00:35:29edgarass ..
00:35:32Laier was allready
00:35:33Laier in last fight
00:35:34Diablo D
00:35:46FirstBlood its only my gaming email so...
00:35:50Diablo ye ye
00:35:51mxL- oh
00:35:53mxL- then its fine
00:35:54Diablo pm is about gaming
00:36:02Buttons join my clan pls!!!!
00:36:04mxL- i go shop
00:36:09FirstBlood :D
00:36:27Buttons dafuq
00:36:29Buttons u all waiting for
00:36:34Laier O OU
00:36:35Laier ROSH
00:36:37Laier GOGOOGOG
00:37:02edgarass tomn
00:38:04Allistysmies aegis gone?
00:38:56Diablo bot deff
00:38:58Diablo go ff
00:39:02Laier stfu wierdo
00:39:53FirstBlood tower
00:40:38Laier nice bD
00:40:40Laier banned
00:40:54Asiankid BD dont exist
00:40:59mxL- it does
00:41:00Asiankid if u bd towers regen
00:41:00mxL- here
00:41:02Laier it does
00:41:03Laier in here
00:41:08FirstBlood it was bd
00:41:09Asiankid If u Kill one side
00:41:09Allistysmies you should report it then
00:41:10Asiankid U cna go
00:41:13mxL- no
00:41:13Asiankid with out creeps
00:41:14mxL- not here
00:41:15FirstBlood you had creaps in base
00:41:15Asiankid other sides
00:41:16Laier no you cant :DDD
00:41:17Diablo that was reportable
00:41:17mxL- read rules
00:41:20Laier go fuck yourself
00:41:23Allistysmies you should report it then
00:41:23Laier and read rudles
00:41:34Laier I WILL!
00:41:35mxL- i didnt see situation
00:41:36Asiankid Stop crying
00:41:36Laier im dota police
00:41:41Asiankid now it make problem
00:41:46Asiankid When team losing
00:41:47Diablo go ff pls
00:41:50Asiankid Really manner
00:41:50Allistysmies you should report it then
00:41:50edgarass go all top?
00:41:56Asiankid gogo
00:42:00Buttons ye
00:42:01Buttons have tps
00:42:09Buttons go top
00:42:11Buttons with tps pls
00:42:30mxL- tule
00:42:44Laier go in
00:42:52Diablo track
00:42:52FirstBlood we cant
00:42:53Laier lagg
00:42:54Laier dont go
00:42:56Asiankid gang
00:42:57Asiankid first
00:42:58Asiankid buy smoke
00:43:02TheyCallMeHaci where?
00:43:15FirstBlood go mid
00:43:15FirstBlood and trax
00:43:15FirstBlood will go bot
00:43:20Allistysmies wait then
00:43:22Allistysmies he's farming woods
00:43:22edgarass ?
00:43:22mxL- ooks kunnos
00:43:22Buttons they come
00:43:22Laier ju
00:43:22mxL- ok
00:43:22edgarass so?
00:43:22Laier gogo
00:43:22mxL- go
00:43:22Buttons gond get in better position
00:43:23edgarass what we do?
00:43:23Asiankid no pouse
00:43:28Asiankid U bm
00:43:29Asiankid me too
00:43:49Allistysmies gj
00:43:51Buttons gg
00:44:09Buttons push top
00:44:48edgarass we lose slow
00:44:53Pieti i ghot smokle
00:44:58Pieti got*
00:45:02Pieti smoke
00:45:06Buttons push out
00:45:07Buttons and its np
00:45:45Allistysmies hmm
00:45:58FirstBlood b
00:46:50Buttons guys
00:46:51Buttons wake up
00:46:52Buttons to this
00:47:11FirstBlood all together
00:47:12Buttons slark rosh
00:47:23Allistysmies rosh alive
00:47:34FirstBlood its risky
00:48:01Laier nerds
00:48:04Allistysmies all alive
00:48:06FirstBlood go mid
00:48:07Laier b
00:48:26mxL- wtf
00:48:36mxL- diaplo pls
00:48:37edgarass all spread like shit
00:48:53Diablo tomb
00:49:11Allistysmies gg
00:49:12Allistysmies gj
00:49:12Laier I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:16Diablo go ff
00:49:17Diablo I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:19Buttons I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:49:23Laier gg wp
00:49:33mxL- I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:49:34edgarass lol
00:49:41mxL- this rhasta
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