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+12 X
+1 TS

88% | 1603 X | 1444 TS

-29 X
+1 TS

88% | 1561 X | 1485 TS

+13 X
+2 TS

64% | 1286 X | 1408 TS

-26 X
+1 TS

60% | 1298 X | 1360 TS

+17 X
+17 TS

20% | 1095 X | 1117 TS

-3 X
-1 TS

93% | 1712 X | 1433 TS

+19 X
-1 TS

70% | 1429 X | 1354 TS

+20 X
-1 TS

62% | 1300 X | 1364 TS

+17 X
-1 TS

52% | 1191 X | 1381 TS

-35 X
-2 TS

45% | 1201 X | 1293 TS

Chat log

00:00:16edgarass ff
00:00:20edgarass ff
00:00:25bragh funch?
00:00:25edgarass i go carry kunkka!
00:00:25NeverbACKdOwn i go meepo
00:00:25edgarass these teams are fucked
00:00:25NeverbACKdOwn #win
00:00:26edgarass me second pick
00:00:26NeverbACKdOwn edgarass how in the fucking hell are you above 30 % :D?
00:00:26MYuksel good heroes
00:00:26NeverbACKdOwn u suck so much
00:00:26edgarass surely lost game
00:00:26NeverbACKdOwn fo sho
00:00:26fUNCh anyone can zet phonix ?
00:00:26edgarass i am getting smarter every game
00:00:26NeverbACKdOwn funfunfun gogoog i go meopick last and go feed and quit in min 9
00:00:26hahar i cant
00:00:26MYuksel phoneix
00:00:26edgarass got 70
00:00:26fUNCh zet
00:00:28fUNCh anyone wants
00:00:29fUNCh lich ?
00:00:29NeverbACKdOwn well gameplan is to go 10-0 or quit
00:00:32KeLToS tiny me
00:00:39NeverbACKdOwn if i give fb then i will quit insta
00:00:41fUNCh dang
00:00:45fUNCh hope you can get it urself
00:00:50fUNCh you cant tiny mid right ?
00:00:51KeLToS n1gga
00:00:55NeverbACKdOwn arc warden is good?
00:00:56fUNCh you want tiny mid*
00:00:56KeLToS why cant i
00:00:56NeverbACKdOwn or what+
00:00:56fUNCh i ment
00:00:57MYuksel swap
00:00:57fUNCh :D
00:00:57MYuksel this
00:01:02fUNCh drunk
00:01:04fUNCh talking crap
00:01:04edgarass arck is fucking imba
00:01:05fUNCh xD
00:01:07hahar i will take ancient
00:01:11NeverbACKdOwn ah banned
00:01:11NeverbACKdOwn ..
00:01:12edgarass all items x2
00:01:17fUNCh tiny mid
00:01:20NeverbACKdOwn Glglglglglgl
00:01:20fUNCh me and doom bot
00:01:22MYuksel get lich
00:01:23hahar k
00:01:23fUNCh doom pull + half forest
00:01:23MYuksel lesh
00:01:25MYuksel zeuz
00:01:30fUNCh get good top combo
00:01:32fUNCh if tusk bot
00:01:34fUNCh is is imba
00:01:38fUNCh venge + sven or sth
00:01:39fUNCh imo
00:01:44MYuksel last get lesh zeuz pugna
00:01:51fUNCh guys
00:01:55fUNCh bh ?
00:01:55fUNCh rly
00:01:56MYuksel kunkka lich top
00:02:07MYuksel void bot
00:02:13NeverbACKdOwn for real?
00:02:15MYuksel ye
00:02:16KeLToS try hards
00:02:18MYuksel ur shit pick
00:02:24NeverbACKdOwn blow me retard
00:02:28fUNCh bh top
00:02:31custy omg
00:02:35fUNCh bh top
00:02:37MYuksel he pick void and want me to lane him top
00:02:37fUNCh doom bot
00:02:40MYuksel Fuck useless fuck
00:02:46KeLToS myuksel is a virgin
00:02:47NeverbACKdOwn #care
00:02:49Aleks875 tard
00:02:51KeLToS CARE
00:02:51NeverbACKdOwn i know
00:02:54Aleks875 say early
00:02:54bragh i be pulling mate
00:02:55Aleks875 noob
00:02:57fUNCh i told
00:02:58bragh and shit
00:03:00fUNCh look chatlog
00:03:03Aleks875 ok
00:03:06Aleks875 sorry then
00:03:08NeverbACKdOwn #tiltdota
00:03:08bragh too much spam, sorry : D
00:03:42hahar ss topc
00:04:01hahar gond
00:04:48KeLToS heldigh
00:04:58edgarass say ss
00:05:03edgarass rune bot
00:05:49KeLToS hahahaah
00:07:23MYuksel take ti
00:08:22KeLToS miss
00:08:24KeLToS re
00:09:11hahar ss top 1
00:09:19KeLToS mne
00:09:48hahar we need gank
00:09:48fUNCh farm bot
00:09:49fUNCh doom
00:09:51fUNCh i go gang
00:09:53bragh k
00:10:01KeLToS ss
00:10:06Aleks875 kill kunka
00:10:19hahar w8
00:10:50edgarass sry was shopping
00:10:55custy what happened to muy ulti?
00:11:08Sub_Zero ss lina down
00:11:20MYuksel omw bot
00:11:39MYuksel imba
00:11:40bragh fuck
00:11:50MYuksel noob
00:11:51MYuksel HAHA
00:11:53MYuksel void
00:11:54MYuksel ulti
00:11:55MYuksel HAHA
00:12:01bragh care mid
00:12:01bragh b
00:12:02bragh b
00:12:12hahar ss top 1
00:13:07edgarass help top
00:13:19fUNCh lucky rune
00:13:23fUNCh 2 top
00:13:47fUNCh aa
00:13:48fUNCh wtf
00:14:19hahar what could i do
00:14:22fUNCh just hit
00:14:24fUNCh 3 times
00:14:25fUNCh and he dead
00:15:21fUNCh omfg
00:15:24fUNCh he gets all runes
00:15:24edgarass care void
00:15:44MYuksel let me denid
00:16:40fUNCh dead
00:17:10Aleks875 tuscar with lothar
00:17:15fUNCh told u b
00:17:17fUNCh you still
00:17:20fUNCh fucking go and feed
00:17:21fUNCh ffs
00:17:25custy gj
00:19:06fUNCh ff @ 25
00:19:12MYuksel wtf
00:19:28MYuksel you dont need to use ulti
00:19:37NeverbACKdOwn dont care
00:19:38NeverbACKdOwn rly
00:20:07edgarass just yp
00:20:27MYuksel ah
00:20:33fUNCh more cocky plz
00:20:59MYuksel noob pugna
00:20:59NeverbACKdOwn dont fucking do that pugna
00:21:02NeverbACKdOwn i had him
00:21:03NeverbACKdOwn ffs
00:21:08NeverbACKdOwn jesus fucking crhist
00:21:19custy omg
00:21:54bragh ooommm
00:21:54fUNCh toss back to doom under tower
00:21:56fUNCh omfg
00:22:10KeLToS no mana
00:22:12KeLToS sh
00:22:22fUNCh guys
00:22:23fUNCh wtf
00:22:24fUNCh you doin
00:23:18fUNCh dont lose gem plz
00:23:56MYuksel fu
00:24:00KeLToS sut
00:24:07MYuksel not u
00:24:44custy stay with tuskar
00:24:57custy really guys?
00:25:14fUNCh kill ward
00:25:25NeverbACKdOwn take gem
00:25:26NeverbACKdOwn retards
00:25:28NeverbACKdOwn gem on GROUND
00:25:35fUNCh gggem ?
00:25:38MYuksel didnt notice
00:25:38fUNCh mis teed
00:25:39fUNCh ffs
00:26:36custy cool game :)
00:26:57bragh track
00:27:20MYuksel shiedl
00:27:40MYuksel lich
00:28:39Aleks875 -st
00:28:54edgarass dewward
00:29:03edgarass lich lets go
00:29:11edgarass lich come
00:29:18edgarass push bot
00:29:52KeLToS rly
00:29:56fUNCh :D
00:29:57Sub_Zero ahahahah#
00:29:59fUNCh didnt notie ward
00:30:02fUNCh insta dead
00:30:03fUNCh -.-
00:30:14fUNCh kunkka gem
00:30:45fUNCh this bh
00:30:56custy haha gondar u blind???
00:30:58custy lol
00:31:06custy i had like 40 hp
00:31:13custy u needed 1 hit
00:31:15custy lol
00:31:51edgarass deward
00:32:40edgarass all mid?
00:32:54NeverbACKdOwn gg
00:32:55NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:00MYuksel lol
00:33:35MYuksel lul
00:33:40edgarass nice fight
00:33:45edgarass can we just all go together?
00:33:53Sub_Zero gem lina
00:33:55bragh oomish : S
00:34:34bragh b
00:34:57bragh btw i had him netted while you tossed it : (
00:35:02bragh *sniff*
00:35:53fUNCh ward there rocks
00:36:41bragh wrdsa on chick
00:36:41bragh wards
00:36:42bragh on chick
00:36:45bragh smb take
00:37:14Sub_Zero tele
00:37:17bragh he has no manao mg
00:37:20bragh : )
00:37:36Sub_Zero gem
00:37:38Sub_Zero gem
00:37:38Sub_Zero gem
00:37:42Sub_Zero nice
00:37:47MYuksel void
00:37:48MYuksel give
00:38:34edgarass DONT MESS WITH MW
00:38:44bragh why the fuck did i even do that
00:38:44bragh sigh
00:39:25bragh 2 wards on chick
00:39:27bragh place them?
00:39:53edgarass yeah buriza
00:40:00edgarass akll mid again
00:40:18edgarass go
00:40:20NeverbACKdOwn dont
00:40:21NeverbACKdOwn go
00:40:21NeverbACKdOwn :D
00:41:06KeLToS OMG
00:41:21bragh just lul
00:41:22edgarass retards
00:41:24bragh don't worry tiny
00:41:28edgarass fucking vloid your ukti sucked ass
00:41:31Sub_Zero who used my hero ffs
00:41:34Sub_Zero who???????
00:41:35bragh i've had people blink into enigma ulti : D
00:41:55KeLToS right?
00:42:03fUNCh reuse
00:42:09fUNCh no teimss
00:42:11fUNCh on chick
00:42:13edgarass fuck it i go bkb
00:42:13fUNCh or just shop
00:42:19fUNCh bh take wards
00:42:21fUNCh you perma invi
00:42:22fUNCh and plant
00:42:31Aleks875 ok
00:42:41fUNCh ward wont dmg if i'm on bkb right ?
00:42:58hahar blade mail
00:43:05hahar kill him instant
00:43:17edgarass idiots
00:43:43edgarass noobs
00:43:45MYuksel we got void kunkka
00:43:46custy omg
00:43:49MYuksel no combo 40min game
00:43:51KeLToS stfu
00:43:53edgarass void idiot
00:44:02NeverbACKdOwn stfu retard
00:44:04MYuksel go combo
00:44:10MYuksel now
00:44:11MYuksel ulti
00:44:46KeLToS NO
00:44:52fUNCh wtf
00:44:54edgarass reosh
00:44:56bragh oi oi
00:44:57edgarass go fast
00:45:05KeLToS :D
00:45:10edgarass rosb
00:45:11KeLToS dont give them gem
00:45:12fUNCh pugna got my gem tho
00:45:45fUNCh what you making ?
00:45:47hahar use it
00:45:53fUNCh tiny
00:45:59fUNCh ac ?
00:46:11KeLToS me ac
00:46:15fUNCh tusk gem
00:46:15KeLToS or
00:46:16fUNCh + aegis
00:46:17KeLToS i make
00:46:27KeLToS mjollnior
00:46:29custy void here?
00:46:31edgarass dont die
00:46:34edgarass tusk u die
00:46:35fUNCh nah
00:46:41fUNCh no good
00:46:47KeLToS y i make mjoll
00:46:53edgarass smoke gang rax
00:46:56fUNCh ac better
00:47:00fUNCh u got no atack speed for mjol
00:47:01KeLToS i dont care
00:47:08fUNCh i go rapier then ?
00:47:12KeLToS why not
00:47:23NeverbACKdOwn what should i build?
00:47:28MYuksel buric
00:47:28edgarass butterfly
00:47:37NeverbACKdOwn buriza?
00:47:57edgarass we should push
00:48:24fUNCh you got splash
00:48:26fUNCh and you go mjoll
00:48:27fUNCh -.-
00:48:28Sub_Zero ty
00:48:35KeLToS idc
00:48:41KeLToS im nigga
00:48:41NeverbACKdOwn watsed ulti tho---
00:48:48edgarass b
00:48:53fUNCh marsbar was right
00:49:12edgarass deny
00:49:23NeverbACKdOwn def top
00:49:51fUNCh n1
00:49:52fUNCh -D
00:49:54edgarass shit
00:50:01edgarass b tusk
00:50:02edgarass idiot
00:50:08edgarass rambo
00:50:11fUNCh tusk you warding ?
00:50:27MYuksel ø
00:50:27MYuksel ?
00:50:30edgarass rosh go
00:50:34fUNCh you buing wards in ur team ?
00:50:34edgarass with smoke
00:50:38edgarass gather
00:50:39edgarass all
00:50:40Aleks875 u ward?
00:50:41MYuksel no
00:50:44Aleks875 tuscar
00:51:25MYuksel gj
00:51:30custy wow--- what a game
00:51:49bragh fuck no aa
00:51:51bragh aaahhhh
00:51:55bragh : (
00:52:06NeverbACKdOwn 1min
00:52:09MYuksel go mid
00:52:28Aleks875 doom u need armor
00:52:37fUNCh make ac
00:52:40fUNCh tiny wont make it
00:52:40bragh ye tiny already got ac
00:52:41bragh no?
00:52:41NeverbACKdOwn go push mid?
00:52:43bragh aah fuck
00:52:45edgarass b
00:52:51NeverbACKdOwn i go kamikaze
00:52:53edgarass rosh
00:53:01edgarass just go rosh
00:53:04edgarass if they come
00:53:05edgarass fight
00:53:11edgarass i torrent ship
00:53:20bragh fuck devoured wrong
00:53:26MYuksel smoke
00:53:35fUNCh care
00:53:36fUNCh 5ss
00:53:48bragh 20 g to ac
00:53:51bragh w8
00:53:57edgarass voif ulti
00:54:03MYuksel not
00:54:20bragh god fucking damnit
00:54:43MYuksel ge
00:54:44MYuksel gem
00:54:51bragh void gem
00:54:52bragh meh
00:54:53MYuksel denid
00:54:58MYuksel get mid
00:55:00Aleks875 lina
00:55:04Aleks875 DONT BUY GEM
00:55:06Aleks875 MORE
00:55:10Aleks875 I have track!
00:55:20NeverbACKdOwn fucktard
00:55:23bragh she doesn't need to buy gem
00:55:26bragh she's assassin
00:55:29bragh she can get from enemy : D
00:55:42bragh rangers lead the way etc
00:55:44bragh ooh rah
00:55:55NeverbACKdOwn :D:D:D:
00:56:19edgarass fucking lina
00:56:21edgarass i kill her
00:56:23bragh i def bot then roll
00:56:29NeverbACKdOwn is rosh uP?
00:56:34MYuksel y
00:56:41NeverbACKdOwn we cant def it ...
00:56:47fUNCh tiny
00:56:50fUNCh doom has ac now
00:56:52MYuksel go
00:57:04KeLToS dioesbt natter11
00:57:05fUNCh go mid
00:57:21bragh wait for mel ina
00:57:23bragh coming after you
00:57:28custy void
00:57:29custy omg
00:57:36custy u hit randomly
00:57:40edgarass void ulti sucks :D
00:57:45NeverbACKdOwn dont fucking decre heros
00:57:45edgarass u have no dmg at all
00:57:46NeverbACKdOwn i targe
00:57:56MYuksel def
00:57:57MYuksel go
00:58:11KeLToS b
00:58:22bragh top?
00:58:24KeLToS wait here
00:58:25Sub_Zero get gem
00:58:28edgarass get smokes
00:58:36Sub_Zero take gem some1
00:59:01MYuksel I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:59:02KeLToS WGHAT
00:59:03MYuksel wp
00:59:04NeverbACKdOwn I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:59:04edgarass I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:07Sub_Zero I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:59:12edgarass u are biggest motron tream
00:59:13edgarass ever
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