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-37 X
-2 TS

89% | 1631 X | 1435 TS

-39 X
-2 TS

85% | 1637 X | 1354 TS

-7 X
-2 TS

63% | 1324 X | 1353 TS

-1 X
-4 TS

27% | 1121 X | 1181 TS

+17 X
-14 TS

24% | 1021 X | 1248 TS

+27 X
+3 TS

74% | 1443 X | 1381 TS

+50 X
+7 TS

72% | 1503 X | 1292 TS

+17 X
+2 TS

65% | 1348 X | 1357 TS

+14 X
+2 TS

57% | 1261 X | 1359 TS

-34 X
+2 TS

33% | 1118 X | 1240 TS

Chat log

00:00:05FireMal -RDEMOMWTF
00:00:17Mamo who ban
00:00:17BACKENiZER- -axe
00:00:17fUNCh homo oled :D?
00:00:17BACKENiZER- any wishes?
00:00:17fUNCh bannin sk ära ?
00:00:17BACKENiZER- firemal, lsdronnigen, custy
00:00:17FireMal Y AP BARA FOR ME PLZ
00:00:17BACKENiZER- pohhui
00:00:17FireMal :d
00:00:17BACKENiZER- roger
00:00:17fUNCh what you guys aiming to play ?
00:00:17FireMal wl for me plz
00:00:17fUNCh mby
00:00:17fUNCh edgarass
00:00:17FireMal this time srsly
00:00:17BACKENiZER- if he doesnt ban it
00:00:17mby_next_time dunno yet.
00:00:17Isdronningen nahh its okay
00:00:17edgarass i go clock
00:00:17mby_next_time rubick /potm etc
00:00:17fUNCh mr. Mamo hope you wont pick some lame hero like lastgame
00:00:17mby_next_time but can't say it yet
00:00:17fUNCh andkowitch
00:00:17BACKENiZER- feelmycrime what will you play?
00:00:17FireMal -es
00:00:17FireMal -ii
00:00:17edgarass amo can u play any hero at least decent in dota?
00:00:17FeelMyCrime potm i think
00:00:17mby_next_time i think i can play ezalor
00:00:17edgarass mamo?
00:00:17Mamo i mirina
00:00:17custy i will play rhasta
00:00:17edgarass omg donnt pls
00:00:17BACKENiZER- kk you mid then
00:00:17FeelMyCrime kk
00:00:17fUNCh Mamo plz dont mirana
00:00:17edgarass wtf u oick carries all the time?
00:00:17mby_next_time just go ban wl.
00:00:17Mamo i now miranu
00:00:17FeelMyCrime MBY :*
00:00:17fUNCh like you knew riki ?
00:00:17edgarass go slard
00:00:17mby_next_time there's no riki at all?
00:00:17custy ban?
00:00:17fUNCh take slard or night stalker
00:00:17fUNCh plz
00:00:17fUNCh wl
00:00:18BACKENiZER- firemal what do you want
00:00:21FeelMyCrime so pick enigma, omni
00:00:23FeelMyCrime -clear
00:00:30mby_next_time i think i play eza
00:00:34FireMal ck
00:00:35fUNCh i go potm
00:00:36fUNCh with diffu
00:00:36FireMal ck
00:00:38FireMal wtf
00:00:39FeelMyCrime nonono
00:00:39FireMal shit
00:00:39mby_next_time i go eza
00:00:40fUNCh vs sk
00:00:42FeelMyCrime u wont play ck
00:00:43mby_next_time cause i like it tbh
00:00:43FeelMyCrime -clear
00:00:46fUNCh well
00:00:49Mamo omg
00:00:49fUNCh 2 good anti sk heros
00:00:52BACKENiZER- feelmycrime take something for mid
00:00:52mby_next_time i go my same build
00:00:52Mamo who
00:00:58mby_next_time necro + veil
00:01:10Mamo who
00:01:11fUNCh bane/sk
00:01:14fUNCh or well
00:01:14edgarass go slard to tartget nerub
00:01:14FeelMyCrime go enigma
00:01:15fUNCh mamo
00:01:17fUNCh take slardar
00:01:18BACKENiZER- take maybe omni and pugna, or enigma crix
00:01:19FeelMyCrime and crix
00:01:20fUNCh or night stalker
00:01:21BACKENiZER- lots of options
00:01:23FeelMyCrime -clear
00:01:25FeelMyCrime enigma crix
00:01:25fUNCh good
00:01:26FeelMyCrime go
00:01:27FeelMyCrime team
00:01:28Mamo ok
00:01:29FeelMyCrime and we rape
00:01:31FeelMyCrime -clear
00:01:32FireMal only hero i whanted is picked
00:01:33FireMal slard
00:01:38fUNCh kowitch how good you rate urself on 1-100 scale ?
00:01:38FireMal i take pugna
00:01:39FeelMyCrime crix better
00:01:40FeelMyCrime dude.
00:01:43FeelMyCrime we have weaver and sk
00:01:45fUNCh havent seen you playing
00:01:46FeelMyCrime -clear
00:01:47mby_next_time he's rather good solo player
00:01:48fUNCh or cant remember it
00:01:49FeelMyCrime go crix
00:01:49kowitch atm 20
00:01:49FeelMyCrime wp
00:01:51Isdronningen i woods
00:01:52FireMal fuck sk
00:01:56mby_next_time i mean he doesn't play bad as a player
00:01:56fUNCh what heros you can play from there ?
00:01:56FeelMyCrime wards please
00:01:59BACKENiZER- sk and pugna bot
00:02:00mby_next_time but he sucks at teamplay for early
00:02:02BACKENiZER- enigma woods
00:02:05mby_next_time he will play wr!
00:02:07fUNCh omni
00:02:08mby_next_time im pretty sure :d
00:02:08fUNCh is good
00:02:09FireMal plz send me top to pull
00:02:10BACKENiZER- sand king i mean by sk
00:02:11fUNCh night stalker good
00:02:12fUNCh rubic
00:02:14fUNCh n1
00:02:17BACKENiZER- nah i need fast lvl 6
00:02:23mby_next_time and kowitch
00:02:27mby_next_time don't trust mamo
00:02:27BACKENiZER- and theyll probably ward the top lane anyway
00:02:30FireMal ill pull fo you
00:02:31mby_next_time just to inform you
00:02:32mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:32FeelMyCrime mby u dont love me anymore? :(
00:02:33mby_next_time -don
00:02:35mby_next_time -water red
00:02:36mby_next_time -clear
00:02:38FeelMyCrime firemal
00:02:40FeelMyCrime be quiet
00:02:42FeelMyCrime and do ur job
00:02:44BACKENiZER- share firemal tooo
00:02:45mby_next_time just don't kill me
00:02:46FireMal stfu
00:02:47mby_next_time and we are fine
00:02:49FeelMyCrime did one of u bought wards?
00:02:50FeelMyCrime -clear
00:02:52FeelMyCrime <3
00:03:01fUNCh liked to play kotl vs my antimage :D?
00:03:07mby_next_time well
00:03:09mby_next_time i had no -x
00:03:11mby_next_time i played well
00:03:13fUNCh i warded top
00:03:14Mamo chick
00:03:16mby_next_time saw
00:03:16fUNCh was so funny to watch
00:03:16BACKENiZER- XD
00:03:20Isdronningen ^^
00:03:28mby_next_time ro rather knew it after fewillu
00:03:33BACKENiZER- fucking pussy just walked through
00:03:38FireMal ss
00:05:24mby_next_time it was so dumb dude
00:05:24custy gj
00:05:28edgarass come with em my love
00:05:34FeelMyCrime ssmid
00:05:37mby_next_time dude wouldn't be helpful
00:05:39FireMal b
00:05:40FireMal b
00:05:51FireMal ss
00:05:52FireMal care
00:06:28Mamo omg
00:06:30edgarass ff
00:07:07Mamo omg
00:07:26fUNCh need that chick
00:07:46custy omg
00:07:52custy buy new
00:07:54mby_next_time omni
00:07:57mby_next_time where the hell is courier
00:08:03edgarass died
00:08:09mby_next_time ours didn't even exist
00:08:13custy ss
00:08:15fUNCh its enemyes currier i just kiled
00:08:18custy re
00:08:33Mamo dhs
00:08:35Mamo sgg
00:08:35fUNCh share
00:08:37Mamo share
00:08:42fUNCh tnc
00:08:59Mamo go
00:09:05mby_next_time g[]j
00:09:26mby_next_time go top
00:09:33Mamo gj
00:09:39FireMal ff
00:09:42custy omg
00:09:43edgarass omg
00:09:43Mamo omg
00:09:47custy really?
00:09:52FireMal wait me bot
00:09:52custy no mana
00:09:55FireMal amma stun
00:09:55custy nothing
00:09:56custy low hp
00:10:12custy gj
00:10:21FireMal let me get lvl 6
00:10:26FireMal ss all
00:10:27FeelMyCrime hey
00:10:31FeelMyCrime let me farm wtg
00:10:40mby_next_time k mid pus
00:11:01FeelMyCrime come
00:11:01FireMal 3 mid
00:11:11FeelMyCrime stun
00:11:13FeelMyCrime idiot
00:11:13FeelMyCrime wtf
00:11:14mby_next_time k no more love
00:11:18FireMal i touched it
00:11:19Mamo ty
00:11:23FeelMyCrime u r so slow
00:11:25FireMal it didnt work
00:11:37FireMal didnt stun
00:11:49BACKENiZER- some1 upgrade courier as fast as possible
00:12:02FeelMyCrime ye sure
00:12:24Isdronningen gj
00:12:26FeelMyCrime die
00:12:48FeelMyCrime push
00:13:48Mamo gj
00:15:17FeelMyCrime firemal took my potm kill
00:15:20Mamo omg
00:15:21mby_next_time now you can be sure
00:15:25mby_next_time that i won't talk to you anymore.
00:15:29FeelMyCrime :(
00:16:00Mamo gj
00:16:02custy missklick
00:16:19fUNCh warded
00:16:24FireMal ¨slard
00:16:26FireMal or exa
00:16:50Mamo omg
00:17:00mby_next_time lol wrong one XD
00:17:16Mamo omg
00:17:37Isdronningen almost ulti
00:17:41Mamo gj
00:18:36Isdronningen custy next gang HELP
00:18:40Isdronningen forget towert
00:18:42Mamo gj
00:18:50FeelMyCrime its just
00:18:51FeelMyCrime this crix
00:18:55FeelMyCrime dieing without reason
00:18:58FeelMyCrime and we play w/o him
00:19:07FeelMyCrime and he dont have
00:19:10FeelMyCrime arcane boots
00:19:26Isdronningen i go arcane
00:19:29Isdronningen so its okay
00:19:58edgarass hello
00:20:03FireMal ^^
00:20:10edgarass reuse
00:20:15Isdronningen b
00:20:30Mamo gj
00:20:35Mamo ty
00:21:16custy lets take the tower
00:21:17custy i ultiu
00:21:39edgarass b slard v
00:21:39edgarass b
00:21:40edgarass b
00:21:40edgarass b
00:21:41edgarass b
00:21:52FeelMyCrime dont take kills
00:21:53FeelMyCrime from me
00:22:20Isdronningen nice one
00:22:23mby_next_time ofc
00:22:56mby_next_time jhea lme
00:22:57mby_next_time ...
00:22:58Isdronningen how can you be like that, when you look like this -.-
00:23:11mby_next_time dunno wtf you just meant
00:23:12FeelMyCrime i cant..
00:23:12mby_next_time but kk
00:23:16FireMal run nigga run
00:23:35FireMal im rdy
00:23:36FireMal go
00:23:43Isdronningen def
00:24:16Mamo gj
00:24:21fUNCh push top
00:24:24FeelMyCrime crix dear mate of mine :(
00:24:29FeelMyCrime move gather
00:24:30FeelMyCrime go rape
00:24:40FireMal i came
00:24:49FireMal but rest of team was b when you where there
00:24:49mby_next_time well kk
00:25:02FeelMyCrime DONT
00:25:03FeelMyCrime TAKE
00:25:04Isdronningen gj
00:25:04FeelMyCrime KILLS
00:25:09custy i didnt
00:25:10FeelMyCrime wtf rhasta rly
00:25:15Mamo -ms
00:25:15FeelMyCrime but u r trying
00:25:23custy no
00:25:23FeelMyCrime look
00:25:24FeelMyCrime now farm
00:25:28FeelMyCrime just dont
00:25:29FireMal top twr
00:25:33BACKENiZER- rhasta is doing good
00:25:34kowitch -ma
00:25:37FeelMyCrime yes he is
00:25:39FeelMyCrime but
00:25:41FeelMyCrime just dont take kills
00:25:44FeelMyCrime and its perfect
00:25:45Mamo -ms
00:25:50Mamo -ms
00:26:25mby_next_time all i got to say that you guys can't just simply defend me
00:26:27FeelMyCrime funch xD
00:26:35mby_next_time i can take their 1/2 hp in seucnd
00:26:41mby_next_time but you have to fucking defend me from nerub
00:26:59Mamo omg
00:27:16FeelMyCrime sk
00:27:19FeelMyCrime hows farm?
00:27:31BACKENiZER- dno
00:27:31FeelMyCrime leoric
00:27:33FeelMyCrime ?
00:27:33FireMal ¨i didnt farm
00:27:36BACKENiZER- should start owning soon:D
00:27:37FeelMyCrime if u have only armlet
00:27:39FeelMyCrime its bad
00:27:51BACKENiZER- hamme rtoo
00:28:01FireMal eza here
00:28:09mby_next_time mamo please
00:28:11mby_next_time keep spamiing
00:28:14mby_next_time your fucking ulti
00:28:23FeelMyCrime omg
00:28:23FeelMyCrime crix
00:28:24FeelMyCrime wp
00:28:46Isdronningen b
00:28:53FeelMyCrime cirx
00:28:54Mamo gj
00:28:57FeelMyCrime when u will learn?
00:29:00FeelMyCrime stun thato mni
00:29:01FireMal how many times i gotto blink ffs
00:29:01FeelMyCrime earlier
00:29:05FeelMyCrime so bugs catch him omg
00:29:15FeelMyCrime care
00:29:16Isdronningen b
00:29:43edgarass that shit
00:29:52FeelMyCrime omw
00:30:14mby_next_time SPAM ULTI
00:30:16mby_next_time FUCKING MAMO
00:30:19edgarass ulti enrub
00:30:21edgarass slard
00:30:29FeelMyCrime enigma
00:30:30FeelMyCrime dont sleep
00:30:31FeelMyCrime go ffs
00:31:08BACKENiZER- teled away
00:31:33fUNCh -ms
00:31:50Isdronningen lets go next tower 2
00:31:54Isdronningen omw
00:32:26mby_next_time FUCKING TANKS
00:32:28custy what a game
00:32:32custy nice war
00:32:36custy wow
00:32:50mby_next_time fucking noobcake pieces of shit
00:32:51FeelMyCrime reuse
00:32:52FeelMyCrime armlet
00:32:56FeelMyCrime WTF
00:32:57FeelMyCrime LEORIC
00:32:59mby_next_time lol that backenizer.
00:32:59FeelMyCrime REUSE
00:33:01FeelMyCrime ARMLET
00:33:01custy wow
00:33:04custy sry
00:33:10mby_next_time clock
00:33:11mby_next_time mamo
00:33:12mby_next_time omni
00:33:13FeelMyCrime i am writting
00:33:13mby_next_time please
00:33:14custy didnt understand
00:33:14FireMal rhasta come
00:33:15FeelMyCrime 20 sec
00:33:16FeelMyCrime to him
00:33:16mby_next_time keep fucking first lane
00:33:19FeelMyCrime REUSE ARMLET DUDE
00:33:22FeelMyCrime but wtf
00:33:22custy thought u had ulti
00:33:25mby_next_time and don't make me stand in first
00:33:29FireMal fuck it do wha you whant to
00:33:30mby_next_time if you keep that
00:33:32mby_next_time i rape em
00:33:33FireMal we have to gather
00:33:35mby_next_time if not
00:33:39mby_next_time you won't deal any shit to em
00:33:46FeelMyCrime u need arcane boots
00:33:48FeelMyCrime how dont u get it
00:34:05edgarass aman em eza
00:34:09fUNCh diffu or deso
00:34:12edgarass mana me
00:34:13fUNCh diffu good vs backen
00:34:13mby_next_time diffu
00:34:19fUNCh deso vs everyone else
00:34:20mby_next_time or hm
00:34:21mby_next_time deso
00:34:29FeelMyCrime jesus
00:34:30edgarass mana me
00:34:33FeelMyCrime no wards
00:34:33mby_next_time i counter backen alsready
00:34:35FeelMyCrime just but
00:34:37FeelMyCrime buy
00:34:38FeelMyCrime MILION
00:34:39custy there was a ward
00:34:40FeelMyCrime OF WARDS
00:34:41FeelMyCrime NOW!
00:35:09FeelMyCrime Tp
00:35:10FeelMyCrime GO TP
00:35:11FeelMyCrime GUYS
00:35:11custy get radi wiever or enigma
00:35:12FeelMyCrime WTF
00:35:17FeelMyCrime GUYS
00:35:20FeelMyCrime NO1 HAVE TP
00:35:30edgarass mana me
00:35:51edgarass dont stand in forn of me pols
00:35:55fUNCh b
00:36:05Isdronningen b
00:36:07mby_next_time b
00:36:08mby_next_time b
00:36:08mby_next_time b
00:36:08mby_next_time b
00:36:10Isdronningen wait for leo
00:36:14FeelMyCrime BUY
00:36:15FeelMyCrime WARDS
00:36:17FeelMyCrime FOR FUCKING
00:36:18FeelMyCrime SAKE
00:36:19FeelMyCrime RHASTA
00:36:20FeelMyCrime ENIGMA
00:36:21FeelMyCrime CRIX
00:36:22FeelMyCrime WTF
00:36:24mby_next_time got necro
00:36:40FeelMyCrime go all mid
00:36:42mby_next_time let's iritate those fags a bit.
00:36:50BACKENiZER- rosh?
00:36:54fUNCh gather mid
00:36:56FeelMyCrime warded
00:36:58fUNCh give mana kotl
00:36:59BACKENiZER- so
00:37:02FeelMyCrime go
00:37:02FeelMyCrime try
00:37:14FeelMyCrime WHY B
00:37:25FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:37:50mby_next_time someone is oom
00:37:55mby_next_time oh look it's sk
00:38:23Mamo D
00:38:45FeelMyCrime leoric
00:38:47FeelMyCrime get bkb
00:38:49BACKENiZER- no shit
00:38:54FeelMyCrime and stop rushing into them like u r ALLMUGHTY
00:38:55mby_next_time go deso
00:38:56mby_next_time seriously
00:39:19edgarass omg mamo
00:39:47BACKENiZER- rhasta
00:39:48BACKENiZER- rosh
00:39:51mby_next_time stop him
00:39:59FeelMyCrime dead
00:40:14mby_next_time THX TANKS
00:40:19mby_next_time etc clock
00:40:20custy i have -1000 mana
00:40:20mby_next_time nice ulti
00:40:22mby_next_time nice come in
00:40:24mby_next_time etc etc
00:40:26mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:31mby_next_time yeah
00:40:31mby_next_time go now
00:40:32custy this fking elza
00:40:33mby_next_time when im not there
00:40:34mby_next_time WPWP
00:40:36edgarass repel
00:40:36custy burning my mana
00:40:41mby_next_time repel your mom
00:40:47mby_next_time YEAH WOP GO
00:40:55mby_next_time let sk get aegis n le second sk come in XD
00:41:23kowitch 2 revive?
00:41:26mby_next_time aegis
00:41:27Isdronningen RHASTA DONT TRY TO STEAL
00:41:29mby_next_time you let him have
00:41:30Isdronningen FREAKING NOOB
00:41:34custy i dont!"""""
00:41:45custy omg
00:41:51FireMal stfu you even stole creeps from me tard :S
00:42:02custy i use my spell
00:42:05edgarass slard pls always ulti nerub ok?
00:42:07FireMal all bot plz
00:42:18mby_next_time good and?
00:42:21FireMal come bot
00:42:49FeelMyCrime we are never gather
00:42:58Isdronningen last time it was you hehe
00:42:58FeelMyCrime wait nigma
00:43:05Isdronningen wait
00:43:06Isdronningen dont go
00:43:08Isdronningen b
00:43:12Isdronningen and wait for me
00:44:19custy cd
00:44:21custy i had cd
00:44:26custy fking leave me alone
00:44:27FireMal fucking rhasta
00:44:27custy omg
00:44:30custy fuck u
00:44:30FireMal coming in late and shit
00:44:33BACKENiZER- we need some entries and push
00:44:35custy i had 10 hp
00:44:38custy i healed
00:44:40custy omg
00:45:01edgarass eza farm sheepstick?
00:45:08custy lets push mid
00:45:10mby_next_time it's called hex
00:45:12custy i ulti mid tower
00:45:17custy k?
00:45:26FireMal b
00:45:27FireMal b
00:45:27FireMal b
00:45:27FireMal b
00:45:27FireMal b
00:45:28FireMal b
00:45:28FireMal b
00:45:28FireMal bb
00:45:28FireMal b
00:45:45Mamo omg
00:46:15mby_next_time LOL MISSED MY HOTKEY
00:47:20custy i b
00:47:40FireMal :D
00:47:46FireMal gj worth beeing dead for
00:47:48custy b
00:47:50FireMal nice weaver
00:48:04FireMal i love you weaver
00:48:10FeelMyCrime ye i know
00:49:17custy i stole????
00:49:18edgarass leo fucking fat
00:49:18FeelMyCrime go mid
00:49:23FeelMyCrime walk mid
00:49:34FeelMyCrime walk mid
00:50:03FireMal reuyse
00:50:16edgarass ulti
00:51:24custy gg
00:51:38edgarass fucking leo
00:51:39custy gg
00:52:06custy gg
00:52:15custy gg
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