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+9 X
+2 TS

99% | 1946 X | 1537 TS

-16 X
+3 TS

85% | 1581 X | 1475 TS

+41 X
+3 TS

72% | 1417 X | 1372 TS

+49 X
+10 TS

54% | 1300 X | 1276 TS

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+15 TS

14% | 1066 X | 1079 TS

-9 X
-3 TS

81% | 1499 X | 1441 TS

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-4 TS

83% | 1552 X | 1378 TS

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-2 TS

72% | 1432 X | 1368 TS

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-12 TS

66% | 1380 X | 1330 TS

-45 X
-4 TS

62% | 1252 X | 1411 TS

Chat log

00:00:30VanillaThunder tinker
00:00:30DeMiaN wankkk
00:00:30DeMiaN ?
00:00:30DeMiaN stop wanking
00:00:30DeMiaN -clear
00:00:30WANKmaster omin
00:00:30WANKmaster omni
00:00:46WANKmaster wishes?
00:00:46WANKmaster es
00:00:47WANKmaster anyu1
00:00:48WANKmaster any1
00:00:49WANKmaster es
00:00:49WANKmaster ?
00:00:55WANKmaster guys
00:00:55WANKmaster es
00:00:56WANKmaster any1
00:00:57WANKmaster ?
00:01:04WANKmaster get
00:01:04WANKmaster me
00:01:05WANKmaster magnus
00:01:18WANKmaster get me magnus
00:01:20WANKmaster some1
00:01:24Joda sven we do top
00:01:29DeMiaN jup
00:01:32FeelMyCrime -swap 1
00:01:34WANKmaster -swap 4
00:01:35WANKmaster thanks
00:01:40DeMiaN get pugna
00:01:47McFele es with me
00:01:48DeMiaN pugna/bat last
00:01:56FeelMyCrime oh
00:01:58FeelMyCrime we got doom in team
00:02:00FeelMyCrime cool
00:02:01WANKmaster doom
00:02:02WANKmaster void
00:02:03FeelMyCrime he pick carry?
00:02:03WANKmaster d:d:D::D:D
00:02:05DeMiaN <3doom
00:02:07FeelMyCrime i knew it
00:02:10FeelMyCrime nothing new
00:02:11FeelMyCrime -clear
00:02:13WANKmaster this guys
00:02:14WANKmaster is just
00:02:15DeMiaN lina fb ?
00:02:15WANKmaster amazing
00:02:16FeelMyCrime he always pick carry
00:02:20DeMiaN jup
00:02:23WANKmaster doom
00:02:23DeMiaN -clear
00:02:24WANKmaster DELETE
00:02:25WANKmaster DOTa
00:02:27WANKmaster U FUCKNOOB
00:02:28Joda y
00:02:39FeelMyCrime he is not worth
00:02:42FeelMyCrime of nervous
00:02:43FeelMyCrime -clear
00:02:44Joda mid or top
00:02:48DeMiaN top
00:02:49Impressed why doesn´t he just gets permabanned?
00:02:51FeelMyCrime always the same
00:02:52Impressed if he is so bad
00:03:19DeMiaN care
00:03:22DeMiaN don't show slef
00:03:29Impressed -afk
00:03:30Impressed -clear
00:03:57Joda me mid?
00:03:57DeMiaN let me lina
00:04:18WANKmaster no
00:04:19WANKmaster mid
00:04:20WANKmaster dunno
00:04:52Joda 1more
00:05:05DeMiaN yy
00:05:25FeelMyCrime let me farm arcane
00:05:26FeelMyCrime i will fast
00:05:28FeelMyCrime just 300 gold
00:05:42DeMiaN damn spike
00:06:27VanillaThunder ss mid
00:07:03FeelMyCrime go slarjd
00:07:20VanillaThunder share
00:07:29bragh what
00:07:30bragh it's shared
00:07:34Impressed no
00:07:37Impressed it isnt
00:07:39bragh umm, wtf
00:07:46bragh aah shit sorry
00:07:47FeelMyCrime 130 gold
00:07:47FeelMyCrime tuskar
00:07:50FeelMyCrime and we got arcane
00:07:50McFele ok
00:08:00FeelMyCrime eat
00:08:20VanillaThunder ss mid
00:08:42McFele use
00:09:13Joda uppg?:D
00:09:19DeMiaN u can lina
00:09:27Joda no:(
00:09:27DeMiaN u taking all kills
00:09:46Joda and u all deaths :D
00:10:12WANKmaster tp
00:10:14FeelMyCrime go
00:10:15bragh HAHAHA
00:10:52WANKmaster i got u bro
00:10:52bragh now you fucking silence
00:10:55bragh control your own hero perhaps
00:10:56bragh not me
00:10:56FeelMyCrime wp wanky
00:10:57VanillaThunder was on cd?
00:11:00mansikka thx
00:11:05WANKmaster LEAVe
00:11:06WANKmaster RUNEs
00:11:08WANKmaster FUCKEr
00:11:09FeelMyCrime why u take
00:11:10FeelMyCrime runes
00:11:11McFele sry ...
00:11:11FeelMyCrime he has
00:11:14FeelMyCrime bottle
00:11:21WANKmaster come
00:11:21WANKmaster mid
00:11:22FeelMyCrime omw mid
00:11:22WANKmaster tusk
00:11:28FeelMyCrime i come
00:11:47VanillaThunder ss mid
00:12:01VanillaThunder wards would be nice
00:12:12Joda go
00:12:34FeelMyCrime go tuskar mate
00:12:38McFele cant ...
00:13:01WANKmaster come
00:13:02WANKmaster come
00:13:02WANKmaster es
00:13:05Impressed stun inv
00:13:06FeelMyCrime go
00:13:13VanillaThunder all ss
00:13:16VanillaThunder care bot
00:13:32FeelMyCrime rune
00:13:33FeelMyCrime bot
00:13:39FeelMyCrime go em??
00:13:42WANKmaster i go
00:13:43WANKmaster for
00:13:43WANKmaster rune
00:13:44WANKmaster wair
00:13:45VanillaThunder b
00:13:49FeelMyCrime go tuskar
00:13:51FeelMyCrime we can solo
00:14:10WANKmaster fj
00:14:11WANKmaster gj
00:14:16VanillaThunder guys wards plz
00:14:24FeelMyCrime gogogogogo
00:14:24Impressed lina?
00:14:43mansikka :D
00:14:45mansikka ffs
00:14:59VanillaThunder lina wards plz
00:15:00doom ss
00:15:36WANKmaster fuck
00:15:37WANKmaster noob
00:15:49WANKmaster gj
00:15:59FeelMyCrime ok got dagger
00:16:01FeelMyCrime :)
00:16:12FeelMyCrime go rape?
00:16:14FeelMyCrime wanky?
00:16:32Joda ulti??
00:16:33FeelMyCrime go hardcore em
00:16:36Impressed i tried
00:16:37Impressed ffs
00:16:52WANKmaster man
00:16:53WANKmaster cmon
00:16:54WANKmaster stun
00:16:56WANKmaster jump
00:16:58WANKmaster do something :d:d
00:17:11FeelMyCrime i didnt saw
00:17:12FeelMyCrime its
00:17:13VanillaThunder how the fuck can he have a dagger ffs
00:17:14FeelMyCrime cd on my ult :D
00:17:15FeelMyCrime sry :D
00:17:20Joda really bad
00:17:25Joda 5-0 es..
00:18:09Joda b
00:18:23FeelMyCrime look
00:18:27FeelMyCrime doom got boots with void
00:18:29FeelMyCrime min 15 :D
00:18:40mansikka he was top :D
00:18:44mansikka against doublestun :D
00:19:01McFele take your runes
00:19:03VanillaThunder gg
00:19:04WANKmaster y
00:19:06VanillaThunder its over
00:19:16DeMiaN well lina can u support more pls
00:19:16VanillaThunder told you we need wards against tusk
00:19:20DeMiaN and trax try to get quick bkb
00:19:21Joda stop cry start play
00:19:24VanillaThunder got ganked 4 times
00:19:30FeelMyCrime if we kkep this good play i scepter soon
00:19:31FeelMyCrime and rape
00:19:41FeelMyCrime doom why dont u leave
00:19:44FeelMyCrime so we get ur gold
00:20:09Joda goooo
00:20:11Joda fighjt
00:20:18FeelMyCrime didnt u saw that mate?
00:20:21VanillaThunder :D:D:D
00:20:26FeelMyCrime omw !
00:21:03Joda noobs
00:21:06Joda magnus go invis
00:21:08Joda we see them come
00:21:12Joda and still u get "trapped"?
00:21:17FeelMyCrime look
00:21:20Joda or did u think ud win that fight
00:21:20FeelMyCrime doom came to help us
00:22:03FeelMyCrime agha soon
00:22:22FeelMyCrime wanky
00:22:25FeelMyCrime when i play with u
00:22:30FeelMyCrime i got selfconfidence
00:22:30WANKmaster use
00:22:31FeelMyCrime and i rape
00:22:31WANKmaster chick
00:22:37WANKmaster good
00:22:47WANKmaster i like that
00:22:51FeelMyCrime go me
00:22:52FeelMyCrime mid
00:22:54WANKmaster y
00:22:55WANKmaster sec
00:23:29Joda we have good stuns
00:23:31Joda still sucks hard
00:23:51McFele oh
00:23:56WANKmaster THIs
00:23:58WANKmaster DOOM
00:23:59WANKmaster :D:D:D:D
00:24:03WANKmaster BEST PLAYER .EU
00:24:09WANKmaster fucking awesome
00:24:16DeMiaN !!!CARE STUNSTRIKE!!
00:24:17FeelMyCrime doom just dont go with us
00:24:17WANKmaster go
00:24:18FeelMyCrime its better
00:24:19WANKmaster delete
00:24:20WANKmaster dota
00:24:26FeelMyCrime now trax got 2k gold
00:24:29FeelMyCrime 1k just from me
00:25:01mansikka -ms
00:25:34Joda dont stun fucking invo
00:25:36Joda magnus
00:25:37Joda focus same
00:25:42VanillaThunder gg
00:25:43Joda ..
00:25:45McFele :)
00:25:45Joda failers
00:25:46FeelMyCrime WOWOWOOWOWOWOW
00:25:46VanillaThunder this idiots
00:25:51FeelMyCrime wtf happened
00:25:54FeelMyCrime i was afk :D
00:25:58mansikka ultrakill
00:26:00VanillaThunder chase invo whe nmagnus is there
00:26:04Joda so bad
00:26:23FeelMyCrime u ult 4 of them? :D
00:26:28FeelMyCrime go doom :D
00:26:28WANKmaster y
00:26:36FeelMyCrime i dont know how can he win game :D
00:26:37doom )
00:26:38FeelMyCrime this doom :D
00:26:56FeelMyCrime only when he play with pros like we, a?
00:27:05FeelMyCrime x)
00:27:07WANKmaster just get
00:27:08WANKmaster gem
00:27:08WANKmaster or
00:27:09WANKmaster sentries
00:27:11WANKmaster or something
00:27:12FeelMyCrime i will
00:27:16FeelMyCrime just to get gold for it
00:27:36Joda na do wards
00:28:30FeelMyCrime i will get gem for u now
00:28:32FeelMyCrime shitass
00:29:04Joda bkbs asap
00:29:05Joda sven slard
00:29:12FeelMyCrime now he goes buriza
00:29:13FeelMyCrime and gg :D
00:29:19DeMiaN nerub get pipe
00:29:26bragh k
00:29:31FeelMyCrime look doom lvl 10 :DDDD
00:29:43mansikka bragh is 9
00:29:58DeMiaN wow pretty fucking epic
00:30:04DeMiaN I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:08bragh I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:14Impressed I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:30:15FeelMyCrime yes but bragh is in team which get raped
00:30:19FeelMyCrime doom in team which pew
00:30:24FeelMyCrime let chick to get gem
00:30:27mansikka lets push and finish then
00:30:30Joda this shoudl be easy win
00:30:36Joda picks..
00:30:50FeelMyCrime ok got gem go
00:31:01FeelMyCrime i wanna rampage
00:31:39VanillaThunder b
00:31:43VanillaThunder b
00:31:55FeelMyCrime why we are never gather? -.-
00:31:56FeelMyCrime just go ffs
00:32:02Impressed b
00:32:03Impressed b
00:32:03VanillaThunder b
00:32:31WANKmaster go
00:32:31WANKmaster take
00:32:32WANKmaster ward
00:32:45WANKmaster oh that luck silence
00:33:06FeelMyCrime i hope we loose rly
00:33:14DeMiaN i place gem
00:33:16DeMiaN at fountain
00:33:18FeelMyCrime why U NEED TO FARM NOW?
00:33:19DeMiaN we don't need atm
00:33:27FeelMyCrime DONT U GET IT
00:33:30FeelMyCrime go for fucking sake
00:33:30McFele i was dead
00:33:31Joda yep
00:33:31WANKmaster kinda hard to go 4vs5
00:33:32FeelMyCrime and push em
00:33:33McFele i moron
00:33:37Joda no need vs no invis
00:33:38McFele u
00:33:43Joda invo can slard take
00:33:44DeMiaN xept invo
00:33:52DeMiaN NERUB
00:33:59Joda void:D
00:34:01bragh since when does
00:34:03bragh sunstrike kill
00:34:07bragh versus 400 hp with cloak?
00:34:08DeMiaN 475hp max ?
00:34:10bragh but ok
00:34:12FeelMyCrime can we
00:34:13FeelMyCrime PLEASE
00:34:15FeelMyCrime go mid?
00:34:21FeelMyCrime i died 4 times in a row
00:34:21FeelMyCrime WHY
00:34:30Joda wait
00:34:31FeelMyCrime and no gem now
00:34:31Joda trax
00:34:43mansikka cmon stop solo
00:34:43FeelMyCrime guys.....
00:34:47mansikka go with many
00:34:58FeelMyCrime stop farm and go all and rape like till now
00:34:59Impressed dagger o bkb first?
00:35:02Joda bkb
00:35:03Impressed or*
00:35:03DeMiaN bkb
00:35:05Impressed k
00:35:18WANKmaster well lets go then
00:35:25FeelMyCrime wait magnus and go
00:35:27WANKmaster lets try
00:35:29Impressed -cs
00:35:30WANKmaster 4vs5
00:35:32mansikka i go get mana
00:35:33WANKmaster like we allways do
00:35:39WANKmaster get
00:35:41WANKmaster sentries
00:35:44FeelMyCrime we just
00:35:45mansikka nope we have done like 2v5 or 3v5
00:35:48FeelMyCrime gave them levels now
00:35:50FeelMyCrime without reason
00:35:53FeelMyCrime and its harder now
00:35:59VanillaThunder stay gather
00:36:06FeelMyCrime we could rape 10 mins ago when we was 5 lvl higher
00:36:07VanillaThunder and keep warding
00:36:09FeelMyCrime and my ult kill em all
00:36:15Joda got my shit now
00:36:16WANKmaster top
00:36:17WANKmaster pushing
00:36:38FeelMyCrime go woods gang
00:36:46FeelMyCrime gather
00:36:47FeelMyCrime i smoke
00:36:48FeelMyCrime come
00:36:56FeelMyCrime come to me
00:37:08FeelMyCrime to me
00:37:13Joda give shar trax and let me use creep
00:37:27DeMiaN risky vs magnus
00:37:27DeMiaN and es
00:37:33DeMiaN B
00:37:33DeMiaN B
00:37:34FeelMyCrime now go
00:37:41Joda go
00:37:45Joda 3fast
00:38:08Joda slard go
00:38:55bragh are you fucking serious?
00:39:05FeelMyCrime i cant belive in him
00:39:13FeelMyCrime and they focus me hard
00:39:17bragh WHAT THE FUC K
00:39:20FeelMyCrime i
00:39:25WANKmaster we just play 4vs5
00:39:26bragh stop controlling my hero
00:39:26bragh omg
00:39:28WANKmaster nothing else :d:d
00:39:37DeMiaN and ur wining...
00:39:57FeelMyCrime go again
00:40:09FeelMyCrime let him farm
00:40:13FeelMyCrime maybe he do something later
00:40:20McFele i need blademail before go
00:40:34FeelMyCrime what should i buy
00:40:38McFele shiva
00:40:38FeelMyCrime to stop their focusing
00:40:52FeelMyCrime shiva cant help me survive
00:40:54FeelMyCrime come to me
00:40:54FeelMyCrime smoke
00:40:59VanillaThunder b
00:41:01FeelMyCrime TO ME
00:41:01DeMiaN gather
00:41:12DeMiaN trax and me got bkb
00:41:15DeMiaN should change fight
00:41:23Joda y
00:41:24DeMiaN go ?
00:41:25Joda go all 5
00:41:26VanillaThunder y
00:42:00Joda lol
00:42:02VanillaThunder :D
00:42:16mansikka -ii
00:42:24FeelMyCrime OUTDOOMPLAYED
00:42:28DeMiaN that too
00:42:29mansikka wankmaster bkb please
00:42:32Joda where is void
00:42:37FeelMyCrime dunno
00:42:39Joda must have sick farm by now
00:42:41FeelMyCrime didnt saw him for years
00:42:53FeelMyCrime how can u farm woods 39 mins
00:42:59FeelMyCrime and have only bf and mom
00:43:00FeelMyCrime tell me?
00:43:05Joda haha
00:43:11Joda he was lane earlygame
00:43:28FeelMyCrime group again
00:43:29Joda come sven
00:43:32WANKmaster we
00:43:33WANKmaster cant
00:43:33WANKmaster go
00:43:33WANKmaster and
00:43:34DeMiaN kk
00:43:34WANKmaster lose
00:43:36WANKmaster all team fight
00:43:38WANKmaster we lose game
00:43:38DeMiaN no silly death
00:43:39WANKmaster like that
00:43:42Joda let me scout first
00:43:44FeelMyCrime we can win teamfitght
00:43:54FeelMyCrime we just dont initiate good
00:43:54mansikka easily if magnus gets bkb
00:43:58McFele void come with us and dont use ulty
00:43:59FeelMyCrime cause we dont have wards
00:44:13Joda push
00:44:29DeMiaN up chick
00:44:32FeelMyCrime i buy gem
00:44:34DeMiaN PLS
00:44:36DeMiaN ty
00:45:01Joda toptwr
00:45:03Joda and b
00:45:21Joda doom re, b
00:45:31Joda rax
00:45:32Joda googog
00:45:33Joda mid
00:45:38WANKmaster this
00:45:38Joda we can go rax now
00:45:38WANKmaster guys
00:45:41WANKmaster autoattacks
00:45:43WANKmaster noshit
00:45:43VanillaThunder y
00:45:46WANKmaster he get no items :D
00:45:58FeelMyCrime guys
00:46:11FeelMyCrime we could finish 20 mins ago when they didnt had a shit, but we were joking around..
00:46:14Joda b
00:46:17WANKmaster no
00:46:19WANKmaster we didnt
00:46:19VanillaThunder meet again
00:46:24WANKmaster that lina sven lane
00:46:25Joda ill farm 300 for ethral
00:46:28WANKmaster hold them
00:46:29Impressed bkb 200
00:46:29WANKmaster in game
00:46:38WANKmaster thats
00:46:39WANKmaster why
00:46:44WANKmaster its always good to have doom
00:46:46WANKmaster in team
00:46:51WANKmaster so othe team has chance anyway
00:47:15FeelMyCrime go woods
00:47:15WANKmaster doom
00:47:16WANKmaster go
00:47:16FeelMyCrime their
00:47:17WANKmaster fitst
00:47:27Joda not good
00:47:28Joda b
00:47:35DeMiaN b
00:47:35DeMiaN b
00:47:36DeMiaN b
00:47:36DeMiaN 1
00:47:36DeMiaN b
00:47:37DeMiaN b
00:47:37DeMiaN b
00:47:38Joda b
00:47:38Joda b
00:47:39Joda b
00:47:44Joda ffs
00:47:47FeelMyCrime gem
00:47:48FeelMyCrime gem
00:47:53VanillaThunder sven?
00:47:56McFele rax
00:47:57FeelMyCrime take rax
00:47:58Joda so bad
00:47:58DeMiaN what ?
00:48:00FeelMyCrime and bot after
00:48:00DeMiaN not me
00:48:06Joda base will get fucked now
00:48:28FeelMyCrime bot after fast
00:48:41FeelMyCrime bot after
00:48:51FeelMyCrime ok b
00:48:55FeelMyCrime rosh magnus
00:48:56FeelMyCrime go fast
00:48:57FeelMyCrime fast
00:49:12WANKmaster coming
00:49:13Joda lukcy u magnus i forgot ulti hotkey:S
00:49:29Joda gogogo
00:50:07FeelMyCrime is this true
00:50:09bragh again
00:50:13bragh why the fuck do you try and control my hero?
00:50:37WANKmaster just cant win with that doom :D:D:D
00:50:39McFele at least we got rax
00:50:46VanillaThunder push now
00:50:50VanillaThunder and try rax
00:50:53McFele he was dead on 2svens hits
00:50:58DeMiaN gang first
00:51:01Joda cant push 5v5
00:51:31Impressed didnt know that magnus ulti worked on bkb
00:51:32WANKmaster why
00:51:34WANKmaster wont u make
00:51:35DeMiaN doesn't
00:51:35WANKmaster hex
00:51:38WANKmaster mansikka
00:51:38Joda does
00:51:39WANKmaster ???
00:51:39DeMiaN no dmg
00:51:39VanillaThunder it do
00:51:41DeMiaN but stun
00:51:42mansikka dont like heks
00:51:43Joda stun..
00:51:46FeelMyCrime dude
00:51:48FeelMyCrime we need hex
00:51:48WANKmaster cool
00:51:48Joda spelldmgs lategame, sucks
00:51:50WANKmaster lets ff
00:51:50WANKmaster then
00:51:52Joda except lina
00:51:54mansikka sure
00:51:54mansikka I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:56WANKmaster pointless
00:51:58WANKmaster i dont get it
00:51:59WANKmaster why wont
00:52:00WANKmaster u
00:52:01WANKmaster want
00:52:01WANKmaster to
00:52:02WANKmaster win
00:52:04WANKmaster any game
00:52:05McFele mid
00:52:08WANKmaster u just build shit
00:52:09mansikka i dont like winning
00:52:09WANKmaster every time
00:52:13Joda wait trax
00:52:24Joda go?
00:52:30Joda lol
00:52:33Joda b
00:52:33Joda b
00:52:34Joda ffs
00:52:35Joda wtf
00:52:36Joda 2v5
00:52:43Joda noobs
00:52:44DeMiaN ...
00:52:44FeelMyCrime OMFG
00:52:44Joda wtf
00:52:45WANKmaster U FUCKINg
00:52:45mansikka D
00:52:45DeMiaN u say go
00:52:46McFele Lol void
00:52:46McFele why
00:52:47WANKmaster NOOB
00:52:48Joda attack 2v5
00:52:48DeMiaN and then u wank
00:52:51Joda smart
00:52:57McFele push bot
00:53:20FeelMyCrime well go mid
00:53:21FeelMyCrime then bot
00:53:59bragh \
00:54:04FeelMyCrime BACK
00:54:39WANKmaster fuck you luckyfuck
00:54:45Joda greedy
00:54:51WANKmaster no
00:54:56WANKmaster just this doom
00:54:58WANKmaster makes this game
00:55:00Joda ok so even if i die? sucide for me?
00:55:06WANKmaster all the fights we had was 4vs5
00:55:11Joda yep hes a creep
00:55:16VanillaThunder 60 sex
00:55:18VanillaThunder sec
00:55:29WANKmaster i really dont get u mansikka
00:55:31WANKmaster get 1 hex
00:55:34WANKmaster and game is win
00:55:36WANKmaster u just wont make it
00:55:43FeelMyCrime rly dude
00:55:44FeelMyCrime get hex...
00:55:44mansikka i wouldnt have it in time
00:55:45DeMiaN 20sec
00:55:49WANKmaster u got
00:55:51WANKmaster 2x orb
00:55:56Joda bkbs go
00:55:57mansikka 2xhex
00:55:58WANKmaster +800
00:56:38DeMiaN nerub havin fun
00:56:40FeelMyCrime go mid
00:56:41FeelMyCrime GO BOT RAX
00:56:43FeelMyCrime MAGNUS FAST
00:56:45Joda farming dagon :D
00:56:47FeelMyCrime walk here
00:56:48FeelMyCrime fuck that
00:56:49Joda 53 min
00:56:54WANKmaster stfu
00:57:05DeMiaN well
00:57:06DeMiaN this is gg
00:57:08DeMiaN gg wp
00:57:28Joda mid
00:57:33Joda dont die
00:57:34Joda omg
00:57:40DeMiaN take creeps to foubntab
00:57:51DeMiaN wait trax
00:57:54DeMiaN i'm bakc in 10
00:57:56Joda if we win 1 fight we can end base
00:57:59DeMiaN y
00:58:06bragh again controlling the hero
00:58:06bragh why
00:58:12VanillaThunder sry was me
00:58:23bragh fuck off, entire game smb trying to pull this shit
00:58:27bragh i can't even use 3rd skill
00:58:29bragh when you are moving me
00:58:29FeelMyCrime get hex u have mony
00:58:30FeelMyCrime mate
00:58:37mansikka not enouf for it
00:58:39Joda rosh re soon
00:58:39FeelMyCrime def mid
00:58:40FeelMyCrime come
00:58:41Joda mb wait for him
00:58:42FeelMyCrime U HAVE
00:58:44FeelMyCrime ENOUGH
00:58:45mansikka nou
00:58:49DeMiaN no slot on me or traxx so
00:58:54FeelMyCrime COME
00:58:55FeelMyCrime MID
00:59:18DeMiaN I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:19DeMiaN -clear
00:59:25DeMiaN I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:59:26VanillaThunder I surrender! [4/4 of Scourge]
00:59:27DeMiaN just ff
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