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Chat log

00:00:18FirstBlood -magnus
00:00:18fUNCh where is ur half asian friend ?
00:00:18FirstBlood sleeping :D
00:00:18prolog1C. me sf plz
00:00:18Astrocreep working the street
00:00:18que2stress -storm
00:00:19Renatus i can play lich
00:00:25prolog1C. >GR
00:00:32que2stress any wants ud?
00:00:39que2stress ud anyone?
00:01:00prolog1C. sf shit
00:01:09que2stress get pit lord
00:01:09prolog1C. plz gang him all the time mid
00:01:11FirstBlood pick lich, pit
00:01:12que2stress plz
00:01:14que2stress pit lord
00:01:20que2stress they have 3 dmg guys
00:01:21Impressed i go bat
00:01:22que2stress get pit lord
00:01:24que2stress liech
00:01:25FirstBlood no more carrz
00:01:28FirstBlood carry
00:01:30Astrocreep i aint carry
00:01:32que2stress rofly
00:01:33que2stress and
00:01:34que2stress ofc
00:01:38que2stress we take paper hero
00:01:49Inuusini he just wants to gameruin again
00:01:50que2stress lion/zeus
00:01:52prolog1C. aba
00:01:56Renatus sven u help ward?
00:02:00Renatus ingame
00:02:05Astrocreep huh?
00:02:10Astrocreep see farm
00:02:12Renatus u said u not carry
00:02:14que2stress zeus pit bottom
00:02:17Astrocreep tank support
00:02:27Inuusini last game this guy made dagon on weaver
00:02:32Inuusini and u want to give him the farmlane?
00:02:34prolog1C. who?
00:02:37que2stress funchbob
00:02:38Inuusini gondar
00:02:40Renatus kk
00:02:48BACKENiZER- -ma
00:02:51Astrocreep ie i will die to save sf
00:02:52fUNCh was lost team
00:03:01Inuusini lost again
00:03:01Astrocreep but not sk of course
00:03:03FirstBlood XD
00:03:04Impressed rune top
00:03:07Inuusini thx for crap pick
00:03:11fUNCh its not crap
00:03:14que2stress :D
00:03:15que2stress it is
00:03:18fUNCh is not
00:03:19Inuusini worst wannabe carry hero
00:03:21Inuusini in dota
00:05:17Inuusini zeus wtf
00:05:22Inuusini take arc lightning ffs
00:05:44prolog1C. MISS MID
00:05:46prolog1C. b top
00:06:43prolog1C. gang mid
00:06:45prolog1C. NOW
00:06:46que2stress u so bad
00:06:52Renatus why im i so good
00:07:29Renatus i was shopping!
00:07:32Astrocreep ....
00:07:40que2stress take ur time
00:07:54Astrocreep i got dust
00:08:03Renatus k
00:08:07Astrocreep he is aggressive
00:08:10Astrocreep so this will fuck him
00:08:23Renatus sentry would be better but dust is good
00:08:33Inuusini lol
00:08:33prolog1C. go
00:08:33Inuusini gj
00:09:02prolog1C. why did u go b??
00:09:03Inuusini epic
00:09:03prolog1C. omg
00:09:05prolog1C. yy
00:09:08Pieti oom
00:09:10prolog1C. thought u come..
00:09:14que2stress gw
00:09:19Inuusini and that would change what?
00:09:22Inuusini he still instagibs you
00:09:43Astrocreep we try when we get there
00:10:03Astrocreep ss
00:10:07que2stress gang top
00:10:07que2stress 3
00:10:08que2stress guys
00:10:12que2stress gondar
00:10:12que2stress and
00:10:13que2stress akasha
00:10:17fUNCh ganign bot
00:10:33prolog1C. b
00:10:57Impressed ss
00:10:58Impressed bo
00:11:06prolog1C. gogoog
00:11:25prolog1C. well
00:11:29Renatus spawns 3 zombies...
00:11:30Renatus op
00:11:30que2stress worth it
00:11:39fUNCh -st
00:11:51FirstBlood lol
00:11:52FirstBlood guzs
00:11:54FirstBlood guys
00:12:03que2stress not
00:12:03que2stress true
00:12:14FirstBlood take it
00:12:25prolog1C. go
00:12:27prolog1C. rdy?
00:13:01Pieti low hp lich?
00:13:06prolog1C. no
00:13:11que2stress gondar :D
00:13:15que2stress def top plz
00:13:16que2stress someone
00:13:40que2stress someone?
00:15:14prolog1C. omg
00:15:15prolog1C. really
00:15:17FirstBlood somebody had to tp you
00:15:21FirstBlood had
00:16:28prolog1C. fucking wards
00:16:30prolog1C. THE HELL
00:16:41prolog1C. can we get sSOME TOO?
00:17:14Inuusini call me james, 0-0-7
00:17:41prolog1C. dd
00:18:45Astrocreep fuck u sk
00:18:49Renatus gå på en i taget
00:18:57prolog1C. can we move on 5?
00:20:34prolog1C. gg
00:20:41que2stress this rambo gondar
00:20:49prolog1C. why stupid chase when 2 guys where in our b?
00:21:24que2stress go with all now
00:21:32Inuusini mid
00:21:39que2stress nice farm akasha :D
00:22:36prolog1C. GOD
00:23:15que2stress akasha
00:23:16que2stress make jango
00:23:18Inuusini def top
00:24:39FirstBlood shit
00:24:45Inuusini -st
00:26:01prolog1C. go b
00:26:02prolog1C. now
00:26:03que2stress get vladimir
00:26:07que2stress gogo
00:26:15que2stress gogo
00:26:16que2stress akasha
00:26:24prolog1C. kk
00:26:48Renatus wtf
00:26:50Renatus die
00:27:15prolog1C. ...
00:27:23Astrocreep u ulti when u die?
00:27:24que2stress zeus
00:27:25que2stress u didnt
00:27:26que2stress even ult?
00:27:30que2stress wtf
00:27:33Renatus half ulti
00:27:36prolog1C. why u could save 2 of us..
00:27:49Pieti sry
00:27:53Pieti dd
00:28:39FirstBlood sec
00:29:31FirstBlood b
00:29:37Renatus lol
00:29:39FirstBlood b
00:30:11fUNCh -st
00:30:17FirstBlood we neeed gang them
00:30:22FirstBlood and not they us
00:30:26Astrocreep lost very soon
00:30:28FirstBlood gang with smoke
00:30:29prolog1C. b now
00:30:30Renatus dust or gem plz
00:30:35que2stress pit
00:30:39que2stress make vladimirs
00:30:41Inuusini yy
00:31:11fUNCh epic creep stun
00:31:13fUNCh :D
00:31:13que2stress ye e:D
00:31:41Renatus cant
00:31:51que2stress lets
00:31:52que2stress go rosh
00:32:07que2stress no
00:32:08que2stress go there
00:32:37Renatus get dust or gem guys
00:33:08fUNCh haste
00:33:10fUNCh rune
00:33:10fUNCh bot
00:33:11fUNCh qop
00:34:22FirstBlood destroy tomb
00:34:53prolog1C. sure
00:35:05que2stress that sucked
00:35:05Astrocreep gj
00:35:12prolog1C. ye
00:35:20prolog1C. had to be 100% win -.-
00:35:30que2stress y
00:35:31que2stress but
00:35:31que2stress why
00:35:35que2stress u always go solo die
00:35:36fUNCh bd ?
00:35:39que2stress i dont understand
00:35:44que2stress backdoor
00:35:46que2stress it is guys
00:35:48que2stress it is
00:35:52prolog1C. it is backdoor
00:35:52Renatus lol
00:35:52FirstBlood creap died
00:35:53prolog1C. guys
00:36:00Astrocreep they didnt leave base
00:36:02Astrocreep so no bd
00:36:19Renatus b
00:36:24que2stress go mid
00:36:25que2stress push
00:37:11Renatus why
00:37:20que2stress zeus go
00:37:28que2stress b
00:37:29que2stress b
00:37:31Inuusini gg gondar
00:37:34que2stress DONT
00:37:54que2stress as long as there is no disable
00:37:54BACKENiZER- i can carry gem
00:37:55prolog1C. leo wins the game..
00:37:57FirstBlood k
00:37:57que2stress we cant iwn anything
00:37:58FirstBlood do it
00:38:18BACKENiZER- where is it_D
00:38:58Renatus fuu :(
00:39:23Pieti I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:39:25prolog1C. I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:39:32Inuusini I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:39:33que2stress this freaking
00:39:35que2stress gondar
00:39:41que2stress goes
00:39:42que2stress skadi
00:39:43que2stress wtf
00:39:47Inuusini told you
00:39:50Inuusini he just wants to gameruin
00:39:57que2stress I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:11prolog1C. I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:40:20Astrocreep y
00:40:25fUNCh I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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