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Chat log

00:00:00Fatality [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 80 seconds.
00:00:12yeW- wishes
00:00:17Diablo ban magna
00:00:17Diablo yew magna gg
00:00:17yeW- one more time
00:00:17yeW- wishes
00:00:17yeW- ?
00:00:17yeW- Bara baby.
00:00:17Diablo ban magna
00:00:17pWny- let us combopick
00:00:17JTG.Bop i want hot naked blond.
00:00:17yeW- Keep wanting then.
00:00:17Pufff-Reis magna
00:00:17Fatality i go furion
00:00:17yeW- You can't be serious :D!
00:00:17Diablo no u wont :)
00:00:20Diablo thanks to me yew
00:00:23Diablo <3
00:00:41yeW- Yeah, I figured it must've been thanks to one of you cockcraving faggots.
00:00:50Diablo <3
00:00:58Mamo pick ?
00:01:03Mamo pick i ?
00:01:03yeW- tide
00:01:05yeW- ogre
00:01:06yeW- ogre
00:01:06BACKENiZER- what do you want?
00:01:09yeW- tide n ogre
00:01:10yeW- -clear
00:01:12yeW- TIDE OGREEE
00:01:13Mamo ogre
00:01:18BACKENiZER- pick me zeus
00:01:21JTG.Bop wood
00:01:24Achille i go tide
00:01:25yeW- tide and zeus pls
00:01:25Mamo ok
00:01:27Diablo get tide
00:01:28Diablo last
00:01:28Fatality shreder
00:01:29yeW- nice
00:01:29pWny- ck was not so a good idea fater LC
00:01:30Diablo pick
00:01:31yeW- get
00:01:32yeW- wards
00:01:33yeW- ogre
00:01:34Mamo yes
00:01:34Diablo should be epic
00:01:35Diablo tide
00:01:37Diablo and gyro
00:01:37Diablo gg
00:01:40pWny- true
00:01:40BACKENiZER- -swap 4
00:01:41pWny- -hhn
00:01:41pWny- -di
00:01:41Diablo hmmm
00:01:41Mamo -swap 3
00:01:41pWny- -don
00:01:41pWny- -ii
00:01:41Mamo ty
00:01:41Fatality tide for furiom?
00:01:45Diablo no
00:01:45JTG.Bop i go woods so...
00:01:48yeW- ye
00:01:48Mamo good
00:01:49Diablo i play furi
00:01:51Mamo good pick
00:01:51Fatality i shreder
00:01:53Diablo get shredder
00:02:05Fatality aaaaaa
00:02:08Fatality ouu
00:02:10yeW- What are you pausing for you dickless bastard?
00:02:24BACKENiZER- lanes?
00:02:28yeW- ogre bot
00:02:30yeW- obviously
00:02:33Fatality wanna get banned?
00:02:43yeW- Be my guest.
00:02:50Fatality yo
00:02:54yeW- You need a reason to pause.
00:02:59pWny- !pause
00:03:01pWny- 30 please
00:03:08yeW- jtg
00:03:10yeW- tell me
00:03:10yeW- if you see wolves
00:03:10JTG.Bop l
00:03:10Mamo ry
00:03:10JTG.Bop j
00:03:10yeW- Zeus still afk.
00:03:10Mamo rly
00:03:10BACKENiZER- ?+
00:03:12pWny- thanx re
00:04:06pWny- g owood
00:04:16pWny- plz
00:04:34Diablo do fb
00:04:50yeW- WHERE
00:04:51yeW- IS COURIER
00:05:10JTG.Bop wolf,,,,
00:05:18pWny- dudey
00:05:20yeW- achiellle
00:05:20Diablo i pull
00:05:22yeW- BUY
00:05:24yeW- COURIER
00:05:25pWny- tghan
00:05:47yeW- omw
00:05:50Fatality 3 lvl go stun?
00:05:52pWny- jo
00:05:53pWny- go
00:06:02yeW- got it
00:06:09yeW- Need a pause.
00:06:10yeW- ahiclle
00:06:10yeW- u need
00:06:10yeW- to buy
00:06:10yeW- the fucin
00:06:10yeW- courier
00:06:10yeW- do u understand?
00:06:10pWny- me also after
00:06:10Achille y
00:06:10yeW- do it
00:06:10yeW- now
00:06:10yeW- and activate it
00:06:10Fatality me2
00:06:10yeW- and share units
00:06:10Achille k
00:06:12yeW- Re nessaj?
00:06:19pWny- lol
00:06:27pWny- ya
00:06:31pWny- i lost 2/3 hp
00:06:35pWny- hop
00:06:37Diablo go mid
00:06:41pWny- b
00:06:42yeW- ogre
00:06:43yeW- come
00:06:48Fatality lol
00:07:06pWny- was 2 oom
00:07:07pWny- mom
00:07:19BACKENiZER- ss
00:07:24yeW- ye k
00:07:33yeW- playin with a bunch of fags
00:07:35yeW- cant get courier
00:08:06pWny- now dont leave me alone furion
00:08:13pWny- ty
00:08:15Achille ss
00:08:16Diablo wont <3
00:08:18yeW- GO
00:08:19yeW- GANG
00:08:20yeW- OGRE
00:08:21pWny- they are also 4 now .--
00:08:21Diablo go
00:08:22yeW- motherufc
00:08:25pWny- mom
00:08:27pWny- gimme 5
00:08:29pWny- for lvl 3 bolt
00:08:30pWny- i just bolt ogre
00:08:30Mamo ok share
00:08:33pWny- and lets hope for a good one
00:08:45BACKENiZER- ss2
00:08:49Mamo ty
00:08:50yeW- wait
00:08:51yeW- stay back
00:08:52yeW- omg
00:08:58pWny- i go mid
00:09:08pWny- rape this doom
00:09:11Mamo sry
00:09:27Mamo omg
00:09:41pWny- wp
00:09:52Pufff-Reis go away pls
00:10:06pWny- oom
00:10:11Diablo GET SOUL
00:10:23pWny- got PT
00:10:36pWny- what u mean with soul
00:10:41Diablo ring
00:10:44pWny- no
00:10:56pWny- basi for vlad maybe
00:11:02pWny- i pull
00:11:07JTG.Bop share
00:11:31kinash ss
00:11:52Mamo omg
00:11:52Fatality chiken
00:12:20yeW- why focus furi
00:12:21yeW- n not sile
00:12:29BACKENiZER- share ?
00:12:54Fatality furion
00:12:55pWny- mana
00:12:56Diablo ?
00:12:56pWny- please
00:12:57pWny- dude
00:12:59Fatality rrly
00:13:00Fatality fu
00:13:09yeW- wards?
00:13:24Diablo gang doom constantly
00:13:33pWny- i come soopn
00:13:59yeW- WARDS
00:14:00yeW- OGRE
00:14:00yeW- W
00:14:01yeW- A
00:14:01yeW- R
00:14:02yeW- D
00:14:03yeW- S
00:14:53yeW- WARDS
00:14:54yeW- WARDS
00:14:54yeW- WARDS
00:14:55pWny- ward woods
00:14:58pWny- LC gets imba
00:15:07Diablo gang
00:15:16yeW- my god
00:15:17yeW- leave teh game
00:15:19yeW- LEAVE THE GAME
00:15:19yeW- OGRE
00:15:33pWny- care lc maybe lothar allready
00:15:38Fatality he take run
00:15:38Fatality e
00:15:42Fatality doom
00:15:53yeW- cancer team
00:15:55yeW- for rela
00:16:00pWny- fast
00:16:00pWny- top
00:16:03Fatality u the pro?
00:16:21pWny- LC comes mid
00:16:25BACKENiZER- STUN???
00:17:05Diablo haste
00:17:35Mamo !Ff
00:17:37Mamo !FF
00:17:41yeW- mamo
00:17:43yeW- leave the game
00:17:44yeW- now
00:18:05pWny- got vladi
00:18:19Fatality make fly
00:18:21Fatality some1
00:18:42Diablo gang
00:18:44Diablo gyro
00:19:00yeW- wards
00:19:01yeW- jesus
00:19:02yeW- get wards
00:19:08pWny- mom
00:19:09pWny- we need dust
00:19:13pWny- upgrade
00:19:14pWny- chick
00:19:15pWny- someone
00:19:18pWny- upgrade
00:19:23pWny- -.-
00:19:33pWny- i go down
00:19:35Fatality i said the same
00:19:43pWny- LC is maybe also there
00:19:44pWny- around
00:19:51pWny- b
00:20:02pWny- wasted TP -.-
00:20:25Fatality b
00:20:30pWny- upgrade CHICK
00:20:31pWny- cmon
00:20:33yeW- go bot
00:20:38pWny- i cant
00:20:40Diablo got wards got dust
00:20:41Diablo lol
00:20:41yeW- k
00:20:41Diablo fu
00:20:43yeW- warded
00:20:47pWny- got dusts
00:20:48yeW- farl
00:20:49pWny- alot
00:20:50yeW- farm lc
00:20:59pWny- and i go for team item
00:21:00pWny- vladi
00:21:02pWny- not soloish
00:21:23yeW- team watches
00:21:25yeW- k
00:21:35yeW- TIDE
00:21:36yeW- TIDE
00:21:36pWny- oom
00:21:37yeW- TID
00:21:38yeW- U WORTHLESS
00:21:40Achille silenced
00:21:44yeW- SON OF A BITCH.
00:22:00pWny- im b
00:22:01BACKENiZER- ogre maybe stun the guy who is attacked by the tower?
00:22:04Mamo !FF
00:22:06Mamo !ff
00:22:09BACKENiZER- much bigger chance to kill him or what
00:22:11Mamo .ff
00:22:14Mamo ff
00:22:15Mamo !Ff
00:22:15Diablo stay their wood
00:22:19Diablo need2ward
00:22:27pWny- hurry up dude
00:22:40Diablo dead
00:22:42Mamo GO
00:22:45Mamo GJ
00:22:46pWny- NOONONONONO
00:22:53Mamo good
00:22:55pWny- why i listen to yo
00:22:57pWny- STAY AT WOOD
00:22:59pWny- have to ward
00:22:59pWny- omfg
00:23:07pWny- so stupid move
00:23:28Mamo go
00:23:41pWny- def mid or not?
00:23:42yeW- b
00:23:45Diablo deff
00:23:46Mamo yi
00:24:02JTG.Bop b
00:24:20yeW- just
00:24:21pWny- we could get rosh
00:24:23yeW- farm jtg
00:24:25yeW- we have the late
00:24:25pWny- push to tower
00:24:26pWny- and go rosh?
00:24:30yeW- if tide
00:24:32BACKENiZER- we have the mamo
00:24:33yeW- isnt retarded enough
00:24:34yeW- ye
00:24:41Diablo NOOB GYRO
00:24:45Diablo wasted ult
00:24:48Fatality b
00:24:48Fatality b
00:24:50Diablo b
00:24:58yeW- farm
00:25:06pWny- carr
00:25:08Fatality klll
00:25:24yeW- b
00:25:25yeW- mamo
00:25:26Diablo lol
00:25:27pWny- got gem
00:25:30pWny- so
00:25:31pWny- why not
00:25:44pWny- protect me
00:26:06pWny- go
00:26:07pWny- on
00:26:12yeW- tp
00:26:12yeW- LC
00:26:12yeW- TP
00:26:13pWny- mana me
00:26:15pWny- lplease
00:26:36pWny- dudes
00:26:37pWny- gem
00:26:41pWny- gem still here
00:26:55Mamo gj
00:26:57JTG.Bop at least like that)
00:27:15Mamo go midd
00:27:17Fatality wtf
00:27:19pWny- let me
00:27:20Mamo no
00:27:22pWny- plz
00:27:24pWny- io puick gem
00:27:38Fatality fu man
00:27:39Mamo gj
00:27:40Fatality rlt
00:27:41Fatality rly
00:28:01pWny- ggot gem still
00:28:14Fatality go top
00:28:16yeW- tide
00:28:16yeW- back
00:28:17yeW- bac
00:28:20pWny- you are alone
00:28:21pWny- back
00:28:22pWny- gyrocopter
00:28:39pWny- b
00:28:45JTG.Bop b
00:29:08pWny- b
00:29:09pWny- oom
00:29:09JTG.Bop gemj
00:29:10pWny- oom
00:29:11Fatality wtf
00:29:14Fatality are u doing
00:29:16Fatality tell me
00:30:17pWny- we go rosh
00:30:20pWny- they do othwerwise
00:30:30Diablo go rosh
00:30:30yeW- need to kill ck
00:30:32yeW- n get gem
00:30:33Fatality wards
00:30:45Mamo go
00:30:46Mamo b
00:30:47pWny- wait me
00:30:54pWny- now we go
00:30:55pWny- tide ulti gone
00:30:59yeW- b
00:31:00yeW- further
00:31:10Fatality tide no ulty
00:31:14pWny- just push
00:31:38pWny- pick gem
00:31:57pWny- here is gem
00:31:58pWny- somewhere
00:32:10yeW- miserable.
00:32:12Diablo gem?
00:32:13Mamo gjä
00:32:15Achille y
00:32:17pWny- may they destryoed
00:32:18yeW- truly miserable
00:32:55pWny- i think they destroyed gem
00:33:00Mamo b
00:34:02yeW- lc
00:34:03yeW- JT
00:34:04yeW- COME
00:34:14pWny- go
00:34:34pWny- no dust
00:34:35pWny- gg
00:34:58Diablo u dont have gem?
00:35:01pWny- no
00:35:02pWny- i dropped it
00:35:08pWny- and no one picked
00:35:09pWny- i pinged
00:35:11pWny- i wrote 10 times
00:35:12pWny- gem
00:35:12pWny- gem
00:35:14pWny- no one cares
00:35:19pWny- they destroyed it after fight
00:35:35Diablo w8
00:35:37Diablo me for mid
00:35:56pWny- shredder dead
00:36:10Fatality fack
00:36:13Diablo noob.
00:36:47Mamo gj
00:36:54Mamo gj
00:37:01pWny- go 1 time together
00:37:08pWny- and we can win easy with dusts
00:37:08yeW- wards
00:37:14Mamo gj
00:37:14pWny- or gem
00:37:16pWny- dunno
00:37:19yeW- stop sayin
00:37:19yeW- gj
00:37:20yeW- pls
00:37:38pWny- they do rosh
00:37:42pWny- go theyr with dusts
00:37:55yeW- bkb
00:37:57yeW- jtg
00:37:57yeW- pls
00:38:51Diablo i have dust
00:38:53Fatality fack
00:38:56pWny- b
00:38:57pWny- b
00:39:03Diablo noob.
00:39:03Achille b
00:39:19yeW- leave the rune
00:39:20Fatality u pro ?
00:39:26yeW- rosh
00:39:26yeW- go
00:39:31yeW- all rosh
00:39:33Mamo ok
00:39:34pWny- they do rosh now
00:39:40pWny- go smoke
00:39:42yeW- lc
00:39:43yeW- come
00:39:50pWny- wait smopke
00:39:54pWny- start
00:40:08pWny- just go
00:40:08Mamo gj
00:40:09Pufff-Reis b
00:40:09pWny- and kill
00:40:10Diablo nortrom :)
00:40:12Achille ^^
00:40:15yeW- u say
00:40:17yeW- gj one more time
00:40:19yeW- i'll rape u
00:40:24Mamo gj
00:40:28pWny- he really escapes?
00:40:38Diablo no stun
00:40:40pWny- why no one disable
00:40:59pWny- AC on doom
00:41:35pWny- bn
00:41:55pWny- omfc
00:41:57Mamo gj
00:42:10Mamo gj
00:42:15yeW- push
00:42:15yeW- mid
00:42:16yeW- all
00:42:18Diablo gyro no ult?
00:42:27Fatality noob
00:42:31yeW- cmon
00:42:32yeW- jesus
00:42:36pWny- i just wanted to get b
00:42:38Diablo ye he is using ult to rfarm
00:42:42pWny- but was not able to pick gem
00:43:18Fatality fack
00:43:23Fatality 2 bloodstones :D
00:43:40Fatality go top
00:43:40pWny- who else got bloodstone?
00:43:47pWny- we cant go theyr woods
00:43:49pWny- wtihout sentrys
00:43:59pWny- moment
00:44:00pWny- i set some
00:44:12pWny- yew is a tough one
00:44:14pWny- now
00:44:17pWny- AC and hot
00:44:22Mamo go bot
00:44:33Mamo b
00:44:45Mamo sry
00:44:57pWny- mana
00:44:58Diablo yew?
00:45:01Fatality go put sentry
00:45:08Fatality asap
00:45:11yeW- def top
00:45:13yeW- DEF
00:45:13yeW- TOP
00:45:13pWny- jojo
00:45:14yeW- ALL
00:45:14yeW- GO
00:45:15Diablo rax
00:45:21yeW- stop farming
00:45:22yeW- we lose
00:45:22yeW- top
00:45:24yeW- tide
00:45:25yeW- use ulti asap
00:45:26pWny- in front of base
00:45:28pWny- i place
00:45:30Achille y
00:45:32yeW- come on for christs sake
00:45:33pWny- mana
00:46:13Diablo b
00:46:16Diablo nort
00:46:18Mamo gj
00:46:24pWny- wow
00:46:29Mamo gj
00:46:35pWny- great escape of everyone!
00:46:47Diablo we need2 push
00:46:48Diablo or we loose
00:46:53Diablo get ghosts
00:46:54pWny- hmm...
00:46:56yeW- -m
00:46:57pWny- nortrom needs hex
00:46:59pWny- and shiva
00:46:59Mamo -me
00:47:01Pufff-Reis on it
00:47:02yeW- -ms
00:47:02Mamo -ms
00:47:05pWny- i need ac and also hot
00:47:11pWny- and they are food
00:47:14yeW- wards
00:47:46pWny- we need gem
00:47:48pWny- or sentrys
00:47:49pWny- guys
00:47:50pWny- b
00:47:52Diablo have dust
00:47:53pWny- someone sentrys
00:47:54yeW- b
00:47:58pWny- dont engange without sight
00:48:01pWny- LC luci
00:48:03pWny- both of them
00:48:05pWny- lothar
00:48:16yeW- b
00:48:17Achille quelling blade in base ?
00:48:24Mamo b
00:48:27yeW- zzz
00:48:38pWny- yeah
00:48:38Fatality see
00:48:38pWny- wp
00:48:41Fatality find a gem
00:48:44pWny- ^^
00:48:46yeW- b
00:48:47Achille b
00:48:50pWny- stick together from now on
00:48:53Achille b
00:48:55Diablo go rosh
00:48:58pWny- jo
00:49:01pWny- he is still gone
00:49:02JTG.Bop tide getting aga)
00:49:02pWny- im sure
00:49:04JTG.Bop nice
00:49:08Achille ^^
00:49:25yeW- sell agha
00:49:28yeW- it doesnt work
00:49:29yeW- on u
00:49:32JTG.Bop u know its uselell on u
00:49:36yeW- tide agha lads
00:49:40yeW- let slit
00:49:42yeW- our wrists
00:49:44Fatality incoming
00:49:52Mamo g
00:50:04Mamo go
00:50:04yeW- well
00:50:05yeW- fu
00:50:07yeW- for losin gem
00:50:08yeW- lc
00:50:16pWny- hes not re
00:50:16Mamo go
00:50:17yeW- go
00:50:17pWny- i guess
00:50:41pWny- b
00:51:00Diablo gg
00:51:00pWny- GEM
00:51:01pWny- GEM
00:51:02Mamo gj
00:51:11pWny- cmon
00:51:11pWny- again
00:51:22Mamo gj
00:51:25Mamo go
00:51:31Fatality raks
00:51:32Fatality asasp
00:51:34pWny- furi u need some Attack speed
00:52:07Fatality ulty
00:52:21pWny- DUDES
00:52:22pWny- cmon
00:52:41Fatality kill him
00:52:42Diablo NORT
00:52:50Diablo FAIL
00:53:00yeW- drop
00:53:00yeW- that gem
00:53:01pWny- GLAIVE Trhower
00:53:02yeW- we dont need it
00:53:03pWny- and set setnrys
00:53:03pWny- omg
00:53:11pWny- fast sentrys
00:53:16pWny- he will backdoor it maybe
00:53:19yeW- ol
00:53:33yeW- ge vlads
00:53:34yeW- tide
00:53:50Achille next
00:53:52pWny- we got 1 dust
00:53:53Achille k
00:53:58pWny- lets pray we found somethign
00:54:00kinash -ms
00:54:03pWny- ???
00:54:11pWny- lol
00:54:13pWny- wp
00:54:14pWny- really
00:54:18pWny- go away with dust
00:54:22pWny- we could kill LC now easily
00:55:42Diablo nort lost a game
00:55:46Achille b
00:56:18Fatality furion
00:56:19Fatality top
00:56:20Fatality asap
00:56:30Fatality kill that niga
00:56:52pWny- -.-
00:57:00pWny- got gem
00:57:03pWny- regroup
00:57:05pWny- just go as 5
00:57:11yeW- get BoT
00:57:33pWny- im here
00:57:41Diablo gem?
00:57:47pWny- here
00:57:55Diablo get mid rax
00:58:02Diablo i will deff
00:58:08Diablo DIE FOR RAX MID
00:58:14pWny- didnt see LC
00:58:21pWny- gem gone again
00:58:22pWny- ffs
00:58:22Fatality 2 burizzla
00:58:32pWny- lol 2 x buri
00:58:42pWny- wtf
00:58:44yeW- tide
00:58:49yeW- can i ask u
00:58:50yeW- a question
00:58:51yeW- ?
00:58:54pWny- nortrom dead ^^
00:58:57yeW- do you have brain issues?
00:59:01yeW- i told you
00:59:03yeW- to sell agha
00:59:04Fatality fack
00:59:08Fatality 2 bloodstone
00:59:10yeW- that item is useless for you
00:59:13yeW- get fucking vladimir's
00:59:18yeW- and a fuckin dagger
00:59:26yeW- go p?sh bot
00:59:27yeW- all
00:59:36yeW- zeus
00:59:37yeW- come bot
00:59:40BACKENiZER- ill def there
00:59:43yeW- k
01:00:05pWny- oom
01:00:06pWny- mana
01:00:48pWny- goblind
01:00:50pWny- gimme mana
01:00:54pWny- goblin
01:00:55pWny- mana me
01:01:01pWny- thaxn
01:01:05pWny- we shoud b
01:01:05yeW- SELL
01:01:06yeW- AGHANIM
01:01:06pWny- go b
01:01:07yeW- ACHILLE
01:01:08pWny- ?
01:01:09yeW- SELL THE ITEM
01:01:10Fatality go
01:01:11Diablo ?
01:01:12Diablo rax?
01:01:13yeW- GET DAGGER
01:01:14Achille kk
01:01:24pWny- i dont think we can
01:01:35pWny- gogogo
01:01:38JTG.Bop b
01:01:38Diablo go rax noobs
01:01:41Diablo DIE FOR RAX
01:01:42Diablo DONT B
01:01:44JTG.Bop b
01:01:44Diablo DIE FOR RAX
01:01:57pWny- no
01:02:01pWny- im b
01:02:08pWny- tide was focusing me
01:02:13yeW- throne
01:02:15yeW- go throne
01:02:15yeW- lc
01:02:45yeW- eave it
01:03:46pWny- b
01:03:54Diablo yew
01:03:56Diablo L)
01:03:56yeW- ye
01:04:12JTG.Bop gem
01:04:14JTG.Bop kill
01:04:38yeW- tp
01:04:44Fatality qq
01:04:58pWny- i need hyperstone
01:05:03pWny- nice a gem
01:05:04pWny- haha
01:05:06Diablo get
01:05:07Diablo mid
01:05:08Diablo raxes
01:05:13yeW- def mid
01:05:14yeW- lc
01:05:15yeW- dont go bot
01:05:16pWny- ya help me
01:05:19pWny- push to it
01:05:23pWny- i use phantasm
01:05:41Diablo w8 all
01:05:43pWny- first rosh maybe?
01:05:48Mamo go
01:05:49JTG.Bop buf
01:05:51JTG.Bop no
01:05:52JTG.Bop w8
01:05:53Diablo rax
01:05:54JTG.Bop yew
01:06:02JTG.Bop no
01:06:03JTG.Bop w8
01:06:04yeW- wait
01:06:13Mamo gj
01:06:23JTG.Bop fu
01:06:50Diablo nice
01:06:52Diablo we got rax
01:06:53pWny- he ports home
01:06:56yeW- u guys
01:06:57yeW- ...
01:07:05pWny- lool
01:07:07pWny- what was that?
01:07:11pWny- why u fight
01:07:12pWny- b
01:07:20pWny- plz b
01:07:20Diablo noob
01:07:23pWny- dont waste gem
01:07:39pWny- this dude
01:07:53Diablo gem
01:07:53pWny- gem drop again
01:08:05Fatality fack
01:08:07pWny- 4th game
01:08:08pWny- this game
01:08:10Fatality how buys him self
01:08:13yeW- lc
01:08:13Fatality so quicly
01:08:14yeW- make deso
01:08:20pWny- i found 2 times a gem
01:08:24Diablo I surrender! [1/4 of Sentinel]
01:08:24pWny- on the map
01:08:30pWny- 1 time chicken bringback
01:08:55JTG.Bop for me
01:08:58yeW- cheese for u
01:08:58yeW- ye
01:09:00Fatality i go bm
01:09:03pWny- go together
01:09:04Diablo THEY ROSH
01:09:04pWny- b
01:09:07yeW- ARE
01:09:08pWny- Ogremagi
01:09:08yeW- U
01:09:10yeW- RETARDED ???
01:09:12Mamo sry
01:09:12pWny- thats hard
01:09:15yeW- u fucking
01:09:16yeW- listen to me
01:09:17yeW- you are
01:09:18yeW- a fucking
01:09:18pWny- so focus zeus and tideboy
01:09:20Mamo i am
01:09:20yeW- son of a bitch.
01:09:22pWny- and if possible
01:09:23pWny- LC
01:09:24Fatality we gona play 120 min
01:09:25pWny- first of all
01:09:26Fatality this game
01:09:31yeW- u worthless
01:09:32yeW- cunt
01:09:33pWny- nono
01:09:37yeW- go heal
01:09:39yeW- u fuckin shithole
01:09:48pWny- b
01:09:49pWny- b
01:09:50Diablo b
01:09:51Mamo i am can cheese
01:10:06pWny- b
01:10:06pWny- im b
01:10:21pWny- qwait
01:10:22pWny- my gGEM
01:10:23pWny- back
01:10:24pWny- FFS
01:10:24pWny- back
01:10:26pWny- u got no gem
01:10:36yeW- GO
01:10:49pWny- GEM
01:10:50pWny- pick gem
01:10:55pWny- GEM
01:10:56pWny- GEm
01:10:56pWny- GEm
01:10:57pWny- gem
01:11:00pWny- wp gyro
01:11:06Diablo go bto
01:11:08Diablo i go top
01:11:25Diablo push wtf
01:11:51Diablo goblin
01:11:53Diablo uwll die
01:12:03Diablo nort b
01:12:23pWny- let me carry gem
01:12:27pWny- plz
01:12:33Fatality i need 700
01:12:52Diablo save for BUYBACK ALL
01:12:54Diablo dont be noobs
01:13:03Diablo why mid?
01:13:07Diablo finish?
01:13:10pWny- we can go from mid
01:13:11pWny- to downalne
01:13:15pWny- or we go b?
01:13:19yeW- def
01:13:25yeW- T
01:13:25yeW- TP
01:13:32yeW- COME
01:13:33yeW- SHTIHOL
01:13:54yeW- sad team
01:13:57yeW- sad players
01:14:10yeW- mamo
01:14:11yeW- achile
01:14:12yeW- DO NOT
01:14:13yeW- JOIN
01:14:15pWny- i cant tank anymore
01:14:15yeW- THE NEXT GAME
01:14:25pWny- bn
01:14:27pWny- b
01:14:28pWny- b
01:14:35pWny- farm down
01:14:35Diablo get top
01:14:36pWny- farm
01:14:37pWny- farm down
01:14:38pWny- no
01:14:39pWny- dont die now cheap
01:14:39pWny- they respawn
01:14:41Fatality doom 40 sec
01:14:44Mamo f
01:14:44Mamo f
01:14:44Diablo finish
01:14:46Fatality I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
01:14:48pWny- true
01:15:04kinash GG
01:15:05pWny- wp
01:15:14Mamo seet
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