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-9 X
-2 TS

86% | 1604 X | 1406 TS

-24 X
-3 TS

84% | 1586 X | 1392 TS

-11 X
-1 TS
80% | 1503 X | 1410 TS

-22 X
-2 TS

68% | 1351 X | 1382 TS

+16 X
-1 TS

64% | 1338 X | 1362 TS

+20 X
+2 TS

96% | 1741 X | 1523 TS

+13 X
+2 TS

88% | 1557 X | 1489 TS

-5 X
+2 TS

85% | 1558 X | 1428 TS

-11 X
+2 TS

76% | 1488 X | 1354 TS

+42 X
+2 TS

23% | 1037 X | 1230 TS

Chat log

00:00:09mby_next_time hm
00:00:13mby_next_time i can play pudge
00:00:21mby_next_time other way i play some stronk carry shit.
00:00:21pWny- dk imba
00:00:212deep4u ohkayyy
00:00:21Norrebro -gogogo
00:00:21prolog1C. ban ud
00:00:212deep4u UD
00:00:212deep4u yesbos
00:00:21Norrebro ns
00:00:32mby_next_time pick me pudge please?
00:00:54KeLToS ME MID????
00:00:56KeLToS team take some str i go for wisp
00:01:03KeLToS TEAM
00:01:03mby_next_time i vote for
00:01:06mby_next_time cause you're useless arab or dps or what ever
00:01:12mby_next_time oh my whole team is full of useles arabs
00:01:19pWny- sry
00:01:21pWny- was re right now
00:01:25pWny- and thinking have to pick -.-
00:01:252deep4u :S
00:01:36prolog1C. can some1 get me sf`?
00:01:37pWny- i go krob
00:01:40prolog1C. or jugger?
00:01:42pWny- or DK get him that sf imo
00:01:45mby_next_time well im bot prolyl es> we need a dps please guys
00:01:50prolog1C. ...
00:01:50mby_next_time yes *?
00:01:532deep4u wtf is wrong with u guys
00:02:01pWny- DK is dps
00:02:02marsbar2k i wanna lane with mby
00:02:03pWny- -hhn
00:02:06marsbar2k not u
00:02:07marsbar2k arab
00:02:10Norrebro su turk
00:02:112deep4u dk is a piece of shit but u suck with it
00:02:12mby_next_time you are all arabs :(
00:02:13Norrebro and follow me
00:02:21KeLToS no were not
00:02:22mby_next_time actually only firemal isn't
00:02:23FireMal stfu you fucking arab
00:02:24KeLToS only 1 arab
00:02:26pWny- no im fine with DK
00:02:27pWny- u will see
00:02:28mby_next_time firemal you're from?
00:02:322deep4u U WILL ALL SEE!!!!! Just to test it
00:02:34KeLToS asl????? Ill give u all farm possible.
00:02:38FireMal stfu and play your game
00:02:39pWny- ^^ and all kills possible i wanna see that.
00:02:43Norrebro y cunt
00:02:44mby_next_time lol he's also arabb
00:02:462deep4u watch out guys...
00:02:47mby_next_time 4 ARAVS IN Y TEAM
00:02:472deep4u pwny is dk.
00:02:502deep4u he is good.
00:02:50FireMal haha fu´cking arab
00:02:51mby_next_time WATCH OUT
00:02:522deep4u you will see.
00:02:52KeLToS ASL????
00:02:54KeLToS -clear
00:02:54mby_next_time 4 ARABS MY TEAM
00:02:562deep4u you will ALL see
00:02:572deep4u AND PAY
00:02:58pWny- haha flame me more dude
00:03:002deep4u WITH YOUR BLOOD
00:03:00pWny- whats wrongw ith you?
00:03:01mby_next_time ALA HVAKBAR
00:03:042deep4u im joking mate :)
00:03:06FireMal yeah and your one of them fucking
00:03:06mby_next_time OR W/E
00:03:09pWny- haha ;)
00:03:12FireMal nigger arab
00:03:17pWny- well atleast i have to laugh a bit
00:03:19mby_next_time lol is it even possible?
00:03:20prolog1C. i needed this sf -.-
00:03:212deep4u :D
00:03:25FireMal yes it is prologic We needed it.
00:03:33mby_next_time sad that something like that occured to you
00:03:38mby_next_time happened U
00:03:52FireMal i gues it is your nigger and arab
00:03:552deep4u huskar qop mid
00:04:00mby_next_time how about haras em?
00:04:04mby_next_time or you want to go die at lvl 3?
00:04:05FireMal k
00:04:142deep4u i dont wanna be your gf man
00:04:18mby_next_time no? dude farm wtf
00:04:28prolog1C. go?
00:04:562deep4u GG FEEDR IN TEAM XD
00:04:57prolog1C. omg u nap
00:05:04Isdronningen for real?
00:05:15prolog1C. why dint u skill ypour first?
00:05:23Isdronningen why dont you go back=
00:05:28Isdronningen read the game noob
00:05:30pWny- lvl 3 we go
00:05:55prolog1C. noob qq no stun
00:06:10pWny- need boots
00:06:13pWny- k
00:06:15pWny- fine now ... no its not
00:06:24pWny- but wait mana ive waisted my rege for nothing.
00:06:38pWny- u couldnt hit with your balls
00:06:39pWny- krobe
00:06:41pWny- so it was your fault
00:06:46FireMal hook wisp i took next target both low...
00:06:56mby_next_time it's not that ez you know
00:07:102deep4u ss
00:07:132deep4u re
00:07:16mby_next_time top rune
00:07:19pWny- oom
00:07:19pWny- b
00:07:24prolog1C. go
00:07:24KeLToS wo what
00:07:27mby_next_time go mid
00:07:29KeLToS u rlyyyy neded that urn
00:07:30prolog1C. pussy
00:07:31KeLToS so no chick
00:07:31prolog1C. nap
00:07:38mby_next_time wp qop
00:07:41mby_next_time wwp
00:07:41pWny- kill mh mhm
00:07:472deep4u ss
00:07:48mby_next_time hope you enjoy
00:07:482deep4u pudge too
00:07:49pWny- we will die -.-
00:07:53KeLToS piece of shit u didint ^^,
00:08:182deep4u make birdy fly pls
00:08:24pWny- Y>EAAH
00:08:24FireMal pudge fuck of from mid plz
00:08:24Isdronningen ss toop thought ud last hit it.. gave u speed lol
00:08:31FireMal dont steal mid farm
00:08:35mby_next_time dude
00:08:37pWny- no
00:08:39KeLToS fuck off
00:08:40mby_next_time you're retarted arab
00:08:40pWny- just kill
00:08:41Norrebro come bot
00:08:42pWny- dudey
00:08:44mby_next_time so why you bother talking
00:08:45Norrebro pudge ffs
00:08:45pWny- is such moments
00:08:46KeLToS pric
00:08:48mby_next_time idc
00:08:48Isdronningen 1 re
00:08:50FireMal come bot you nigger
00:08:51pWny- i tanked tier 2 towers
00:08:54mby_next_time lol boys
00:08:55mby_next_time mad arabs XD
00:09:04pWny- with lvl 4
00:09:06pWny- loololol
00:09:182deep4u ss
00:09:23Norrebro kommer mid
00:09:24Isdronningen gj
00:09:262deep4u care top pointless noob getin kills :(
00:09:312deep4u nvm
00:09:32prolog1C. yes
00:09:34prolog1C. fuckteard
00:09:46Isdronningen go cry together girls
00:10:052deep4u back
00:10:06mby_next_time 3 top.
00:10:072deep4u wtf im dead?
00:10:092deep4u was totally afk
00:10:14mby_next_time -hhn
00:10:15mby_next_time -don
00:10:16mby_next_time -water red
00:10:17mby_next_time -clear
00:10:20Norrebro gank top gank inc top
00:10:21mby_next_time damn thsioe flying shuips
00:10:22Norrebro pudge probably
00:10:262deep4u wasnt me
00:10:282deep4u was rubick
00:10:29mby_next_time ofc
00:10:372deep4u srsly
00:10:502deep4u HA!
00:10:542deep4u NO
00:10:56mby_next_time ha
00:10:572deep4u FFS
00:11:162deep4u madrix :)))))) hows farm dk?
00:12:26pWny- not so good
00:12:31prolog1C. lol
00:13:102deep4u miss mid
00:13:132deep4u CARE!!!! care pudge top 11 min treads real good dk oh god.
00:14:50mby_next_time -.-
00:15:192deep4u atleast i died in the center of the universe.
00:15:212deep4u :))
00:15:33mby_next_time it was so deep i dont get it, why is dk running around while he could farm for last 5 mins
00:15:35mby_next_time even 2 deep :S
00:15:36mby_next_time :>
00:15:58pWny- i was solo vs huskar
00:16:01pWny- on lane
00:16:05pWny- and he could easily rapes me
00:16:48mby_next_time w/e one of us was dead anyway
00:16:552deep4u yall niggas aint got none on me
00:17:04prolog1C. o.O ogre ^^^, KLunnnka ^^ ive seen some pro shit in my life
00:17:202deep4u wisp ^^ this had to be one of the best.
00:17:31Norrebro -ms
00:17:512deep4u boatlyf
00:17:56FireMal hook wisop
00:18:00pWny- your kunkka is great
00:18:102deep4u ty!
00:18:112deep4u XD
00:18:142deep4u if srs
00:18:18marsbar2k xD
00:18:262deep4u LEl
00:18:26FireMal f
00:18:27FireMal ff
00:18:28FireMal ff
00:18:28FireMal f
00:18:28FireMal f
00:18:29FireMal f
00:18:29FireMal f
00:18:29FireMal f
00:18:34mby_next_time good
00:18:35mby_next_time tp
00:18:36mby_next_time now
00:18:37mby_next_time wise.
00:18:43marsbar2k good hooks mate
00:18:51FireMal y pro hooks
00:18:53mby_next_time oh arab defending themself
00:18:54pWny- i join yo umid kunkkny
00:18:54mby_next_time s
00:18:57mby_next_time sr forgot :D
00:18:58mby_next_time -st
00:19:03Norrebro they are not arabs
00:19:04Norrebro idiot
00:19:07FireMal haha
00:19:102deep4u alright
00:19:10mby_next_time you all are arabs.
00:19:14pWny- me please
00:19:14Norrebro ok jew
00:19:16FireMal where not reconized as arabs
00:19:17KeLToS ur worse dude
00:19:19pWny- or you take
00:19:22KeLToS ur east european
00:19:25KeLToS slave of eu?
00:19:26Isdronningen sry
00:19:29mby_next_time sure thing
00:19:33FireMal haha shedder needed way more
00:19:37KeLToS what sure?
00:19:41pWny- jap
00:19:44KeLToS u come 2 countries all over
00:19:49KeLToS work for no money
00:19:50mby_next_time lold
00:19:512deep4u care for hooker
00:19:52pWny- its good 2 got afull mana shrede
00:19:57mby_next_time eh arab boy
00:20:00mby_next_time yougot to be kidding me:d
00:20:01pWny- im b
00:20:03pWny- oom
00:20:04Isdronningen y
00:20:04KeLToS not rly
00:20:05prolog1C. why
00:20:13mby_next_time so then you'r erather sad boy
00:20:14prolog1C. 3 creeps..
00:20:17mby_next_time to talk about your problems on net
00:20:20KeLToS ok
00:20:24KeLToS my problems?
00:20:25prolog1C. GET WARDS
00:20:28mby_next_time ofc
00:20:30Norrebro gank
00:20:39Norrebro come see oli mahe pask
00:21:31prolog1C. we are mever 5..
00:21:33prolog1C. always 3
00:21:35prolog1C. max 4 mingine massiiiivne kinnisidee et saada tod amunni kätte saime ise sumpa well dk sucks at farming
00:21:422deep4u :D and team play
00:21:52pWny- wel im far behind dude
00:21:562deep4u sorri mu tähelepanu veits mujal
00:21:57pWny- but soon im fine i let u have all the creeps
00:21:59prolog1C. shredder plays solo i fucking even pushed them back massively
00:22:14prolog1C. GJ NAp
00:22:34pWny- i join you
00:22:35pWny- waitm e
00:22:41pWny- dudes
00:22:42pWny- you are 3
00:22:45pWny- they see you with wards
00:23:09Norrebro haste
00:23:31Isdronningen y take farm
00:23:36pWny- ok
00:23:43Norrebro dk
00:23:47mby_next_time b
00:23:48mby_next_time we only 2
00:23:50prolog1C. u dont need it shredder bitch
00:24:01pWny- lol
00:24:02pWny- hook
00:24:052deep4u FFS
00:24:09FireMal HAHAHAHA
00:24:12Isdronningen nooblogic whats your prob?
00:24:16FireMal haha suck it bitch
00:24:172deep4u that rustled my jimmies hard.
00:24:22mby_next_time :<
00:24:25FireMal nab
00:24:552deep4u shreddyy
00:24:59prolog1C. that u never play in team
00:25:04Isdronningen gj
00:25:13pWny- im so imba we die 5v4 so we are foocked
00:25:29pWny- im imba
00:25:30pWny- how i get qop
00:25:35mby_next_time -st
00:25:37pWny- you will see
00:25:39pWny- haha :D Instantly over game ff at 25
00:25:48Norrebro gogo
00:25:50Norrebro silla
00:25:54pWny- lol no
00:25:55Norrebro not not
00:25:56pWny- look at theyr farm
00:25:58pWny- and theyr deaths their guy can farm atleast
00:26:082deep4u EYO
00:26:12FireMal go wisp not not
00:26:312deep4u SWAG 3 sec qq
00:26:47prolog1C. we are fucking unlucky..
00:26:53mby_next_time sr husk coyldnt aim better. aye
00:26:56Isdronningen no you just suck noob
00:27:21prolog1C. what mr solo?
00:27:33Isdronningen you need it one more time?
00:27:40mby_next_time crazy 2 deep as always
00:28:13mby_next_time mordigan dk.
00:28:24Isdronningen lets push
00:28:27prolog1C. wisp
00:29:04mby_next_time 4 top kärn kärna otsa ma ei tea
00:29:472deep4u mis juhtus no siukest sitta ikka toodan
00:29:47mby_next_time good focus
00:29:47mby_next_time 2 deep
00:29:47mby_next_time let's kill mofo pudge! no ma ei stunnind maidenit ära... worth it
00:29:57mby_next_time always
00:29:582deep4u totally.
00:30:03mby_next_time killing mby is always worth it dk paneb solowanki
00:30:10mby_next_time even if im in your team
00:30:562deep4u snowbunnies
00:31:022deep4u shoutout to those pale bitches
00:31:252deep4u night time sympathizers
00:31:492deep4u FFS
00:31:54pWny- b
00:31:58pWny- imho
00:32:08KeLToS rosh mb
00:32:08KeLToS go
00:32:39prolog1C. gogogo
00:32:43mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:52pWny- im soon 16
00:32:59Isdronningen nice guess not
00:33:39FireMal y plz
00:33:41pWny- my lasthit was just imba
00:33:412deep4u success is overrated
00:33:492deep4u that's why i hang with other niggas who aint made it
00:33:50Norrebro has just suicided
00:33:59pWny- qop mid
00:34:00FireMal ^^
00:34:05FireMal nigga you black
00:34:12FireMal fucking nigger nigga you brown
00:34:17mby_next_time RACIST.
00:34:232deep4u im white like the night
00:34:29FireMal lol
00:34:30mby_next_time damn so funny
00:34:31mby_next_time not.
00:34:322deep4u high as a kite
00:34:40mby_next_time seriosuyl eeven faildn is funnier
00:34:51pWny- coming mid
00:35:15mby_next_time noob kunka
00:35:28mby_next_time backstabbing his mates :<
00:35:45mby_next_time all thsoe dudes
00:35:47mby_next_time run int oyur ships
00:35:51mby_next_time wtf is wrong with em
00:35:562deep4u they wanna be on a boat
00:36:002deep4u was wrong with that whiteboy
00:36:03mby_next_time IM ON THE BOAT
00:36:07pWny- wellspoken
00:36:08pWny- anyway
00:36:16pWny- why u dont save me
00:36:38pWny- ogre bloodlust me
00:36:382deep4u n1
00:36:40pWny- plz
00:36:41mby_next_time UUMOM
00:36:462deep4u dangerous pudge
00:36:482deep4u watchout
00:36:48pWny- lets go
00:36:48mby_next_time well lothar anyway
00:36:49mby_next_time -st
00:36:54mby_next_time 10/19
00:36:56mby_next_time lold
00:37:05pWny- mom
00:37:18pWny- i go vladi
00:37:39pWny- iom coming
00:38:12pWny- no bloodlust
00:38:132deep4u outpicked
00:38:14pWny- no jangog use I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:18pWny- not really
00:38:22pWny- ogre was not casting
00:38:28prolog1C. SU U NAP
00:38:29pWny- and janggo after we are all dead
00:38:30pWny- to escape
00:38:32pWny- really wp
00:38:38mby_next_time -st
00:38:41prolog1C. most useless fag talks :O
00:38:44pWny- xD
00:38:50pWny- i have to be rudde
00:38:52pWny- im from bavarai
00:38:56pWny- bavaria
00:39:062deep4u why the fuck u bench me coach
00:39:14pWny- got vladi now
00:39:19pWny- i go ac later on
00:39:25prolog1C. look your items man
00:39:30mby_next_time cause i dont like faildn.
00:39:32prolog1C. vlad and helm`?
00:39:372deep4u y not
00:40:56mby_next_time lolXd
00:41:04mby_next_time yuo couldd ask would leave em
00:41:09KeLToS nope
00:41:11KeLToS u take all runes
00:42:02pWny- u onehit kunkka
00:42:09pWny- huskar
00:42:102deep4u i was staying back to ulti
00:42:132deep4u oh
00:42:13pWny- k
00:42:152deep4u true!
00:42:32mby_next_time wh[]o wins the fight!
00:42:40pWny- xD
00:42:54pWny- lol
00:43:00pWny- now kill maiden
00:43:082deep4u XD
00:43:10pWny- lol
00:43:12mby_next_time see cm won
00:43:142deep4u too much having fun
00:43:23mby_next_time noob kunka imo
00:43:262deep4u i was waiting for him on the cliff
00:43:27mby_next_time leading you to lose.
00:43:292deep4u but he blinked over me :D
00:43:35mby_next_time noob
00:43:392deep4u ye
00:43:422deep4u nice hook
00:43:43pWny- b
00:43:432deep4u b5
00:43:50pWny- bloodlust me
00:43:52pWny- dudeyyy
00:43:59pWny- thank you very muhc
00:44:48mby_next_time please com on my hooks mroe husk <#
00:44:53pWny- well qop hex
00:44:55pWny- isnt that great
00:45:262deep4u FFS
00:45:34prolog1C. I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:45:392deep4u i have a cool score tleast
00:45:412deep4u + im not mad
00:45:432deep4u just bad
00:45:47mby_next_time l
00:45:47prolog1C. picking no carry killed us
00:45:48prolog1C. ..
00:45:49mby_next_time so like always
00:45:57mby_next_time ...
00:46:00mby_next_time im mad tbh
00:46:062deep4u really?
00:46:082deep4u cuz u bad too?
00:46:19mby_next_time nah cause missed some funyn hooks
00:46:50pWny- krob got ulti soon again fffff I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:57prolog1C. ff it..
00:47:06pWny- nono
00:47:08prolog1C. we cant win
00:47:172deep4u it's not about winning
00:47:20pWny- they got pusher strategy
00:47:22prolog1C. i will never play a sup again
00:47:24pWny- we are turtler
00:47:50pWny- we rape me
00:48:06pWny- i told ya
00:48:10prolog1C. WHAT
00:48:14pWny- i go hyperstone now
00:48:16mby_next_time not cool score anymore
00:48:16prolog1C. that we can win 3v5? :D
00:48:17pWny- and outdamage e
00:48:22pWny- jo
00:48:23pWny- ^^ dude u make domi + vlad
00:48:42pWny- jo
00:48:43mby_next_time double lifesteal dk ?:d and ur like "im gonna carry"?
00:48:50pWny- vlad is
00:48:52pWny- cause +5 armor
00:48:53pWny- now AC
00:48:57pWny- +10 armor
00:48:58pWny- aura
00:48:592deep4u it's a secret strat
00:49:00Norrebro go ff?
00:49:01pWny- for whole team
00:49:08Norrebro wanan go home and sleep
00:49:14mby_next_time please don;'t ff
00:49:172deep4u go home keltos
00:49:21mby_next_time i want to pla norre so muuuuch <3
00:49:29Isdronningen lets gang and go mid
00:49:34Isdronningen or rosh first
00:49:36pWny- someone ring of aquila
00:49:40pWny- +3 dev aura
00:49:42Norrebro this guy thinks he is funny
00:49:48mby_next_time i do ?XD
00:49:49Norrebro he gotno friends
00:49:51mby_next_time lold XD
00:49:52KeLToS yep
00:49:53pWny- bloodlust
00:49:58mby_next_time oho arabs vs me :D
00:50:28pWny- b I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] god guys
00:50:38prolog1C. I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:40marsbar2k GANG NOT NOT
00:50:56prolog1C. ff this shit
00:50:56pWny- they will take some racks now
00:50:58pWny- krob ulti
00:50:59pWny- soon re truly
00:51:03pWny- we have to gang and push
00:51:04pWny- 1 lane 1 thing that demolishes us is maiden and no 1 disables that bitch thats wier
00:51:11pWny- true story -.-.
00:51:14pWny- she got BKB
00:51:17pWny- cant interrupt the ulti "now"
00:51:30pWny- can u eul her in bkb?
00:51:33marsbar2k ALL ROSH no
00:51:36Norrebro gogog
00:51:422deep4u us too?
00:51:48pWny- pipe would be great
00:51:492deep4u why invite so late -_-
00:51:572deep4u care
00:52:04Norrebro 2deep from?
00:52:58pWny- we outdamage em
00:52:58Norrebro go
00:53:00Norrebro bait they werent as team
00:53:06pWny- toplane
00:53:19mby_next_time it was rather good move XD
00:53:23Norrebro hahaha
00:53:24mby_next_time forgot bkb?
00:53:25FireMal ffs
00:53:27pWny- lol
00:53:30FireMal kill yourselfs
00:53:372deep4u yourselves?
00:53:512deep4u was fun guys.
00:54:03marsbar2k Auto loose with Mby and norebro
00:54:11Norrebro :O
00:54:14mby_next_time yep arab team :<
00:54:20mby_next_time 2 pro for me :<
00:54:46pWny- was a stupid idea
00:54:48pWny- we should b
00:54:51pWny- and take farm
00:54:52prolog1C. no
00:54:522deep4u ye
00:54:53pWny- nd we would be imba
00:54:57pWny- Ofc it was
00:54:57Isdronningen reg
00:54:572deep4u is okay
00:55:04pWny- we all dead no way we shouldve b-d
00:55:12pWny- lol rizzrak oh
00:55:20pWny- see
00:55:22pWny- we are fucked now that guy just dies out of stupidty NOT "SEE" hes a fucking moron w8 i finish hot so i can overcharge all th etime
00:56:35pWny- we should go gem
00:56:47pWny- ogre
00:56:49pWny- give us
00:56:50pWny- lol
00:56:55pWny- bloodlust dudeyyy
00:57:16pWny- ac in 80 QQ team i ping them to come back Now we lose They wobnt :)
00:57:30Isdronningen banreQuest for abuse my hero wp
00:57:34pWny- well i go on push
00:57:38mby_next_time me?
00:57:38pWny- got no tp
00:57:392deep4u gg team retard :DDDDDDDD quite smart. but this game is over. well played. we got ourselves back
00:57:542deep4u whyyyyyyy now just fucking it up
00:57:562deep4u did u go mid
00:57:572deep4u vs 5
00:58:022deep4u when 3 top
00:58:17Norrebro throne
00:58:242deep4u you deserve the win
00:58:26KeLToS it was fun lads
00:58:262deep4u obviously
00:58:282deep4u ye
00:58:292deep4u wp
00:58:312deep4u cm
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