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Chat log

00:00:22Skinkemaden balanar
00:00:22fUNCh what you guys going to play
00:00:22Aerwyn i can go es
00:00:22Aerwyn nääh, i go zeus
00:00:22fUNCh ban omni
00:00:22fUNCh take es
00:00:22Aerwyn forget :D
00:00:22fUNCh -.-
00:00:22fUNCh give me es then
00:00:22Guf destroyer
00:00:30fUNCh invo over es -.-
00:00:35Aerwyn ??
00:00:38Aerwyn really?
00:00:39Aerwyn no es
00:00:43Aerwyn i would have get es
00:00:46Diablo es?
00:00:47Aerwyn invo*
00:00:53Skinkemaden Sek
00:00:53Fatality i go clinks
00:00:53fUNCh es is good random tho
00:00:53fUNCh :D
00:00:53Skinkemaden afk
00:00:53Skinkemaden soya
00:00:53Aerwyn dont unpause now
00:00:53Diablo (not for me)
00:00:53Aerwyn let him pick
00:00:53fUNCh dont go clinkz p lz
00:00:53BACKENiZER- <
00:00:53BACKENiZER- kust sa tead mis random tuleb
00:00:56Fatality no igo]
00:00:58soya eeeee
00:01:00fUNCh jugeri spotist 2 ülesse
00:01:00BACKENiZER- soya give me zeus?
00:01:03Aerwyn go es now
00:01:11Aerwyn i can play it
00:01:12Lafrenzz -swap
00:01:13Lafrenzz -swap 1
00:01:13Skinkemaden -swap
00:01:14BACKENiZER- soya?
00:01:17Aerwyn i f u dont want to
00:01:20fUNCh take omni
00:01:21Skinkemaden -swap 2
00:01:27Aerwyn i will not play omni
00:01:29soya what?
00:01:30Aerwyn if some1 else does
00:01:30fUNCh hmmz
00:01:31fUNCh or
00:01:32BACKENiZER- swap?
00:01:33fUNCh give me rhasta
00:01:33soya y
00:01:33BACKENiZER- what do you want
00:01:33BACKENiZER- fast
00:01:33Aerwyn rhasta?
00:01:33fUNCh swap for rhasta aerwyn ?
00:01:33soya pick bone
00:01:33fUNCh y
00:01:33Aerwyn sure
00:01:35fUNCh or
00:01:35fUNCh no
00:01:36fUNCh venge
00:01:37Guf -swap 2
00:01:38BACKENiZER- -swap 2
00:01:38soya -swap 1
00:01:41Aerwyn which one?
00:01:41Guf -swap 4
00:01:42fUNCh venge
00:01:44BACKENiZER- -swap 1
00:01:44Guf -swap 3
00:01:47fUNCh dmg aura is nice
00:01:48BACKENiZER- ty
00:01:49fUNCh on invo and razor
00:01:53fUNCh -swap 4
00:01:57Aerwyn -swap 3
00:02:01fUNCh morf
00:02:03fUNCh rly ?
00:02:08fUNCh we got 2 carries
00:02:11fUNCh and you get morf ?
00:02:14Skinkemaden ER LIGEGLAD GUF
00:02:14Diablo zeus top?
00:02:23Guf fuck du bange for mig
00:02:35fUNCh fatality
00:02:40fUNCh why you need to pick so much crap
00:02:43fUNCh lastgame was so nice
00:02:44fUNCh and now again
00:02:45fUNCh -.-
00:02:48fUNCh you ruin it
00:02:51Lafrenzz es
00:02:54Aerwyn tell me
00:02:56Lafrenzz u pull
00:02:57Lafrenzz ok
00:02:57Aerwyn i pull
00:02:59Aerwyn :D
00:03:02Lafrenzz :D:D
00:03:50Aerwyn ss two top
00:03:56gis.harren go bot gank
00:04:11BACKENiZER- ss
00:04:14BACKENiZER- re
00:04:28Aerwyn invo go
00:04:29gis.harren gj
00:04:44Aerwyn hmp
00:05:05fUNCh so lost
00:05:24gis.harren go bot gank
00:05:30gis.harren rdy bot ?
00:05:33Diablo pool maiden
00:05:42gis.harren kk
00:06:00Lafrenzz es
00:06:02Lafrenzz are u rdy
00:06:05Lafrenzz kill
00:06:15Aerwyn y
00:06:18fUNCh wtf
00:06:22Aerwyn guys
00:06:33gis.harren i pull
00:06:40gis.harren next wawe
00:06:41Aerwyn god
00:06:46Lafrenzz christ
00:06:48Aerwyn my bad :(
00:07:09Guf s
00:07:15Guf s
00:07:16Lafrenzz stun
00:07:21Diablo who?
00:07:42Fatality fack off
00:07:50gis.harren go mid
00:08:03Diablo lemme
00:08:27Lafrenzz wtf dude
00:08:49Lafrenzz ss
00:09:05gis.harren pul
00:09:08Diablo pudg
00:09:11Diablo let me deny
00:09:11Guf ss
00:09:12Lafrenzz y
00:09:28Lafrenzz gj
00:10:16Aerwyn kill top
00:10:18Lafrenzz y
00:10:18Diablo go
00:10:38Aerwyn great
00:10:38Lafrenzz wtf es
00:10:41Lafrenzz i charge him
00:10:45Lafrenzz and we can oneshot him
00:10:47Aerwyn watch the map
00:10:48Fatality b
00:10:49Lafrenzz lol
00:10:50Aerwyn i was not that cloase
00:12:06Fatality hoo
00:12:08Fatality hoof
00:12:09Fatality wtf
00:12:13Fatality are u insane
00:12:36Aerwyn why we go 2v3?
00:12:42fUNCh was hoping 2on2
00:12:43fUNCh -.-
00:13:02Fatality nah
00:13:03Fatality ok
00:13:08Aerwyn why going alone?
00:13:12Fatality pudge is everywhere
00:13:15soya -st
00:13:18Fatality i go for maiden
00:13:57Lafrenzz es come
00:14:02Aerwyn sure
00:14:16Lafrenzz warded
00:14:20Aerwyn y
00:14:52Aerwyn weheeee
00:15:03Aerwyn GJ
00:15:10Aerwyn godm i hate this game
00:16:31Skinkemaden go0
00:17:22Diablo sry
00:17:24Lafrenzz damn i suck
00:17:27Diablo my bad
00:17:45fUNCh i knew i shouldnt added to this game -.-
00:17:47Aerwyn just want that blink
00:17:51Fatality we make it
00:17:53Aerwyn xD
00:17:56Fatality just dont die
00:18:17Fatality b
00:18:24Fatality ok
00:18:24Fatality ff
00:18:28Aerwyn why u stay razor :/
00:18:34Skinkemaden why dont venge just stun
00:18:42fUNCh cm cube canceled
00:18:51fUNCh and then was out or range
00:19:34Fatality kill them all
00:19:55Lafrenzz go
00:19:57Fatality go pudge
00:20:38Fatality b
00:20:38Fatality b
00:20:50Lafrenzz es
00:20:51Lafrenzz go help
00:21:17Aerwyn jsut b
00:21:21Skinkemaden where is your tps ?
00:21:37Guf omw
00:21:38Guf gogo
00:21:58Fatality thats why i said i play bone
00:22:06Skinkemaden impossible to carry you guys
00:22:16fUNCh would been same shit with bone
00:22:24Fatality u think the broblem is on the carry
00:22:26fUNCh needed one spammer
00:22:28fUNCh like rhasta
00:22:40Fatality they just farmed good
00:23:24Fatality ward here
00:23:28Fatality come
00:23:48Skinkemaden .
00:23:56Lafrenzz srlsy
00:23:57Lafrenzz just go
00:24:00Lafrenzz mass aoe damage +
00:25:03Lafrenzz go def it
00:25:19Lafrenzz lets go
00:25:20Guf i farm bot
00:26:24Aerwyn i just wanna farm 500
00:26:28Aerwyn :(
00:26:59Skinkemaden FUCK
00:27:00Diablo gogo
00:27:00Skinkemaden funch
00:27:01Skinkemaden .
00:27:01Guf go
00:27:06Skinkemaden are you high ?
00:27:14fUNCh no
00:27:19fUNCh dont smoke weed anymore
00:27:21Aerwyn fucking gbgg
00:27:23Aerwyn ,öjgte
00:28:14fUNCh I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:25Fatality I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:28Skinkemaden I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:28:44Fatality go f
00:28:46Fatality f
00:29:36Lafrenzz wow venge
00:29:41Lafrenzz u are fucking crap this game
00:29:49fUNCh yes
00:30:23Skinkemaden ff retards
00:30:31Lafrenzz I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:30:40Fatality hoof go ff
00:32:19Fatality I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:22Skinkemaden I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:23Skinkemaden ffs
00:32:26Aerwyn I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:32:26Fatality wtf
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