Game #4810182

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-27 X
-2 TS

97% | 1823 X | 1525 TS

+36 X
-2 TS

78% | 1454 X | 1426 TS

-50 X
-3 TS

75% | 1475 X | 1365 TS

-19 X
-28 TS

73% | 1380 X | 1442 TS

+7 X
-5 TS

68% | 1395 X | 1336 TS

+47 X
+3 TS

97% | 1799 X | 1519 TS

+22 X
+3 TS

90% | 1574 X | 1503 TS

+8 X
+3 TS
85% | 1570 X | 1414 TS

-4 X
+3 TS

63% | 1326 X | 1345 TS

-3 X
+7 TS

52% | 1296 X | 1279 TS

Chat log

00:00:09PeterLars yew we win now :d yew go carry and have fun
00:00:19PeterLars just ban phoniex ill support
00:00:19yeW- lol
00:00:19yeW- anyone
00:00:19yeW- wl? he'll ban it
00:00:19yeW- ck neway
00:00:19yeW- wl phoe
00:00:19yeW- who phoe
00:00:19yeW- ho wl
00:00:19yeW- who wl why not
00:00:19AliBaba han spiller et lorte spil
00:00:19yeW- k but i cant play phoe
00:00:19yeW- peter phoe*,
00:00:19yeW- ?
00:00:19PeterLars hvem
00:00:19PeterLars no
00:00:19yeW- ali phoe?
00:00:19PeterLars have him
00:00:19AliBaba no
00:00:19yeW- sub phoe?
00:00:19AliBaba never played him
00:00:19Sub_Zero no
00:00:19yeW- phoe
00:00:19yeW- useless cunts xD
00:00:19Sub_Zero dont know this new one
00:00:19Norrebro wl
00:00:20yeW- naix
00:00:20yeW- anyone
00:00:23yeW- or ck
00:00:25yeW- or whatever u carry man go for huskar if u want to
00:00:34yeW- k
00:00:42Norrebro go ck
00:00:47Namur ck aa
00:00:48Namur imba lane
00:00:50Norrebro y
00:00:51yeW- qop inc
00:01:03PeterLars my ulti on norrebro :D
00:01:22Namur norrebro can I play lesh?
00:01:24PeterLars get trall
00:01:25PeterLars cent
00:01:26Namur i like lesh way better than aa
00:01:32Norrebro me 2 :P
00:01:33yeW- need some tank heal
00:01:37Namur hmm that guy in mid
00:01:45yeW- sub thrall
00:01:45PeterLars me cent top gonna hate me
00:01:47Norrebro last
00:01:49Norrebro get melee
00:01:51Norrebro daki
00:01:52Norrebro dk could i get top?
00:01:54Sub_Zero im bad with him
00:01:54Namur any swaps?
00:01:56Namur hate aa i could gank mid better
00:01:59yeW- ye ofc
00:02:02Daki.90.o i want aa
00:02:08yeW- ali
00:02:09yeW- get the fuck bot
00:02:10Namur -swap 5
00:02:11Daki.90.o -swap 4
00:02:15yeW- worthless arab lion
00:02:18PeterLars ^^ and
00:02:18AliBaba im not
00:02:19AliBaba fucking cent
00:02:20AliBaba arab both bot?
00:02:21AliBaba you nigga
00:02:25yeW- you're fuckin kurd
00:02:26yeW- -clea
00:02:27PeterLars i solo top
00:02:28AliBaba y
00:02:28PeterLars than kk
00:02:30AliBaba fucking arab shit
00:02:31yeW- -clear
00:02:32Isdronningen dk copter top
00:02:32yeW- even worse
00:02:33yeW- mate
00:02:36yeW- pseudo arab ill go mid at lvl 2
00:02:38yeW- i call e
00:02:39yeW- em
00:02:45Norrebro y
00:02:49Norrebro and rest bo
00:02:49Sub_Zero what items for thrall?
00:02:50Norrebro t
00:02:54PeterLars mega
00:02:56PeterLars meka :D
00:02:58yeW- one bracer
00:03:01yeW- mana boots
00:03:05Jerkku reg bot
00:03:06yeW- urn
00:03:07yeW- meka
00:03:15Sub_Zero k
00:03:17Sub_Zero ty
00:03:34PeterLars cm u pull :D bleh u were there i wont make it anymore ... rune @ bot
00:04:25PeterLars we got ss top
00:04:29yeW- go
00:04:31PeterLars re
00:04:47Namur gyro ?
00:04:57yeW- kk
00:05:03yeW- figured that noob wud b ack
00:05:03yeW- lal
00:05:40Norrebro OMG
00:05:42Norrebro rly? yep.
00:05:48Norrebro cent then rylai
00:05:48Isdronningen lvl 3
00:05:55Norrebro plzx say miss
00:05:57Norrebro and get wards heal up yew...
00:06:04Norrebro or im gonna shit inthis game
00:06:10Norrebro useless
00:06:14yeW- hmm?
00:06:19Jerkku gj they could try to counter u blue ss mid care re ye getin it
00:07:32Isdronningen ss top 1
00:07:46yeW- ye
00:07:48yeW- wait
00:07:49yeW- Oo busted dude :/
00:08:06Isdronningen let him push
00:08:12Norrebro hello
00:08:13yeW- wooto heya mate
00:08:18Norrebro hater ur pissing me off really.
00:08:22yeW- FU!!
00:08:25Norrebro ss
00:08:26Norrebro re we had great chance before i slow and go
00:08:44yeW- not true lion when 6?
00:08:54PeterLars soon
00:08:57PeterLars go gyro then we go then
00:08:58Norrebro gogo 3v1 mid What were u doing last game.
00:09:21Norrebro ss
00:09:47PeterLars ss
00:10:00PeterLars come cm omw
00:10:14Norrebro WARDFS
00:10:16Norrebro plz no botos rocks ;D
00:10:21Isdronningen how is farm dk?
00:10:41Namur 36 cs
00:10:44Namur but died just yet
00:10:59PeterLars ty y ofc
00:11:25Isdronningen ss top
00:11:48Isdronningen stun
00:11:57yeW- ss ^^
00:12:34Isdronningen ss top care yew there goes tyhrall wp
00:13:02AliBaba :DF
00:13:07PeterLars yew they get haste CARE
00:13:16PeterLars come
00:13:17PeterLars yew
00:13:19yeW- chill
00:13:21Namur i think i got hod, bkb, ac build
00:13:28Namur lol
00:13:29Namur random lion
00:13:32PeterLars i take him
00:13:40yeW- e u pro
00:13:41yeW- ye u
00:13:56PeterLars omw mid
00:14:08AliBaba gang ck ?
00:14:24Namur got dragon
00:14:30yeW- wtf
00:16:13PeterLars go aa
00:16:18Norrebro stun lion
00:16:27Jerkku rofl
00:16:34Isdronningen niceeee yew
00:16:37Isdronningen gj they might be coming for u care get ur lothars up
00:17:09yeW- ah damn
00:17:09yeW- ol
00:17:12yeW- was readin u
00:17:13yeW- xD ;D sorz
00:17:16yeW- n
00:17:18yeW- np
00:17:25yeW- lets get that rosh well this was fun bug i planted ward before me and it really planted it behind me ;D
00:17:29AliBaba they have wards
00:17:37yeW- ^^ wierd shit
00:17:45Norrebro more wards needed
00:17:56yeW- lets smoke it up
00:18:13PeterLars i stay b
00:18:25Norrebro gogog come 2 me
00:19:09yeW- tank
00:19:12Namur why you run into 4? haste @ top
00:19:16Norrebro dunno go guys im not tanking that shit duh
00:19:24Norrebro wanted to revenge ck
00:19:25yeW- xD
00:19:37Norrebro go this clearly we're not going
00:19:41yeW- ye
00:19:44yeW- too low hp doesnt matter
00:19:48Norrebro come all we kind of there all 3 importand heroes of their died
00:19:58Namur omw though soon im 3 hit to them
00:20:10Norrebro stun
00:20:10Norrebro ffs
00:20:11Norrebro ck
00:20:14Jerkku he has lothar
00:20:23yeW- wtf
00:20:47Norrebro go
00:20:48Norrebro lion ekekke
00:21:10Norrebro ck
00:21:14yeW- lol
00:21:14Norrebro why u so slow to stun
00:21:15Norrebro ffs
00:21:19Jerkku gj
00:21:21Daki.90.o sry
00:21:24Jerkku np
00:21:28Jerkku he wouldnt die
00:21:30Jerkku without it
00:21:30PeterLars norre u like my ulti :D
00:22:06Namur care bleh Bitches
00:22:22Norrebro svans But still, better than Ck getin those kills
00:22:30PeterLars look norre is mad :D So Fu all ye he is but if we keep goign stupid
00:22:38Norrebro y fu all he might be happy in the end of the game
00:22:41Norrebro use all on me ofc i will. Lost game because of you last game
00:22:59Norrebro me??? y ur venge won the game lolz
00:23:12yeW- bah bash bash
00:23:14AliBaba b
00:23:20PeterLars go
00:23:20Norrebro hmm
00:23:49Sub_Zero woho and thats what happens if people can play support ^^
00:24:07AliBaba who is support ? not u
00:24:12AliBaba ^^ most likely
00:24:13AliBaba :D
00:24:13Norrebro dk u dont join game
00:24:13yeW- xD yew died twice bc0z of u :P
00:24:24AliBaba lul omw goooo now
00:24:28Namur waste of time these clashes
00:24:55PeterLars ^^
00:25:03AliBaba det var så lidt
00:25:19PeterLars go bkb yew :D would be about darn time
00:25:29Norrebro omg
00:25:31Norrebro i just say i meet u there
00:25:43Norrebro nboobs
00:25:46Norrebro 2 stunners
00:25:48Norrebro rly
00:25:53Namur had no mana
00:25:58Norrebro SO GET
00:26:13Norrebro y go tanker
00:26:15Norrebro gg
00:26:22yeW- ah oop
00:26:27Norrebro go ff
00:26:29Norrebro in 2 mid Worth it alrdy bitches. :P
00:26:50PeterLars omw cent use it before also pls we wouldve gotten double down there and me alive. :DDDDDDDdd That dis
00:27:23Norrebro COME ON FAGGOTS
00:27:30AliBaba fuck en homo im omw gogoogog
00:28:00Norrebro pff
00:28:04Isdronningen I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:07Isdronningen I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:28:08Namur I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] giod no 1 carse ;D carse* Fuck
00:28:33yeW- cares even
00:28:34yeW- xD cares*
00:28:37Namur always the same shit he farms up lothar and freefarm all game
00:28:37Jerkku let me pls
00:28:38Jerkku ... gonna play another 1 peepz?
00:28:46Sub_Zero y
00:28:48AliBaba nope
00:28:52PeterLars 40 sec ulti :D
00:28:56Norrebro finally
00:29:01Norrebro u can stun tp bot if piossible
00:29:05yeW- cd
00:29:06yeW- xD possible* mhm
00:29:10yeW- just suicided top yy
00:29:22yeW- lol
00:29:43PeterLars go lesh
00:29:43Namur stack first
00:29:52Norrebro wqards
00:30:05Norrebro wow
00:30:06Norrebro ck
00:30:08Namur ok
00:30:09Namur I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:30:30Namur yo im afk
00:30:30Namur fuck this
00:30:32Norrebro ck
00:30:32Norrebro wtf
00:30:33Namur he can't even hit the hero
00:30:37Jerkku i try stun
00:30:37yeW- god
00:30:38Norrebro 2 times
00:30:41yeW- so much hatred :D
00:31:20Namur btw i dont get how you guys play this game, we should've waited to get bkb's and just win the game
00:31:22Namur now we fail and feed
00:31:29Jerkku true come smoke for rosh
00:31:36Namur lion, cm, disruptor = magic
00:31:38yeW- aint re doesnt matter id use it up ;D
00:31:52Norrebro from 6/2 to 6/9
00:31:52yeW- ^^
00:32:08yeW- come on
00:32:09Jerkku rofl
00:32:09yeW- lal
00:32:13Norrebro hahaah
00:32:17yeW- sad timing
00:32:22Namur get smoke and do rosh?
00:32:25Norrebro i got gem
00:32:29Norrebro go mid
00:32:30Norrebro kill
00:32:55PeterLars he got gem
00:32:56PeterLars lesh
00:33:05yeW- i love how ck
00:33:08yeW- doesnt click on armlet
00:33:11yeW- before he ulties
00:33:38Norrebro go i kind of hate how our noobs go without jew yew*
00:33:51PeterLars lol
00:33:55Norrebro b
00:33:58Norrebro or
00:33:59yeW- sup peter
00:33:59Norrebro push
00:34:02yeW- u drunk?
00:34:05Namur bkb ready
00:34:07PeterLars :D "sometimes" :D
00:34:16Norrebro wards plz
00:34:17Norrebro aa
00:34:17PeterLars thougt they only were 3 there
00:34:18Norrebro copter
00:34:28PeterLars i wanted to use my dagger
00:34:33yeW- come to me ast
00:34:34yeW- fast workin onit
00:34:39Jerkku 600 bkb
00:34:41Jerkku they rosh soon
00:34:43yeW- shud i b?
00:34:43Norrebro i tyhnik they rosh
00:34:47PeterLars no 1 top..
00:34:58Jerkku lol
00:35:01yeW- lol. Sup.
00:35:07yeW- finish
00:35:07PeterLars and u die
00:35:08yeW- it
00:35:09PeterLars omg
00:35:10Norrebro gg team
00:35:10yeW- ye
00:35:11yeW- aa ulti
00:35:15Namur aa
00:35:17Namur ult??
00:35:20Norrebro he
00:35:21Daki.90.o cd
00:35:21Norrebro did
00:35:32yeW- c
00:35:33yeW- c
00:35:33yeW- b
00:35:36yeW- ck ultied
00:35:36yeW- b
00:35:45Norrebro omg ^^^^
00:35:50Norrebro u guys
00:35:52yeW- jerkky
00:35:53yeW- u
00:35:57yeW- why dont u click on armlet
00:36:01yeW- before u ulty
00:36:07Jerkku got bkb
00:36:11Namur push middle those bitches walked past me ^^
00:36:22Norrebro why
00:36:25Norrebro b KILL ROCKET
00:37:05yeW- Z
00:37:06yeW- OMG
00:37:09yeW- didnt c it
00:37:10yeW- bah
00:37:11PeterLars iwas to slow
00:37:12PeterLars :D cent walked past it..
00:37:22Norrebro get mid twr
00:37:27PeterLars lol
00:37:31Jerkku 0 times
00:37:35Jerkku we have gone with all
00:37:38yeW- well
00:37:41yeW- i didnt wanna make it
00:37:44yeW- but bkb needed i guess oh fucking really
00:37:54yeW- :DD
00:37:58yeW- i hate makin bkb
00:38:01yeW- takes all the fun it might but 2 of their carrys have bkb
00:38:10yeW- ye we have shit against them.
00:38:11Namur lets push 5 mid
00:38:13yeW- losers
00:38:14Namur we have 2 bkb's now
00:38:28Jerkku buy dusts
00:38:30Jerkku pls
00:39:16PeterLars let push lion goes ist
00:39:27Norrebro come all ge that bitch ty.-. didint ask much ^^,
00:40:22yeW- ^^ well we got lucky getin that dk like this
00:40:49yeW- lame item up
00:40:49PeterLars YTES rocket
00:40:53Norrebro gogo tryhard on your ass or well dno ;D
00:41:08yeW- hence the yes
00:41:08yeW- ^^
00:41:08PeterLars dd
00:41:19Isdronningen b
00:41:34Norrebro focus casters plz
00:41:44PeterLars 3 bkb
00:41:44Norrebro gather all 5
00:41:45PeterLars omg :D crazy.
00:41:58Norrebro copem
00:42:00Norrebro come
00:42:16yeW- imo b
00:42:18yeW- make ck
00:42:19yeW- use ulti
00:42:20yeW- n b
00:42:42Norrebro ck
00:42:49Jerkku dont go got hes clones off though it doesnt really help us
00:43:29Norrebro we need gem
00:43:31Norrebro for gay husk
00:43:41PeterLars def base ive got no room for wards now.
00:44:39Norrebro bkb
00:45:01PeterLars fucking stuck :D ^^,
00:45:24Norrebro b
00:45:24Norrebro b
00:45:25Norrebro b
00:45:34Norrebro they are 3 blinkers :p
00:45:46Norrebro i think they rosh
00:45:50PeterLars cent tank cent will tank for u
00:45:54Daki.90.o cd
00:45:54Namur aa ult sub stay next to me
00:45:57AliBaba :D uphill
00:46:00Norrebro utli so they dont see u keep that in mid always
00:46:05Norrebro go all
00:46:07yeW- cheese we jump in if needed.
00:46:18Norrebro w8 us
00:46:29Norrebro I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:36Daki.90.o I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:37Norrebro gj ck
00:46:38Namur I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:39Norrebro go ff lol 2 supporst with daggers must suck ;
00:47:05Namur ck ff
00:47:06PeterLars ^^
00:47:06Namur ?
00:47:07Norrebro this game i get the shit he lost hes ulti while chasing
00:47:10Jerkku not yet thrall that i forced uphill ;D yew dont worry, carry is on the way
00:47:58Isdronningen I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:50Norrebro push mid
00:48:58yeW- haz le rebuy
00:49:02PeterLars def
00:49:04PeterLars bASE im missing 100 u wont really miss me that bad either lion is the key
00:50:47Daki.90.o dont come Love the idea that ur chasing some support heroes around instead of Base. :P
00:50:49Daki.90.o wp
00:51:07yeW- blah
00:51:12yeW- i cudnt even be arsed
00:51:14yeW- to click on invis
00:51:19Namur go all mid
00:51:46Norrebro gocaare mid
00:51:49Norrebro ffs
00:52:01Daki.90.o I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:52:01yeW- :D
00:52:01PeterLars lol
00:52:03yeW- nooooo
00:52:04AliBaba lul uhm
00:52:11yeW- thrall obviously Is it me or sub?
00:52:14yeW- lol
00:52:16yeW- ali
00:52:17yeW- then
00:52:18yeW- xD
00:52:47PeterLars hvorfor leavede ali? ':DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:53:03Jerkku lesh still no bkb
00:53:10Norrebro wow u blind
00:53:20PeterLars hvorfor leavede ali ! ?
00:53:20Norrebro have had it since min 30
00:53:25Norrebro balance
00:53:27Norrebro din nar
00:53:28PeterLars sig til ham at han er banned fordi han gik he just left.
00:53:31yeW- whaaat
00:53:34PeterLars han sagde ikke at han skal gå
00:53:36Norrebro he balanced
00:53:37Jerkku some itemsss
00:53:41PeterLars npoe
00:53:44PeterLars yew didnt say him
00:53:47Isdronningen han balancede y
00:53:50PeterLars he just quit
00:53:50yeW- well np i dont care so it's egoquit ^^,
00:54:04Isdronningen he did it for the team
00:54:08PeterLars i am sure that they said to him leave
00:54:14PeterLars then they can have a chance yeah
00:54:21PeterLars no one tell him to
00:54:22yeW- xD
00:54:43yeW- lol.
00:55:04yeW- COME ON
00:55:06yeW- 3 TIMES
00:55:08yeW- SAME SHIT you mean force?
00:55:27yeW- no sorz i guess lulz
00:55:48yeW- not the force
00:55:52yeW- peter waitin 10 hp n then ultyin
00:55:52yeW- :D oh
00:55:58Isdronningen lol he die to a leaver :D MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH
00:55:59yeW- worthless fag
00:56:00PeterLars panic
00:56:01Jerkku sell for divine ?
00:56:09yeW- panic :DDD
00:56:09Isdronningen MUHAHAHAHA
00:56:15Isdronningen I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:56:17Norrebro go sell
00:56:18yeW- isdro
00:56:18Norrebro ck
00:56:19yeW- shut it
00:56:23Jerkku k
00:56:29Jerkku some1
00:56:29yeW- can u ff pls
00:56:30Jerkku gem
00:56:31Jerkku take
00:56:32yeW- this is laaaame
00:56:35PeterLars stop it
00:56:41yeW- ban that fag
00:56:44yeW- i hate his guts
00:56:46PeterLars let end
00:56:57Isdronningen just ff
00:57:00Isdronningen ck
00:57:03Isdronningen lets just ff
00:57:08Isdronningen and get it over
00:57:11Isdronningen we wont win this
00:57:15Isdronningen come on ck
00:57:18Isdronningen dont be like that
00:57:24Isdronningen you mean it for real
00:57:30Isdronningen come on
00:57:31PeterLars yew go rosh
00:57:36Isdronningen are you sure
00:57:39Isdronningen but why
00:57:44PeterLars lesh got gem again
00:57:44Isdronningen cant you just=
00:57:45Isdronningen I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:47Isdronningen or
00:57:48Daki.90.o I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:57:49Isdronningen something
00:57:50Isdronningen else
00:57:52Isdronningen just ff im starting to agree with the
00:57:57yeW- no spot
00:57:58Isdronningen i know you can do it leave part.
00:58:05yeW- what do u mean i get cheese
00:58:09Isdronningen come on they told
00:58:12PeterLars gogog mid baba to go
00:58:15Isdronningen go for the ff
00:58:20yeW- who's they
00:58:24Isdronningen atleast you will win the ff hes pals
00:58:26yeW- in lan? irl friends morel ikely
00:58:37Isdronningen you can do it
00:58:42yeW- who's laning
00:58:43Isdronningen yes you can
00:58:43yeW- with him
00:58:44yeW- norre
00:58:44yeW- ?
00:58:45yeW- and?
00:58:46PeterLars norre
00:58:46Isdronningen whos the man
00:58:47PeterLars and isd
00:58:48Isdronningen ck can
00:58:52Isdronningen whos the man
00:58:55yeW- laning
00:58:56Isdronningen ck the man
00:58:57yeW- at 2 am
00:58:59Isdronningen go ff
00:58:59yeW- wtf
00:58:59yeW- xD
00:59:00PeterLars y
00:59:00Isdronningen go ff
00:59:00PeterLars ^^
00:59:03Isdronningen go do it
00:59:03yeW- insane
00:59:06Isdronningen go do it
00:59:12yeW- lol
00:59:16yeW- god
00:59:18yeW- u n ur ulties
00:59:25Isdronningen whos the sucker
00:59:29Isdronningen ck is the sucker
00:59:34Isdronningen i didnt mean it
00:59:37Isdronningen im sorry
00:59:40Isdronningen please ff
00:59:47Norrebro gg
00:59:50Isdronningen you can do it
00:59:54Isdronningen you you can do it
00:59:54Jerkku I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:59:59Isdronningen YEEEEEEAHHHHH
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