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Chat log

00:00:00prolog1C. [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 118 seconds.
00:00:16fUNCh ban slark imp
00:00:16fUNCh imo
00:00:16prolog1C. i will
00:00:16mby_next_time fatality.
00:00:16mby_next_time remember to buy courier.
00:00:16Fatality ?
00:00:16WANKmaster so
00:00:16Fatality mby next time
00:00:16WANKmaster whats the plan
00:00:16Bct_Murder i want tuskar or rhasta
00:00:16JokiPro slark
00:00:16mby_next_time well so you get banned like your mate.
00:00:16JokiPro ban
00:00:16WANKmaster gondar
00:00:16Fatality ?
00:00:16prolog1C. slarky boy
00:00:16mby_next_time fox n that boff
00:00:16Fatality whos banned
00:00:16fUNCh lastguy needs to buy chicken
00:00:16fUNCh or ban
00:00:16WANKmaster tide
00:00:16mby_next_time there are your mates?
00:00:16WANKmaster any1
00:00:16mby_next_time they *
00:00:17Bct_Murder i can :0
00:00:24WANKmaster ok
00:00:25WANKmaster good
00:00:28Fatality 1
00:00:33Bct_Murder why you dont pick CK ? akasha ?; /
00:00:39mby_next_time ya so one of them got banned
00:00:41mby_next_time for no courier
00:00:43fUNCh what you gonna play ?
00:00:43mby_next_time so better remember about courier actually
00:00:43WANKmaster just beacuse
00:00:43WANKmaster :D
00:00:43Bct_Murder :D
00:00:43prolog1C. myb wd
00:00:43Idx wadap
00:00:43prolog1C. or ck
00:00:43Bct_Murder you want loose ?:D
00:00:43WANKmaster no
00:00:43fUNCh go ck
00:00:43fUNCh i go qop mid
00:00:43prolog1C. i think about ck
00:00:43fUNCh ?
00:00:43WANKmaster i dont ever like to lose
00:00:43prolog1C. hm
00:00:43prolog1C. kk
00:00:46WANKmaster i just want lower players to play good heroes'
00:00:48WANKmaster thats all
00:00:53Bct_Murder okiux :D
00:01:06prolog1C. guys we need wd sd krob luci
00:01:11prolog1C. or rhasta
00:01:16Fatality me rasta
00:01:20fUNCh rhasta ok too
00:01:22fUNCh tho needs str
00:01:24fUNCh vs tiny
00:01:30Bct_Murder what you want WANK ?;]
00:01:33fUNCh slardar ?
00:01:34WANKmaster dunno ...
00:01:39WANKmaster get me
00:01:42fUNCh well
00:01:44WANKmaster lanaya
00:01:47JokiPro me>?
00:01:47mby_next_time yep slardar vs tiny.
00:01:48Bct_Murder -swap 1
00:01:48WANKmaster -swap 2
00:01:50Idx rhasta imo
00:01:50fUNCh oeh
00:01:51fUNCh dang
00:01:52WANKmaster -swap 4
00:01:53fUNCh lanaya mid
00:01:56fUNCh will be lame
00:01:56fUNCh :D
00:02:09prolog1C. aka
00:02:16prolog1C. plz gang as often as possible
00:02:21Fatality let me bot
00:02:22fUNCh well
00:02:26fUNCh i try
00:02:26Fatality necro
00:02:30prolog1C. i need freefarm
00:02:31Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:02:31fUNCh if i dont fuck up mid too bad
00:02:32Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control Shliapanosis [g,r,c,v]
00:02:33prolog1C. necro top
00:02:34mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:35mby_next_time -don
00:02:37mby_next_time -water red
00:02:38mby_next_time -clear
00:02:38prolog1C. or
00:02:41prolog1C. nono stay
00:02:45WANKmaster just try not to fail lanes
00:02:49mby_next_time share courier.
00:02:49WANKmaster hard
00:02:50fUNCh no wards
00:02:51fUNCh -.-
00:02:52WANKmaster keep it calm
00:02:53JokiPro :D
00:02:56WANKmaster and we will be fine
00:03:00prolog1C. necro get wards
00:03:00Idx cant fail this one with >1k dmg of nukes
00:03:09Inuusini let 1 pass
00:03:13Inuusini block rest
00:03:16mby_next_time share ciyruer.
00:03:26mby_next_time courier orange
00:03:45Idx way to waste ur mana
00:03:53WANKmaster võtsid üle mu buildi ? D:
00:04:08fUNCh tahtsin proovida jah
00:04:10Bct_Murder ck fb ;/
00:04:24mby_next_time orange share courier
00:04:25mby_next_time f11
00:04:33mby_next_time yougot to buy courier + share it mate :D
00:04:34Inuusini let me deny
00:04:35Inuusini for mana
00:04:52WANKmaster sa oled liiga passive
00:05:07prolog1C. i pull
00:05:10Idx tide go
00:05:12Idx from behind
00:05:27mby_next_time gj.
00:05:27Idx typing for the win
00:05:42Idx go from behind
00:05:42Idx ffs
00:05:55fUNCh ss
00:06:03Daki.90.o ss
00:06:20fUNCh lanaya bot wirh rune
00:06:21fUNCh fcare
00:06:25Idx why the fuck did you gash slardar on full hp
00:07:02mby_next_time ss tiny
00:07:11Fatality lol
00:07:11mby_next_time re
00:07:15mby_next_time couldn't do much
00:07:29Inuusini gj
00:07:29Bct_Murder feed more CK
00:07:30Bct_Murder :)
00:07:33WANKmaster fuck it
00:07:34WANKmaster you
00:07:35WANKmaster lose
00:07:36WANKmaster lanes
00:07:37WANKmaster so har
00:07:55Inuusini pull
00:07:56WANKmaster ff
00:08:01Bct_Murder tiny loose to...
00:08:06mby_next_time funch owning you?:D
00:08:12Idx you fucked up the first 2 kills sos stfu
00:08:19fUNCh no
00:08:20Inuusini tiny bot
00:08:33Bct_Murder 5 min tower ....
00:08:34Bct_Murder nice
00:08:45Idx coz you pulled every single lane
00:08:52Inuusini ss tiny
00:08:58prolog1C. oom
00:09:00prolog1C. care a bit
00:09:04Inuusini well fuck
00:09:07Inuusini he was there after all
00:09:07fUNCh ss mid
00:09:08fUNCh care bot
00:09:09fUNCh rune
00:09:35Idx ty
00:09:35mby_next_time well trhasta
00:09:46Fatality ?
00:09:49mby_next_time react faster pls :D
00:09:51WANKmaster b
00:10:00fUNCh insta shackle
00:10:13fUNCh ss launaay with dd care
00:10:25prolog1C. necri plz
00:10:26Fatality pff
00:10:46Idx lets just dive with creeps
00:11:04prolog1C. fuzck why always 3 down
00:11:06prolog1C. HELL TEAM
00:11:10prolog1C. wake up
00:11:22mby_next_time fucnh
00:11:23mby_next_time rege boyt
00:11:27fUNCh take it
00:11:59mby_next_time b
00:11:59Fatality fack off
00:11:59mby_next_time b
00:12:22Daki.90.o oom
00:13:06WANKmaster need
00:13:06WANKmaster tide
00:13:12Bct_Murder i dont have ulti :)
00:13:18Inuusini go rhasta ulti and push?
00:13:22fUNCh dont go
00:13:30Daki.90.o how
00:13:40Bct_Murder fight with ck
00:13:46Bct_Murder and ck go back with ~10hp ;/
00:14:24mby_next_time LOL
00:14:25mby_next_time FUNCH
00:14:26mby_next_time LOL
00:14:27mby_next_time LOL
00:14:27mby_next_time LOL
00:14:27fUNCh omfg
00:14:28mby_next_time LOL
00:14:29mby_next_time LOL
00:14:31mby_next_time wyhat a napcake
00:14:34mby_next_time :D
00:14:36Idx shouldve stopped for a sec coulda tossed you
00:15:01Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:15:26Bct_Murder fuck
00:15:31Bct_Murder 0.0001 and i use ulti ;/
00:16:18Fatality i have uty
00:16:19Fatality ulty
00:16:28prolog1C. b
00:16:38Fatality o,mg
00:17:05Fatality tw dead :P
00:17:18Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:17:18Daki.90.o that wasnty cool
00:17:19Bct_Murder i dont use it
00:18:00Bct_Murder mid?
00:18:04Idx mana
00:18:10Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:18:18fUNCh 3mid
00:18:18Inuusini lanaya dagger
00:18:19JokiPro mid?
00:18:24Idx ill toss you in or what
00:18:37Inuusini 5
00:18:38Inuusini 5 mid
00:19:10JokiPro gj
00:19:46WANKmaster wtf
00:19:52JokiPro sry
00:20:48mby_next_time b[]tw bf doesn't work on your clones ck.
00:20:59Inuusini no crap
00:21:01mby_next_time i mean no clash damage.
00:21:06Inuusini cleave
00:21:09mby_next_time xD
00:21:11mby_next_time w/e
00:21:26fUNCh tnx
00:21:56mby_next_time ...
00:21:58mby_next_time fucking yews
00:22:06Fatality let me bot
00:22:06mby_next_time where the hell you daggered wanky?
00:22:08Fatality farm
00:22:15Inuusini rhasta
00:22:16Inuusini u
00:22:17Inuusini dont
00:22:17Inuusini need
00:22:18Inuusini farm
00:22:22Fatality i need
00:22:23WANKmaster have it for like 6 mins
00:22:24WANKmaster .d
00:22:27Inuusini ...
00:22:28mby_next_time i meant
00:22:32mby_next_time where did you dagger :D
00:22:34mby_next_time not when :D
00:22:38WANKmaster oh
00:22:41WANKmaster in forest :d
00:23:36Idx -ms
00:23:52Bct_Murder we need destroy tower
00:24:07prolog1C. b
00:24:19Idx lets get some towers
00:24:22Fatality lol
00:24:27Fatality dager
00:24:33Idx didnt mean to toss you
00:25:13prolog1C. ...
00:25:15JokiPro come
00:25:16prolog1C. really stupid
00:25:19Idx oh
00:25:20prolog1C. stay together now..
00:25:27Inuusini dead
00:25:32Inuusini nvm
00:25:35Inuusini still pushing mid
00:25:44mby_next_time wtf wankjyt
00:25:47Inuusini rhasta
00:25:49Inuusini buy wards mb?
00:26:15mby_next_time 2 bot
00:26:31Daki.90.o srsly?
00:26:32prolog1C. b
00:26:33Inuusini wp
00:26:36mby_next_time wp guys
00:26:37prolog1C. ??
00:26:42mby_next_time dude where the fuck can i back
00:26:46mby_next_time i got 2 here
00:26:49mby_next_time 1 here
00:26:51mby_next_time fucking nowhere to b
00:26:54Inuusini why stay there so long?
00:26:58WANKmaster idx
00:26:59WANKmaster dagger
00:27:01WANKmaster tee
00:27:03mby_next_time hm let's think
00:27:09mby_next_time maybe you can tp and we can ez kill
00:27:11mby_next_time nah not rly
00:27:12Idx arvad jah
00:27:18mby_next_time mby reaqson was to defend tower with 200 hp ?
00:27:20mby_next_time nah not rly
00:27:25mby_next_time fag
00:27:37Inuusini map awareness pls
00:27:44fUNCh pane põlema ennast nende runedega :D
00:27:46fUNCh tahaks ka mõnda
00:27:46mby_next_time lol you know what have i just said?
00:27:49WANKmaster :d
00:27:49mby_next_time i knew they are there
00:27:59mby_next_time but didn't epxect you to give em free twers n kills
00:28:07mby_next_time sr i didn;'t know you coopeare wit em
00:28:13Inuusini english pls
00:28:15mby_next_time coo[]perate.
00:28:15WANKmaster well this ck
00:28:22WANKmaster will be problem ..
00:28:22mby_next_time happy now?
00:28:42JokiPro top
00:28:44JokiPro 11
00:28:55prolog1C. port b
00:29:28Bct_Murder i have ulti
00:29:52Inuusini ...
00:29:56WANKmaster FUCK
00:30:09Idx oh cmon that bash
00:30:36fUNCh epic warding
00:30:41Inuusini wow
00:30:57Bct_Murder dagger rdy
00:30:59Inuusini bnet style
00:31:00WANKmaster good
00:31:12WANKmaster coming
00:31:33Inuusini TA deso
00:31:37Inuusini gg
00:31:47mby_next_time she had it last fight al;so :D
00:32:09JokiPro kil mid
00:32:13Inuusini and nobody has tp
00:32:15Inuusini top tower gone
00:32:17mby_next_time oh
00:32:22Inuusini talking about free towers
00:32:23mby_next_time look noone tped to def tower
00:32:30mby_next_time remind me of me bot situation
00:32:36mby_next_time then you agreed to leave tower behind
00:32:45Fatality omg
00:33:26mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:27prolog1C. Gg
00:33:29Inuusini I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:34WANKmaster gj
00:33:36Bct_Murder now i use imba ulti :D
00:34:02Fatality qq
00:34:07Fatality how ff
00:34:12mby_next_time just "ff"
00:34:15Fatality I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:19Inuusini or u can press alt and Q twice
00:34:19mby_next_time yep
00:34:23Inuusini its faster
00:34:25mby_next_time don't make it.
00:34:29Fatality dont work
00:34:32Fatality -ff
00:34:36fUNCh you cant see your own text
00:34:38mby_next_time ff it already worked
00:34:47Bct_Murder pipe rdy too
00:34:48mby_next_time but we see that you wrote ff - i surrender
00:34:55Fatality ok go ff or wanna win this L:D
00:34:55WANKmaster gj
00:35:03Bct_Murder 17 asist :D
00:35:06mby_next_time we wont win taht just some fags sdontwant to ff
00:35:10fUNCh we got better late
00:35:11WANKmaster got
00:35:12WANKmaster ac
00:35:13WANKmaster soom
00:35:15Bct_Murder ok
00:35:15fUNCh but we wont make it so far i guess
00:35:17fUNCh but well
00:35:20fUNCh lets try atleast
00:35:21Inuusini and rosh gone
00:35:24WANKmaster tide go shiva
00:35:25Inuusini and no wards
00:35:25fUNCh aleast a lil more
00:35:27Bct_Murder okey
00:35:48Bct_Murder my fault
00:35:49Bct_Murder sorry team
00:36:07prolog1C. I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:12Fatality lanayas game
00:36:14WANKmaster gj
00:36:23mby_next_time can you funch plase?
00:36:27fUNCh I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
00:36:29mby_next_time thx
00:36:30JokiPro me pro
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