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Chat log

00:00:19Jerkku ban pheo
00:00:19yeW- ye
00:00:19yeW- yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyey
00:00:19FirstBlood -spetre
00:00:19yeW- his clinkz
00:00:19yeW- is deadly
00:00:19yeW- tho
00:00:19yeW- but phoenix it is
00:00:19yeW- phoe
00:01:02yeW- afuera
00:01:03yeW- -ma
00:01:20yeW- venge
00:01:22yeW- ck
00:01:30faildn im going tinie tempah
00:01:31yeW- veeenge
00:01:32yeW- !!!!!!!!
00:01:342deep4u veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
00:01:35yeW- yeee
00:01:362deep4u geeeee
00:01:40faildn me tinie tempah
00:01:45Asiankid -ms
00:01:51faildn yay me tinie
00:02:02FirstBlood fucking noob team pick
00:02:022deep4u faildn tini ebig :DD
00:02:05yeW- XAXA
00:02:13JTG.Bop who mid?
00:02:15yeW- i'll
00:02:15faildn lollerz dot komm
00:02:17faildn hahahahaha
00:02:21yeW- wp additionnal branch faildn
00:02:22yeW- clear
00:02:23faildn me & venge krate kombo
00:02:28faildn what
00:02:32yeW- circle
00:02:37faildn fuuck :D
00:02:40yeW- bob
00:02:40yeW- wp
00:02:44faildn bob dylan xaxa
00:02:45yeW- -ma
00:02:46faildn beerb
00:02:53yeW- 10s pls
00:02:53Asiankid lol
00:02:53yeW- re
00:03:06yeW- i have rune!
00:03:09yeW- i mean botte
00:03:302deep4u >bottle first
00:03:322deep4u lel
00:04:35FoxManiDou ss
00:04:37faildn LOL 2DEPP NUB ONLIE CRAY!
00:05:25FirstBlood ss mid
00:07:172deep4u dont pull
00:07:192deep4u u little shit
00:07:23Jerkku XD
00:07:252deep4u .D
00:07:31Jerkku so bad cant solo if im pulling
00:07:482deep4u almost killed...
00:07:48yeW- ss
00:07:49yeW- e
00:07:50Jerkku pls up chick
00:07:57McFele sry
00:08:08Aerwyn dwarf
00:08:10Aerwyn kill soon
00:08:11Aerwyn be rdy
00:08:22Aerwyn dwarf
00:08:22yeW- gang
00:08:23Aerwyn ?
00:08:23Jerkku cmoon
00:08:23yeW- venge
00:08:24yeW- lol
00:08:25Jerkku up chick
00:08:58yeW- ENGE
00:08:59Aerwyn dwarf
00:09:00Aerwyn be rdy
00:09:24Aerwyn dwarf
00:09:27Aerwyn do u even listen to me?
00:09:33FoxManiDou ss
00:09:45yeW- ss
00:09:50yeW- invo
00:09:51faildn y kare
00:10:12Jerkku lol
00:10:16faildn jerkku pls
00:10:19Asiankid -ms
00:10:22Jerkku ?
00:10:24faildn nob poro
00:11:24Asiankid -ms
00:11:29Asiankid mid all
00:11:30Asiankid tower
00:11:30yeW- venge
00:11:32yeW- 0 0 0
00:11:46faildn venge go mid
00:11:47faildn omg pls
00:11:52faildn venge 2 nab
00:12:27faildn venge u suck pls kill urself
00:12:38yeW- 2deep
00:12:40yeW- whats the suckin?
00:12:532deep4u my new thing
00:13:082deep4u called relying on stupid retards like jerkku
00:13:11faildn he feels uncomfortable being in the same room as jews
00:13:18faildn and no upgrade courier venge nob
00:13:24Jerkku yes im stupid uf u cant solo if im pulling
00:13:25Jerkku XD
00:13:362deep4u ...
00:13:36faildn top pls
00:13:402deep4u u just dont understand do you?
00:13:44faildn pls pls evurrybudy
00:13:45Jerkku no i dont
00:13:49Jerkku really
00:13:55faildn b tard
00:14:14Asiankid jump
00:14:15Asiankid tard
00:14:182deep4u you went solo and died, i was solo and died, if u wouldve come with me for once, we could've been 3-0 instead of 2-5
00:14:27faildn omg u suck jerkku
00:14:30Aerwyn c'mon
00:14:31Jerkku yes i do
00:14:42faildn kill urselph?
00:14:45yeW- xd
00:14:48Jerkku wtf :D
00:14:48yeW- shut it
00:14:50yeW- the botha u
00:14:56Jerkku this blaming
00:15:23Asiankid b
00:15:32Asiankid b
00:15:40Aerwyn i go in
00:16:14faildn venge pls killurselph
00:16:17faildn 1v3
00:16:19faildn eally
00:16:37yeW- ugna inc
00:16:422deep4u k
00:16:58faildn we have a good combo too jerkku
00:17:03Jerkku ye
00:17:05faildn too bad youre as bad as a retarded horse
00:17:09Jerkku ye
00:17:29yeW- bb
00:17:46faildn jerkku i toss ju
00:18:05Asiankid go clokc
00:18:062deep4u kuubid
00:18:072deep4u :D
00:18:09Aerwyn no ulti
00:18:11faildn cube
00:18:14yeW- no ulti
00:18:342deep4u useless magnus
00:18:37faildn fak u
00:18:47yeW- :(!!!
00:18:55Asiankid go lcock
00:18:57Asiankid start
00:18:57Asiankid this
00:19:02Asiankid ..
00:19:23yeW- lal
00:19:24yeW- wp team
00:20:02faildn fuck you
00:20:02Aerwyn :D
00:20:04faildn fuck dota gc
00:20:06faildn fuck this game
00:20:142deep4u fuck yew
00:20:162deep4u fuck jerkku
00:20:182deep4u fuck bob
00:20:22Jerkku this is epic
00:20:24Asiankid Fuck all
00:20:25faildn we tema of the year
00:20:27faildn tema jesus
00:20:27Asiankid only assist
00:20:28faildn the fuck
00:20:29Asiankid gosu
00:20:30Jerkku when these guys whose sucks the most
00:20:332deep4u tema jesus
00:20:38Jerkku blames here who try to farm this to win
00:20:44JTG.Bop b
00:20:502deep4u not helping = trying to farm
00:20:59yeW- jerkku
00:21:00yeW- dont bother pls
00:21:02yeW- they're idiots
00:21:04yeW- the two of them
00:21:06Jerkku ye
00:21:20yeW- just get ur stuff
00:21:25Jerkku sure
00:21:28Jerkku ok i farm now
00:21:382deep4u obviously u cant do shit :D
00:21:52yeW- pt
00:21:54yeW- zeus
00:21:55yeW- talkin
00:21:582deep4u 0-4
00:21:592deep4u ok i go farm
00:22:002deep4u lel :D
00:22:01Jerkku well much sypport around
00:22:04faildn jerkku
00:22:06faildn and venge
00:22:09faildn how the fuck
00:22:15faildn am i a lower percent than you
00:22:21faildn you guys are just painful to watch
00:22:43JTG.Bop -afk
00:23:31yeW- zzz
00:24:00Jerkku place wards
00:24:23faildn TEMA JESUS
00:24:32yeW- nvm
00:24:33yeW- dont
00:24:56yeW- play lotto
00:24:59faildn stfu
00:25:08faildn tema retard
00:25:12yeW- oi
00:25:14yeW- can u stfu
00:25:16yeW- u n ur mate
00:25:17yeW- ur annoyin
00:25:19faildn no
00:25:21faildn im pissed off
00:25:24yeW- stfu cunt
00:25:25yeW- tell ur mate
00:25:27yeW- to stop feedin
00:25:28yeW- like a cunt
00:25:29yeW- then
00:25:352deep4u says the one who's dead:DDDDDDDD
00:25:40faildn lol irony
00:25:41yeW- 5-2 aint feedin
00:25:462deep4u dying is
00:26:23yeW- LOL
00:26:24yeW- lALALALAL
00:26:29Jerkku these luckers
00:26:32Jerkku seriously
00:26:32yeW- ye
00:26:35yeW- insane
00:26:37Jerkku and i dont get any kills
00:26:42Jerkku in fights
00:26:47yeW- not much to do
00:26:48yeW- with that
00:26:51yeW- retarded duo
00:26:55Jerkku y
00:27:13yeW- pt zeus
00:27:14yeW- lal
00:27:302deep4u safety first :))))
00:27:37yeW- ah
00:27:40yeW- blah
00:27:58Aerwyn hmm, what happened?
00:27:59yeW- ye
00:27:59Jerkku farm
00:28:08Aerwyn i lag big spike
00:28:10Aerwyn didnt see
00:28:11Aerwyn :D
00:28:47FirstBlood b
00:28:52Aerwyn b
00:28:52Aerwyn b
00:28:56Aerwyn he got blink
00:28:59Aerwyn gogo
00:29:10yeW- u courier
00:29:13faildn i toss u
00:29:16yeW- no ulti
00:29:18yeW- i get une
00:29:21yeW- rune
00:29:342deep4u why always me? :)))
00:30:09yeW- gah
00:30:21Aerwyn gj
00:30:25Aerwyn take rax now
00:30:52Aerwyn xD
00:30:59Jerkku treads zeus
00:31:00Jerkku :D
00:31:02Jerkku never seen
00:31:03yeW- ye
00:31:03faildn lol
00:31:072deep4u revolutionary?
00:31:11yeW- lowliness at its finest
00:31:392deep4u why is it bad?
00:31:47faildn venge
00:31:48faildn u suck at life
00:31:50faildn did you now that
00:31:52faildn know
00:31:58yeW- wt
00:32:01Jerkku XD
00:32:03yeW- u need
00:32:04Jerkku rofling here
00:32:07Jerkku to these comments
00:32:09yeW- attack speed for?
00:32:212deep4u oh
00:32:24yeW- up courier
00:32:332deep4u now i get why they're retarded
00:33:01McFele go push
00:33:04Asiankid -ms
00:33:04Aerwyn what next item? heart? blade mail?
00:33:11FirstBlood bm
00:34:03yeW- we got
00:34:04yeW- no aoe
00:34:06Aerwyn i go in
00:34:08yeW- to fuck em up with my ulti
00:34:182deep4u tiny
00:34:192deep4u !
00:34:46Aerwyn magana
00:34:47Aerwyn care
00:34:49Aerwyn b
00:34:50Aerwyn b
00:35:07Aerwyn care magna
00:35:08Aerwyn pls
00:35:19Jerkku lol
00:35:24Aerwyn ye
00:35:47FirstBlood sniper come with us
00:35:48Aerwyn dwarf
00:35:48yeW- -ma
00:35:53faildn we win this ez
00:35:54Aerwyn ye
00:35:55FirstBlood and stay behind
00:35:59yeW- hardly
00:36:20yeW- dust
00:37:10FirstBlood b
00:37:18Asiankid alone
00:37:19Asiankid gj
00:37:27Aerwyn okay
00:37:31Jerkku oom
00:37:352deep4u venge stun?
00:37:41yeW- GO
00:37:41Jerkku b
00:37:42yeW- BACK
00:37:44Aerwyn put ulti same time as u said b
00:37:45Aerwyn great
00:37:55Asiankid smoke
00:37:56Asiankid and gang
00:38:19yeW- venge's
00:38:21yeW- i mean
00:38:23yeW- erm
00:38:25faildn yea hes a retard
00:38:29faildn ehrmagerd
00:38:32yeW- ye not that
00:38:35yeW- linkens
00:38:37yeW- doesnt cancel
00:38:38yeW- my ulti
00:38:39yeW- right?
00:38:43Jerkku no imo
00:38:45faildn no imo
00:38:47Jerkku it goues trough bkb
00:38:49Jerkku as well
00:38:50Jerkku so
00:38:56Asiankid go mid
00:39:02Asiankid sniper
00:39:02Asiankid come
00:39:072deep4u b
00:39:18yeW- STAY
00:39:19yeW- THE UCK
00:39:19yeW- B
00:39:22faildn ty
00:39:25FirstBlood go
00:39:26FirstBlood push
00:40:07Asiankid jump
00:40:21Aerwyn wait invo
00:40:24Asiankid here
00:40:32Aerwyn split
00:40:32yeW- b
00:40:33yeW- wait
00:40:33Aerwyn around
00:40:34Asiankid jump
00:40:35yeW- dont
00:40:47yeW- k got ulti
00:40:522deep4u n5p
00:40:56faildn l2p
00:41:02Aerwyn go to forest?
00:42:04Jerkku care
00:42:35Aerwyn let's gang some1 in woods and go
00:42:40Aerwyn shall we?
00:42:45McFele push bot now
00:43:03yeW- lol
00:43:03faildn haha
00:43:052deep4u :D.
00:43:05faildn wtf
00:43:11yeW- ye even in go
00:43:13yeW- fog
00:43:14yeW- makes sense
00:43:17Asiankid ^^
00:43:44Aerwyn go
00:43:45Aerwyn tusskarr
00:43:46yeW- dont toss
00:43:46yeW- me
00:43:47yeW- btw
00:43:50yeW- toss lc
00:43:51yeW- if u want
00:43:56Jerkku y
00:43:58Aerwyn tusskarr
00:43:59Aerwyn come
00:44:01yeW- venge
00:44:03yeW- use swap
00:44:05yeW- on pugna
00:44:05Aerwyn no
00:44:07Asiankid alone
00:44:08Asiankid omg
00:44:08yeW- so he can be dueled
00:44:09Asiankid tuskar
00:44:12faildn yea and fuck yourself in the swapping time
00:44:13Asiankid u are fucking noob
00:44:15Aerwyn i cant kill it
00:44:16yeW- to take off linkens
00:44:17yeW- i mean
00:44:20Aerwyn got no dmg
00:44:20Asiankid yes
00:44:21Asiankid i know
00:44:37Jerkku need there ward
00:44:38yeW- -a
00:44:39Jerkku some1 buy
00:44:39yeW- -ma
00:44:41Jerkku got no gold
00:44:46yeW- lemme top
00:47:03Asiankid gogo
00:47:30Aerwyn gj
00:47:36Aerwyn magna
00:47:49Aerwyn GOGOG
00:47:53yeW- god
00:47:55yeW- fff
00:47:55Jerkku I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:47:55yeW- I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:08Aerwyn gj team
00:48:13faildn I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:48:17Asiankid gj clock
00:48:20Asiankid nice stat
00:49:17yeW- emo items
00:49:18yeW- venge
00:49:19yeW- rly
00:49:22FirstBlood we need go rosh
00:49:32Jerkku XD
00:49:36Aerwyn y
00:49:39Aerwyn go then
00:49:45Aerwyn can some1 buy wards?
00:49:48FirstBlood but care
00:49:48faildn venge reported as being a retard
00:49:572deep4u faildn, manners.
00:49:57faildn for being*
00:50:26yeW- what
00:50:29yeW- are u pushin
00:50:29yeW- for
00:50:30yeW- lol
00:50:33yeW- tay the fuck b
00:50:34yeW- stay
00:50:482deep4u where the fuck are you
00:50:492deep4u magnus
00:50:522deep4u could've killed them
00:50:53yeW- i killed snier
00:50:582deep4u I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:51:00Aerwyn y
00:51:02yeW- idiot.
00:51:02yeW- rly
00:51:15faildn who snier
00:51:17Asiankid wow
00:51:22yeW- blah
00:51:25faildn yew
00:51:28faildn i liked you before
00:51:292deep4u ye go alone
00:51:29yeW- wjat
00:51:302deep4u ret :D
00:51:31faildn but 2 games straight
00:51:32faildn omg
00:51:34yeW- i never liked u
00:51:35yeW- u fail
00:51:36Jerkku tiny
00:51:37yeW- every single time
00:51:37faildn like OH MY GOD
00:51:38Jerkku stfu
00:51:38yeW- -clear
00:51:39faildn please
00:52:10yeW- well
00:52:14yeW- im done
00:52:18yeW- u guys are probably rejonin
00:52:19yeW- so night
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