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-51 X
-3 TS

94% | 1634 X | 1553 TS

-15 X
-2 TS

93% | 1624 X | 1519 TS

-50 X
-3 TS

92% | 1656 X | 1462 TS

-22 X
-2 TS

77% | 1450 X | 1411 TS

+6 X
-10 TS

35% | 1112 X | 1273 TS

+40 X
+2 TS

96% | 1788 X | 1489 TS

+54 X
+3 TS

96% | 1820 X | 1433 TS

-9 X
+3 TS
82% | 1540 X | 1410 TS

+29 X
+3 TS

62% | 1257 X | 1407 TS

+28 X
+25 TS

52% | 1297 X | 1270 TS

Chat log

00:00:06Laier LEZ DO DIZ
00:00:13Laier dont ban my warlock
00:00:17MYuksel TOUGH
00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17MYuksel tough
00:00:17MYuksel toughhhhhh baaaaaby Myukse wants hes batridah
00:00:17Tough baaaaby sorry :*********
00:00:17Tough had to cooock
00:00:17Tough !
00:00:17Tough cook
00:00:17MYuksel plug
00:00:17MYuksel plug
00:00:17MYuksel plug
00:00:17Tough so yuksel :D
00:00:17FeelMyCrime hi Strom
00:00:17Tough funny
00:00:17Tough yesterdaxy
00:00:17FeelMyCrime its all working
00:00:17FeelMyCrime ty
00:00:17FeelMyCrime -
00:00:17Tough you were fp
00:00:17Tough :D
00:00:17MYuksel yesterday ?
00:00:17Tough y?
00:00:17MYuksel ahh
00:00:17Tough me with ck
00:00:17Tough D
00:00:17MYuksel your ck
00:00:17MYuksel hehe
00:00:17Laier BAN
00:00:17Laier ALLREADY
00:00:17livingde4th wishes?
00:00:17Tough i ban wl
00:00:17Tough k?
00:00:17MYuksel y
00:00:17Tough wl
00:00:17Laier tc vaik mulle
00:00:17Strom ban something strong
00:00:17livingde4th ban ns
00:00:17PeterLars ck or ns
00:00:17MYuksel bat
00:00:17FeelMyCrime ban am or ns
00:00:17MYuksel bat
00:00:17MYuksel bat
00:00:22MYuksel trallalalala
00:00:23Tough :)))
00:00:25livingde4th am is shit
00:00:31MYuksel so i go mid ?
00:00:33FeelMyCrime well.
00:00:34livingde4th i support
00:00:36PeterLars i go carry?
00:00:37Strom am weak yeah, kinda annoying to gang him tho
00:00:37livingde4th so pick solo plz
00:00:40MYuksel :(
00:00:41Tough bat goes wood
00:00:45Laier ota mulle solo ds
00:00:45MYuksel yeeeeeeee
00:00:47Tough :D
00:00:47MYuksel i can
00:00:48Laier bah
00:00:48MYuksel eazy
00:00:50Tough :DDD
00:00:51MYuksel np
00:00:51FeelMyCrime can i play mid please? i am not bad, just new here :)
00:00:57livingde4th no
00:00:57MYuksel what u want ?
00:00:59livingde4th bs is mid
00:01:01FeelMyCrime mkay
00:01:04FeelMyCrime if u say so cap
00:01:04MYuksel am ?
00:01:04Tough get me ursa
00:01:05FeelMyCrime :)
00:01:07Tough or wait
00:01:10Tough hmm
00:01:11Tough ursa
00:01:11Laier eiks livari pitäny suppoo
00:01:14MYuksel -swap 1
00:01:16Laier vai suppooks ck_öl :D
00:01:18Tough -swap 2
00:01:26livingde4th piti
00:01:27PeterLars pit will be
00:01:29MYuksel so me woods ?
00:01:30PeterLars or thd :D
00:01:30Laier -swap 1
00:01:31Tough y
00:01:33Tough :D
00:01:34MYuksel k
00:01:34livingde4th mut ei jaksanu jättää poiolii
00:01:39livingde4th -swap 4
00:01:49Tough :D
00:01:50PeterLars lol :D
00:01:52MYuksel :D'
00:01:53Laier wut
00:01:55Tough btw
00:01:57PeterLars run back D:
00:01:58Tough tell me your name :D
00:01:59MYuksel din dumme svensker
00:02:03Impressed rofl
00:02:04Strom FeelMyCrime
00:02:04Tough dont want to say yuksel
00:02:05Tough :D
00:02:06Strom don't forget
00:02:07MYuksel Miklo
00:02:08Strom to buy chicken
00:02:10FeelMyCrime ye ye
00:02:11FeelMyCrime i know
00:02:13FeelMyCrime the rules
00:02:13Tough michael :D
00:02:16MYuksel ye
00:02:24Tough what ye? :D
00:02:25MYuksel but they call me miklo hehe
00:02:25FeelMyCrime i remember that
00:02:27j22koer :D
00:02:28Tough wtf
00:02:28j22koer hehe
00:02:31Tough my name is michael :D
00:02:34j22koer :D
00:02:34MYuksel lol
00:02:35MYuksel same here bro
00:02:37Laier tyritää lane samal lail ku viimeks
00:02:39Tough ahahahhaaha
00:02:39Tough :D
00:02:40Laier :D
00:02:43livingde4th joo
00:02:43Tough no shit? :D
00:02:45MYuksel Mikail yuksel
00:02:53Tough mikail is michael?
00:02:55MYuksel same same
00:02:56MYuksel ye
00:02:57PeterLars no wards for top lane ? :(
00:03:07Strom that's how we roll
00:03:12Tough good shit mate :D
00:03:13PeterLars i hope so :D
00:03:16MYuksel hehe :D'
00:03:23MYuksel bs mid eazy
00:03:23MYuksel hehe
00:03:33livingde4th påullaatko
00:03:41Laier aattelin farmaa
00:04:54FeelMyCrime can u let me farm pls?
00:05:00Tough i go
00:05:01Tough k? no
00:05:10Tough man
00:05:15Strom I need lasthits as well
00:05:16MYuksel lol i was joking...
00:05:21MYuksel no mana blleh
00:05:48FeelMyCrime ursa woods now
00:05:52FeelMyCrime i would say so
00:05:58Strom nah
00:06:00Strom he just pulls
00:06:33Laier otetaa next wavel
00:06:37livingde4th we
00:06:42livingde4th wenaa
00:06:43livingde4th 3
00:06:52livingde4th alota vaa
00:07:14Laier care mid
00:07:15Laier bot ss
00:07:19Impressed ?
00:07:34Tough ss TOP
00:07:35Tough CARE
00:07:52Laier haetaa? god
00:07:59MYuksel ss
00:07:59MYuksel care top
00:08:02Laier jaah
00:08:04j22koer care
00:08:05j22koer ss
00:08:05j22koer 2 godx2
00:08:15j22koer re2
00:08:19livingde4th od vaa
00:08:31FeelMyCrime going back care
00:08:40MYuksel memem
00:08:41PeterLars ss mid
00:08:42PeterLars care bot
00:08:44MYuksel or
00:08:45j22koer ds
00:08:45j22koer s
00:08:47j22koer 11
00:08:48FeelMyCrime care
00:08:51j22koer sry
00:08:53j22koer ddint want
00:08:58PeterLars re
00:09:31Laier y
00:09:38PeterLars they havewards
00:09:41Strom ss
00:10:00Laier b laggibk a veel lisaks
00:10:24FeelMyCrime strom
00:10:26FeelMyCrime i'll go jango
00:10:27FeelMyCrime mkay
00:10:30FeelMyCrime dont make it
00:10:31FeelMyCrime :P
00:10:52Tough go after puill
00:10:52Impressed b
00:10:57MYuksel got laag
00:11:04MYuksel pause plz
00:11:06Impressed haste bot
00:11:06FeelMyCrime is he allowed to do that?
00:11:06Strom thd, next time please go inside the fog, so I can actually stun
00:11:06livingde4th y
00:11:06livingde4th tried that
00:11:06j22koer wowowowo
00:11:06j22koer chill
00:11:06livingde4th and targeted him accident
00:11:06PeterLars how long he want pause :S
00:11:06Strom no clue
00:11:06Strom what's the pause reason
00:11:06Strom pizza? lagg he said
00:11:06PeterLars i think he is at work
00:11:06MYuksel i think its ok
00:11:06MYuksel no iam not
00:11:06FeelMyCrime xD
00:11:06MYuksel 321
00:11:06Impressed gaming at work
00:11:06Impressed rofl
00:11:11Tough opull
00:11:25MYuksel omg tough
00:11:48Laier paljo sul manabootseihi
00:11:49Strom 2+ top
00:12:00livingde4th 250
00:12:04Laier ok
00:12:40MYuksel gj
00:13:03j22koer thats for the haste i took
00:13:14Laier berse
00:13:14Laier ois pitäny lyyä vaa kerra viel
00:13:14MYuksel 11 sec to late m8
00:13:14FeelMyCrime wp magnus
00:13:14Strom got no ulti
00:13:14FeelMyCrime drag him
00:13:14Strom 6s
00:13:14FeelMyCrime xD
00:13:14FeelMyCrime come not
00:13:14FeelMyCrime stun lesh so i can leave and stop
00:13:14FeelMyCrime thats mkay ruining teambattles
00:13:14Strom no ulti 6s
00:13:14Tough still
00:13:14FeelMyCrime no need
00:13:15Tough got not a single farm
00:13:27livingde4th noo ei täs oo hätää
00:13:30livingde4th turha ottaa riskei
00:13:44Tough go bot
00:13:47livingde4th b
00:13:48livingde4th vaa
00:14:15Laier ofc
00:14:17Laier normi haster ursa :D
00:15:09Strom damn
00:15:12Strom 1s cd :/&
00:16:01FeelMyCrime omw ma paber.
00:16:25livingde4th -ms Mhm
00:16:39FeelMyCrime i am just too good for u nap
00:16:40FeelMyCrime :) ära quitima selle sitase pela
00:16:47Strom od bot
00:16:48j22koer :D
00:16:54livingde4th we need twrs Sadly i wont agree with that.
00:16:59FeelMyCrime nah
00:17:08FeelMyCrime just let nessaj farm slowly
00:17:22Laier :DDDDD
00:17:22Laier sure
00:17:30MYuksel dead anyway
00:17:33Laier bullshit
00:17:46FeelMyCrime we need arcanes
00:18:03MYuksel w8 bot
00:18:14FeelMyCrime b
00:18:19FeelMyCrime wait them
00:18:20FeelMyCrime i ult
00:18:21FeelMyCrime come
00:18:23FeelMyCrime jakiro ult too
00:18:26Strom no ulti tho
00:18:33livingde4th 5 here
00:18:36livingde4th hide
00:18:39PeterLars omw
00:18:40livingde4th help
00:18:45Strom come all bot, wen eed backup
00:18:49Strom got ulti now too
00:18:50livingde4th ck get tp
00:18:55FeelMyCrime gogogogo
00:19:23MYuksel i love u i dont lov eu getin mah kills
00:19:39livingde4th aww miks haastat
00:19:40MYuksel not u
00:19:41PeterLars to late ck
00:19:44FeelMyCrime bat pushed me and i missed stun
00:19:46FeelMyCrime -clear
00:19:46livingde4th sil aegiski in that case its a fair deal
00:19:54Strom my ulti lasted 0.5 sec
00:19:56Strom got stunned by lesh
00:20:17FeelMyCrime bs dont go radi...
00:20:20FeelMyCrime useless item
00:21:00Laier where the fuck
00:21:01Laier do you go
00:21:02Laier ?
00:21:03Laier for real
00:21:06Tough dead
00:21:16FeelMyCrime really bs
00:21:17FeelMyCrime .
00:21:26FeelMyCrime stop going that useless radi
00:21:30Strom oh well
00:21:36MYuksel speed
00:21:37Laier peter just played so bad imprison me ....
00:23:09Tough b
00:23:43FeelMyCrime cant belive
00:24:08FeelMyCrime bs
00:24:10FeelMyCrime stop going
00:24:11FeelMyCrime that
00:24:11Strom this game seems to be going downhill fast
00:24:12FeelMyCrime useless
00:24:13FeelMyCrime item
00:24:50j22koer bs
00:24:51j22koer care
00:25:00Laier and he goes radi
00:25:01Laier :DD
00:26:03FeelMyCrime from 6/1 to 6/5
00:26:06FeelMyCrime rly downhill
00:26:21FeelMyCrime dmg ursa
00:26:21FeelMyCrime xD
00:26:24Tough ty
00:26:33Laier can we get some wards? :o
00:26:42Strom rosh alive I think
00:26:46Strom my stun owns there
00:26:48Strom we should stop him im coming to steal teh xp tle lähemale
00:27:44Laier :D:D:D
00:27:46Laier so baaaad Too pro people dont play like that mate
00:27:58MYuksel mid
00:28:01FeelMyCrime ye i know
00:28:01Tough yo
00:28:01Tough yuksel
00:28:01Tough bkb hot or
00:28:01MYuksel ?
00:28:02Tough bloodstone ?:D
00:28:03MYuksel hot
00:28:05FeelMyCrime they know we have mass aoe stuns, ofc they wont just stand in rosh
00:28:07Tough k
00:28:07FeelMyCrime think a bit
00:28:13FeelMyCrime we just feed w/o nesessary
00:28:15Laier you were just too fucking late
00:29:10Laier b
00:29:31Strom meh
00:29:41Laier magna
00:29:43Laier what you waiting
00:29:47FeelMyCrime my ult
00:29:47FeelMyCrime cd
00:29:47Laier what ever
00:29:48Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:50Laier go ff
00:29:53MYuksel free kills for u from yuksel
00:30:00FeelMyCrime this radi bs..
00:30:02Strom 4 of them can stop my ulti, so hard to do anything for me
00:30:16Laier well bs is useless
00:30:20Laier have been last 15mins
00:30:41MYuksel sry
00:30:46Tough <3
00:31:07MYuksel uuuh
00:31:08MYuksel hot
00:31:08livingde4th I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:13MYuksel now sheep
00:31:14Tough and now basher :D
00:31:21FeelMyCrime so u go bkb wd
00:31:21livingde4th ff it
00:31:27FeelMyCrime when they have team like that one
00:31:29FeelMyCrime this*
00:31:54FeelMyCrime this od mega kill
00:31:54FeelMyCrime sad..
00:32:00Strom feelmycrime, well first of all bkb isn't free
00:32:06FeelMyCrime ye i know
00:32:08Strom secondly, it doesn't even stop the main issue: bat
00:32:09FeelMyCrime just saying
00:32:22Strom I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:37FeelMyCrime I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:05Strom lets ff it
00:33:09FeelMyCrime I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:33:11FeelMyCrime i did
00:33:12Tough i like ur stats yuksel :D
00:33:18Laier beterlars did hes job
00:33:19FeelMyCrime radi bs didnt
00:33:20Tough sry michael :D
00:33:28MYuksel yuksel is better hehe :) <3
00:33:29PeterLars oka imba magnus and ck
00:33:38Laier you just being useless
00:33:40Laier :D
00:33:44MYuksel 14/4/18 :/
00:33:44PeterLars and what about u?
00:33:51Laier atleast i dont go for radi
00:33:51PeterLars u run from ursa
00:33:52PeterLars ?
00:33:54PeterLars i see
00:33:54Tough i mean kills and lvl :D so your being called more after ur surnname? or what ever it is family name
00:34:02PeterLars ck own ursa
00:34:09MYuksel ye family name i know the feel
00:34:15PeterLars so cant see why u talk so much
00:34:15MYuksel i prefer that
00:34:16Laier ok boss Im being called Toots
00:34:17Laier radi wins all? All the time
00:34:19FeelMyCrime dude In estonia
00:34:21FeelMyCrime radi is just I prefer mine also. :D
00:34:25FeelMyCrime so useless
00:34:26FeelMyCrime item
00:34:37FeelMyCrime u can buy it when u win game for sure, just for fun
00:34:40FeelMyCrime but dude
00:34:40j22koer toots on õige eesti nimi
00:34:42FeelMyCrime its just bad
00:34:43MYuksel -ma
00:34:46FeelMyCrime u could have bkb or something yer. :D noja Pätt ka siis Elan "nime" järgi. :D
00:34:54PeterLars it is fun for me now?
00:34:55j22koer :D
00:35:01FeelMyCrime oh my
00:35:03Laier end it
00:35:06Laier Larsboy cant ff
00:35:07MYuksel Y
00:35:14Laier coz hes radi is cool now
00:35:54PeterLars how can he blink with my radi :D
00:35:57MYuksel nvm
00:36:02Tough for some x :D
00:36:07PeterLars I surrender! [5/5 of Sentinel]
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