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96% | 1804 X | 1465 TS

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73% | 1443 X | 1381 TS

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67% | 1354 X | 1366 TS

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Chat log

00:00:07Guf -rd
00:00:18Skinkemaden xin
00:00:18Skinkemaden ment morph
00:00:18Skinkemaden morph
00:00:18Skinkemaden is banned
00:00:18Guf CK
00:00:23edgarass chaos knight and morp banned
00:00:36JTG.Bop pick THem!!!!
00:00:58MnmlArT xin ur mid >
00:00:59MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:02Guf dont know
00:01:05Guf prefer not
00:01:07Guf but
00:01:12Guf if the rest pick shit lanes
00:01:14Guf i will
00:01:16MnmlArT u should say
00:01:18MnmlArT before
00:01:19MnmlArT . . .
00:01:27MnmlArT i could but now cant
00:01:31MnmlArT whit this items
00:01:38Guf okay im mid
00:01:44Alhimik_caesar venga
00:01:45Alhimik_caesar pick
00:01:46Alhimik_caesar plz
00:01:48MnmlArT get dazzle
00:01:50Guf useless shit picks
00:01:50edgarass dont pick carries
00:01:51Alhimik_caesar i bottom
00:01:52MnmlArT or venge
00:01:54Alhimik_caesar top
00:01:54edgarass somethin useful;;
00:01:55Alhimik_caesar bala
00:02:12MnmlArT gj
00:02:14MnmlArT nice pick
00:02:35Alhimik_caesar chiken all controll
00:02:48MnmlArT go top ward pull dazzle :)
00:02:56Alhimik_caesar +
00:02:56JTG.Bop me and my son)
00:03:18Alhimik_caesar oy
00:03:20MnmlArT dont know
00:03:22MnmlArT where is rune
00:03:24Paulin8813811 lolo_
00:03:26Alhimik_caesar )))
00:04:31Alhimik_caesar me farm
00:04:36McFele miss pudge
00:04:37MnmlArT fuck off
00:04:40Alhimik_caesar ahahah
00:05:12McFele gj
00:05:44JTG.Bop why u roll so early(
00:05:58edgarass paniced :)
00:06:04Guf ss
00:06:11Guf going top
00:06:14Skinkemaden go guys
00:06:18JTG.Bop roll
00:07:15MnmlArT go magnus
00:07:21Zulu _
00:07:22Paulin8813811 tangi
00:07:32Skinkemaden ss
00:07:38Skinkemaden xin with
00:07:40Skinkemaden vnm re
00:08:12MnmlArT ss 1
00:08:18JTG.Bop now pls dont panic)_
00:08:48JTG.Bop go
00:09:13Skinkemaden ss
00:09:46McFele omw mid
00:10:00Alhimik_caesar lag
00:10:01Alhimik_caesar (
00:10:17MnmlArT help here
00:10:23MnmlArT ss pudge
00:10:26MnmlArT oh
00:10:27McFele omw
00:10:29MnmlArT ss venge
00:10:38Alhimik_caesar ahah
00:10:56Skinkemaden ss
00:11:01JTG.Bop ...
00:11:09JTG.Bop 4
00:11:12edgarass they gang we dont
00:11:15MnmlArT som1
00:11:16MnmlArT arcane
00:11:20Guf i go
00:11:24Paulin8813811 ss
00:11:25edgarass come
00:11:39MnmlArT and ?
00:12:14Alhimik_caesar mp
00:12:15edgarass shit
00:12:16JTG.Bop 1 ny 1
00:12:19JTG.Bop by*
00:13:03MnmlArT ah
00:13:04MnmlArT oom
00:13:25MnmlArT omw
00:13:27Alhimik_caesar 4
00:15:15MnmlArT urn me
00:15:16MnmlArT pls
00:15:17MnmlArT ty
00:15:23McFele its waste
00:16:26Paulin8813811 tusk bitch
00:16:27edgarass lucker
00:16:30edgarass what?
00:16:41edgarass they have nice lineup
00:16:51MnmlArT urn pls
00:17:00Paulin8813811 ff
00:17:10edgarass ulti magnus
00:17:15Skinkemaden why the fuck are you going one by one
00:17:20Alhimik_caesar mp
00:17:38McFele go b?
00:17:50McFele go b!
00:17:55Alhimik_caesar go mid
00:18:59JTG.Bop no ulti magus
00:19:00JTG.Bop nice
00:19:09JTG.Bop nice
00:19:12Paulin8813811 silebce
00:19:20edgarass so vbad teamplay
00:19:22Guf my
00:19:23Guf rune
00:19:39Paulin8813811 ?????? ???? ? ???? ?????? ????
00:20:33Paulin8813811 ???
00:20:36Paulin8813811 ofc
00:20:36JTG.Bop magnus fucken rusian
00:20:46JTG.Bop so its natural he is noob
00:20:47edgarass magnus u have ulti?
00:20:53Paulin8813811 and?
00:20:58edgarass use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:21:00Paulin8813811 idi nahui
00:21:02Paulin8813811 lol
00:21:04JTG.Bop he use it when he is alone
00:21:09edgarass suka pedarast
00:21:10JTG.Bop rusian style
00:21:17Paulin8813811 and no help
00:21:34Guf mid tower
00:21:49MnmlArT go go
00:21:54Paulin8813811 russian style?
00:22:04JTG.Bop u YES
00:22:09Paulin8813811 hahah
00:22:12Paulin8813811 sosii
00:22:21JTG.Bop only rusian only suck balls
00:23:03Guf stupid
00:23:12JTG.Bop duist
00:23:13MnmlArT come on so fast animation
00:23:22MnmlArT manta gondar ?
00:23:23MnmlArT sure
00:23:24MnmlArT . . .
00:23:26JTG.Bop omg
00:23:54McFele ow
00:23:57edgarass top b
00:26:23McFele ty
00:26:58MnmlArT b
00:26:59MnmlArT bala
00:27:49MnmlArT lol
00:27:51MnmlArT ur so low
00:27:58JTG.Bop fu)
00:28:04Alhimik_caesar fart
00:28:11JTG.Bop in your face
00:29:06Alhimik_caesar !!!
00:29:09Alhimik_caesar LOL
00:29:23Alhimik_caesar reg
00:29:45McFele dude ...
00:29:45edgarass fyuuuuckl
00:29:48Paulin8813811 n1
00:29:51MnmlArT so pro manta gondar
00:29:51McFele that wasnt cool
00:30:11edgarass def
00:30:13edgarass mid
00:30:19edgarass all wait me
00:30:33Skinkemaden need my hex
00:31:27MnmlArT fight
00:31:36Guf omg gondar
00:31:37MnmlArT ultra
00:31:38MnmlArT u had
00:31:39MnmlArT there
00:31:40MnmlArT fuckin
00:31:41MnmlArT retard
00:31:50MnmlArT ahahah
00:31:54MnmlArT how bad
00:31:56MnmlArT he can be
00:32:13edgarass urn to death
00:32:20McFele burn
00:32:33edgarass at least we havbe some teamplay now
00:32:59edgarass all top?
00:33:05Skinkemaden nah
00:33:08Skinkemaden smoke gank
00:33:59Alhimik_caesar farm-farm
00:34:00Alhimik_caesar ok
00:34:02Skinkemaden im too low man
00:34:06Skinkemaden sry
00:34:07Alhimik_caesar damageri
00:34:34MnmlArT omfg
00:34:51edgarass dont chase
00:34:52edgarass b
00:34:55edgarass we won fight
00:35:00Skinkemaden rosh ?
00:35:08edgarass nice svap btw
00:35:50JTG.Bop destr gem?
00:35:52Guf go all together
00:35:54JTG.Bop have slot?
00:35:55edgarass dager magnus?
00:35:59Paulin8813811 y
00:36:06McFele where
00:36:08McFele ?
00:36:15MnmlArT gondar should scout and wait us
00:36:16Skinkemaden i get hp then go mid ?
00:36:19MnmlArT but he is to stupid
00:36:20JTG.Bop yes
00:36:21edgarass ok
00:36:32Skinkemaden just get bala
00:37:08Guf pudge gem
00:37:27JTG.Bop omg
00:37:44Guf dafuq
00:37:45MnmlArT u make
00:37:46Guf are u doing
00:37:46MnmlArT manta
00:37:46edgarass push :)
00:37:47MnmlArT vs
00:37:48AEON I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:48MnmlArT fuckin
00:37:49edgarass i def
00:37:51MnmlArT obsi
00:37:57Alhimik_caesar wr
00:37:58Alhimik_caesar noobs
00:38:03Alhimik_caesar its mkb
00:38:06Alhimik_caesar MEKA
00:38:09Alhimik_caesar F
00:38:17Alhimik_caesar FORS_STAFF
00:38:24Alhimik_caesar not dmg all team
00:38:26Alhimik_caesar noobs
00:38:30MnmlArT ur retard
00:38:32MnmlArT pls stfu
00:38:33Alhimik_caesar 5 CARRY
00:38:35MnmlArT gondar whit manta
00:38:38MnmlArT rest my case
00:38:38Alhimik_caesar fuking noobs
00:38:40MnmlArT now stfu
00:38:44Skinkemaden ty for hook
00:38:50JTG.Bop gem
00:38:59Guf get bkb gondar
00:39:05JTG.Bop still have it)
00:39:25Alhimik_caesar go me ban
00:39:30JTG.Bop get bkb)
00:39:37Paulin8813811 nice)
00:39:42Paulin8813811 venge)
00:39:49edgarass np
00:39:52Alhimik_caesar go me ban
00:39:54JTG.Bop come mid?
00:39:54edgarass teamplau
00:39:55Alhimik_caesar all team noobs
00:40:00Alhimik_caesar full noobs
00:40:02JTG.Bop )
00:40:05MnmlArT tnx god
00:40:05edgarass who?
00:40:05Skinkemaden hmm
00:40:05MnmlArT magnus leave
00:40:05MnmlArT yy
00:40:05Skinkemaden tusk
00:40:05Skinkemaden zulu is my amte
00:40:05Skinkemaden sry
00:40:05edgarass ...
00:40:05edgarass hf
00:40:05Paulin8813811 haha
00:40:05Skinkemaden tusk
00:40:05MnmlArT xin take manta
00:40:10MnmlArT wtf
00:40:17MnmlArT u took all
00:40:28Guf he destroyed
00:42:18Skinkemaden gog mid
00:42:25MnmlArT rosh
00:42:27MnmlArT i think
00:43:18Guf bala
00:43:29Guf WAKE THE FUCK UP
00:43:34MnmlArT he is so retarded
00:43:35JTG.Bop )
00:43:37Guf i even fucking write
00:43:48JTG.Bop top
00:43:53Zulu mid
00:44:17MnmlArT let me bh
00:44:27JTG.Bop i will tp
00:44:55Zulu >D
00:45:14MnmlArT I surrender! [2/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:15Guf I surrender! [3/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:16McFele I surrender! [4/4 of Sentinel]
00:45:18JTG.Bop )
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