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+31 X
+3 TS

88% | 1631 X | 1427 TS

-6 X
+2 TS

82% | 1576 X | 1374 TS

+46 X
+2 TS

68% | 1369 X | 1373 TS

+45 X
+4 TS

64% | 1326 X | 1369 TS

+36 X
+2 TS

63% | 1319 X | 1361 TS

-55 X
-2 TS

93% | 1673 X | 1502 TS

-8 X
-2 TS

80% | 1471 X | 1447 TS

-46 X
-2 TS

69% | 1401 X | 1351 TS

-16 X
-3 TS

60% | 1338 X | 1307 TS

-18 X
-2 TS

58% | 1295 X | 1336 TS

Chat log

00:00:18MnmlArT balanar or ck
00:00:18MnmlArT or roof
00:00:18MnmlArT ban
00:00:18DeMiaN yoo
00:00:18DeMiaN puck for me
00:00:18KeLToS ban?
00:00:18Domess roof
00:00:18KeLToS tide
00:00:18KeLToS omni
00:00:18Domess who omni noobs
00:00:19Domess lol
00:00:30Astrocreep gl
00:00:38Inuusini puck or pugna?
00:00:46DeMiaN anyone wants to get me puck ?
00:00:54MnmlArT not me :D
00:01:07DeMiaN astro
00:01:08Domess pff i go mid
00:01:10Domess u all noobs
00:01:13DeMiaN lol
00:01:13Domess supports!!
00:01:13MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:14MnmlArT -clear
00:01:16DeMiaN -clear
00:01:18MnmlArT i can
00:01:22MnmlArT if u want
00:01:23MnmlArT u go
00:01:28MnmlArT so ?!
00:01:34Domess wtf
00:01:37Domess ancient
00:01:38Domess ?
00:01:40MnmlArT u go vs tiny
00:01:47MnmlArT tide
00:01:48MnmlArT tide
00:01:56Domess puck mid ?
00:02:00DeMiaN sure
00:02:01Domess no puck!!
00:02:04Domess noo
00:02:05Domess lol
00:02:07MnmlArT why not ?
00:02:11Domess lol ?
00:02:13MnmlArT it is vs tiny
00:02:14DeMiaN ur sooo weird
00:02:15Domess low pourcent
00:02:18TheyCallMeHaci top
00:02:19Defloratio -ii
00:02:20DeMiaN loool
00:02:21DeMiaN loool
00:02:21Domess will fail
00:02:21DeMiaN man
00:02:22Domess and gg
00:02:26DeMiaN i am good with puck
00:02:27AliBaba axe ?
00:02:29Defloratio you kidding me?
00:02:30MnmlArT astro please
00:02:30AliBaba where are you ?
00:02:31DeMiaN and was 80% 1week ago
00:02:31MnmlArT let me farm
00:02:32Domess ok go
00:02:32MnmlArT ty
00:02:34TheyCallMeHaci u going top
00:02:34Astrocreep y
00:02:35Defloratio omfg
00:02:37TheyCallMeHaci captain decide
00:02:38Domess u fail and gg
00:02:38Joda let me mid
00:02:40Astrocreep i gank at 3
00:02:40KeLToS top axe
00:02:40Astrocreep mid
00:02:43Domess take ur responsability
00:02:43MnmlArT let puck mid
00:02:44KeLToS biki
00:02:44DeMiaN good
00:02:45DeMiaN -clear
00:02:47MnmlArT he is not bad
00:02:48Defloratio -_-
00:02:53DeMiaN <3
00:02:56Domess well
00:02:59Domess just dont feed
00:02:59Domess pls
00:03:00DeMiaN no wards :s
00:03:01Astrocreep top can rape ike this
00:03:03Domess thats enought for me
00:03:09MnmlArT rape ?
00:03:12MnmlArT vs sven aa ?
00:03:18Defloratio rege tpo
00:03:18MnmlArT u for rea;
00:03:20MnmlArT ;
00:03:20Astrocreep they rape scourge
00:03:20Defloratio top*
00:03:20MnmlArT l
00:03:21KeLToS cool
00:03:22MnmlArT yy
00:03:29Astrocreep thats what i said dammit
00:04:15DeMiaN see ?
00:04:20Domess gj
00:05:21DeMiaN need chick
00:06:02DeMiaN ss
00:06:25MnmlArT pull ogre
00:06:29MnmlArT then we kill
00:06:29KeLToS care tip
00:06:31KeLToS top
00:06:32Astrocreep oom
00:06:40MnmlArT np u will have it then
00:06:49DeMiaN ss
00:06:50KeLToS top omw
00:06:54Defloratio same
00:06:56AliBaba ss
00:07:16Domess lol
00:07:18DeMiaN ?
00:07:19Domess what is this fucking ss
00:07:23DeMiaN i told
00:07:25DeMiaN two times
00:07:25Domess MAKE SIGNAL U NOOB
00:07:34Domess TINY!!
00:07:40Joda use map
00:07:40DeMiaN i didn't see him
00:07:41DeMiaN going top
00:07:43Inuusini kill aa
00:07:44Inuusini tiny
00:07:44Joda u saw him 10 s before u died
00:07:58Joda just use map and u dont die like a noob
00:08:22DeMiaN still SSSSS
00:08:24Domess hmm!!!
00:08:33Domess lets attack him
00:08:39Joda when u have mana
00:08:52MnmlArT tiny is bottom
00:09:03Domess 10 mana
00:09:11Defloratio ss top
00:09:21KeLToS ss
00:09:23MnmlArT b
00:09:24MnmlArT wtf
00:09:34Inuusini call?
00:09:35Domess tiny ??
00:09:35Domess b
00:10:01MnmlArT tiny was bottom
00:10:11Domess get this lvl 6
00:10:14Joda y
00:10:33AliBaba ss
00:10:46Inuusini 3 top...
00:10:59Domess tiny ?
00:11:02DeMiaN lucker tiny
00:11:03DeMiaN 1hp
00:11:07DeMiaN dunno where
00:11:07MnmlArT SS 1
00:11:07KeLToS not rly
00:11:16KeLToS u had all chances for killing me
00:11:19KeLToS Bad of u
00:11:19MnmlArT help me
00:11:20MnmlArT som1
00:11:30Joda ...
00:11:32Joda puck?
00:11:37DeMiaN ss pugna ?
00:11:39Joda axe
00:11:40Joda come
00:11:41Joda sven
00:11:54Joda woods
00:11:56MnmlArT YYYYY
00:12:01MnmlArT OFC
00:12:10MnmlArT OMFG
00:12:12MnmlArT that lucker
00:12:15MnmlArT and his 4 sec
00:12:41DeMiaN gj
00:12:59Inuusini ..
00:13:15Domess get tower comon
00:13:23Defloratio 3 down
00:13:38Domess me b
00:13:51MnmlArT me2
00:13:51Domess b
00:13:51Domess b
00:13:56MnmlArT b
00:13:56Domess what u do
00:13:57Domess u will die
00:13:58Domess noob
00:14:02Joda su how
00:14:04Joda shall i die?
00:14:04Domess people are so naiv
00:14:05Joda creeps?
00:14:06Defloratio care mid
00:14:11MnmlArT y
00:14:14MnmlArT alot of them
00:14:14Joda plz
00:14:15Inuusini freekill
00:14:16MnmlArT and 1 stun
00:14:17MnmlArT ur dead
00:14:19Joda hes just lucky
00:14:22Defloratio omw
00:14:47Joda sven gank
00:14:48MnmlArT lets push somewhere
00:14:55Joda get axe woods
00:14:57Joda come stunner
00:15:00Astrocreep coming
00:15:03Domess we need towers
00:15:04Domess and gang
00:15:17Joda top needs deff
00:15:18Domess mana pls
00:15:56Defloratio -.-
00:15:58MnmlArT gj
00:16:02Domess gj
00:16:03DeMiaN utoo
00:16:33Joda sven?
00:16:50Defloratio ogre comeing top
00:16:51Domess NNN???
00:16:53DeMiaN ...
00:16:55DeMiaN maaaan
00:17:00Domess i dont undrsteand how stupid u are
00:17:04Domess where do you fucking go
00:17:04Defloratio lol
00:17:05Domess ??
00:17:10Joda plz
00:17:15DeMiaN can u please
00:17:17Joda all u have to do is wake yp and u get kill there
00:17:18DeMiaN start being mannered
00:17:33DeMiaN u act like a 16y/o spoiled child
00:17:35Domess get tower
00:17:38Joda diediediediediedie
00:17:42Inuusini no chance
00:17:44Domess b
00:17:53MnmlArT def
00:17:54MnmlArT som1
00:18:18TheyCallMeHaci go kill
00:18:22TheyCallMeHaci gj
00:18:23Domess gg!!
00:18:32Domess ogre i need rlly bloodbust
00:18:33Domess now :)
00:18:35MnmlArT FUCKIN
00:18:38MnmlArT no1
00:18:40MnmlArT cant tp rly ?
00:18:42Domess gj
00:18:43MnmlArT u people blind
00:18:48Domess ogre nooo blood bust ?
00:18:56Domess nice
00:19:07MnmlArT wait
00:19:22MnmlArT go
00:19:22Domess mana pls
00:19:28Defloratio oom
00:19:28Domess ty
00:19:36Defloratio mana pls
00:20:07Inuusini -ms
00:20:09Domess mana pls
00:20:16Domess tower
00:20:33Inuusini omg
00:20:35Defloratio aaa
00:20:37Inuusini im tanking while axe is b?
00:20:41Domess b
00:20:41Domess they tp
00:20:47Defloratio well why did you go in to them
00:20:57Inuusini COS I HAD AXE WITH ME?
00:21:04Defloratio i have no mana
00:21:06Domess let me pls
00:21:07MnmlArT ME
00:21:07Defloratio and they are all there
00:21:08MnmlArT ME
00:21:09Domess need 100
00:21:10Domess to lothar!!
00:21:11Inuusini ....
00:21:11Domess pls
00:21:14MnmlArT I NEED
00:21:15MnmlArT 2
00:21:19Domess lol
00:21:22Domess my
00:21:23Domess ty
00:21:24Joda topfarm
00:21:28Joda sniper
00:21:41Domess pff ofc all b
00:21:41Domess ?
00:21:48Domess srsly ?
00:22:05MnmlArT dafak
00:22:07MnmlArT puck
00:22:18Domess ok so lets go def
00:22:23DeMiaN u think ?
00:22:23Astrocreep pls play as a team u fucking noobass faggotds
00:22:34Domess i got this smoke
00:22:37DeMiaN could you guys
00:22:39DeMiaN stop fucking
00:22:40DeMiaN using
00:22:47DeMiaN such terrible language
00:22:48DeMiaN fucker
00:22:56Domess they go b
00:22:58Domess will see
00:23:14Defloratio mana
00:23:24Domess i come
00:23:37Domess gogogo
00:23:39Domess pls give
00:23:41MnmlArT omfg
00:23:56Inuusini ...
00:23:57Inuusini why dive?
00:24:03Domess ty
00:24:22Domess omba support :)
00:25:05Defloratio ff
00:25:06Domess :D
00:25:20AliBaba rambo ?
00:25:20Joda bom
00:25:24Domess i tp
00:25:24Domess me
00:25:30Joda hasre bot
00:25:34Domess man it was my spalsh :)
00:25:50Inuusini lothar
00:26:01Defloratio who?
00:26:04Inuusini sven
00:26:08Defloratio kk
00:26:42Defloratio they have smoke
00:26:47MnmlArT inc puck
00:26:48Defloratio care
00:26:50Defloratio b
00:26:51Defloratio b
00:26:51Defloratio b
00:26:54Inuusini we need more wards
00:27:20MnmlArT fuck this and that focus
00:27:21MnmlArT of me
00:27:23MnmlArT every battle
00:27:44MnmlArT ahahah
00:27:45MnmlArT rofl
00:27:49MnmlArT :D
00:27:50MnmlArT bang
00:28:13Domess ok lets go gang :)
00:28:50Domess i need bloodbust
00:29:10Inuusini use dust first..
00:29:34Inuusini mid
00:29:36Domess lets go 5v5
00:29:38Domess comono guys
00:29:43Domess dont do stupid rhings
00:29:51Domess cmon all i use smoke
00:29:57Domess meet
00:30:23Defloratio I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:30:32Inuusini I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:30:36KeLToS I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:31:01MnmlArT no
00:31:02MnmlArT wtf
00:31:06MnmlArT why
00:31:07MnmlArT u take
00:31:08MnmlArT all farm
00:31:09MnmlArT ffs
00:31:09Domess no mana
00:31:13MnmlArT like that u need it
00:31:23Inuusini lastpick a support next game
00:31:39AliBaba who say that ?
00:31:43Defloratio ilu
00:31:54Domess k
00:31:55MnmlArT axe dager
00:31:56MnmlArT gg
00:32:01Domess need bloodbust :)
00:32:02Domess and gg
00:32:11Domess :D
00:32:14Domess gj
00:32:16MnmlArT go mid
00:32:22Defloratio b
00:32:25Domess ty
00:32:25Defloratio dont go
00:32:27KeLToS no
00:32:46Domess -ms
00:33:27Inuusini I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:33:28Inuusini bg
00:33:42Defloratio -.-
00:33:49Inuusini ck 30min farm: treads
00:33:53Defloratio so bad
00:33:54AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:33:56Defloratio oh well
00:34:07Domess :)
00:34:07TheyCallMeHaci I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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