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-26 X
-1 TS

91% | 1657 X | 1428 TS

-44 X
-1 TS

87% | 1580 X | 1453 TS

-13 X
-1 TS

78% | 1438 X | 1439 TS

-58 X
-1 TS

73% | 1459 X | 1352 TS

-56 X
-1 TS

37% | 1152 X | 1247 TS

+32 X
+1 TS

92% | 1641 X | 1501 TS

+46 X
+1 TS

81% | 1524 X | 1414 TS

+44 X
+1 TS

78% | 1427 X | 1446 TS

+52 X
+2 TS

57% | 1223 X | 1402 TS

+29 X
+1 TS

55% | 1266 X | 1335 TS

Chat log

00:00:00VanillaThunder [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... TheyCallMeHaci with 46 seconds.
00:00:18Laier ban es
00:00:18KeLToS i ban
00:00:18KeLToS ursa
00:00:18Domess luci
00:00:22KeLToS wishes
00:00:25Domess someone sk or es ?
00:00:25Laier aa sk
00:00:27KeLToS es anyone?
00:00:27Domess ??
00:00:31Laier aa for me
00:00:39Domess someone es ? or rhasta ?
00:00:52AliBaba es
00:00:57Domess too late
00:00:58AliBaba :D
00:01:14VanillaThunder es rhasta now
00:01:20AliBaba i dont want es ..
00:01:20Domess supportz
00:01:21AliBaba with pugna
00:01:22Domess supoorts
00:01:23Domess dont es
00:01:24Domess so
00:01:26Domess rhasta
00:01:27AliBaba k
00:01:28Domess rhasta!!
00:01:32Laier get kunkka sniper?
00:01:33Laier xD
00:01:34AliBaba :D
00:01:36Domess rhaasta pls !!
00:01:36AliBaba sniper
00:01:36Laier nooooo
00:01:38Domess gg
00:01:42Laier kunkka
00:01:42VanillaThunder idiot
00:01:44VanillaThunder rly
00:01:44Laier we got no caryr
00:01:46Laier gj!
00:01:47Domess rhasta!!
00:01:48Laier epic heroes
00:01:49Domess pls
00:01:52Laier ff
00:02:02Domess rhasta!
00:02:03Domess comon
00:02:07Laier push in 20min
00:02:08Laier or lose
00:02:09Laier :)
00:02:16Laier enigma come top
00:02:24bragh so hardcore push then?
00:02:28Laier gotta do
00:02:31Laier we got no carry
00:02:33Laier pitlord
00:02:34Laier you are bot
00:02:38KeLToS someone make meka
00:02:39KeLToS bitches
00:02:46Laier keltos tell pit to go bot
00:02:50Laier eni woods
00:02:51Laier i solo
00:02:54bragh fuck
00:02:56bragh tell that
00:03:03bragh that's not hardcore push then
00:03:11TheyCallMeHaci write it instead
00:03:13TheyCallMeHaci stop control
00:03:15Laier i did
00:03:18Laier fucking 10 times?
00:03:31Laier eni just gang
00:03:32Laier @ lvl 3
00:03:46Laier and then start push
00:04:42AliBaba harras him please
00:04:58Domess omg!!
00:05:07Domess what is this pit skill
00:05:17AliBaba 3
00:05:18AliBaba arua
00:05:19Laier gang
00:05:19Laier now
00:05:20AliBaba aura
00:05:21Laier free kills
00:05:24Domess so imba
00:05:26Domess 60 dmg
00:05:26AliBaba y
00:05:27KeLToS top omw
00:05:32VanillaThunder b top
00:05:35VanillaThunder mid wake up
00:05:37VanillaThunder b top
00:05:39VanillaThunder invis sk
00:05:50KeLToS ss
00:05:50VanillaThunder wp mid
00:06:02KeLToS re
00:06:14Laier top ss2
00:06:28Laier enigma gang
00:06:34Laier after pull
00:06:45KeLToS gang mid
00:06:46KeLToS 1 guy
00:06:53Laier to pss2
00:06:57AliBaba care
00:07:03AliBaba b
00:07:04AliBaba 'b
00:07:07AliBaba 'wow
00:07:10AliBaba you shithole
00:07:13TheyCallMeHaci ohhh
00:07:14KeLToS gj
00:07:32Domess wards!!
00:07:33VanillaThunder b
00:07:39VanillaThunder b
00:07:39VanillaThunder b
00:07:40VanillaThunder b
00:07:40VanillaThunder b
00:07:40VanillaThunder b
00:07:42Domess y
00:08:06Domess gang pgna
00:08:09Laier i ult
00:08:14KeLToS sec
00:08:21Laier shit
00:08:24Laier was writing
00:08:40Laier top ss2
00:08:53Domess b
00:08:54VanillaThunder ???
00:08:55Domess u cant wait ?
00:08:56Laier top ss2
00:08:56Laier still
00:09:08JTG.Bop ss 2
00:09:11JTG.Bop re 1
00:09:29Laier stun
00:09:29Laier now
00:09:30Domess gogo
00:09:30KeLToS oom
00:09:30Domess i stun
00:10:02VanillaThunder oom
00:10:04Laier there is no1 @ top
00:10:05Laier wtf
00:10:06Laier :D
00:10:36JTG.Bop care
00:11:05Domess gogo
00:11:06Domess fire
00:11:18Laier come
00:11:21Laier after tower pushes lane
00:11:23Laier wait
00:11:23VanillaThunder im b
00:11:27Domess ok
00:11:29KeLToS ss
00:11:33Laier now
00:11:36Domess go from behind sniper
00:11:37Domess and go
00:11:49VanillaThunder what?
00:11:54Pojetz gg
00:12:08Laier push
00:12:20Laier go more
00:12:34VanillaThunder ss sk
00:13:02KeLToS go
00:13:12Domess pff
00:13:13Domess so suck
00:13:25Domess coz no miss
00:13:26Domess omg!!
00:13:28Laier Fucking joke
00:13:37Domess i told ya rhasta
00:13:40Domess u noob u cant play necro
00:13:41Domess !!
00:13:56Laier go push mid
00:13:57Laier guys
00:13:58Domess i ll stunb
00:14:06Domess omg axe noob wait
00:14:07Domess first me
00:14:27bragh man
00:14:33Domess gg
00:14:33Domess noobs
00:14:35KeLToS he will surviveeeeeeeeeee
00:14:39Domess pfff
00:14:47Inuusini combat pugna
00:14:48Domess go b
00:14:52Domess necro
00:14:55Domess told ya rhasta u idiot
00:14:56Domess !!
00:15:02Domess uselles
00:15:06bragh go break their bones
00:15:06Domess u cant play necro at all
00:16:46bragh we have no initiative here
00:16:49Laier so we aint really pushing...
00:16:51VanillaThunder heal plz
00:16:58VanillaThunder thx
00:16:59Inuusini camp towers and lose when sniperck are fat
00:17:00Inuusini good tac
00:17:07Domess :D
00:17:18Domess go gang
00:17:19Domess !!
00:17:19Domess mg
00:17:23Domess come
00:17:27Inuusini go bot
00:17:29Laier go with 5
00:17:30Laier and push
00:17:32Laier only change to win
00:17:33Pojetz wait
00:17:33Domess gg so
00:17:34Pojetz axe
00:17:40Laier come
00:17:45Laier go
00:17:45Domess omgnoob team
00:18:12Domess ok
00:18:18Domess no but this team is usellles
00:18:21Domess i told ya no es u noob
00:18:22Laier push
00:18:22Domess rahsta!
00:18:27Domess no one took
00:18:27Domess gg
00:18:28KeLToS urn
00:18:31Laier mid after
00:18:40Domess top total fail
00:18:59Laier mid
00:19:03Domess necro u noob ?
00:19:08Domess hoyl shit
00:19:10Domess u so bad
00:19:27TheyCallMeHaci who touch my hero?
00:19:31TheyCallMeHaci ban recuest
00:20:06Laier push
00:20:07Laier dont chase
00:20:29Domess no wards
00:20:31Domess total noob
00:20:33Domess selfisht
00:20:34Domess noobs
00:20:34KeLToS got dagger
00:21:02KeLToS tp cd
00:21:02bragh i need regen
00:21:04bragh and stuff
00:21:04Laier just push
00:21:26JTG.Bop -afk
00:21:51Domess cmon
00:21:53Domess es use stun
00:21:57AliBaba i idid
00:21:58AliBaba cunt
00:21:59Domess all focus enigma goog
00:22:01Laier keep pushing mid
00:22:11Domess gg
00:22:12Domess omg
00:22:16Domess rlly gg
00:22:17Domess this noob team
00:22:18Domess !!
00:22:36Domess holy shit why u take fucking heroes ?
00:22:39Domess why necro ??
00:22:42bragh i\ll get meka?
00:22:44Domess omg why es we allready nessaj + axe
00:22:49Domess Can u use ur brain sometimes ?
00:22:52KeLToS sure
00:22:54Laier dno
00:22:55Laier i got 4k
00:22:55Domess u stupid idiots who wanna pwn ?
00:22:56Laier money
00:22:58bragh ah
00:22:59bragh i get
00:23:02bragh dunno what then
00:23:07Domess told ya 6x ttimes
00:23:12Domess take fucking rahsta
00:23:14Domess omg!
00:23:15KeLToS pipe bkb
00:23:16KeLToS something
00:23:21bragh ye bkb coming
00:23:31VanillaThunder :D:D:D
00:24:06Domess wp es necro
00:24:06bragh no ulti yet
00:24:07bragh : (
00:24:10AliBaba :D
00:24:15Laier juist keep up pressure
00:24:18Domess go stun call
00:24:19Domess all&
00:24:51Domess stay on clif lol
00:24:53VanillaThunder cant be ral
00:25:01Domess coz no rhasta!!
00:25:02Domess gg
00:25:03Domess u noobs
00:25:16Domess no supports
00:25:18TheyCallMeHaci nice
00:25:19Domess no brain!!
00:25:20Inuusini :D
00:25:27Domess u never look team heroes
00:25:28TheyCallMeHaci im going homne
00:25:29Domess u just fucking pic
00:25:32Domess what u want
00:25:32VanillaThunder necro ulti 1 time mby?
00:25:35Domess and later u cry
00:25:40Laier we shouldnt back
00:25:41Laier we should just keep pushing
00:25:44Inuusini y
00:25:45Domess rhasta uselleess!!
00:25:45Domess gg
00:25:46Laier 2x raxes needed before 30
00:25:46bragh we can't
00:25:47Domess u selfish
00:25:47bragh 0 regen
00:25:48Domess noob
00:25:49bragh yeah
00:25:54AliBaba stfu now ?
00:25:57Laier i got veil
00:25:58bragh so smb getting that meka?
00:26:00Domess pff retard
00:26:00Laier + almost hex
00:26:00bragh damn
00:26:03Domess u make me loss
00:26:03AliBaba are you finnish ?
00:26:03Domess retarded bitch
00:26:03Domess can u undrsteand u lost my team ?
00:26:03Domess u tard ?
00:26:03Domess thats not a game u all noobs omg!!
00:26:03AliBaba you know, - that we dont fucking care..
00:26:03TheyCallMeHaci urghh beka
00:26:03Domess shut up idiot
00:26:03AliBaba :)
00:26:03AliBaba just stfu now .
00:26:03AliBaba okay ?
00:26:03bragh if he goes
00:26:03Domess retarded bitch who is captain
00:26:03Domess so shut the fucking up
00:26:03Domess u noob
00:26:03bragh that would mean loss :S
00:26:03AliBaba just fucking stfu
00:26:03AliBaba srsly
00:26:03Domess u failed
00:26:03Domess !!
00:26:03Domess why ess ?
00:26:03AliBaba we dont care..
00:26:03Domess idiot
00:26:03AliBaba its a game
00:26:03Pojetz sry too much weed
00:26:03Inuusini if he dc
00:26:03Domess u see nessaj axe
00:26:03Pojetz weed
00:26:03Inuusini then fast push
00:26:03Domess still pick es ?
00:26:03AliBaba i dont care
00:26:03bragh fast push
00:26:03AliBaba i play for fun..
00:26:03bragh no matter if
00:26:03bragh he dc or not
00:26:03AliBaba manners man..
00:26:03Domess for fun ?
00:26:03AliBaba srsly
00:26:03AliBaba y
00:26:03Domess join bnet
00:26:03Inuusini yy, but more urgent if he does
00:26:03AliBaba for fun
00:26:03Domess u nob
00:26:03AliBaba hahah
00:26:03Domess we dont care ur fun
00:26:03bragh true
00:26:03Inuusini dont give them time to share items etc
00:26:04AliBaba we dont care about how your game is
00:26:05Domess i wanna just play a normal game
00:26:18AliBaba then fucking get some manners man
00:26:20Inuusini 1v1 ck?
00:26:43Laier fuck
00:26:44Laier my bad
00:26:48Laier send to windows :S
00:26:59Domess well :)
00:27:03Laier would been all dead otherwise
00:27:06bragh yeah
00:27:14bragh damn
00:27:17Domess we need pipe
00:27:17bragh and raax too
00:27:18bragh now
00:27:21bragh it's hard
00:27:22Pojetz hood cmr
00:27:42Domess pff
00:27:43Domess no dust
00:27:44Domess no wards
00:27:47Domess where are supports ?
00:27:53Domess Omg horrible game!!
00:27:56Domess with fucking noobs
00:28:41Laier guys
00:28:42Laier bot next
00:28:57Inuusini n1
00:28:57Domess lol!!
00:28:59bragh TROLOLOL
00:29:03Domess noob hero
00:29:05Inuusini rax still up
00:29:12bragh yeah
00:29:12Laier y
00:29:12Domess thanks to es and necro
00:29:14Laier but it pushes
00:29:16Laier when we push bot
00:29:19bragh yes
00:29:20Laier they gotta def bot
00:29:21VanillaThunder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:22bragh so just go bot now
00:29:24AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:38Domess why u picked sniper !!
00:29:53Domess u thought u get butreffly buryza in this game ?
00:29:54Domess u stupid noob
00:29:55Laier come bot
00:29:56JTG.Bop just picked random hero//
00:30:02VanillaThunder necro????
00:30:04bragh fuck the mid
00:30:06Pojetz b
00:30:06Pojetz b
00:30:06Pojetz b
00:30:07Pojetz b
00:30:09Pojetz me reg
00:30:24Domess omg!!
00:30:31Domess wtf is this
00:30:39KeLToS ownage
00:30:46Domess yea u own noob
00:30:54Domess total retarded team rlly
00:31:05VanillaThunder dont blame me man
00:31:14Domess STFU U PLAY ALONE!!
00:31:16Laier go
00:31:22VanillaThunder me? :D
00:31:29Domess no i speak to all team
00:31:31Laier gg
00:31:56Domess pff lol
00:32:02Domess I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:05KeLToS gg
00:32:10Pojetz I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:15VanillaThunder he even cant cast his ulti
00:32:16Laier too stronk ;)
00:32:24VanillaThunder and that sniper...well
00:32:27Pojetz stfu pls
00:32:31Domess next time fucking listen to captain u noobs
00:32:32VanillaThunder cast ulri to lasthit a 20 hp guy
00:32:39Domess u just outpicked!!
00:32:40Domess thats all
00:32:41Domess u noobs
00:32:43Domess u cant play
00:32:47Domess no team game
00:32:50Domess no supports
00:32:51Domess gg
00:32:53Domess u all noobs
00:33:24Domess lol
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