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92% | 1614 X | 1520 TS

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87% | 1638 X | 1388 TS

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87% | 1602 X | 1414 TS

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Chat log

00:00:16MnmlArT ban that lock
00:00:16JTG.Bop we win they have doom)
00:00:16MnmlArT imo
00:00:16MnmlArT doom
00:00:16Domess :D
00:00:16Domess yea
00:00:16MnmlArT do u speak
00:00:16MnmlArT english
00:00:16Domess first time its my fucking enemy
00:00:16MnmlArT orange player
00:00:16Domess muahaha
00:00:16MnmlArT doom
00:00:16JTG.Bop )
00:00:16marsbar2k i dont think he got a keyboard
00:00:16doom no eng
00:00:16MnmlArT do u speak english hes rus
00:00:16marsbar2k where u from ?
00:00:16JTG.Bop my second time)
00:00:16Domess cmon banned
00:00:16JTG.Bop but rly
00:00:16marsbar2k say turkish ill give you a lesson on turkish
00:00:16MnmlArT som1 speak russian here
00:00:16JTG.Bop almost no chance if loosing)
00:00:16JTG.Bop of* doesnt matter
00:00:16doom domess loh cree tried
00:00:16Domess he j
00:00:16Domess :D hes so stupid that
00:00:16Domess he join to the game just for farm
00:00:16Domess xD he wouldnt understand even in that
00:00:16Ti-mand-stor BAN NU
00:00:16MnmlArT :D i think hes like 10-14
00:00:16JTG.Bop doom u so CUTE!!!!
00:00:16Lafrenzz OH YEAH !
00:00:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME u play with me, always big chance for losing
00:00:16U.Fail2Amuse.ME L:D
00:00:16Domess go farm biatch ^^
00:00:16JTG.Bop like my dick
00:00:16Lafrenzz warlock
00:00:16PeterLars am
00:00:25MnmlArT fuck uuuuuu
00:00:25JTG.Bop nice)
00:00:26PeterLars anyone omni
00:00:30Domess take omni
00:00:34MnmlArT what do u play
00:00:35Domess me i take
00:00:36MnmlArT peter
00:00:37doom idi nahui domess
00:00:39PeterLars anyone omni
00:00:39Domess omni es :)
00:00:41marsbar2k jaja
00:00:42marsbar2k kom med den
00:00:47marsbar2k goh
00:00:50marsbar2k hate that hero
00:00:52Domess haui haga buga ? Suka pider doom :)
00:01:18Domess :D
00:01:22PeterLars give me hmm
00:01:23marsbar2k hva skal du ha
00:01:30PeterLars tc
00:01:32doom idi i ti nahui loh
00:01:35PeterLars -swap 4
00:01:37marsbar2k -swap 1
00:01:46PeterLars who want mid :D
00:01:46MnmlArT -hhn
00:01:47Domess me top
00:01:48MnmlArT -clear
00:01:54MnmlArT bane should imo
00:01:58JTG.Bop lone wood?
00:02:05Lafrenzz yea bane who buyes wrong items and wards for mid
00:02:07MnmlArT peter come bot nty
00:02:08Domess can i solo down so ?
00:02:12Lafrenzz u can
00:02:15marsbar2k srsly
00:02:16PeterLars come on bane
00:02:18marsbar2k i top ?
00:02:18Domess top
00:02:18JTG.Bop thd
00:02:20PeterLars u the only one
00:02:20Domess or come down
00:02:20MnmlArT . . .
00:02:21marsbar2k .d
00:02:21Domess better
00:02:22Domess come down
00:02:24MnmlArT i cant go mid whit ck
00:02:26Ti-mand-stor OMG
00:02:29Domess let es alone ?
00:02:29MnmlArT and this items
00:02:30U.Fail2Amuse.ME shaker
00:02:32JTG.Bop yes_
00:02:32Domess u bought wards allready
00:02:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME u wont handle
00:02:33JTG.Bop (
00:02:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME solo
00:02:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME -clear
00:02:36JTG.Bop i will)
00:02:41PeterLars top aba
00:02:43marsbar2k somebody u mid +
00:02:44Lafrenzz its fine
00:02:44marsbar2k ?
00:02:47JTG.Bop 350 for soul
00:02:47MnmlArT y
00:02:47JTG.Bop )
00:02:49MnmlArT he is i hope :D i guess
00:02:50JTG.Bop and just
00:02:52JTG.Bop farming) really sucky hero
00:02:59marsbar2k drop the last ward
00:03:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME problem is u give them free farm
00:03:02U.Fail2Amuse.ME any ways vs silencer
00:03:03U.Fail2Amuse.ME i will gang
00:03:12Ti-mand-stor ill tp top
00:03:16Ti-mand-stor lvl 3 or 4
00:03:19JTG.Bop no w8
00:03:22JTG.Bop just go roum
00:03:22MnmlArT not rly bleh
00:03:31Domess go put =::)
00:03:48MnmlArT CHILL OUT
00:03:52Domess :D
00:04:31JTG.Bop share
00:04:37MnmlArT ROFL :D
00:04:50U.Fail2Amuse.ME dont share on me God even biggest retards can play silencer now
00:04:58JTG.Bop jakiro
00:05:00JTG.Bop share chick
00:05:30JTG.Bop chick
00:05:30Lafrenzz share chick
00:05:30JTG.Bop omg
00:05:35Ti-mand-stor rlx
00:05:38MnmlArT peter at 3
00:05:40PeterLars y
00:06:08MnmlArT stun 50 mana ?
00:06:27MnmlArT pull warded ?
00:06:33PeterLars go
00:06:48doom sps
00:06:55PeterLars 1 sec :D
00:07:00MnmlArT allways
00:07:04MnmlArT only me :D
00:07:23MnmlArT fuuu
00:07:35PeterLars ss ogre
00:07:38PeterLars re
00:08:05JTG.Bop Wtf
00:08:07MnmlArT go thd ?
00:08:10JTG.Bop fu
00:08:13JTG.Bop 3 min
00:08:18JTG.Bop w8 for ring///
00:08:40Domess speel
00:08:42Domess got arcane
00:08:42Ti-mand-stor who
00:08:44MnmlArT wait
00:08:46MnmlArT 10 aman
00:08:51Lafrenzz go bot
00:08:52Lafrenzz now
00:08:55MnmlArT go
00:08:56PeterLars b
00:08:57PeterLars b
00:09:05MnmlArT :D
00:09:06MnmlArT omfg ss
00:09:07MnmlArT sorry oh god
00:09:10MnmlArT didnt my bad
00:09:15MnmlArT knew that new skill sick it is
00:09:34Lafrenzz go again
00:09:34Lafrenzz ok
00:09:35Lafrenzz got ulti
00:09:37Ti-mand-stor se
00:09:39Ti-mand-stor sec
00:09:39Lafrenzz jakiro
00:09:40Lafrenzz come
00:09:53Lafrenzz go chieftain
00:09:54MnmlArT ss 3
00:10:09JTG.Bop ss 2
00:10:12JTG.Bop re 1
00:10:20Domess pff
00:10:27Domess with dd go b
00:10:29MnmlArT WTF IS THAT
00:10:36MnmlArT i didnt used skill dmgs
00:10:42Domess :D aniway thats why so imba
00:10:46MnmlArT how that skill of his works
00:10:56MnmlArT b
00:10:56MnmlArT b
00:10:57MnmlArT b
00:10:59MnmlArT b
00:11:09Domess lol
00:11:18JTG.Bop omg
00:11:18MnmlArT wtf
00:11:19Lafrenzz omw
00:12:11marsbar2k srsly im doing nothing as i said even noobs can own with silencer now
00:12:35JTG.Bop 3 top
00:12:40MnmlArT syla
00:12:42MnmlArT here god. How lucky
00:13:13Ti-mand-stor lol
00:13:13Domess pff
00:13:23marsbar2k kom mana Beginners luck
00:13:30MnmlArT go kill
00:13:33JTG.Bop 3
00:13:35JTG.Bop come
00:13:56JTG.Bop fof 1 skill
00:13:57JTG.Bop mp
00:14:03Domess atropos
00:14:15Domess nessaj
00:14:20marsbar2k ind til cvreeps
00:14:25Ti-mand-stor es?
00:14:30JTG.Bop sleep
00:14:36Lafrenzz 5 sek
00:14:37Lafrenzz and i come top
00:14:40Ti-mand-stor es?!
00:14:50MnmlArT can u shileld me
00:14:52MnmlArT . . . :DDD No hes an retard :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD That idiot
00:15:09MnmlArT tbh
00:15:10JTG.Bop ()
00:15:11MnmlArT i shield
00:15:12MnmlArT last time Amount of retardness of that guy. UNBEARABLE impossible to win with that guy
00:15:44Lafrenzz stun him
00:15:55MnmlArT it is
00:15:57MnmlArT just i failed gg
00:16:12Lafrenzz ogre you slow peace of shit
00:16:14PeterLars mana
00:16:21Domess :D How lucky u guys are I dont know why doom still isnt banned
00:16:45PeterLars for what? For beign complete retard For not speaking english You name it Countless game ruins
00:17:14Domess fuu!!
00:17:32JTG.Bop rly?
00:17:32Domess death :)
00:17:43Domess 2-2 not bad :D
00:17:55JTG.Bop nice
00:18:05Domess -ms bear 2 imba soon
00:18:20MnmlArT y
00:18:36doom mana and nessaj has nothing
00:18:37JTG.Bop w8
00:18:57JTG.Bop go
00:18:58Ti-mand-stor gop
00:19:01MnmlArT tell him who speak russian
00:19:07MnmlArT that he can shield
00:19:09MnmlArT other people
00:19:32JTG.Bop ward
00:20:04Lafrenzz get wards the fu u want?
00:20:11Lafrenzz take top tower
00:20:40MnmlArT SHIELD ME repel me
00:20:56MnmlArT mana
00:21:12MnmlArT mana gog got ulti
00:21:39Domess :D
00:21:42MnmlArT what
00:21:45MnmlArT Ever
00:21:51MnmlArT mana
00:21:53Domess -ms No heal Qq
00:22:26Domess fu!?!
00:22:27JTG.Bop omg
00:22:34MnmlArT rofl
00:22:37MnmlArT we are alive :D
00:22:39JTG.Bop how can u miss./... team wants to lose on purpose "we are" no u left me to die
00:22:47Ti-mand-stor thought he would evade
00:22:48MnmlArT wtf
00:22:50MnmlArT i had
00:22:51MnmlArT 3
00:22:51MnmlArT hp
00:22:53JTG.Bop he is DOOM
00:22:54MnmlArT and saved omni
00:23:01Ti-mand-stor point taken still
00:23:06marsbar2k ck
00:23:08Lafrenzz me
00:23:11MnmlArT and u
00:23:12MnmlArT saved me
00:23:24marsbar2k peter sux when it comes to team play :D so do u imo
00:23:51JTG.Bop love u rly
00:23:58Domess b
00:24:20Domess warded
00:24:28Domess jakiro go buy
00:24:33Domess stenry wards
00:24:33Domess pls
00:24:39Domess ok i buy stenry
00:24:42JTG.Bop omg
00:24:49MnmlArT peter omw
00:24:51MnmlArT zzzz
00:24:55Domess but some range pls destroy!! ff
00:25:47Domess pls come jakiro
00:25:48Domess to destroy
00:25:49Domess :)
00:25:52Domess no range me
00:26:03Ti-mand-stor hm
00:26:08Ti-mand-stor alrejt
00:26:32JTG.Bop here for sure
00:26:36JTG.Bop and prob
00:26:45Domess go
00:26:48MnmlArT wait me ffs
00:26:58Ti-mand-stor must be warded ...
00:27:32Domess gj
00:27:47Ti-mand-stor mana
00:27:50JTG.Bop nice
00:27:55JTG.Bop dont help at all...
00:28:13Domess pff
00:28:14Domess ?.?
00:28:18JTG.Bop no team
00:28:19Ti-mand-stor no mana
00:28:21Domess omg why u full ?
00:28:34Domess whu u fucking full u bitch
00:28:35Domess !!
00:28:39Domess im support not tank
00:28:41Domess u fucker!!
00:28:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME ur engae was rly bad
00:28:55Domess shut the fuck up u bitch
00:28:57Domess u rlly bad
00:29:00Domess farm all game like doom
00:29:01Domess bitch
00:29:16Domess GO HELP HIM
00:29:28PeterLars b
00:29:42Domess finallu
00:29:48U.Fail2Amuse.ME su dumass
00:29:56Lafrenzz let me farm here
00:29:57Domess ??
00:29:58Domess man
00:29:59Domess stfu pls
00:30:08PeterLars bane
00:30:08PeterLars come
00:30:23U.Fail2Amuse.ME u have a problem with me not me
00:30:31Domess ok kid
00:30:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME auto learned phrases?
00:30:48PeterLars b
00:31:27Ti-mand-stor wardinfg
00:31:32Domess comon lets gang
00:31:32JTG.Bop omni almost radi
00:31:32Domess pls
00:31:36Domess got smoke
00:31:37Domess all meet!!
00:31:38Domess pls
00:31:40JTG.Bop syla farm all game radi....
00:31:49Domess come all meet!!
00:31:50Domess we gang
00:31:53Lafrenzz care
00:31:56MnmlArT b
00:31:57Domess meet!!
00:31:59Domess pls come!!
00:31:59Lafrenzz SMOKE
00:32:00U.Fail2Amuse.ME and the midas for 2k
00:32:00Lafrenzz CMON
00:32:01MnmlArT we need team fight
00:32:04Domess COME I SMOKE
00:32:06Domess wait all
00:32:07Domess noobs
00:32:07Ti-mand-stor LOL
00:32:09Ti-mand-stor to late
00:32:10Ti-mand-stor asshole not really ur weak
00:32:12marsbar2k smoked we got nothing
00:32:14Ti-mand-stor he just warded agsint them
00:32:15Ti-mand-stor omfg
00:32:17Ti-mand-stor OMG
00:32:20marsbar2k b
00:32:20marsbar2k b
00:32:20Domess pff
00:32:21Domess fuck
00:32:30Domess atropos
00:33:06MnmlArT wtf i am alone yes u are because ur never there
00:33:12JTG.Bop again/// neither is our carry omin
00:33:25JTG.Bop oh yeah o.O
00:33:35Domess omg waht is this stun!!
00:33:40Domess nice :)
00:33:46Domess shiva fast :)
00:34:32marsbar2k doom your turn to ward abit
00:34:35marsbar2k need that radiance done
00:34:45Lafrenzz care imo
00:35:24Lafrenzz bloodlust
00:35:29Domess sure :)
00:35:36MnmlArT SYLA
00:35:41Lafrenzz omw
00:36:27MnmlArT b
00:36:32Lafrenzz go
00:36:34Ti-mand-stor go
00:36:34Lafrenzz i ulti
00:36:36Ti-mand-stor me2
00:36:42Ti-mand-stor silla
00:36:56Domess i go
00:36:59Domess wards
00:37:01Domess jakiro :)
00:37:05Lafrenzz bloodlust
00:37:10Domess wtf
00:37:24marsbar2k plx gather for once sake
00:37:34Domess MEET!!
00:37:34MnmlArT go go
00:37:37Lafrenzz gather up now
00:37:44Domess noobs lets not stun jakiro so he can stun me
00:38:10MnmlArT sorry
00:38:13MnmlArT was my bad u rbad at this really are :/
00:38:17Lafrenzz es always miss fights
00:38:21Lafrenzz we badly fucking need u
00:38:24Lafrenzz NOT TO BE IN WOODS !
00:38:25MnmlArT y
00:38:26MnmlArT sure
00:38:31MnmlArT ur better
00:38:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME nah let him farm
00:38:33JTG.Bop carry cant tank so
00:38:33MnmlArT then all here
00:38:35JTG.Bop fuck it
00:38:38MnmlArT iuo 'better tan u
00:38:42MnmlArT sure on my position i wont pick carry if i cant really farm
00:38:50Ti-mand-stor someone is crying hard
00:38:51Lafrenzz im the carry ffs
00:38:52MnmlArT y
00:38:53MnmlArT sure
00:38:56MnmlArT ur better
00:38:58JTG.Bop u semy thx
00:39:02JTG.Bop semi
00:39:04Lafrenzz SEMI ???
00:39:05Lafrenzz wtf
00:39:06Domess why u farm es :D
00:39:09JTG.Bop semi cary...
00:39:12JTG.Bop cause
00:39:15JTG.Bop druid
00:39:22Lafrenzz now smoke gank
00:39:22Lafrenzz ok
00:39:23JTG.Bop 36 min nothing
00:39:27Lafrenzz all gather
00:39:29U.Fail2Amuse.ME su u crying piece of pathetic shit
00:39:31U.Fail2Amuse.ME and get balls
00:39:31Lafrenzz jak to
00:39:32U.Fail2Amuse.ME on
00:39:46MnmlArT wp
00:39:48Domess go b
00:39:55JTG.Bop omg
00:39:56PeterLars lol :D
00:40:00Domess jakiro any spells mate?
00:40:02Domess aksed for wards to be sure u know
00:40:08Ti-mand-stor stfu
00:40:09Ti-mand-stor bought 4
00:40:12Domess me too
00:40:13Domess lol
00:40:14PeterLars didnt see all was there :D "lol"
00:40:21Lafrenzz come
00:40:22Lafrenzz lust me
00:40:28Lafrenzz ogre
00:40:30doom -ms
00:40:31MnmlArT warded
00:40:39Domess smoke!
00:40:41Domess come
00:40:43Domess bitch
00:40:54doom a0
00:40:59doom )
00:41:00PeterLars they wanna rosh
00:41:00Domess go smoke
00:41:01Domess go
00:41:04marsbar2k come smoke
00:41:07MnmlArT SMOKE
00:41:07MnmlArT b
00:41:08PeterLars gank
00:41:09PeterLars care
00:41:09MnmlArT B
00:41:10MnmlArT B
00:41:10MnmlArT b
00:41:11MnmlArT B
00:41:11MnmlArT B
00:41:12MnmlArT B
00:41:14Domess hi
00:41:14MnmlArT OMFG
00:41:16MnmlArT told u
00:41:17MnmlArT 10 times
00:41:36Domess idiot
00:41:37Domess ??
00:41:42Domess go pus
00:41:46Domess oki tp
00:41:46Domess go
00:41:46Domess i tp I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:01doom idi nahuq loh
00:42:02marsbar2k 0 teamplay :D enough
00:42:03marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] there goes my motivation to play this game
00:42:16MnmlArT I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:17Domess :D lol
00:42:18Ti-mand-stor lol
00:42:19PeterLars wtf
00:42:20Lafrenzz gj
00:42:23marsbar2k 1by 1 .d lars goes carry on support cant spell carry cant farm
00:42:35Domess this multi :D
00:42:37MnmlArT and u cant
00:42:38MnmlArT stfu yeh
00:42:41MnmlArT suck my dick
00:42:43MnmlArT retard
00:42:44MnmlArT every thats about right i cant stfu
00:42:45MnmlArT game
00:42:46Domess -ms
00:42:48MnmlArT som1 fail grow one before please
00:42:51MnmlArT this game i failed
00:42:52MnmlArT suck my
00:42:53MnmlArT dick grow one
00:42:57MnmlArT u never please
00:42:58MnmlArT fail
00:43:00MnmlArT rifgt
00:43:03MnmlArT ur perfect
00:43:08MnmlArT in every possbile
00:43:08MnmlArT way
00:43:10MnmlArT arent u
00:43:49Lafrenzz ok
00:43:50Lafrenzz u tank
00:43:54Lafrenzz lust me
00:43:54Domess ffs
00:43:58Lafrenzz go tank
00:44:01Domess they see us ?
00:44:04Lafrenzz no
00:44:05PeterLars all
00:44:05PeterLars plz
00:44:07Lafrenzz i will take aegis omni repel me pls for awhile
00:44:14Domess b
00:44:51Domess :D
00:45:03Domess :D ??
00:45:04Domess idiot we let this too far
00:45:10MnmlArT ff this couldve won it though fed them too much before we started to teamplay
00:45:26Lafrenzz sylla ff
00:45:29Lafrenzz can u save me aegis
00:45:41Lafrenzz leave it
00:45:51Domess :D
00:45:54MnmlArT :DD
00:46:17Ti-mand-stor ogogogo
00:46:20MnmlArT why dont u people ff when u know it is over
00:47:11Ti-mand-stor doom you so bad
00:47:39JTG.Bop doom almost autoloose)_
00:47:51Ti-mand-stor doomed
00:47:56marsbar2k also peter .d
00:47:59marsbar2k nuahhaha
00:48:29Lafrenzz bloodlust
00:48:33Domess wait
00:48:40Domess go es
00:48:42Domess :)
00:49:39Domess :D
00:49:49MnmlArT repel
00:50:48MnmlArT atleast i am tryin ;D
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