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Chat log

00:00:08pWny- imba loading time -.- wierd teams, i must add
00:00:17TheyCallMeHaci the new cm is imba Naix
00:00:17prolog1C. lycan
00:00:22TheyCallMeHaci cm with basilus given global mana reg any 1 wants?
00:00:28pWny- yaeah
00:00:29pWny- please kk i know cree wanted it so
00:00:41mansikka what you playing sombodi
00:00:41pWny- ^^ hmm there goes my trax ermmm
00:01:00pWny- what u need?
00:01:04pWny- axe? get me axe y
00:01:09marsbar2k i cm. jug wanna lane then ?
00:01:11pWny- -swap 1 -swap 3
00:01:13creeeeeee go cm
00:01:14prolog1C. aba cm bane
00:01:19pWny- u want mid?
00:01:20creeeeeee cm jug lane will rock
00:01:22pWny- -hhn
00:01:22pWny- -di
00:01:23pWny- -don
00:01:24pWny- -ii im still thinking
00:01:39pWny- i can go lane also we need void farming
00:01:41pWny- no big deal so he goes top
00:01:48prolog1C. last aba plz
00:01:50prolog1C. .. abba is good babysitter
00:01:54prolog1C. than eni so yeah
00:01:55prolog1C. thrall u and necro bot
00:01:58creeeeeee ice also nice
00:02:00creeeeeee if you can play it
00:02:00pWny- k wards please i need
00:02:07pWny- i go for basi necro
00:02:09mansikka affliction let me farm please
00:02:13Daki.90.o never played him please guys
00:02:16Affliction k ward up
00:02:21mansikka :--)
00:02:27Firelord0.1 u go basi ok im afraid ima lose mid so be strong on other lanes please
00:02:39Daki.90.o i mean ice not thrall
00:02:39prolog1C. fb?
00:02:51creeeeeee !
00:02:59Firelord0.1 boots first :D
00:03:05mansikka and we dont have a nice early gang hero you have me if i get haste or invis
00:03:15mansikka well yea
00:03:16prolog1C. omw
00:03:27prolog1C. why
00:03:29marsbar2k yes fb :D
00:03:30mansikka but for gangin trax y
00:03:38marsbar2k why what :D
00:03:39prolog1C. why hit :( gg
00:03:45pWny- ^^
00:03:46pWny- gg no misses
00:03:49marsbar2k sry was auto so we ensured a kill
00:03:52marsbar2k mb he suiced someone feel like egoing?
00:03:54mansikka gg
00:03:57mansikka :D well mid is lost bot is lost
00:04:13pWny- bot is not
00:04:29prolog1C. go on 3 ss re
00:05:01pWny- eat
00:05:20pWny- ulul ss
00:06:04Affliction thrall miss
00:06:11pWny- jugger freefarm here
00:06:30Daki.90.o srsly
00:06:42creeeeeee ssmid trax is farmin in mid also
00:07:25pWny- we need a miracle to win this
00:07:32prolog1C. go? too bad start y ss
00:08:19pWny- IM SO IMBA
00:08:39marsbar2k why dont u have s hit reg
00:09:05pWny- i come mid
00:09:06pWny- now
00:09:07mansikka damn
00:09:23creeeeeee ss again
00:09:30pWny- let me hook
00:09:53Affliction ss ds
00:10:02creeeeeee -afk
00:10:20mansikka ring pls
00:10:40pWny- gj
00:10:46pWny- i gang top
00:10:54Daki.90.o pudge inc
00:10:56Daki.90.o prob
00:11:11prolog1C. oom
00:11:15marsbar2k 110 ?
00:11:16marsbar2k for ww
00:11:17marsbar2k ?
00:11:19prolog1C. ye
00:11:25prolog1C. go
00:11:36TheyCallMeHaci ss ?
00:11:36Firelord0.1 re
00:11:44Daki.90.o told u..
00:12:00pWny- arghs
00:12:04pWny- didnt see this fucking thrall trax too imba already :( me too
00:12:39mansikka no ult
00:12:57Daki.90.o necro top[
00:13:12Daki.90.o 4
00:13:39pWny- miss juggR trax soon has lothars Loto lihtaslt
00:14:30creeeeeee loto? Siuke block On loto
00:14:46creeeeeee te failisite ka ikka korralikult
00:15:23TheyCallMeHaci we are alone top for 12 min
00:16:14mansikka help
00:16:22prolog1C. b
00:16:47pWny- FU shouldve picked that trax myself insta instead of pudge
00:17:06pWny- if u get dagger
00:17:09pWny- shes NOP
00:17:10pWny- NP so bad start sorry team
00:17:17pWny- jugger will carry it well trax has lothars
00:17:33pWny- no big deal
00:18:22pWny- i get tower aggre
00:18:23pWny- for nothing
00:18:24pWny- lol
00:18:46pWny- DS no farm at all
00:19:00mansikka b? y
00:19:24pWny- gj leave rune LEVE :P
00:19:55prolog1C. axe invis
00:19:57Firelord0.1 jugg no ulti
00:20:24pWny- GJ
00:20:37Firelord0.1 why u go there lool well tbh we have the best carry in this pool
00:21:01pWny- u speak about pudge right ;) im 500 off dagger also pudge is good initator but void obv
00:21:35Firelord0.1 well hes sleeping 200
00:21:48Firelord0.1 trax was focus me and like freekill
00:21:49pWny- get it
00:21:56pWny- there was no hook
00:22:33mansikka 3 gg
00:22:53pWny- u got dagger? no
00:22:56prolog1C. JOKIng?
00:23:12prolog1C. fu really
00:23:41pWny- they comaing asxe
00:23:43pWny- b 700
00:24:06pWny- told you b
00:24:07pWny- -.- i know its just traxex rest is shit ma tean keda iga pela targetima hakkan
00:24:24pWny- we have to go for physical armor
00:24:26pWny- vladi
00:24:28pWny- shiva
00:24:29pWny- ac
00:24:30creeeeeee ? :DD
00:24:38pWny- void got BF
00:24:40pWny- well done!!
00:24:45mansikka ty
00:25:06pWny- lol
00:25:38creeeeeee miks nii siis lihtne ju
00:26:17pWny- we need sentrys
00:26:17pWny- or gem
00:26:24pWny- trax kills everyone solo with some arrows
00:26:26Firelord0.1 reuse
00:26:26Affliction y after my force i get it im so paper i cant really wear gem
00:27:14mansikka '
00:27:19mansikka i cant ulti if u go between them
00:27:21Daki.90.o axe dagger
00:28:15Firelord0.1 b
00:28:33Firelord0.1 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:37marsbar2k i rly needed to die :( im not giving up before we go 5v5 with void
00:28:49pWny- we can turtle
00:28:52pWny- void can make it maybe he needs to be with us get some kills void lemme jump in after my stun wears out u ulti
00:29:22Firelord0.1 that work only 1 or 2 times sounds like plan?
00:29:25Affliction y
00:29:26mansikka ya welll that might be enough we need
00:29:36marsbar2k ik nak
00:29:37marsbar2k skal ha xp
00:29:59TheyCallMeHaci kom
00:30:03prolog1C. oho
00:30:05creeeeeee haters :D
00:30:19pWny- we get both carrys now get aegis for void?
00:30:23pWny- after mid make it fast the
00:30:40pWny- void go mask of madness?
00:30:40TheyCallMeHaci with 300 hp
00:30:40Affliction !? k i stay behind to get em off u i fneeded necro hiil
00:31:05mansikka need to be fast
00:31:48Daki.90.o and why we went there
00:31:50pWny- im b
00:31:52mansikka lets push
00:31:55mansikka i make mom imo
00:32:01pWny- i go blademail take all tier towers
00:32:02pWny- wait for money first
00:32:12marsbar2k no room for wards
00:32:13marsbar2k someone take
00:32:16mansikka y
00:32:19mansikka lets push their towers
00:32:29Affliction wauw
00:32:34Affliction items @ jugger
00:32:49pWny- got blademail now
00:33:15prolog1C. SIELNCE U TARD
00:33:18prolog1C. trax
00:33:19prolog1C. why
00:33:27prolog1C. didnt u silence
00:33:36Daki.90.o did 4v1 trade Fucking pleasure
00:33:56pWny- blademail so imba i need blaemail also y
00:34:02Daki.90.o oh him lets start geting those towers
00:34:14pWny- go down
00:34:16mansikka someone ac pls
00:34:16Affliction didt i save you void ?
00:34:23mansikka yea i guess
00:34:24mansikka not sure
00:34:25mansikka :D well u didint save me D:
00:34:32mansikka thx aflixön aflli nvm necro insta ulti if possible
00:34:46pWny- b get carrys down
00:35:35prolog1C. OMG
00:35:38creeeeeee we really need wards
00:35:49mansikka was eating cake
00:35:50mansikka -.-
00:36:01pWny- i go shiva or hex? both good
00:36:32pWny- sry my bad
00:36:35pWny- b k
00:36:38mansikka sry im not there
00:36:46pWny- pick DD
00:36:47pWny- and camp
00:37:23creeeeeee VADCU gem there
00:37:41prolog1C. tzz
00:37:44creeeeeee dat bash
00:37:45creeeeeee hahaa well done gotta love that dd.- _D
00:37:50mansikka :D
00:37:53pWny- ^^ b now too risky
00:37:56mansikka y
00:38:00Affliction better late than never :D imo get mkb mate
00:38:06mansikka okay lemme get mid also
00:38:10pWny- or butter could help aslo
00:38:12pWny- also
00:38:12mansikka i trust you need this blademail
00:38:14pWny- vs jugger and trax
00:38:19mansikka well yea not about trusting
00:38:22mansikka i hear that if they get butter
00:38:27pWny- i go vladi its hard to make the money in moments
00:38:45creeeeeee rly why still no wards up :( almost got my blade also
00:38:52Firelord0.1 push mid wait for mine
00:38:58marsbar2k dis thral toke the wards i bought
00:39:00marsbar2k neve plantet DONT GO WITHOUT ME are u fucking crazy?
00:39:16Affliction ye
00:39:20Firelord0.1 gogo
00:39:21pWny- b
00:39:25pWny- wait for ae
00:39:26pWny- axe
00:39:29prolog1C. sec
00:39:29pWny- camp woods
00:39:30prolog1C. b got omw
00:39:38mansikka who gem
00:39:43pWny- void gem
00:39:45mansikka k
00:40:42Firelord0.1 wtf
00:40:51creeeeeee seer?
00:40:52Firelord0.1 im bashed
00:40:55prolog1C. fu u
00:40:55Affliction :D
00:40:56prolog1C. seer
00:41:06pWny- lol @ necro
00:41:08prolog1C. try to deff cant cyclone u also
00:41:08prolog1C. plz
00:41:14pWny- ya i see
00:41:31Firelord0.1 hope i can move after dead
00:41:33prolog1C. OMG THIS FUCKING SEER aflli force and turn around TRAX INC MId needs helps LOLOLOL :D
00:42:06pWny- LOL
00:42:12TheyCallMeHaci thrall alright
00:42:14TheyCallMeHaci u bad now we go again as team
00:42:18prolog1C. u are bad and fucking rape em
00:42:19Daki.90.o yes im
00:42:19prolog1C. idiot imo smoke gank before also guys
00:42:28creeeeeee wards at base smoke without me is risky
00:42:33creeeeeee plant em rosh*
00:42:36pWny- we got gem
00:42:41prolog1C. rosh?
00:42:41pWny- they cant show up now im there asap
00:42:44Firelord0.1 puh i can move jugger u now have to ulti blue
00:43:00pWny- b
00:43:06prolog1C. b has stun vs u
00:43:08mansikka no jugger
00:43:10mansikka in our team
00:43:10marsbar2k won game lost :D
00:43:18marsbar2k u farmed to much when we had advantech i mean u have to ulti him
00:43:22mansikka okay ill try to dsiable trax with butcher
00:43:32pWny- !pause necro try to last hit any moment possible
00:43:33pWny- k
00:43:33pWny- go guess every 1 knows the plans
00:43:33pWny- k go lets hope it works out
00:43:44pWny- back
00:43:47pWny- wait for DS ulti
00:43:47pWny- after
00:43:48Firelord0.1 wait
00:43:52Firelord0.1 wall end
00:43:53pWny- just
00:43:55pWny- wait kk b teamplay always wins
00:44:38marsbar2k I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel] fucking cunts no miracle needed :D just void
00:44:43Daki.90.o I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel] :D i get top
00:45:15mansikka b
00:45:26pWny- im b
00:45:30marsbar2k ff it
00:45:33marsbar2k for god sake
00:45:37pWny- now we can chill out no Not a single rest moment we shall and must fuck them up'
00:45:56mansikka push top before they can fix their teamplay
00:46:07pWny- h ;D
00:46:46Affliction :D stick as team
00:46:54creeeeeee rosh up? dont let em
00:46:57prolog1C. no pick us apart void only ultis for jugger ok plans straight gogo
00:47:53mansikka sry VOID
00:47:55Firelord0.1 what the fuck TRAX
00:48:01Firelord0.1 i got bashed again erm try to get gtfo same Ouch bro sorz
00:48:15prolog1C. go mid it was so bad call fro me
00:48:16mansikka my bad
00:48:17prolog1C. RAX my bad totally team
00:48:20mansikka shit ulti no it was mine not that
00:48:23mansikka ok
00:48:25prolog1C. seer defff i shouldve gotten him
00:48:25mansikka okay then
00:48:28prolog1C. first
00:48:30prolog1C. than port
00:48:33prolog1C. RETARD
00:48:33Firelord0.1 try it agian
00:48:35prolog1C. GO DEFF
00:48:35pWny- got 4,4k y
00:48:37pWny- should i go hex
00:48:38pWny- ?
00:48:38creeeeeee seer go feg
00:48:40pWny- or shiva? mmm
00:48:42creeeeeee DEF
00:48:43Firelord0.1 get ac shiva is quite badass ac
00:48:49Daki.90.o i ll def
00:48:50pWny- LOL AC is imba expensiva is even better tru Void
00:48:51Firelord0.1 i want to make shiva
00:48:52marsbar2k im out in 10 dont go solo fuck around
00:48:55marsbar2k go back Void Dont solo without ulti
00:49:06marsbar2k gg
00:49:07marsbar2k I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:08creeeeeee VACUUM OR SPEED ME
00:49:08Affliction :DF
00:49:09creeeeeee FFS
00:49:10mansikka i wanted
00:49:10pWny- lol
00:49:11mansikka trax out take gem who can
00:49:16prolog1C. he is a retard
00:49:17Affliction me ok
00:49:26Firelord0.1 som1 get smoke go in from mid and go top then
00:49:31Affliction 15 sec
00:49:31Affliction :/
00:49:32Firelord0.1 get smoke gank
00:49:34pWny- i go HOT
00:49:36Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:49:37Affliction -ii
00:49:37pWny- -.-
00:49:38Affliction -don
00:49:38Affliction -hhn
00:49:39Firelord0.1 take 1 or 2 out
00:49:42pWny- HP is allways great gather again when alive we go in from mid and move to top
00:50:07pWny- just rape juggR and tra
00:50:16pWny- k
00:50:16pWny- gg
00:50:18prolog1C. I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel] gg
00:50:19pWny- now its so gg
00:50:24Daki.90.o I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel] cool score for me
00:51:28mansikka gg wp 11/11/11. :D
00:51:32mansikka :d
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