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Chat log

00:00:00A-tzangol [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... rukasz with 51 seconds.
00:00:17MariahCarry am
00:00:17BeowolF clitz
00:00:17rukasz traxue
00:00:17BeowolF clica
00:00:17BeowolF clitza
00:00:17McFele are u here pink?
00:00:17MariahCarry tzangol?
00:00:17BeowolF clinktz
00:00:17A-tzangol re soz
00:00:17Paulin8813811 ban today?
00:00:17BeowolF clintz
00:00:17BeowolF clintz
00:00:17BeowolF clinktz
00:00:17MariahCarry ?
00:00:17A-tzangol trax
00:00:17rukasz traxueu
00:01:19McFele can u let me mid? :/
00:01:29A-tzangol seems better to be honest
00:01:46A-tzangol naga btm
00:02:06A-tzangol venge btm
00:02:18edgarass take wards
00:02:21edgarass venge
00:02:292deep4u dont go 2 ranged top.
00:02:362deep4u one with gondar
00:02:372deep4u one with me.
00:02:41MariahCarry yea
00:02:562deep4u gondar is our hardest carry lel
00:03:032deep4u they've got naga sniper
00:03:04MariahCarry we win fast
00:03:062deep4u ye
00:03:09A-tzangol g o mid
00:03:17BeowolF me cary
00:03:19Paulin8813811 vbl
00:03:212deep4u no
00:03:21MariahCarry no
00:03:25BeowolF why
00:03:26BeowolF xd
00:03:302deep4u wont work.
00:03:30MariahCarry dont
00:03:50Paulin8813811 lol
00:03:54BACKENiZER- rofl
00:03:54MariahCarry SUP
00:03:55A-tzangol ;d
00:03:552deep4u gj
00:03:57Paulin8813811 nab
00:06:10edgarass idiot?
00:06:16A-tzangol 200 hp?
00:06:30A-tzangol rank 2?
00:07:25edgarass wer go eza again
00:08:10McFele miss mid
00:08:16McFele with rune
00:08:21McFele re
00:09:16McFele miss mid
00:09:19edgarass get sentreis
00:09:22A-tzangol we
00:09:24A-tzangol can kill
00:09:29A-tzangol go close
00:09:31edgarass he goes invi
00:09:35A-tzangol stun
00:09:38A-tzangol close
00:09:44McFele re mid
00:09:51edgarass harras a bit
00:10:00Paulin8813811 HELP BOT
00:10:13edgarass i come
00:10:42edgarass b wr
00:11:28edgarass how the fuc/.
00:11:31Paulin8813811 FF
00:11:32edgarass who was mifd?
00:12:31A-tzangol they push top
00:13:10edgarass top top
00:13:12edgarass idiots
00:13:502deep4u b
00:13:532deep4u wtf
00:13:562deep4u are u still doing there
00:13:572deep4u we got tower
00:14:082deep4u they've got wards
00:14:35edgarass stun?
00:14:37edgarass uidiot
00:15:13edgarass fuc,kig idiot
00:15:16edgarass venge?
00:15:19edgarass why u not stun?
00:15:242deep4u lol mariah
00:15:26edgarass morron team
00:15:31MariahCarry lol
00:15:36edgarass 12 min
00:15:41edgarass 5 towers down
00:15:51MariahCarry sniper
00:16:07MariahCarry mana pls
00:16:53edgarass WHAT A NOOB TEAM
00:17:36Paulin8813811 ff
00:17:41Paulin8813811 snip
00:17:52Paulin8813811 in mid
00:17:57Paulin8813811 is sucks
00:18:02MariahCarry sniper is such a moran :D
00:18:042deep4u :D
00:18:102deep4u tower
00:18:11MariahCarry he never backs even if he's low
00:18:37edgarass naga ulti?
00:20:442deep4u chakra pls
00:20:552deep4u ?
00:21:032deep4u you have almost full
00:21:04edgarass get sentries
00:21:25A-tzangol tower
00:21:26A-tzangol all
00:22:332deep4u manaaa
00:22:342deep4u yess :)
00:23:212deep4u shell + invis = dmg :)
00:24:31edgarass noob
00:24:32edgarass idiot
00:24:35Paulin8813811 IDI NAHUI
00:24:38Paulin8813811 YEBA
00:24:51A-tzangol b
00:24:51Paulin8813811 you good?
00:24:53edgarass sasi huj
00:24:57Paulin8813811 with crustalys?
00:25:30edgarass fucking idiots
00:25:51Belka ff
00:27:13edgarass diiots s.lithce
00:27:18edgarass nice ulti
00:27:28edgarass so fucking noob
00:27:35edgarass pick more carries pls
00:27:43Paulin8813811 so nice pick
00:27:47Paulin8813811 and no gangs
00:28:04edgarass go smoke
00:28:10Paulin8813811 go ff
00:28:11Paulin8813811 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:14edgarass i wont
00:28:16edgarass because of u
00:28:20edgarass now die in vein
00:28:23McFele ff after 1st rax down
00:28:56edgarass b iodiot
00:28:56A-tzangol xD
00:28:59A-tzangol AHAHA
00:29:32Paulin8813811 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:29:522deep4u gief chakra please eza
00:30:032deep4u yee
00:30:05edgarass they cant push easyly
00:31:282deep4u why are we not together?
00:31:312deep4u we cant push into the base
00:32:00Paulin8813811 .....
00:32:10Paulin8813811 28 kils
00:32:10Paulin8813811 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:32:26Paulin8813811 no ff
00:32:27Paulin8813811 ?
00:32:34edgarass yeas casue u are dickhead
00:34:05A-tzangol AHJAJAJA
00:34:50McFele I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:33edgarass its so win game if u wouldnt fucked it up
00:36:30edgarass diitos
00:36:43edgarass fucign why u use your ulti so stupidly slithlice?
00:36:46edgarass fucking morron
00:36:58Paulin8813811 IDI NAHUI LOWBOO
00:37:03edgarass suka jebana
00:37:05edgarass pedarast
00:37:08edgarass idi igrat solitaire
00:37:13Paulin8813811 realno?
00:37:32edgarass swap
00:37:42edgarass swaqp venge?4
00:37:45Paulin8813811 fuckin serbian bitch
00:38:532deep4u gg
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