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Chat log

00:00:11mansikka AEON first time dota?
00:00:26AEON 7
00:00:26mansikka 7th?
00:00:26mansikka k
00:00:26AEON 7 gots
00:00:26mansikka okay
00:00:26MYuksel wan mansikka feel like playing your hero again?
00:00:26MYuksel wank
00:00:26mansikka no :S
00:00:26WANKmaster sup okah
00:00:26MYuksel i want that morted now what to ban trax is definetly 1
00:00:26WANKmaster i think he will pick it other is phoenix
00:00:26mansikka i think trax
00:00:26WANKmaster bannid ka?
00:00:26AEON plz ban phonetix
00:00:26MYuksel who ban first?
00:00:26WANKmaster he
00:00:26Rasmus.Seebach just leet them get morth AOEN how you put your skill?
00:00:26VanillaThunder just ban trax
00:00:26Rasmus.Seebach can just get liek axe to counter
00:00:26AEON ms
00:00:26MYuksel creeee low-mid, mid?
00:00:26mansikka anyone phoenix?
00:00:26MYuksel u playing aa ? Trax
00:00:26VanillaThunder he cant play phoenix anyway :s
00:00:26AEON mid k any 1 want phoenix?
00:00:26creeeeeee rather sd if you get mort
00:00:26WANKmaster phoenix
00:00:26MYuksel k
00:00:26mansikka ok nmvm
00:00:28MYuksel get m any other wishes?
00:00:31VanillaThunder axe
00:00:31MYuksel ?
00:00:31WANKmaster mis nüüd Anna aega mees
00:00:42WANKmaster annan sd
00:00:42j22koer oi jälle se axe
00:00:43WANKmaster sulle
00:00:52mansikka you go carry cap?
00:00:54VanillaThunder abba ogre dno imo u can do that yourself
00:00:59VanillaThunder u want give me mmm
00:01:03mansikka ¨i dont want krobelus amm we need carry then dkk dk dk dk
00:01:13mansikka well
00:01:13MYuksel guys dk
00:01:14creeeeeee soov?
00:01:14AEON i no engl i russ -swap 2
00:01:19mansikka ok
00:01:20WANKmaster anna kk np AEON
00:01:23creeeeeee sky?
00:01:23mansikka :D
00:01:24VanillaThunder -swap 1 take something supportive please
00:01:25WANKmaster ei
00:01:28MYuksel plz pause when there is 15 sec left
00:01:29WANKmaster tinker like leshrac, pit, sky, ogremagi
00:01:32MYuksel okay ?
00:01:34mansikka solo top dk?
00:01:35WANKmaster -swap 3
00:01:37creeeeeee -swap 1
00:01:38MYuksel i need to go toilet
00:01:43MYuksel then pause when there is 15 sec left
00:01:44creeeeeee go then
00:01:44MYuksel iam afk i guess
00:01:50VanillaThunder ogre get wards for mid and me
00:02:00mansikka whos mid Sina oma tinkeriga jälle puuh puff i guess or ogre is massive mid also
00:02:18WANKmaster suht vitud on vastu kõik
00:02:18mansikka i can go nii ma proovisin
00:02:34j22koer well mort would use my support
00:02:35j22koer but ok
00:02:42Rasmus.Seebach y
00:02:43j22koer could
00:02:43WANKmaster they can kill
00:02:43WANKmaster bot
00:02:45Rasmus.Seebach me sd betehr
00:02:52j22koer sure
00:02:55j22koer if they can
00:02:56WANKmaster just
00:02:57WANKmaster dont let
00:02:58WANKmaster that
00:02:59WANKmaster rasmus
00:03:01WANKmaster feed
00:03:01WANKmaster top
00:03:03creeeeeee myksel here?
00:03:06Rasmus.Seebach omg
00:03:08creeeeeee pause 321
00:03:10j22koer oh y K
00:03:10j22koer forgot I go wc also So I unpause
00:03:10mansikka me too
00:03:10j22koer gj
00:03:10mansikka ok
00:03:10mansikka man how many seconds does it take to pee? im back but sec more
00:03:10mansikka cool
00:03:10creeeeeee myuksel? CreeeE?
00:03:10creeeeeee MYuksel still not here
00:03:10creeeeeee he asked for it oka so we got no wards gl to me against tinker gankin
00:03:10mansikka we got
00:03:10WANKmaster myuksel
00:03:10WANKmaster hello
00:03:10mansikka bottom
00:03:10MYuksel iam back
00:03:10mansikka aeon bought wards & chick
00:03:10mansikka hes so cool
00:03:10WANKmaster gog
00:03:10creeeeeee 321
00:03:10MYuksel sry
00:03:10j22koer fuck yeah Np gl hf
00:03:30MYuksel thx m
00:03:32MYuksel u2 ss
00:03:37Rasmus.Seebach whuy late top care mid gank re 1
00:04:40AEON hotkey bags
00:04:46AEON ...
00:04:56Rasmus.Seebach llet me get ward plz
00:05:08VanillaThunder omfg qq how tinker ownt mid
00:05:35mansikka stupid fourth pick here
00:05:39MYuksel gj
00:05:48j22koer i hope
00:05:53creeeeeee 2ss ss top care
00:06:35VanillaThunder wtf are u doing???
00:06:40mansikka wtf dieing most likely
00:07:02VanillaThunder gg mid 6 our 4 ye it's over. .P
00:07:16j22koer y
00:07:18j22koer give
00:07:19j22koer pls
00:07:19j22koer ward
00:07:26j22koer i see
00:07:28VanillaThunder ss mid
00:07:31mansikka care to
00:07:33mansikka sP
00:07:50MYuksel ?
00:07:51MYuksel cree
00:07:57mansikka bot b
00:08:07MYuksel cree
00:08:07MYuksel take
00:08:08MYuksel my farm
00:08:11MYuksel why ?
00:08:16MYuksel dont understand
00:08:16MYuksel really
00:08:18MYuksel fuckt up
00:08:20creeeeeee have 4 cs
00:08:22creeeeeee ?
00:08:26MYuksel and
00:08:38creeeeeee wouldnt say I'm taking it
00:08:53MYuksel its lost nvm
00:08:57creeeeeee ?? :D
00:09:00MYuksel cant do shit this lane
00:09:01creeeeeee cmon dude
00:09:14mansikka come
00:09:16VanillaThunder b
00:09:16VanillaThunder b
00:09:17VanillaThunder b
00:09:17VanillaThunder b
00:09:17VanillaThunder b
00:09:18VanillaThunder b
00:09:19mansikka fu ss
00:10:05j22koer LOL
00:10:30j22koer hea
00:10:45Pufff-Reis np dk.,.. ty Especially after that much of feed. :( but u have kills also
00:11:44WANKmaster hea ;D
00:12:04j22koer oh jah
00:12:32MYuksel laag
00:12:52VanillaThunder bot :d has bot on 10th min so yeah mid was lost terribely terribly* doesnt matter, we all have bad and good games
00:13:18mansikka okay thanks for not flaming
00:13:24AEON bags hotkeys,, why should i? :P
00:13:36mansikka cos team so bad See abba on teie jumal praegu well looking at your ultis and stuff your skill is definetly beginner
00:14:31creeeeeee wp abba
00:14:43j22koer my job we still havent got wards at top :/
00:14:48j22koer to support
00:15:16creeeeeee 4 top
00:15:53VanillaThunder b
00:16:00VanillaThunder ... all we got right now is to be agressive oger :D
00:16:38mansikka :D
00:17:20j22koer bot
00:19:24mansikka tinker invis
00:19:24MYuksel let me farm
00:19:27j22koer of
00:19:30j22koer ofc jester woods whole game no dagg
00:21:14Rasmus.Seebach lol b
00:21:25mansikka luger
00:21:31Rasmus.Seebach hahahha
00:21:31VanillaThunder b
00:21:38mansikka no multicast x3
00:21:38Rasmus.Seebach no mullties
00:21:43Rasmus.Seebach ohhhh how saad we should take bot tier 1 also massive missklick
00:23:51j22koer sul oli inv? y
00:23:55j22koer :D
00:23:57j22koer hha
00:23:58j22koer massic
00:24:01j22koer massive Ei tea savi Võttis suht tuju ära Üldse algus. .P
00:24:17j22koer aru saadav Axe teeb jarggo :/ mitte dagger
00:25:27WANKmaster lets too something
00:26:02VanillaThunder dagger rdy great
00:26:16VanillaThunder aa
00:26:35WANKmaster axeblink
00:26:58VanillaThunder mana plz
00:27:11VanillaThunder mana
00:27:15mansikka was afk sry
00:27:17VanillaThunder kk
00:27:48WANKmaster why
00:27:50WANKmaster WHY
00:27:51WANKmaster O WHY no wards :)
00:28:30VanillaThunder aa mnan mansikka shouldve gone leshrac
00:28:33VanillaThunder go thats all im gonna say :p
00:28:38mansikka ok
00:28:41mansikka sorry naah let it be
00:28:47mansikka :D well axe wait for me
00:29:07VanillaThunder focus tinker go
00:29:45WANKmaster this rasmus :D:D:D:D
00:29:52Rasmus.Seebach wtf
00:29:55Rasmus.Seebach su wank
00:30:06Rasmus.Seebach they came whole team
00:30:10WANKmaster its like he wants to lose on purpose
00:30:11Rasmus.Seebach nothing i could do
00:30:16Rasmus.Seebach we have no stunner
00:30:20WANKmaster JESUS FUCK
00:30:22Rasmus.Seebach besides me
00:30:26WANKmaster HOW STUPID CAN U BE ?? :D:D:D:D:
00:30:28Rasmus.Seebach ok fucking tard
00:30:31j22koer yeah you were to close
00:30:47Rasmus.Seebach y i know acci´dentshabben
00:30:50MYuksel go
00:30:53j22koer ye
00:31:00Rasmus.Seebach but wank jsut fuck off
00:31:06Rasmus.Seebach stupit monkey
00:31:27VanillaThunder aa
00:31:50Rasmus.Seebach and we have no i nitiatipon Creee
00:31:59Rasmus.Seebach if morth gets bkb we have is ur initator
00:32:02Rasmus.Seebach but ells Also morth
00:32:03Rasmus.Seebach no
00:32:39WANKmaster well you cant hit
00:32:41WANKmaster a single
00:32:42WANKmaster stun bad.
00:32:53Rasmus.Seebach zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
00:32:55Rasmus.Seebach fuck off
00:33:13mansikka lets get bottom
00:33:18mansikka toer the wut Lol :D
00:33:40MYuksel need
00:33:49creeeeeee ... No reaalselt mis ....
00:33:58creeeeeee :D:D meie oma sureb Wankile samamoodi Eksole
00:34:47VanillaThunder oom
00:34:48VanillaThunder sry gather mid and try once if not then ff imo
00:35:16VanillaThunder aa
00:35:19VanillaThunder just ulti
00:35:23VanillaThunder when i jump
00:35:33j22koer lesh
00:35:33j22koer come
00:35:44creeeeeee see on ju ebareaalne
00:35:47j22koer no worrys
00:35:48creeeeeee mida see vend teeb
00:35:50j22koer next time
00:35:54j22koer you come
00:35:57Rasmus.Seebach yy
00:35:57j22koer stay with us tead mis on ebarealne?
00:35:58Rasmus.Seebach sure
00:36:39VanillaThunder lol Ebareaalne on see, kui sa paned oma spelli mulle
00:36:44VanillaThunder I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:36:45mansikka I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] Ja mort mind critib 700sega surnuks I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge] :)
00:37:01mansikka ff please type in "ff"
00:37:11AEON -??
00:37:13AEON -ff without -
00:37:20AEON I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge] gg aniways.
00:37:36mansikka gg
00:37:40AEON gg
00:38:43Pufff-Reis I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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