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Chat log

00:00:00BACKENiZER- [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... yeW- with 67 seconds. yew my love ;D
00:00:18yeW- ^^'
00:00:18yeW- -clear
00:00:18yeW- anyone naix uhm was thinking of NA though
00:00:18yeW- i ban his bat
00:00:18Paulin8813811 i naix
00:00:18Paulin8813811 in wood
00:00:18yeW- hm
00:00:18yeW- k
00:00:18yeW- bat
00:00:18MYuksel aaad
00:00:18yeW- anyone wl?
00:00:18MYuksel me de bofgi dano erm
00:00:18Jerkku well fuck it give me wl
00:00:18Jerkku i could wl for teh win jerkku is good wl better than me definetly
00:00:18yeW- k ur call
00:00:18yeW- i fp naix id say Jerkku
00:00:18yeW- then
00:00:18yeW- if he bans wl
00:00:18yeW- or am? mm
00:00:18Jerkku imo am
00:00:18MYuksel nessaj
00:00:19yeW- i dont like am
00:00:19Jerkku ok wl now pick wl
00:00:20yeW- tho
00:00:33yeW- theres rubick
00:00:34yeW- m
00:00:35yeW- hmm they wont go am couldve gone doom against that fucker so im na
00:00:52Jerkku go doom
00:00:53Jerkku yew? ye
00:00:57yeW- i was thinkin furi
00:00:59yeW- but erm thats a plan
00:01:00Jerkku no furi
00:01:01MYuksel am
00:01:01yeW- k is good also dude take furi we double gank em
00:01:06MYuksel dont take am
00:01:06yeW- furi
00:01:07MYuksel guys with my ulti
00:01:09MYuksel or spectre
00:01:10yeW- furi pick
00:01:11MYuksel get naix
00:01:12yeW- -clear
00:01:13Jerkku -swap 1
00:01:16yeW- -swap 3
00:01:19MYuksel naix
00:01:21MYuksel krob
00:01:22Firelord0.1 ud is good here
00:01:34Zulu -swap 2
00:01:36SuckThis -swap
00:01:37SuckThis -swap
00:01:37Zulu -swap 4
00:01:39SuckThis -swap 2
00:01:48Jerkku magna plus wl ulti
00:01:49Jerkku <3 very lovely combo we got so lanes
00:02:01SuckThis -water red
00:02:04SuckThis -clear mmm
00:02:08yeW- -ma
00:02:08Jerkku let me and nerub
00:02:10Jerkku bottom
00:02:14Jerkku mby
00:02:16edgarass -waterred though dk needs farm lets take top u and me
00:02:33yeW- nah magnus
00:02:34yeW- stay bot
00:02:35yeW- dk top bleh ok sorry mees proovisin. :P
00:03:01BACKENiZER- pohhui nagunii kaotame:D
00:03:05BACKENiZER- pole vist juudiga kordagi võitnud mkm wl-iga kaotada
00:03:12Jerkku rune top i guess
00:03:14Jerkku so care on peaagu impossibru
00:03:20yeW- ping hard
00:03:22yeW- when u want gang
00:03:24yeW- not one ping k
00:03:42MYuksel wtf ?
00:03:47MYuksel cs ?
00:04:16MYuksel bug
00:04:44yeW- sec pls
00:04:45Jerkku u should
00:04:45Jerkku pull mm k after this
00:04:45SuckThis its bug??
00:04:45Jerkku i pull for u i wont make it
00:04:45Jerkku ok k
00:04:45MYuksel 1 sec over What is bug? I need a minute
00:04:49yeW- re? y
00:04:49yeW- k they unpaused
00:04:49yeW- re urs
00:04:49yeW- 321
00:04:49SuckThis say when you re re
00:05:47yeW- go na?
00:05:53yeW- i mean krobe GO
00:06:39edgarass tomb rapes shit
00:07:21edgarass always ss furi
00:07:23yeW- ss
00:07:26yeW- re
00:08:11edgarass ss
00:08:15edgarass mid care
00:08:15Firelord0.1 going mid
00:08:15yeW- k
00:08:31yeW- why
00:08:33yeW- show urself
00:08:34yeW- like that u didint move w8 now denie ur creeps or what ever their naix is laneing :/ ;D lets get naix
00:09:49MYuksel nerub y man?
00:09:56MYuksel fuck u omw to do so that cunt gonna hate me so bad this game
00:10:26edgarass b
00:10:29Firelord0.1 why
00:10:31Jerkku got ult
00:10:34Firelord0.1 push it
00:10:36yeW- ss well we can go then
00:10:45yeW- he died
00:10:45yeW- dk
00:10:48yeW- watch the map
00:10:49edgarass nerub here
00:11:03Paulin8813811 ss
00:11:09MYuksel mouse
00:11:16MYuksel chicken bleh
00:11:24Jerkku ye
00:11:31Firelord0.1 wtf need to farm my manaboots
00:11:55MYuksel gogo
00:11:59Firelord0.1 no mana
00:12:06edgarass yea empty
00:12:14yeW- rdy
00:12:30yeW- lol
00:12:42Firelord0.1 300 gold arcane
00:13:10Firelord0.1 na ss
00:13:14yeW- shit delay
00:13:24yeW- go chiken get
00:13:40yeW- omg :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:13:44yeW- srsly
00:13:45yeW- this shit
00:13:50Jerkku go bot
00:13:54Jerkku got ult
00:13:56Firelord0.1 letz get tower
00:13:58Firelord0.1 krobe
00:14:07Jerkku furi rdy
00:14:14yeW- omw top paulin
00:14:15yeW- in 10s
00:14:19edgarass push power now
00:14:21Paulin8813811 mp mm rosly risky
00:14:36yeW- sile
00:14:37yeW- go
00:14:37yeW- fast
00:14:41edgarass fuck
00:14:51Firelord0.1 why no ulti k
00:14:56edgarass stunned
00:15:03Firelord0.1 u got a lot of time
00:15:04edgarass did not know dk here
00:15:36yeW- go naix
00:16:03Firelord0.1 go
00:16:04Firelord0.1 now tle eemale SIIA tra farmi edasi
00:17:03yeW- ogre
00:17:04edgarass mid tower go
00:17:10yeW- go
00:17:17yeW- DUDE clone
00:17:19yeW- blah
00:17:23yeW- sure?
00:17:28yeW- lol need lvl 11 ardy alrdy well wl is freefarmin
00:18:21Zulu y ty
00:19:20Jerkku agha in 500 aga proovi järgmine kohe stunnida kui naix ragest väljas
00:19:33edgarass fuckig furi
00:19:36yeW- magnus blind
00:19:36BACKENiZER- algul pold
00:19:36edgarass lets all go
00:19:39edgarass dontr fucking spread
00:19:42Firelord0.1 stop go solo seda ma tean :) ;D killed like fucking pigs :D yew
00:20:52edgarass naix use spelwels ikdiot
00:20:54yeW- ye
00:20:55edgarass slow him expecting hex from u
00:20:59Zulu ..
00:21:07yeW- was thinkin loth well ofc loth but hex also
00:21:14yeW- vs that naix
00:21:14yeW- ye
00:21:15yeW- of
00:21:16yeW- c y
00:21:20Firelord0.1 i come top
00:21:23Firelord0.1 lets tower we go
00:21:39yeW- go top
00:21:39Jerkku SEC fucking lovely combo ;D
00:22:36Firelord0.1 why we cant move as 5
00:22:41Firelord0.1 are u want to lose
00:22:48Jerkku buy me salve
00:22:49SuckThis ok all mid?
00:22:50Jerkku for agha
00:22:55MYuksel top
00:22:55Firelord0.1 not mid i rly cant
00:22:58Jerkku ty got my dagon money
00:23:00SuckThis top tower?
00:23:00Firelord0.1 ew need towers
00:23:01yeW- np
00:23:04Firelord0.1 or soon over
00:23:04MYuksel all top we go top soon
00:23:35yeW- naix
00:23:48edgarass we can silence them for like 10 secs
00:23:55Firelord0.1 rush tower
00:23:57Firelord0.1 use ulties
00:24:33Jerkku this naix
00:24:37Jerkku always me
00:24:44yeW- magnus
00:24:46yeW- asswips
00:24:47yeW- e
00:25:33yeW- zzz...
00:26:12yeW- lal oh yur dead gg
00:26:21MYuksel nab hahah Why?
00:26:32Zulu dont i didint notice That yew was dead or got killed
00:26:40MYuksel k
00:26:41MYuksel noob wannabe
00:26:54Paulin8813811 go
00:27:00Jerkku gogo
00:27:02yeW- blah
00:27:13BACKENiZER- dd oh
00:27:18edgarass ff]
00:27:19SuckThis lol
00:27:21yeW- waste xD that fast.
00:27:22edgarass they have sick combo
00:27:25Jerkku y
00:27:26Jerkku ;D :DDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:27:28SuckThis i know
00:27:33Jerkku too imba paulin
00:27:44yeW- ye, being useless for 23 mins :DDD
00:27:50Firelord0.1 we have sic desamble
00:27:53Paulin8813811 pohui
00:27:59yeW- pohui ye
00:27:59Firelord0.1 but we dont use it
00:28:10SuckThis 5vs5 yalla
00:28:26Firelord0.1 push
00:28:27Firelord0.1 manners dont worry wont leave u ;D
00:28:40edgarass ogre
00:28:48edgarass pls use boots near all not only u
00:28:48MYuksel b
00:28:50SuckThis ? list of useful things ive done past 3 minutes teleporting :DDDDDDD
00:28:58Paulin8813811 replay
00:29:00SuckThis what you talkin about
00:29:03MYuksel come
00:29:05edgarass u mana tyourself
00:29:06edgarass mana all
00:29:09edgarass roger?
00:29:17edgarass gather all
00:29:17SuckThis iknow i
00:29:30edgarass idiots die again now
00:29:34MYuksel idiot
00:29:35MYuksel firelord
00:29:37SuckThis WHy do you go? feeling so useless atm
00:29:39SuckThis firelord
00:29:41Firelord0.1 u think
00:29:44Firelord0.1 u can win
00:29:51Firelord0.1 vs taht massiv pushpower ?
00:29:51SuckThis YES
00:29:58MYuksel we can
00:30:01MYuksel but not more
00:30:02SuckThis dont give up
00:30:05Firelord0.1 i dont think
00:30:10Firelord0.1 I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge] stuni otsa mees BEHIND U
00:31:03edgarass wp again
00:31:05edgarass always not all
00:31:15Firelord0.1 its timewaste
00:31:19Firelord0.1 go ff
00:31:20Zulu krob u gonna carry this game ?
00:31:25edgarass uy will
00:31:31Zulu buy some wards then lets start finishing? :/
00:31:37Jerkku i know this myuksel
00:31:39Jerkku is so mad
00:31:45Paulin8813811 go
00:32:02yeW- re use
00:32:03edgarass warded
00:32:19edgarass I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge] Must love team being late
00:32:21edgarass its lost *While they pinged the woods
00:32:27edgarass not wvwn one good teamfight
00:32:30MYuksel I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:32:32SuckThis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:32:38Zulu imagine if we could see them coming krob
00:32:41Firelord0.1 u didnt push thats lose noh said juudiga pähe? :D
00:33:38Firelord0.1 krobe so bad
00:33:46edgarass fu
00:33:56yeW- cunts
00:34:05BACKENiZER- xD Paulin
00:34:06SuckThis f
00:34:08SuckThis I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge] when u use ur ulti never use ur spell because ur hit right now was stronger than spell
00:34:58edgarass ff pl
00:35:01Firelord0.1 nice we can deff it so good
00:35:03Zulu I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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