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+42 X
+1 TS

95% | 1734 X | 1506 TS

+6 X
+4 TS

95% | 1721 X | 1508 TS

+39 X
+2 TS

77% | 1479 X | 1388 TS

+39 X
+4 TS

45% | 1225 X | 1269 TS

+16 X
+2 TS

23% | 1034 X | 1230 TS

-44 X
-1 TS

88% | 1676 X | 1373 TS

-16 X
-1 TS

80% | 1433 X | 1487 TS

-54 X
-1 TS

72% | 1445 X | 1351 TS

-9 X
-1 TS

62% | 1302 X | 1364 TS

-11 X
-2 TS

54% | 1266 X | 1327 TS

Chat log

00:00:13VaginaPingvina afk?
00:00:18AliBaba Lol teams..
00:00:20VaginaPingvina he is afk
00:00:20VaginaPingvina w8
00:00:20Defloratio ban storm
00:00:20AliBaba Wanky ?
00:00:20VaginaPingvina ye
00:00:20VaginaPingvina this bitch find some eat
00:00:20fUNCh gonna get something to eat also then
00:00:20VaginaPingvina :D
00:00:20pWny- i roll a cigarette
00:00:20WANKmaster ud
00:00:20VaginaPingvina I going fuck my girl
00:00:20AliBaba boy *
00:00:20Defloratio xD
00:00:20VaginaPingvina ye
00:00:20VaginaPingvina sry
00:00:20VaginaPingvina boy
00:00:20FireMal you fucking pedo
00:00:20AliBaba :D
00:00:20AliBaba yeah pedo -.-
00:00:20VaginaPingvina I will wr
00:00:20Astrocreep gl
00:00:20AliBaba fu´nch ?
00:00:20AliBaba gogo
00:00:20FireMal fag and pedo in a roll thats fago
00:00:20AliBaba now this bitch goin afk
00:00:20VaginaPingvina haha
00:00:20pWny- roof enigma magna krob DK would be imba
00:00:20Defloratio ya
00:00:20VaginaPingvina wr would be imba
00:00:20WANKmaster sure
00:00:20WANKmaster and they get 1 pipe
00:00:20WANKmaster 1 farmed carry
00:00:20FireMal fagophile'
00:00:20AliBaba FUNCH
00:00:20WANKmaster and we are fucked
00:00:20AliBaba yeah this funch is fagophile
00:00:20VaginaPingvina wr take buriza aghanim and divan
00:00:20pWny- DK will outrage the shit out of them
00:00:20FireMal pick me strom plz
00:00:20pWny- with lvl 16
00:00:20WANKmaster hell no
00:00:20WANKmaster firemal
00:00:20Yuriko ban omni or I feed
00:00:20AliBaba zZzZzZzZz
00:00:20Defloratio what about a nice push team
00:00:20fUNCh wat
00:00:20WANKmaster stick to heroes u can play plz
00:00:20FireMal you ever seen me play iy ?
00:00:20VaginaPingvina go
00:00:20AliBaba strom lesh ?
00:00:20AliBaba something
00:00:20VaginaPingvina funchmaster
00:00:20Defloratio nigma undi brood krob omni
00:00:20Defloratio ?
00:00:20Yuriko anyone wants anything?
00:00:20WANKmaster i have seen u playing heroes many times
00:00:20pWny- ud banned
00:00:20fUNCh storm
00:00:20WANKmaster not impressed
00:00:20WANKmaster omni
00:00:20WANKmaster any1
00:00:20WANKmaster ?
00:00:20Defloratio oh
00:00:20Yuriko krobe anyone?
00:00:20Defloratio i want him
00:00:22Defloratio pls
00:00:22WANKmaster any1 omni ?
00:00:22pWny- something is bugged
00:00:23Defloratio me
00:00:24Defloratio !
00:00:25WANKmaster u want omni
00:00:25WANKmaster ok
00:00:28Defloratio ya
00:00:28Yuriko broodmother inc
00:00:28Defloratio :D
00:00:30pWny- funch is captain ^^
00:00:35Defloratio what do you want ?
00:00:36Yuriko hes the best player in our team
00:00:39FireMal i whant krob
00:00:39Yuriko anyone krobe?
00:00:40VaginaPingvina FUNCHtheCap
00:00:41WANKmaster gondar
00:00:42FireMal or strom
00:00:45Defloratio k
00:00:51WANKmaster storm
00:00:52WANKmaster is banned
00:00:58Yuriko anyone dazzle?
00:00:58AliBaba lal
00:01:01AliBaba i want daz :(
00:01:01FireMal then pick me krob plz
00:01:01AliBaba y
00:01:11Yuriko meh
00:01:12fUNCh krob + sven is nice
00:01:14WANKmaster u can have it urself
00:01:17fUNCh ++ imba lane
00:01:19Yuriko give lina then
00:01:20Defloratio ya
00:01:22pWny- -hhn
00:01:22pWny- -di
00:01:23pWny- -don
00:01:24pWny- -ii
00:01:26FireMal it will be picked by then
00:01:26AliBaba -swap 2
00:01:27Yuriko -swap 3
00:01:32fUNCh need another tank or semy carry
00:01:36fUNCh just in case
00:01:36VaginaPingvina Ok I try hard
00:01:38Yuriko I can go armlet
00:01:39Defloratio -swap 1
00:01:39WANKmaster -swap 4
00:01:42fUNCh wank bh
00:01:43fUNCh -.-
00:01:46WANKmaster vagina
00:01:48WANKmaster i want mid
00:01:49pWny- -hhn
00:01:52WANKmaster :D
00:01:53Yuriko get gem
00:01:56WANKmaster sry bro
00:01:59fUNCh tiny
00:02:01pWny- come down
00:02:01fUNCh would rock
00:02:06Yuriko SVEN!
00:02:06VaginaPingvina np
00:02:07WANKmaster yea
00:02:09WANKmaster go down
00:02:09Yuriko we fb from behind ok?
00:02:09pWny- i give u xp and farm wr
00:02:10fUNCh or aa
00:02:10WANKmaster cm wr
00:02:12WANKmaster is nice
00:02:13Astrocreep y
00:02:16Yuriko I stun first
00:02:18Defloratio ya
00:02:22Astrocreep u?
00:02:23Astrocreep ok
00:02:27pWny- will make pulls
00:02:31FireMal i realy whanted bot
00:02:34Astrocreep how many seconds is ur stun?
00:02:36VaginaPingvina ;D
00:02:38pWny- ^^
00:02:45Yuriko 1,6
00:02:46pWny- i want a pink pony
00:02:50Defloratio xD
00:02:51pWny- and still i got none
00:02:55FireMal i whant your lips on my balls
00:02:57VaginaPingvina I have it
00:02:57WANKmaster care for sven lina lane
00:03:04Yuriko but then she droppes her penguin LOL
00:03:10Yuriko Dropped*
00:03:21Astrocreep perfect
00:03:24Astrocreep for fb
00:03:32Defloratio b
00:03:33Defloratio b
00:03:34FireMal ss
00:03:35pWny- rune picked
00:04:16pWny- they got antipullw ards
00:04:17pWny- wards
00:05:01Iho where is heal
00:05:06AliBaba fuck you
00:05:07Defloratio ss
00:05:09AliBaba i graved toy
00:05:09AliBaba you
00:05:44pWny- reg
00:05:50pWny- i nuke em and pick go mid
00:05:57WANKmaster share
00:05:58WANKmaster SHARe
00:06:00fUNCh ss
00:06:02Yuriko got stun?
00:06:05Astrocreep t
00:06:06Astrocreep y
00:06:07AliBaba this shit
00:06:08WANKmaster firemal
00:06:09WANKmaster SHARe
00:06:18pWny- i come mid
00:06:30WANKmaster SHARE
00:06:30AliBaba ss
00:06:30WANKmaster FUCKEr
00:06:33pWny- go MID
00:07:02WANKmaster SHARE FIREMAL
00:07:04WANKmaster FUCKER
00:07:05pWny- i go TOP
00:07:11pWny- SHARE
00:07:12pWny- DUDE
00:07:14pWny- CHICKEN
00:07:15pWny- MISS MID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:15pWny- MISS MID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:15pWny- MISS MID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:15pWny- MISS MID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:15pWny- MISS MID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:15pWny- MISS MID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:07:16WANKmaster WTF ARE
00:07:17Yuriko come kill krobe
00:07:17pWny- CHICKEN
00:07:18pWny- CHICKEN
00:07:19WANKmaster ARE U DOINg'
00:07:19pWny- SHARE
00:07:22fUNCh ss mid
00:07:23fUNCh care
00:07:23Defloratio ty
00:07:26Yuriko ui stun
00:07:27pWny- lina
00:07:27Yuriko go
00:07:51FireMal wtf
00:07:54Defloratio aaaaaa
00:07:57Defloratio nice
00:08:13pWny- ty
00:08:32Defloratio ss
00:08:49VaginaPingvina stay
00:08:50VaginaPingvina line
00:08:57pWny- k
00:09:19AliBaba ss
00:09:25fUNCh goes top with rune
00:09:25pWny- fuck
00:09:26pWny- i got 2 boots
00:09:50FireMal wp
00:09:50Defloratio 0o
00:10:04VaginaPingvina lal
00:10:05VaginaPingvina wank
00:10:12WANKmaster track
00:10:13WANKmaster wanted
00:10:27FireMal ss
00:10:28FireMal re
00:10:38Astrocreep ss
00:11:07fUNCh ss
00:11:18fUNCh bh
00:11:25fUNCh 3mid
00:11:46VaginaPingvina heal
00:11:47VaginaPingvina ty
00:12:46FireMal mid twr
00:12:47FireMal go
00:13:43VaginaPingvina ;<
00:13:44FireMal rubne ?
00:13:44pWny- top
00:13:54pWny- focus dazzl00r
00:14:11pWny- come mana
00:14:39WANKmaster sentry
00:14:39WANKmaster mid
00:15:01pWny- dmnd this lucky boy
00:15:10Astrocreep such bad hero choices
00:15:13Astrocreep loss game
00:15:16Astrocreep from start
00:15:48VaginaPingvina lol
00:15:51pWny- ^^
00:16:08VaginaPingvina dont know that 3 bitches go kill me =\
00:16:36Defloratio xD
00:16:38pWny- ^^
00:17:43Defloratio b
00:18:39FireMal care mid
00:18:43FireMal b
00:18:49pWny- dmnd
00:19:36pWny- wait me
00:19:37pWny- krob
00:19:53pWny- lol
00:19:58Defloratio push mid
00:20:02pWny- why mid?
00:20:03Yuriko tp..
00:20:05pWny- push top first of all
00:20:06Defloratio top *
00:20:07Defloratio sry xD
00:20:24VaginaPingvina yep
00:20:31pWny- kill
00:20:41AliBaba k :D
00:20:43Astrocreep ward here
00:20:46Astrocreep we kill later
00:21:09WANKmaster gem
00:21:09WANKmaster lina
00:21:10pWny- hp
00:21:26WANKmaster oom ..
00:21:30Astrocreep kill ward
00:21:49pWny- mana
00:21:50pWny- rkob
00:22:08VaginaPingvina wp
00:22:10VaginaPingvina bitches
00:22:48Yuriko go
00:23:51pWny- lol
00:24:10VaginaPingvina hehe
00:24:10Astrocreep wtf
00:24:10pWny- haah
00:24:11pWny- wp
00:24:11VaginaPingvina wanki
00:24:18WANKmaster too noob
00:24:18VaginaPingvina u fat fag ;)
00:24:19WANKmaster this guy
00:24:48pWny- who got dagger
00:24:49pWny- ?
00:24:51pWny- CM GOT DAGGER
00:24:52Defloratio dd
00:24:53pWny- party time
00:25:07WANKmaster this firemal :D:D
00:25:11WANKmaster not so smart player
00:25:17VaginaPingvina gpo
00:25:21FireMal no im not i just took 3 twrs
00:25:21pWny- he really sucks
00:26:05VaginaPingvina wank u like little rat
00:26:17Iho what i should buy?
00:26:24Astrocreep doesnt matter
00:26:35Iho meka?
00:26:37fUNCh mordigan + bkb
00:26:39FireMal mine
00:26:41FireMal dont touch
00:26:45fUNCh and then blademail
00:26:46WANKmaster "hehe"
00:26:55Astrocreep game wont be long
00:26:58WANKmaster fucking use chicken
00:26:59Astrocreep just relax
00:27:02WANKmaster if u need
00:27:22VaginaPingvina dont know for what I mad meka ;<
00:27:29FireMal ward it plz
00:27:31Yuriko they smoke
00:27:35FireMal cm
00:27:40AliBaba he bait
00:27:40Yuriko instagib gondar?
00:27:42FireMal thx
00:27:50pWny- im imba
00:27:58WANKmaster repel
00:28:05WANKmaster GIVe
00:28:06WANKmaster EPEL
00:29:01WANKmaster just repel me
00:29:03VaginaPingvina I need some sleep
00:29:04WANKmaster and thats all
00:29:10Defloratio ya ya
00:29:16WANKmaster repel
00:29:17FireMal cd on arcane
00:30:31VaginaPingvina dont see anything
00:30:36VaginaPingvina only Zzzz
00:30:44VaginaPingvina end it wank
00:30:49VaginaPingvina I wanna sleep
00:30:52WANKmaster do i need bkb
00:30:54FireMal -cs
00:30:54WANKmaster or u can repel me?
00:30:56pWny- no
00:30:58Defloratio ofc i can
00:31:01WANKmaster good
00:31:11VaginaPingvina repel on me
00:31:13WANKmaster gem
00:31:13VaginaPingvina this bh noob
00:31:14WANKmaster lina
00:31:17FireMal gather and end plz
00:32:38VaginaPingvina LAL
00:32:41Yuriko :D:D
00:32:59FireMal repel ?
00:33:02FireMal fuyck tard
00:33:07FireMal fucking
00:33:12FireMal where is the repekl
00:33:19Astrocreep I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:33:30Defloratio it was on bh
00:33:34FireMal b
00:33:35Astrocreep please not same team as funch
00:33:35FireMal bh
00:33:39FireMal what the fuck is bh
00:33:43FireMal you mean cd
00:33:54WANKmaster gj
00:33:54Defloratio well ofc
00:33:55Defloratio cd
00:34:20pWny- im b
00:34:22FireMal -cs
00:34:54fUNCh I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:35:02pWny- need base
00:35:03pWny- oom
00:35:11VaginaPingvina this game was my feil
00:35:12pWny- invi
00:35:17pWny- fail?
00:35:22VaginaPingvina ye
00:35:25VaginaPingvina dont care
00:35:28pWny- why?
00:35:29pWny- u was great
00:35:34VaginaPingvina I just need some sleep
00:35:41VaginaPingvina 6 8
00:35:43VaginaPingvina great?
00:35:45VaginaPingvina ye
00:35:59pWny- 3 of your kills was 3 powershot killsteals from gondar toplane 10 misn before :D
00:36:01pWny- you remember
00:36:12VaginaPingvina it was
00:36:15VaginaPingvina my frags
00:36:20VaginaPingvina gond steal more
00:36:21pWny- ^^
00:36:26pWny- gondar have to steal its gondar
00:36:27pWny- u know
00:36:32VaginaPingvina wr too
00:36:35VaginaPingvina u know
00:36:38WANKmaster b
00:36:38pWny- ^^
00:36:40Yuriko do rosh?
00:36:40WANKmaster b
00:36:59Yuriko I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:03AliBaba I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:37:05Iho I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:37:06VaginaPingvina TAKE THIS
00:37:07Yuriko gg wp
00:37:08pWny- HAHA
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