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95% | 1742 X | 1517 TS

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88% | 1680 X | 1374 TS

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72% | 1443 X | 1350 TS

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40% | 1188 X | 1264 TS

Chat log

00:00:00VaginaPingvina [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... AliBaba with 112 seconds.
00:00:12FireMal ogre for me plz
00:00:29Defloratio ban ns
00:00:29pWny- ck
00:00:29yeW- ck
00:00:29VaginaPingvina ban ogre
00:00:29A-tzangol ns
00:00:29yeW- wihes
00:00:29yeW- wishes
00:00:29pWny- lion maybe for me
00:00:29yeW- ogre
00:00:29yeW- anyone?
00:00:30yeW- lion not fiorst pick
00:00:31yeW- material
00:00:43VaginaPingvina let me mid
00:00:46pWny- -.-
00:00:48FireMal can i ogre plz
00:00:50yeW- xd
00:00:53A-tzangol its for you
00:00:54yeW- get lich n sk
00:00:59A-tzangol let me get a hero first
00:01:02A-tzangol dont buy mid items
00:01:11A-tzangol lion
00:01:15VaginaPingvina m?
00:01:28FireMal can i have ogre ?
00:01:28VaginaPingvina I have same items like line
00:01:30VaginaPingvina or mid
00:01:31A-tzangol yes
00:01:38FireMal or lich if you whant ogre
00:01:51pWny- i wanna roam
00:01:52A-tzangol get me voljin
00:01:53pWny- -hh
00:01:54karadpowaa -swa p3
00:01:54pWny- -hhn
00:01:55pWny- -di
00:01:55FireMal what you whant
00:01:55A-tzangol wd
00:01:55pWny- -don
00:01:56karadpowaa -swap 3
00:01:56pWny- -ii
00:01:58FireMal zin ?
00:01:59FireMal xin ?
00:02:02A-tzangol wd
00:02:05A-tzangol voljin
00:02:09A-tzangol -swap 5
00:02:09fUNCh go top potm ?
00:02:10FireMal -swap 1
00:02:16A-tzangol potm
00:02:16A-tzangol top
00:02:16VaginaPingvina m?
00:02:16A-tzangol lion mid
00:02:16AliBaba yew ?
00:02:16VaginaPingvina ok
00:02:16AliBaba why ?
00:02:16AliBaba nigga
00:02:16A-tzangol me btm
00:02:16AliBaba fuck you
00:02:16VaginaPingvina we can gang seeker
00:02:16VaginaPingvina onmid
00:02:16karadpowaa go fb mid
00:02:16karadpowaa -hhn
00:02:16VaginaPingvina y
00:02:16VaginaPingvina chek rune bot
00:02:16A-tzangol yurnero stay lane
00:02:16FireMal bs ?
00:02:16A-tzangol yeah
00:02:16VaginaPingvina one top rune
00:02:16VaginaPingvina me stoping creeps
00:02:16A-tzangol i go top rune
00:02:17Defloratio i will go meka
00:02:18FireMal whant me to skill stun or fire ?
00:02:21FireMal fire does more dps
00:02:27A-tzangol STUN
00:02:28VaginaPingvina stun
00:02:30A-tzangol POTM
00:02:33A-tzangol GO TOP
00:02:34A-tzangol farm
00:02:37A-tzangol me and ogre ganking
00:02:48FireMal gang mid ?
00:02:50VaginaPingvina y
00:03:13yeW- -ma
00:03:23A-tzangol here
00:03:24FireMal fuck that i go top
00:03:25A-tzangol lich
00:03:30A-tzangol go
00:03:35pWny- gogo
00:03:42A-tzangol GJ
00:03:43VaginaPingvina lal
00:03:44A-tzangol NOT SAYING
00:03:46A-tzangol INVIS
00:03:48A-tzangol GOTTEN
00:03:49A-tzangol POTM
00:03:51A-tzangol FUCKTARD
00:03:53pWny- losers
00:03:56yeW- xd
00:03:59A-tzangol GOTTEN
00:04:00pWny- ^^
00:04:01A-tzangol ogm
00:04:02A-tzangol english
00:04:04Defloratio ^^
00:04:32yeW- ?
00:04:32VaginaPingvina ?
00:05:39VaginaPingvina ,,,
00:05:40pWny- i was afk
00:05:42pWny- nice
00:05:47VaginaPingvina just this lost fb
00:05:47yeW- how
00:05:48VaginaPingvina was
00:05:50yeW- can u go
00:05:51yeW- afk like that?N
00:05:54yeW- in front of lion
00:05:55VaginaPingvina bad
00:05:56pWny- xD
00:06:04pWny- my flatmate was knocking my door
00:06:10VaginaPingvina gang mid
00:06:11yeW- ah k poause then?N
00:06:11VaginaPingvina again so
00:06:12yeW- lol
00:06:17pWny- forgot
00:06:22pWny- qsd
00:06:22VaginaPingvina or
00:06:24VaginaPingvina will
00:06:26VaginaPingvina fast relic
00:06:43VaginaPingvina GANG
00:06:44VaginaPingvina MID
00:06:46VaginaPingvina HEY
00:06:46A-tzangol STFU
00:06:48A-tzangol ALREADY
00:06:51A-tzangol U ASKED FOR IT
00:06:53A-tzangol U KNEW IT
00:07:01VaginaPingvina ok
00:07:07FireMal mine
00:07:20pWny- oom
00:07:24VaginaPingvina fast gang
00:07:26VaginaPingvina ye
00:07:27Defloratio ss
00:07:28VaginaPingvina thx
00:07:32A-tzangol wait for male
00:07:32VaginaPingvina u come
00:07:33FireMal give boots back
00:07:33A-tzangol then stun
00:07:34VaginaPingvina so fast
00:07:41pWny- ty
00:07:49FireMal wd
00:07:50VaginaPingvina now go ff
00:07:51FireMal give me boots
00:07:59FireMal wich doctor
00:08:01pWny- stun him 1 tim
00:08:03pWny- and hes dead
00:08:06FireMal thx
00:08:13pWny- he got spin now
00:08:22pWny- go
00:08:23pWny- kill WD
00:08:28A-tzangol ahaha
00:08:32pWny- care mid
00:08:34Defloratio ss
00:08:36Defloratio care
00:08:38VaginaPingvina ahaha?
00:08:41VaginaPingvina its funny?
00:08:43VaginaPingvina or what?
00:08:50VaginaPingvina u dable feil gang
00:08:53VaginaPingvina its so funny
00:09:00A-tzangol u died
00:09:02A-tzangol then we came
00:09:05A-tzangol thats not gang
00:09:09VaginaPingvina I wrote
00:09:11pWny- rune
00:09:12VaginaPingvina it 5 min ago
00:09:15VaginaPingvina then u go
00:09:16VaginaPingvina gj
00:09:18AliBaba lal
00:09:19pWny- xD
00:09:22A-tzangol u asked for mid
00:09:22VaginaPingvina i know when bs take 6
00:09:23A-tzangol then u cant
00:09:23VaginaPingvina Ill die
00:09:24A-tzangol mid
00:09:25yeW- was stuck ^^
00:09:27A-tzangol then
00:09:29A-tzangol u whine
00:09:33FireMal fuck this is fail in mid
00:09:34A-tzangol and ask for gangs
00:09:38pWny- mid?
00:09:42A-tzangol go tiny
00:09:45FireMal tiny
00:09:46VaginaPingvina ss
00:09:49pWny- gogo
00:09:58VaginaPingvina no wards
00:10:01VaginaPingvina nothing
00:10:04A-tzangol shithead
00:10:04VaginaPingvina just feil
00:10:07VaginaPingvina -ff
00:10:08VaginaPingvina ff
00:10:12pWny- coming top
00:10:19yeW- needc war
00:10:22yeW- wards
00:10:25pWny- soon
00:10:30VaginaPingvina seeker relic in 5 min
00:10:30Defloratio come top
00:10:32VaginaPingvina I think
00:10:35pWny- gogo
00:10:36A-tzangol gz
00:11:37pWny- lol
00:11:38Defloratio FSAEF SADJKSADP
00:11:53yeW- -ma
00:11:55Defloratio just about to use heal
00:12:01VaginaPingvina but gg
00:12:03yeW- get bot
00:12:05yeW- tp bot
00:12:12VaginaPingvina this game is lost
00:12:14pWny- cant TP
00:12:15pWny- no gold
00:12:17A-tzangol ..
00:12:18pWny- but i will come :D
00:12:19pWny- got swap
00:12:20A-tzangol QQ
00:12:21pWny- hes dead for sure
00:12:28Defloratio i will plant
00:12:38yeW- courier up
00:12:47fUNCh tiny + bs bot
00:12:49VaginaPingvina if your gang was succesfull
00:12:52VaginaPingvina we can win it
00:12:54VaginaPingvina but now
00:12:55VaginaPingvina its gg
00:13:03A-tzangol tiny
00:13:08VaginaPingvina ye
00:13:09VaginaPingvina wards
00:13:10VaginaPingvina wp
00:13:15VaginaPingvina we have no wards
00:13:20pWny- lool
00:13:24pWny- me rune
00:13:25pWny- lpease
00:13:28VaginaPingvina they have wards evrywhere
00:13:29yeW- courier up
00:13:33VaginaPingvina we have no it at all
00:13:34A-tzangol Is there a way to mute someone?
00:13:41yeW- ye
00:13:43yeW- type
00:13:43A-tzangol how?
00:13:43AliBaba lasthit ?
00:13:44VaginaPingvina type ff
00:13:44AliBaba cmon
00:13:47A-tzangol ff?
00:13:49yeW- ./squelch
00:13:52yeW- n then the name
00:13:58A-tzangol /squeclh vaginapingvina
00:13:58yeW- without the dot tho ^^
00:14:04A-tzangol not wrking
00:14:06FireMal we have ogre wd and loin no wards
00:14:20VaginaPingvina its your feil
00:14:22VaginaPingvina not mine
00:14:31yeW- pwn
00:14:31yeW- y
00:14:34yeW- say somthin pls
00:14:36pWny- WTF
00:14:45pWny- 2 deaths
00:14:46pWny- 1 time afk
00:14:47yeW- joke much
00:14:49pWny- 1 time porting
00:14:54pWny- RE!!!!!!!
00:14:55pWny- RE!!!!!!!
00:15:30pWny- i swap someone
00:15:31pWny- moment
00:15:39pWny- get ready lich
00:15:45AliBaba wow
00:15:48A-tzangol arrow
00:15:48VaginaPingvina arrow
00:16:00VaginaPingvina ok
00:16:21A-tzangol ogre
00:16:32A-tzangol why not kill sk?
00:17:00VaginaPingvina ye
00:17:01VaginaPingvina wpo
00:17:02pWny- lol
00:17:02A-tzangol axaxa
00:17:03VaginaPingvina ff
00:17:06FireMal ff
00:17:06Defloratio ^^
00:17:07FireMal ff
00:17:08FireMal ff
00:17:26A-tzangol bs on you
00:17:30pWny- -.
00:17:38yeW- ?
00:17:39yeW- lol
00:17:47pWny- nova :D
00:18:14Defloratio woooops
00:18:37VaginaPingvina sry
00:18:40VaginaPingvina it was me
00:18:45pWny- hlp
00:18:46WantedZip hah
00:18:49FireMal haha
00:18:51FireMal haha
00:18:53AliBaba wtf
00:18:53FireMal 72 precent
00:18:54AliBaba mny herop
00:19:14FireMal b
00:19:55yeW- bottle
00:19:55yeW- pls
00:19:56yeW- gimme
00:20:11yeW- ty
00:20:15pWny- np
00:20:19pWny- you are low
00:20:23yeW- xd
00:20:24pWny- we have to support you ^^
00:21:24VaginaPingvina rly guys
00:21:29VaginaPingvina your gangs lose this game
00:21:35FireMal we know
00:21:35A-tzangol what a fucktard.....
00:21:37A-tzangol stfu already
00:21:38Defloratio get tower ?
00:21:40A-tzangol we know
00:21:40A-tzangol y
00:21:41VaginaPingvina for what
00:21:43A-tzangol we suck
00:21:45VaginaPingvina I can write now
00:21:45A-tzangol WE SUCK
00:21:47A-tzangol STFU ALREADY
00:21:48VaginaPingvina when we lost
00:21:48FireMal care top
00:21:49VaginaPingvina game
00:22:25pWny- wtf item yew
00:22:28yeW- xd
00:22:30AliBaba hex :b
00:22:41VaginaPingvina come mid
00:22:44VaginaPingvina suckers
00:22:48A-tzangol its gg
00:22:49A-tzangol s
00:22:50A-tzangol STFU
00:23:12WantedZip fuck off bs
00:23:16yeW- ?
00:23:20yeW- gem lion
00:23:21yeW- mate
00:23:22A-tzangol u whine
00:23:23yeW- take a chill pill
00:23:24A-tzangol then u go buy gem
00:23:32WantedZip u wanted :D so i will stay off u
00:23:34VaginaPingvina I kill seeker
00:23:37A-tzangol gz
00:23:38VaginaPingvina what problem?
00:23:40yeW- xDD
00:23:41pWny- def mid
00:23:42A-tzangol your whine
00:23:45A-tzangol if u think we lose
00:23:48A-tzangol why buy gem
00:23:51A-tzangol u shouldnt care
00:23:58FireMal fuck this team
00:24:04VaginaPingvina gem
00:24:05VaginaPingvina take
00:24:10VaginaPingvina fu
00:24:12yeW- lol.
00:24:12WantedZip gem off now
00:24:12VaginaPingvina nabs
00:24:30pWny- gem gone?
00:24:32WantedZip y
00:24:34fUNCh where you died
00:24:36fUNCh or wtf
00:24:43VaginaPingvina tiny
00:24:44VaginaPingvina dagger
00:24:46WantedZip bd
00:24:48WantedZip bs *
00:24:53Defloratio farm it bs
00:25:08pWny- BNS
00:25:12VaginaPingvina lal
00:25:42FireMal fuck this team
00:25:43FireMal ff'
00:25:44FireMal ff
00:25:44fUNCh wtf you doing ?
00:25:46FireMal ff
00:25:51FireMal placing ward you bitch
00:25:58fUNCh when you knew 4 was there ?
00:26:02FireMal like i have been doing the last fucking hour you cunt bag
00:26:32FireMal you should stfu and follow team
00:26:44pWny- lich here
00:26:52pWny- tiny
00:26:53pWny- u got
00:26:56pWny- bottl
00:27:00pWny- go,,e bacl
00:27:28pWny- wp tinyß0r
00:27:32Defloratio ya
00:28:25pWny- radi > hex anyway ^^
00:28:30pWny- or BKB > hex
00:28:49pWny- i swap
00:28:50pWny- lion
00:29:09FireMal can we plz gather as team
00:29:12FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:14A-tzangol xD
00:29:16A-tzangol ahahaha
00:29:16FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:29:18A-tzangol AHAHAHAH
00:29:20A-tzangol AHAHAHAHAHAH
00:30:03FireMal you should have used your chick on him
00:30:06FireMal make him courier
00:30:20karadpowaa rofl ogre
00:30:25fUNCh worth it
00:30:37AliBaba ..
00:30:37pWny- bye bye LION
00:30:37pWny- stupid little lion men
00:30:39VaginaPingvina I CAN FLYU
00:30:44Defloratio xD
00:30:46VaginaPingvina just team win it for u
00:30:47VaginaPingvina wp
00:30:47Defloratio come for meka
00:30:47AliBaba mirana
00:30:47AliBaba cmon
00:30:47Defloratio come
00:30:47Defloratio to me
00:30:47Defloratio sk
00:30:50AliBaba :D
00:30:56AliBaba ty
00:31:00Defloratio np
00:31:06A-tzangol ahaha
00:31:09FireMal b
00:31:09FireMal b
00:31:10FireMal b
00:31:14AliBaba venge ?
00:31:14VaginaPingvina only funch playing
00:31:18pWny- ya
00:31:18VaginaPingvina and ogre wards
00:31:23VaginaPingvina nothing more
00:32:11A-tzangol killh him
00:32:13A-tzangol yurn
00:32:21FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:32:26FireMal plz type ff
00:32:33A-tzangol plz stu
00:32:51WantedZip b
00:32:55WantedZip all alive
00:32:55karadpowaa -st
00:33:26Defloratio tp
00:33:27Defloratio aaaa
00:33:29Defloratio lool
00:33:29AliBaba ÆD
00:33:30AliBaba :D
00:33:30Defloratio xD
00:34:12yeW- mkay
00:34:14pWny- yeW noob
00:34:15pWny- haha
00:34:17yeW- ^^
00:34:22yeW- y
00:34:23yeW- wp u
00:34:25yeW- for going backin
00:34:28yeW- n dyin with that stun
00:34:47pWny- was my goal
00:35:06FireMal turtle
00:35:10A-tzangol stfu
00:35:12A-tzangol u said its gg
00:35:12pWny- !OK!
00:35:14A-tzangol and ffed
00:35:17A-tzangol no right totalk
00:35:17FireMal it is
00:35:22yeW- get rosh
00:35:23A-tzangol THEN STFU AND WAIT
00:35:33karadpowaa buy me salve
00:35:34karadpowaa for diffu
00:35:37karadpowaa any1
00:35:56karadpowaa ty
00:35:56Defloratio push >
00:35:59VaginaPingvina funch they have wards
00:36:02fUNCh y
00:36:03fUNCh noticed
00:36:04fUNCh :D
00:36:14pWny- care potm ulti
00:36:15VaginaPingvina w8 jagger
00:36:17WantedZip d
00:36:17pWny- tey come
00:36:19WantedZip dust
00:36:30pWny- caer bs
00:36:35Defloratio push pls
00:36:36Defloratio 0o
00:36:41pWny- gop down
00:36:47pWny- they are still miss
00:36:48yeW- go
00:36:49pWny- all of them
00:37:06AliBaba k
00:37:07AliBaba pro baba
00:37:10A-tzangol talkin to phone
00:37:27VaginaPingvina fu
00:37:28fUNCh worst ultibounce luck
00:37:34VaginaPingvina ultra sucker ;)
00:37:41FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:37:46FireMal I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:38:25VaginaPingvina arrow
00:38:26VaginaPingvina dude
00:39:12A-tzangol axax
00:39:16VaginaPingvina bad idia ;D
00:39:17Defloratio buahahaha
00:40:08AliBaba why sillince ?
00:40:10yeW- misclik
00:40:30VaginaPingvina yeh
00:40:30VaginaPingvina I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:35A-tzangol I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:36yeW- xD
00:40:36VaginaPingvina bah
00:40:38VaginaPingvina ;D
00:40:39FireMal I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:41FireMal I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:42FireMal I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:40:44yeW- dat range
00:40:47FireMal bs got 84-5
00:40:51FireMal 23-5
00:40:56VaginaPingvina dat ass ;D
00:41:01pWny- me please
00:41:06pWny- ;(((((((
00:41:07VaginaPingvina gangham style
00:41:15pWny- :D
00:41:17pWny- best song ever
00:41:26yeW- try worst
00:41:49VaginaPingvina lal
00:42:29VaginaPingvina ah
00:42:45FireMal assssraaaaape
00:42:45Defloratio : *
00:42:51VaginaPingvina srsly this game :D
00:43:05FireMal just ff ffs
00:43:31VaginaPingvina just some good gangs... :<
00:44:01pWny- xD
00:44:09yeW- xd
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