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Chat log

00:00:13Laier wuhuuuuuu
00:00:15BACKENiZER- kus on skeleton king??????
00:00:17Laier havent been playing in 5 weeks
00:00:17Laier and im fp
00:00:17Laier xD
00:00:17PeterLars am
00:00:17Laier -wl
00:00:21Laier any1 want anything?
00:00:25McNabb husk
00:00:30Laier you are second pick
00:00:34Laier any1 else anything?
00:00:34McNabb oh
00:00:40fUNCh get me axe plz
00:00:58marsbar2k -swap 1
00:00:59PeterLars -swap 3
00:01:01KeLToS æ-roll
00:01:02Laier get me
00:01:03Laier ömm
00:01:06KeLToS -roll
00:01:10KeLToS -clear
00:01:19Laier tuskar or zeus
00:01:20Laier dont care
00:01:28Laier -swap 3
00:01:30fUNCh zeus parem solo
00:01:31fUNCh -swap 1
00:01:33fUNCh 2 solo
00:01:33Ginjo trax?
00:01:35fUNCh ma metsa
00:01:36Laier wd bot
00:01:37Laier axe top
00:01:38Laier with me
00:01:40KeLToS sex?
00:01:41PeterLars tc
00:01:46PeterLars tc
00:01:47PeterLars ^^
00:01:47PeterLars go tc
00:01:47Laier -pa
00:01:47fUNCh ma metsas
00:01:47Laier -ping
00:01:47Ginjo whats tc
00:01:47Alhimik_caesar i meduza
00:01:47Ginjo ;p
00:01:47fUNCh mby gangin
00:01:47Alhimik_caesar norm?)
00:01:47McNabb get tc
00:01:47fUNCh väga ei luba
00:01:47Laier tc
00:01:47Laier better
00:01:47KeLToS tauren chief
00:01:47marsbar2k Tauren
00:01:47Laier than dusa
00:01:47fUNCh dont dusa
00:01:47McNabb tc and win
00:01:47fUNCh dusa sucks
00:01:51Ginjo omg
00:01:52Ginjo omg
00:01:53Ginjo omg
00:01:56Ginjo wrong click
00:02:04McNabb tc or panda
00:02:07McNabb and we win
00:02:07PeterLars u guy top
00:02:09PeterLars me phoniex
00:02:10PeterLars mid
00:02:12PeterLars bot
00:02:24Alhimik_caesar i urna
00:02:24PeterLars jakki
00:02:25PeterLars top
00:02:26PeterLars with pa
00:02:30KeLToS share biki
00:02:40Alhimik_caesar wards?
00:02:50fUNCh its backen
00:02:51Alhimik_caesar ...
00:02:53fUNCh he dont care
00:02:54Ginjo y
00:03:05Laier hmh
00:03:05BACKENiZER- why should I
00:03:12Laier how can 10mbit connection give me 90ms
00:03:13Laier >.<
00:03:20fUNCh cuz its on load ?
00:03:26Alhimik_caesar i farm
00:03:27Alhimik_caesar wd?
00:03:31BACKENiZER- dream on
00:06:07Laier oh lvl 2
00:06:28McNabb ss
00:06:45Laier sure
00:06:56Laier ...
00:07:00KeLToS what
00:07:06Laier mr pro
00:07:09KeLToS huskar harass 2 much
00:07:14Laier care
00:07:16Laier tiny ss top
00:07:17KeLToS so i gang
00:07:40Ginjo ss
00:07:55McNabb ty
00:08:06KeLToS he got xp
00:08:09KeLToS and gold
00:08:28PeterLars wd
00:08:29PeterLars ss
00:08:31KeLToS ss
00:08:42Laier mid top ss1
00:09:52Laier 4 miss
00:09:55McNabb wards
00:10:34Paulin8813811 gj
00:10:36McNabb fu
00:10:54Paulin8813811 farmi
00:10:59Ginjo i am
00:11:18Laier gang tolp
00:12:42McNabb ffs
00:12:51McNabb ty
00:13:16Laier just focus necro phoenix
00:13:26Laier and pa freefarming
00:13:29Laier ;s
00:14:55McNabb why dont we have wards?
00:15:07BACKENiZER- cos im dead?
00:15:37McNabb hvorfor er du altid der
00:15:48PeterLars love u
00:16:24Laier get a fucking tp
00:16:27Laier you are useless :S
00:16:44McNabb lol
00:16:45McNabb panda
00:17:14Alhimik_caesar delei
00:17:55Laier funch wanna join game?
00:18:11fUNCh daggeri saan siis tulen
00:18:12fUNCh oleks ammu
00:18:17fUNCh kui keegi tajuks midagi
00:18:19Laier kk
00:19:43Laier go
00:19:44Laier allready
00:19:44Laier go
00:20:02Ginjo ward
00:20:02Laier towers guys?
00:20:46Paulin8813811 ffs
00:20:50Laier nvm
00:20:55marsbar2k sucky team
00:21:14McNabb fu
00:21:14Paulin8813811 olol
00:22:01Laier tp
00:22:02Laier now
00:22:07Laier zzzz
00:22:39Laier smart
00:22:40Laier bob
00:22:45McNabb lol
00:22:46Laier ok
00:22:47McNabb lucky shit
00:22:48Laier wp panda
00:22:50Ginjo xaxaxa
00:23:00KeLToS :D
00:23:03Laier free kill and he hits creeps
00:23:05McNabb always just fokus that egg
00:23:06Laier np
00:23:33Laier go
00:23:50McNabb gg
00:23:51McNabb no wards
00:23:54Laier axe?
00:23:58fUNCh failis :D
00:24:00fUNCh ei blinkinud
00:24:01McNabb no mana axe
00:24:01fUNCh aga callis
00:24:06fUNCh perfect call oleks olnud :D
00:24:06Laier b mid
00:24:07Laier b
00:24:08Laier def base
00:24:09Alhimik_caesar back
00:24:36Laier well
00:24:43Laier 1 good axe blink and my agha ult
00:24:45Laier is 3 dead
00:25:02Laier go mid all now
00:25:18Laier care
00:26:04Ginjo cool they get rosh to now
00:26:44Laier we should get mid and top tower
00:26:49fUNCh top denied
00:26:50McNabb go mid then
00:26:52Laier mid then
00:26:55McNabb i just need axe to start
00:27:05Laier got agha ult also
00:27:12fUNCh anna mana
00:27:22fUNCh hasrte tiny
00:27:23Laier inc
00:27:23Laier go
00:27:26Laier g
00:27:27Laier go
00:28:13Laier that was bad
00:28:26Laier yes?
00:28:26Laier and?
00:28:31McNabb why u go back?
00:28:47McNabb i need to farm bkb
00:28:58Laier focus necro
00:29:01Laier or lose battle
00:29:02Laier :D
00:29:05Laier axe made bad blink :s
00:29:15PeterLars let go mdi?
00:29:35McNabb fu
00:29:40McNabb FFS AXE
00:29:42McNabb COMEON
00:30:11McNabb b panda
00:30:13Laier so stupid
00:30:31Laier dead
00:30:38Laier both
00:30:38Laier dead
00:30:40Laier idiots
00:30:47Alhimik_caesar wd idiots
00:30:53Laier huskar dead
00:30:58McNabb lol
00:30:59Laier smart team
00:31:01McNabb this team
00:31:06KeLToS i blame necro
00:31:08KeLToS fucking bitch
00:31:10Laier nah
00:31:16Laier hes doing hes part unlike this team
00:31:17Laier :
00:31:30McNabb just need axe to stop farm
00:31:31Laier gg wp
00:31:32Laier !ff
00:31:33McNabb and initi
00:31:34Laier I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:31:43Laier go def
00:31:44Laier bot
00:31:44Laier not
00:31:46Laier axe
00:31:47Laier BOT
00:32:10McNabb noob axe
00:32:10Paulin8813811 lags
00:32:11McNabb really
00:32:30fUNCh ma ei saa aru miks sa seletad üldse husk
00:32:35McNabb b
00:32:36McNabb b
00:32:36McNabb b
00:32:38McNabb need 5
00:32:55McNabb b
00:32:55McNabb b
00:33:00Laier too late
00:33:01Laier necro too fat
00:33:05Laier and you guys got 0 dmg
00:33:22Alhimik_caesar I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:33:40Laier just ff
00:33:42Laier they play 4v5
00:33:43Laier without pa
00:34:19Laier mid
00:34:19Laier tower
00:34:27Laier wp wd
00:34:36Laier kinda killed all alone
00:34:53Laier go more
00:35:11Laier go wait
00:35:11Laier bot
00:35:21Laier come
00:35:22Laier here
00:35:23Laier and wait
00:35:30Laier fail
00:35:31Laier b
00:35:33Laier jsut b
00:35:48Paulin8813811 ffs
00:35:55Laier take him
00:35:55Laier i ult
00:36:12McNabb bad plan
00:36:22Laier y
00:36:28Laier i get refresher and thats ok
00:36:30McNabb hard to know tho
00:36:45fUNCh ceiling cat ?
00:37:15fUNCh ma ei sa aru
00:37:18fUNCh necro 0 dmg
00:37:23fUNCh aga nii mõttetult palju nussib
00:38:22Paulin8813811 nap
00:38:23Laier b
00:38:30Laier jesus
00:38:30Alhimik_caesar lol
00:38:34KeLToS drunken lvl 1?
00:38:36Alhimik_caesar 76% miss
00:38:41Alhimik_caesar its go
00:38:43Alhimik_caesar nooo....
00:39:26McNabb why oh why
00:39:32Alhimik_caesar ...
00:39:36Laier b wd
00:39:36Laier b
00:39:37McNabb there goes rosh
00:39:39fUNCh i wonder why noone joines
00:39:44McNabb dead
00:39:46Laier because they were dea
00:39:48McNabb b
00:39:48McNabb b
00:39:48McNabb b
00:39:49McNabb b
00:39:50Laier except me
00:40:06McNabb FFS
00:40:07McNabb WD
00:40:08McNabb B
00:40:10McNabb I SAY
00:40:11McNabb AND U
00:40:13McNabb FUCKING
00:40:30McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:40:35McNabb WD
00:40:37McNabb AND SO ON
00:40:46BACKENiZER- rofl:D
00:40:58McNabb WE WIN 5V5
00:41:02McNabb BUT WE ARE NEVER 5V5
00:41:02Laier y
00:41:05Laier but axe goes die alone
00:41:17Laier dont
00:41:54Laier panda has so shit items :S
00:42:04fUNCh and husk
00:42:07Alhimik_caesar huskar?
00:42:09Laier no agha no nothing
00:42:12Alhimik_caesar i not farm
00:42:15Alhimik_caesar wd FARMMM!!!!
00:42:25fUNCh tru
00:42:29Laier let me top
00:42:29fUNCh backen ei lase kellegil lanel farmida
00:42:30Laier for refu
00:42:32fUNCh ükskõik mis combo
00:42:33fUNCh :D
00:42:36PeterLars go bot
00:42:37Laier let me take top
00:42:40McNabb go 5
00:42:41Laier for refresher
00:42:43McNabb only 5
00:42:45BACKENiZER- no sa farmind terve mäng ikka sittagi ei taju
00:42:46BACKENiZER- vahet sel on:DD:
00:42:48Laier dont go without my refresher
00:42:51Laier just wait a sec
00:42:57Laier B
00:43:15Laier no then
00:43:17fUNCh sa tajud sitaks
00:43:19fUNCh backen
00:43:23fUNCh et seletada midagi siin
00:43:26BACKENiZER- no arvestades palju sa mängind siin:D
00:43:53Paulin8813811 anreal lags
00:44:02McNabb I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:44:07BACKENiZER- I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:12Laier so retard team
00:44:14Laier what ever
00:44:14Laier go ff
00:44:16McNabb so bad played
00:44:26McNabb so sure win
00:44:28Alhimik_caesar komands ff?
00:44:29McNabb fucked up
00:44:34McNabb just ff
00:44:40Laier kinda sad to lose :D
00:44:41Laier tbh
00:44:41McNabb ff
00:44:46Alhimik_caesar I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:44:49fUNCh I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:44:50Laier I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
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