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Chat log

00:00:17FirstBlood -warlock
00:00:17A-tzangol luna
00:00:27Yuriko meh
00:00:29Yuriko any wishes?
00:00:30FirstBlood me mid
00:00:33A-tzangol get und
00:00:42A-tzangol UNDYING
00:00:51A-tzangol yuriko
00:00:55TheyCallMeHaci firstblood?
00:01:04FirstBlood ?
00:01:07TheyCallMeHaci u giving me slark ?
00:01:10FirstBlood no
00:01:13A-tzangol get undyying and lion/rubick
00:01:14TheyCallMeHaci ok
00:01:58Jerkku bio u need to buy chick
00:02:00Jerkku u know?
00:02:08Asiankid orange chick
00:02:12Asiankid ye
00:02:26Jerkku and share it
00:02:28edgarass come lion with me
00:02:32Asiankid share
00:02:32Defloratio omw
00:02:41FirstBlood share body
00:02:43Yuriko you can try fbing mid if i block good
00:02:44Yuriko sven lion
00:02:49Defloratio sure
00:02:50Jerkku orange share chick to everybody
00:03:20edgarass gj
00:03:31Jerkku orange dude
00:03:34Jerkku SHARE CHICKEN
00:04:01Defloratio pls need pause 10sec
00:04:03TheyCallMeHaci this dude seriouse
00:04:03Jerkku bio
00:04:03Jerkku SHARE
00:04:03Jerkku CHICKEN
00:04:03Jerkku ??
00:04:03FirstBlood give share all
00:04:03Defloratio oke
00:04:03Defloratio ty
00:04:03FirstBlood i have share
00:04:03Jerkku how hard is it
00:04:35Jerkku still no share omg
00:04:43Bio I DID
00:05:27edgarass we goo soon lesh
00:05:32Defloratio yup
00:05:34edgarass i stun first
00:05:55FirstBlood ss mid
00:06:08Jerkku could use gank bot
00:06:09Defloratio ss
00:06:39FirstBlood again
00:06:41Jerkku wtf
00:07:22TheyCallMeHaci this bh
00:07:47edgarass ff
00:08:18Yuriko when did u get 6
00:08:27FirstBlood 30 sec before
00:08:49edgarass 4lesh go?
00:08:52101010 oom
00:09:07edgarass u morron fucking lion
00:09:15edgarass use spells faster
00:09:16Yuriko slark top rune
00:09:20Defloratio 0o
00:09:21TheyCallMeHaci wp
00:09:21Defloratio dude
00:09:22Jerkku y
00:09:41Jerkku didnt now explosions has castin time
00:09:42edgarass can u fucking make chicken him after?
00:09:46edgarass when we go lesh
00:09:47edgarass i stunb
00:09:54edgarass attack u stun and make him chicken
00:09:55Defloratio ya ya
00:10:46A-tzangol kill tomb
00:10:46Jerkku lol gj
00:10:47edgarass mpoo
00:10:47A-tzangol morons
00:10:48A-tzangol rly
00:10:51edgarass fucking lion is noob
00:10:53TheyCallMeHaci ur the man :)
00:10:53edgarass shithead
00:10:55Defloratio WHY ????
00:10:56Defloratio O0
00:10:56FirstBlood good
00:10:57Defloratio FFS
00:11:09edgarass u do spells random;ly
00:11:20Defloratio i used chik then
00:11:22Defloratio i was stued
00:11:24Defloratio stuned
00:11:25edgarass idiot
00:11:26Defloratio ffs
00:11:29Jerkku come mana
00:11:32FirstBlood k
00:11:49edgarass f
00:11:49edgarass f
00:11:49edgarass f
00:11:50edgarass f
00:11:50edgarass f
00:11:50edgarass f
00:11:52edgarass ff
00:12:04edgarass fucking pointless
00:12:19101010 y, u pick sven and give ud to them
00:12:27Bio -st
00:12:29FirstBlood wards pls
00:12:33FirstBlood to rune spot
00:12:34FirstBlood lesh
00:12:42Jerkku in chick
00:12:52Jerkku some
00:12:53Jerkku up
00:12:54Jerkku chick
00:12:56FirstBlood place them
00:13:18Jerkku reuse chick
00:13:49edgarass \stun idiot
00:13:51edgarass fuckm u lion
00:14:05Jerkku fucking creepblock
00:14:08edgarass u fucking so s,low
00:14:59Yuriko stun
00:15:36edgarass track him
00:15:39edgarass opmhg
00:16:01edgarass ff
00:16:02edgarass fff
00:16:24Bio -st
00:16:27edgarass no stun no frog nothing so fucking slow
00:16:37Defloratio i did frog
00:16:41Defloratio and fucking su
00:16:42Defloratio pls
00:16:43edgarass when u were dewd?
00:16:50Defloratio i was geting wards
00:16:56Defloratio thats why i died
00:17:11edgarass u always die when using chick or shoppingf
00:17:14edgarass so fix this
00:17:28Asiankid -ms
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci 400 too radiance :)
00:17:43Jerkku poor yuriko plugs
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci u got ulti firstblood?
00:17:43FirstBlood it seems
00:17:43FirstBlood y
00:17:43FirstBlood and jump
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci rdy to turn ?
00:17:43FirstBlood either
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci got heal and tomb
00:17:43Jerkku we go bot twr
00:17:43edgarass we can fucking perma disable one hero and we font fo that
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci 11-0 haha :)
00:17:43Jerkku they go
00:17:43Jerkku t
00:17:43Jerkku 3 kills
00:17:43Jerkku kinda epic
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci kill almost every minute
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci its over before 25 when i got my radiance me and slark can solo them all
00:17:43TheyCallMeHaci i can tank and heal + got tomb and slark makes the damage :P
00:18:32TheyCallMeHaci got radi now
00:18:32Jerkku gondar?
00:18:32FirstBlood y
00:18:32FirstBlood gondar
00:18:32TheyCallMeHaci gonday out
00:18:36Jerkku gondar u need to leave
00:18:39Jerkku no ban for u
00:18:47Jerkku just leave
00:19:10TheyCallMeHaci noooooo
00:19:12TheyCallMeHaci :P
00:19:14FirstBlood gondar go leave
00:19:22FirstBlood its rule
00:19:22Asiankid -ms
00:19:23Jerkku gondar
00:19:24TheyCallMeHaci bio ?
00:19:26Jerkku u need to go
00:19:27101010 bio do you know you are gonna be banned
00:19:28Jerkku its rule here
00:19:32Jerkku u wont get ban
00:19:42Jerkku and u get x and shit still
00:19:42TheyCallMeHaci bio u have to leave m8
00:19:53Jerkku bio
00:19:56Jerkku how many times :D
00:20:00Jerkku we need to say
00:20:04Jerkku u miust leave
00:20:07Bio for that ban
00:20:08Bio ?
00:20:11Jerkku no
00:20:12TheyCallMeHaci u wont get ban
00:20:14Jerkku u wont gewt ban
00:20:17TheyCallMeHaci its balance rule
00:20:17FirstBlood its rule
00:20:18Jerkku its just rule here
00:20:22Jerkku if some1 leaves
00:20:26Jerkku we need to balance
00:20:28Jerkku so its 4v4
00:20:33Jerkku and know u need to balance
00:20:36Jerkku no ban for u
00:20:42Bio why i
00:20:47Jerkku cus captain said
00:20:49101010 becouse you are still in game
00:20:50TheyCallMeHaci cause captain decides
00:20:52Jerkku just leave now omg
00:20:53TheyCallMeHaci and captain is blue
00:20:54101010 read the fucking rules
00:21:02Asiankid u must balance
00:21:02Asiankid go out
00:21:06TheyCallMeHaci go ?
00:21:11TheyCallMeHaci asian ?
00:21:18Asiankid heal me
00:21:18Jerkku teamsell ?
00:22:25edgarass rubick morron
00:22:30edgarass why today i always hget morons?
00:22:39101010 .............................................
00:22:41Asiankid -ms
00:23:03101010 edgarassss you are so pro
00:23:08101010 ff
00:23:10edgarass well u suck ass
00:23:23101010 this was lost after u got 0-7 sven
00:24:53edgarass kill tomb
00:24:54edgarass idiots
00:24:56Defloratio -.-
00:24:57101010 its mine
00:24:57Defloratio su
00:24:59Defloratio pls
00:24:59101010 retard
00:25:18101010 sven leave plz
00:25:28TheyCallMeHaci u mad spec?
00:25:32A-tzangol xD
00:25:33A-tzangol ALOT
00:26:09Jerkku what u farm
00:26:09A-tzangol ff
00:26:12Defloratio ff
00:26:16edgarass OMG
00:26:37edgarass lift him fucking morrons
00:26:44101010 stfu
00:26:45Defloratio ITS OVER
00:26:49Defloratio STFU
00:26:50edgarass ff
00:26:51101010 you were dead
00:26:52edgarass ff
00:29:34101010 I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:29:39FirstBlood :D
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