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-13 X
-1 TS

77% | 1483 X | 1380 TS

-34 X
-1 TS

70% | 1427 X | 1343 TS

+6 X
-1 TS

65% | 1381 X | 1313 TS

-31 X
-2 TS

54% | 1237 X | 1357 TS

-31 X
-2 TS

45% | 1173 X | 1330 TS

-2 X
+3 TS

85% | 1619 X | 1368 TS

+41 X
+1 TS

81% | 1484 X | 1436 TS

+28 X
+2 TS

76% | 1487 X | 1360 TS

+4 X
+2 TS

69% | 1399 X | 1355 TS

+44 X
+18 TS

2% | 864 X | 1055 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Bct_Murder [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... BACKENiZER- with 120 seconds.
00:00:06AliBaba lol
00:00:09AliBaba why im teal :(
00:00:17VanillaThunder sf oder?
00:00:17prolog1C. wos pick oder ban?
00:00:17AliBaba pawel
00:00:17VanillaThunder na du
00:00:17AliBaba go ban nigga
00:00:17VanillaThunder spün
00:00:17prolog1C. jo
00:00:17VanillaThunder hm trax warad geil...
00:00:17mby_next_time lanay
00:00:17VanillaThunder ban zet
00:00:17mby_next_time or trax
00:00:17mby_next_time trax
00:00:17JensDenLange get sandking for me pls
00:00:17prolog1C. kk
00:00:17prolog1C. zet
00:00:17VanillaThunder zet
00:00:17JensDenLange someone get omni
00:00:17Bct_Murder i want abadon
00:00:17mby_next_time :>
00:00:17mby_next_time fag
00:00:17prolog1C. <3
00:00:17JensDenLange and lane with me
00:00:20mby_next_time so wishes?
00:00:21mby_next_time sk?
00:00:24sebralane pick sk
00:00:24JensDenLange sandking
00:00:25JensDenLange pls
00:00:30mby_next_time for jens
00:00:32prolog1C. go
00:00:33JensDenLange some one get omni
00:00:34mby_next_time im mid prolly
00:00:35prolog1C. sven
00:00:36prolog1C. aba
00:00:38AliBaba ?
00:00:38JensDenLange and lane with me ;)
00:00:39prolog1C. doom
00:00:55AliBaba i can go omni
00:01:01Bct_Murder take it
00:01:02JensDenLange pls do
00:01:03VanillaThunder tc aa
00:01:08JensDenLange u whant blue?
00:01:11mby_next_time dunno yet
00:01:13prolog1C. ye
00:01:16prolog1C. or thrall
00:01:26prolog1C. atro aa thrall
00:01:29mby_next_time hm
00:01:32AliBaba ?
00:01:35BACKENiZER- -ma
00:01:37mby_next_time get me
00:01:39mby_next_time click
00:01:40mby_next_time clock
00:01:49mby_next_time clooock
00:01:51prolog1C. sven down
00:01:52AliBaba cælock ?
00:01:53VanillaThunder atro top
00:01:57mby_next_time lol
00:01:57AliBaba lol
00:01:58Bct_Murder omg :DDDDDDDDDDDD
00:01:58AliBaba ?
00:01:59JensDenLange omfg.
00:01:59mby_next_time wtff necro
00:02:00Bct_Murder :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:02:07mby_next_time you dont know what clock means
00:02:12mby_next_time -swap 4
00:02:14JensDenLange windows
00:02:15prolog1C. well shredder sven is ok
00:02:15JensDenLange -swap 1
00:02:16AliBaba lanes ?
00:02:20vutten no its not
00:02:21mby_next_time you + sk top
00:02:22JensDenLange me and omn i top
00:02:24mby_next_time thrall + luci bot
00:02:24prolog1C. sure it is
00:02:26VanillaThunder ok mitte muast leicht gwinna
00:02:26mby_next_time get wards
00:02:28vutten not for a down lane
00:02:41mby_next_time and []well
00:02:43mby_next_time with necro
00:02:46mby_next_time i gonna need gang
00:02:47mby_next_time vs sf
00:02:51VanillaThunder atro pull plz
00:02:52prolog1C. play aggressive and u will see it is
00:02:53mby_next_time blah why you didnt get me my clock
00:02:55mby_next_time fag :<
00:03:00Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: on
00:03:01vutten agresive infront of a tower yessir
00:03:02Bct_Murder /w DotaKeys: You control thrall [c,d,e,r]
00:03:02BACKENiZER- -ma
00:03:03mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:03mby_next_time -don
00:03:04vutten jsut stfu
00:03:04mby_next_time -water red
00:03:05mby_next_time -clear
00:03:05AliBaba he is fag in irl
00:03:07JensDenLange windows did'nt whant u to get it, obviously
00:03:10prolog1C. idiot?
00:03:12vutten y
00:03:40VanillaThunder plz
00:03:56sebralane pull trall
00:04:15JensDenLange lvl
00:04:16JensDenLange 3
00:04:20AliBaba oka
00:04:22JensDenLange u heal when i stun
00:05:10VanillaThunder b
00:05:21Paulin8813811 s
00:05:24mby_next_time 'k that sf is pretty bad
00:05:27prolog1C. MISS
00:06:20vutten nice lane huh :D
00:06:23prolog1C. bah lol so a lcuker
00:06:25prolog1C. lvl up
00:06:27Bct_Murder i go pull
00:06:35mby_next_time ss mid
00:06:37AliBaba ..
00:06:39mby_next_time re
00:06:40JensDenLange omni?? -.-
00:06:44AliBaba var ikke i renge
00:07:12mby_next_time bla bla bla
00:07:55mby_next_time ss mid
00:07:55VanillaThunder oom
00:07:56mby_next_time went top
00:08:05VanillaThunder oom
00:08:05prolog1C. rdy?
00:08:38JensDenLange wtf was i doing!?!??!?! :D
00:08:58sebralane i have ulti
00:09:00sebralane we can kill him
00:09:03Bct_Murder atrop here
00:09:06sebralane go
00:09:43mby_next_time ewll
00:09:44mby_next_time no wards
00:09:46mby_next_time and double midd
00:09:50Bct_Murder ff now
00:09:52mby_next_time thanks team for cooperation
00:10:01mby_next_time ss mid
00:10:55mby_next_time still missing
00:10:58prolog1C. miss m id
00:11:00prolog1C. re
00:11:05Bct_Murder omg
00:11:06JensDenLange rdy?
00:11:16AliBaba ej
00:11:19AliBaba sov totalt
00:11:41mby_next_time EWTSWF?
00:11:45mby_next_time gtfo
00:11:47mby_next_time if you cant gang
00:11:50JensDenLange oom
00:12:32AliBaba ?
00:12:32mby_next_time ss
00:13:03JensDenLange ss top
00:13:04prolog1C. wtf martin
00:13:11VanillaThunder ?
00:13:13VanillaThunder oom
00:13:24mby_next_time kk
00:13:48JensDenLange why u b???
00:13:49mby_next_time check out my mana and hp
00:13:53mby_next_time one life steal
00:13:54JensDenLange so?
00:13:55mby_next_time n me dead
00:13:58JensDenLange nothing could kill u
00:14:10JensDenLange he had cd on that obviously
00:14:15mby_next_time he didnt
00:14:17mby_next_time he used it on you
00:14:19Bct_Murder gg ff
00:14:20mby_next_time afet i backed
00:14:20Bct_Murder they win
00:14:25Bct_Murder becous necrolyte is sucker
00:14:38mby_next_time "necrolyute is sucker"
00:14:39AliBaba why you blame him ?
00:14:40JensDenLange gather top
00:14:42mby_next_time i suck mid bct saying
00:14:46JensDenLange STFU
00:14:48JensDenLange all
00:14:49JensDenLange stfu
00:15:06mby_next_time rune
00:15:08mby_next_time pick it sebra if you can
00:15:14prolog1C. gogo
00:16:27JensDenLange b
00:16:35Bct_Murder lucifer no 2 skill ?
00:16:36Bct_Murder wtf?
00:17:52Paulin8813811 fuckin lags
00:18:30Bct_Murder gg ff noob team
00:18:33mby_next_time shut
00:18:35mby_next_time the fuck up
00:18:35JensDenLange ¨thrall
00:18:36AliBaba the
00:18:37JensDenLange calm down
00:18:38AliBaba fuck up
00:18:41JensDenLange ur no better
00:18:42mby_next_time you dont even fucking wonder how i would like
00:18:45mby_next_time to beat your fucking face
00:18:48JensDenLange so try with something we can use
00:18:49mby_next_time so you shut the fuck up
00:18:51JensDenLange and blue
00:18:54mby_next_time you 2
00:18:55mby_next_time jens
00:18:58JensDenLange stop getting ufended like a kid
00:18:58mby_next_time so better shut it
00:19:04JensDenLange u talk shit
00:19:07JensDenLange all the time
00:19:09JensDenLange dumb kids
00:19:21mby_next_time lovely bot
00:19:23mby_next_time boy.
00:19:30mby_next_time jens acualy one who talk shit here
00:19:31mby_next_time is youi
00:19:35mby_next_time trying to be friendly
00:19:37mby_next_time and bct
00:19:38mby_next_time being nap
00:19:44JensDenLange and u get nothing
00:19:44sebralane relax
00:19:45JensDenLange retard
00:19:46sebralane i got this
00:19:49JensDenLange fucking dumb shit :D
00:19:58BACKENiZER- sec
00:20:31VanillaThunder b
00:20:35AliBaba :D
00:20:37prolog1C. fir sure invis rune
00:20:38prolog1C. the fuck
00:21:11prolog1C. w8 me bot
00:21:53JensDenLange ???
00:21:59mby_next_time CAOPS LOKC
00:22:04mby_next_time gj thrall
00:22:05prolog1C. STOP IT
00:22:05mby_next_time as always
00:22:07JensDenLange pls have some freaking eyes on minimap
00:22:07AliBaba thral ?
00:22:07JensDenLange ;)
00:22:08mby_next_time worth to see
00:22:10mby_next_time you playing
00:22:10AliBaba are y ou kiddin me `?
00:22:11JensDenLange gj blue seeing nothing
00:22:19JensDenLange and blaiming just like thrall does
00:22:22mby_next_time yeah let's blame me :D
00:22:25JensDenLange dumb fuckign retard comments all the time
00:22:25mby_next_time cause well
00:22:28mby_next_time sf kill
00:22:33mby_next_time > shredder and abadon
00:22:36mby_next_time specially when we cant kill em
00:22:42mby_next_time and we can ez get sf
00:22:45JensDenLange im not blaiming, im setting this in fucking perspective, but ur 12 year old retorics makes me fucking sick
00:22:46VanillaThunder wp shredder bte
00:22:47vutten anyone
00:22:49VanillaThunder btw
00:22:50JensDenLange freaking WOOOW
00:22:53mby_next_time 12 years old
00:22:54Bct_Murder i say pick abadon for me , but you pick crix for jens ....
00:23:01mby_next_time let's flame me
00:23:04mby_next_time more about age
00:23:06mby_next_time when you odnt know me
00:23:07mby_next_time gz
00:23:10mby_next_time rly mature boy
00:23:11JensDenLange well, just stop saying shit all the time TY
00:23:12VanillaThunder 3
00:23:17mby_next_time grow up
00:23:18mby_next_time a big
00:23:20mby_next_time then we can talk
00:23:24JensDenLange ... lol
00:23:25JensDenLange again
00:23:28JensDenLange ur retorics
00:23:34JensDenLange ur not answerring any thing
00:23:35JensDenLange ... nvm
00:23:42mby_next_time you didnt ask
00:23:43mby_next_time anything
00:23:43JensDenLange i could argue with u all game
00:23:50JensDenLange i su now.. u should do the same
00:24:05AliBaba are
00:24:06AliBaba ou fucking
00:24:07prolog1C. jo oida
00:24:10prolog1C. wos dur i eig
00:24:25prolog1C. martin bleib moi ba uns
00:24:28sebralane upgrade pls
00:24:31prolog1C. du muast mi supportn
00:24:39VanillaThunder kk
00:24:49JensDenLange got blink now
00:24:51prolog1C. wenn i scho kani kills griag brauch i wenigstens supp
00:24:54JensDenLange get some wards pls
00:24:59sebralane ye what ever
00:25:03JensDenLange and gather
00:25:03prolog1C. w8 ma
00:25:04sebralane u losing this game nercro
00:25:05sebralane retard
00:25:06JensDenLange mb a smoke for a gank?
00:25:09mby_next_time i gave you
00:25:13mby_next_time fucking 22 minutes of freefarm
00:25:17mby_next_time just stole you 3 creps
00:25:19mby_next_time and youcry for it?
00:25:20JensDenLange stop argue pls
00:25:23JensDenLange blue
00:25:25prolog1C. meina
00:25:25JensDenLange that's ur prob
00:25:27JensDenLange let stuff bee
00:25:29mby_next_time my problem?
00:25:30JensDenLange and like '
00:25:30mby_next_time that he cries
00:25:32mby_next_time for 3 creeps
00:25:36mby_next_time MY PROBLEM?
00:25:38mby_next_time USE FUCKING BRAIN
00:25:40mby_next_time cancer boy
00:25:40prolog1C. WHY FU ATRO
00:25:46VanillaThunder chill amoi
00:25:47JensDenLange no u answer and flame
00:25:58mby_next_time cause
00:25:58mby_next_time it's
00:25:59prolog1C. na echt ned
00:25:59mby_next_time fucking
00:26:00JensDenLange u let ur self get mad all the time
00:26:01mby_next_time annoying
00:26:03prolog1C. zaht mi nimma
00:26:04JensDenLange SO STFU
00:26:04mby_next_time to hear
00:26:05mby_next_time noob sebra
00:26:06VanillaThunder :D
00:26:07mby_next_time talking to
00:26:08mby_next_time me
00:26:11mby_next_time about "loosing the game"
00:26:17JensDenLange AND U ANSWER????
00:26:18mby_next_time when he just farms whole game and thinks he 's pro
00:26:23mby_next_time i cry when i see
00:26:23JensDenLange DONT U GET IT??? :D
00:26:26mby_next_time you in my team
00:26:27JensDenLange LOOL
00:26:29mby_next_time caps lock helps al lot
00:26:33JensDenLange this is why ur kid
00:26:34JensDenLange ;D
00:26:36JensDenLange HAHA
00:26:41mby_next_time still calling me kid
00:26:42mby_next_time gz
00:26:50JensDenLange ,ur attitude re
00:27:02mby_next_time talking guy
00:27:02JensDenLange but u dont get a point
00:27:05JensDenLange kid's dont either
00:27:47VanillaThunder ok gather
00:27:58sebralane u are rtard
00:28:00sebralane u cant ulti
00:28:02JensDenLange stfu
00:28:02sebralane from that range
00:28:03mby_next_time CD?
00:28:05JensDenLange luci
00:28:05mby_next_time hahahha xd
00:28:07mby_next_time sebra XD
00:28:11JensDenLange now blue will answer again
00:28:11mby_next_time what a nobcake
00:28:12sebralane then faking attack
00:28:18mby_next_time what a noobcake :D
00:28:19JensDenLange he proves my point every time ;)
00:28:22JensDenLange oldboy blue
00:28:30VanillaThunder b
00:28:42mby_next_time im happy
00:28:43mby_next_time you feel
00:28:45mby_next_time maturee
00:28:52AliBaba idiot :D
00:29:01JensDenLange well, again, u dont get what im saying
00:29:13mby_next_time should i be sad then?
00:29:19JensDenLange nothing with me to do.. it's about we loose when u flame, and get upset by every litle detail
00:29:24JensDenLange and then u take it personal
00:29:35mby_next_time i do?
00:29:38mby_next_time good to know boy :D
00:29:43mby_next_time so i cut myself
00:29:44mby_next_time then
00:29:47mby_next_time whe n i lose dota?
00:29:47JensDenLange sad
00:29:54Bct_Murder lucifer farm 27 min ...
00:29:55mby_next_time and cry cry cyr?
00:29:56Bct_Murder 0 help
00:30:00JensDenLange u cry.
00:30:01JensDenLange dont
00:30:01mby_next_time ofc it's sebra
00:30:07mby_next_time he will call us noobs
00:30:11mby_next_time and we lose game that he "won"
00:30:13AliBaba he allways play like that
00:30:14JensDenLange omni
00:30:16JensDenLange get too me
00:30:17JensDenLange stfu
00:30:18JensDenLange nwo
00:31:21Bct_Murder nice nice
00:31:23mby_next_time good farm
00:31:23Paulin8813811 wp
00:31:24mby_next_time sebra
00:31:24Bct_Murder I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:31:24mby_next_time :D
00:31:35sebralane ae u retard
00:31:35vutten i was actualy surviving that
00:31:37mby_next_time :D
00:31:39sebralane srry for asking
00:31:41mby_next_time nah im having fun
00:31:45sebralane i allready know the answer
00:31:46mby_next_time and you look like always :D
00:31:51sebralane u think u are soo great
00:31:52JensDenLange just personal issues
00:31:57JensDenLange dont bother sebra.
00:31:58mby_next_time jens you know
00:31:59JensDenLange he's mental
00:32:06VanillaThunder ned dei taag heute oder? :D
00:32:08sebralane dad rapes him
00:32:11prolog1C. nope
00:32:11JensDenLange :O
00:32:11sebralane 2x a day
00:32:14sebralane possibly
00:32:16sebralane my diagnose
00:32:17mby_next_time yep
00:32:22JensDenLange dont say stuff that might be true,... -.-
00:32:36prolog1C. zock ma heid va 10 bis 3? oda so? :D+
00:32:40VanillaThunder ^^
00:32:45prolog1C. ka schme
00:33:03VanillaThunder b
00:33:15JensDenLange gather now
00:33:56AliBaba again
00:33:57JensDenLange a gather would be nice blue
00:33:57Bct_Murder just ff people plz
00:34:03AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:04JensDenLange why u go farm at this time?
00:34:09mby_next_time cause we coyuldny
00:34:12mby_next_time win that fight
00:34:12mby_next_time 5/5
00:34:14mby_next_time you know it
00:34:20mby_next_time mister guy know it all
00:34:21vutten -ms
00:34:21JensDenLange tell us next time.
00:34:28sebralane I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:34:28mby_next_time well imo it was obvious
00:34:32sebralane ret cap = no win
00:34:34sebralane what soo ever
00:34:37JensDenLange never said that.. i know ur a dumbcake,...
00:34:41mby_next_time when sven >killed 3 of us solo
00:34:45mby_next_time dude
00:34:46JensDenLange worst cap ever!
00:34:46mby_next_time you behave
00:34:48mby_next_time as if you were
00:34:54mby_next_time you want to behave
00:35:00mby_next_time as if you were psychologist
00:35:02mby_next_time or know it all
00:35:05mby_next_time but you dont
00:35:15vutten Hrelo
00:35:17mby_next_time lovely ending 1 k crit :D
00:35:20JensDenLange i know, what a team DONT need, and that's a whiny no good cap, who gets personal
00:35:29mby_next_time dude
00:35:30VanillaThunder b
00:35:31mby_next_time you jhave never
00:35:32VanillaThunder ^^
00:35:32JensDenLange so i hoped u would man up, and act like a leader
00:35:32mby_next_time played
00:35:36mby_next_time real cw
00:35:37JensDenLange and not a small kid
00:35:38mby_next_time so dont talk
00:35:41JensDenLange i have
00:35:43mby_next_time about " i know what teams need"
00:35:46mby_next_time and in your team
00:35:50mby_next_time you didnt flame like hell?
00:35:53mby_next_time when someone fails etc
00:35:53JensDenLange and u never said any words that would come out of a leaders mouth
00:35:56JensDenLange and still u are'nt
00:35:59mby_next_time :DDDDDDDDD
00:36:00JensDenLange u only deffend ur self
00:36:08JensDenLange textbook kid style
00:36:10VanillaThunder pwnd by a 2 % guy
00:36:10mby_next_time cause no mates in here ?:D
00:36:20mby_next_time whby i should be nice
00:36:21mby_next_time to yolu
00:36:22sebralane killed 100% guy 2v1
00:36:22mby_next_time if you just
00:36:22mby_next_time fail
00:36:22VanillaThunder wp shredder rly
00:36:22VanillaThunder im only 80 :P
00:36:22sebralane prodigy is best
00:36:22sebralane makng eul to sf
00:36:22sebralane insted of bkb
00:36:22sebralane but yeah
00:36:22mby_next_time you dont know
00:36:22sebralane hes making trends here
00:36:22mby_next_time eul on sf
00:36:22mby_next_time sebra
00:36:22mby_next_time do you.
00:36:22VanillaThunder eul is good with sf
00:36:22sebralane i know u are ret
00:36:22mby_next_time ofc.
00:36:22sebralane period
00:36:22mby_next_time sebra
00:36:22VanillaThunder dagger cd and ulti
00:36:22mby_next_time nice deffend
00:36:22mby_next_time :D
00:36:22sebralane u lost this game retard
00:36:22sebralane and will be banned for this
00:36:22sebralane soo yeah
00:36:22sebralane wp
00:36:22mby_next_time oh yeah i wilL
00:36:22mby_next_time looking forward
00:36:22mby_next_time for i
00:36:22mby_next_time it.
00:36:22mby_next_time hey strom please
00:36:22mby_next_time ban me for it
00:36:22mby_next_time cause i still dont see sebra banned
00:36:22mby_next_time for gameruin
00:36:22sebralane have i ruined games?
00:36:22mby_next_time how 's your
00:36:22mby_next_time bb
00:36:22mby_next_time without boots
00:36:22mby_next_time game
00:36:22prolog1C. shredder if he is out i am sorry but i am sure u will get +x ;)
00:36:22mby_next_time should remind
00:36:22mby_next_time you
00:36:22sebralane got boots
00:36:22sebralane i had better items than u
00:36:22mby_next_time ya shame on you.
00:36:22JensDenLange we lost cause we startet bitchen each other! ;)
00:36:22mby_next_time hm i was lich
00:36:22sebralane soo dno what ya talking about son
00:36:22VanillaThunder we will end it soon
00:36:22mby_next_time jens
00:36:22VanillaThunder so u dont get + x
00:36:22mby_next_time seriously
00:36:22mby_next_time go play
00:36:22mby_next_time some serious game
00:36:22VanillaThunder -x i mean :d
00:36:22mby_next_time and then we can talk
00:36:22mby_next_time btw jens
00:36:22mby_next_time you are french?
00:36:22JensDenLange lol :D
00:36:22mby_next_time r you french guy?
00:36:22JensDenLange again with ur arguements! ^^ _D
00:36:22VanillaThunder just go ff?
00:36:22VanillaThunder plz
00:36:22JensDenLange fucking hillarious
00:36:22mby_next_time answer me
00:36:22mby_next_time french?
00:36:22JensDenLange what do u do for a living?
00:36:22mby_next_time you
00:36:22mby_next_time didnt answer
00:36:22mby_next_time yet
00:36:22sebralane how big is ur penis? more than 2cm?
00:36:22JensDenLange what`?
00:36:22sebralane not?
00:36:22sebralane explains a lot
00:36:22prolog1C. oida letzes spü hob i mid legio glaub i 12 /4 kopt und hob is spü eig gmocht und i hob -x griagt :O
00:36:22VanillaThunder if he leave
00:36:22mby_next_time where are you from jens
00:36:22mby_next_time eh sebra
00:36:22mby_next_time you poor
00:36:22JensDenLange denmark
00:36:22mby_next_time troll
00:36:22mby_next_time cant be
00:36:22mby_next_time denmark
00:36:22mby_next_time and gay
00:36:22mby_next_time so much
00:36:22AliBaba :D
00:36:22mby_next_time how the fuck
00:36:22AliBaba hahahah
00:36:25VanillaThunder jo wennst scho so fü % host muast immer so guad spün damitst nu mehr griagst
00:36:28JensDenLange haha! :D
00:36:28mby_next_time i tohught only french ppl
00:36:31mby_next_time are so gay
00:36:35prolog1C. shredder
00:36:36prolog1C. leave
00:36:38JensDenLange damn u say some faggy suff blue :P
00:36:38mby_next_time dunno who sold all items
00:36:41mby_next_time but i banrequest it
00:36:49JensDenLange pls tell me where u from? :D
00:36:51JensDenLange HAHAHA :D
00:36:53mby_next_time poland
00:36:58sebralane kurwa
00:36:59JensDenLange no fucking wonder
00:37:03JensDenLange what other country?
00:37:05sebralane dont use trall ffs
00:37:09mby_next_time i use
00:37:13mby_next_time stop
00:37:14AliBaba -ms
00:37:15sebralane u are retard
00:37:15mby_next_time useing
00:37:15JensDenLange blue tell me more
00:37:16mby_next_time him
00:37:18mby_next_time moron sebra
00:37:31JensDenLange where u from blue?
00:37:39mby_next_time already said
00:37:44JensDenLange poland ?
00:37:45JensDenLange really?
00:37:51prolog1C. jo oida
00:37:54mby_next_time ofc
00:37:54prolog1C. sicha kumman wieda 4
00:37:56prolog1C. bwah
00:38:00JensDenLange no fucking wonder!! u dont have a probber school.. i take all back i said
00:38:06JensDenLange i feel sorry for u
00:38:08mby_next_time probber?
00:38:12mby_next_time what the hell it means
00:38:18JensDenLange 'good
00:38:21prolog1C. mochmas daun aus
00:38:24VanillaThunder y
00:38:24prolog1C. hob volleybal
00:38:25prolog1C. l
00:38:30mby_next_time lal denmark guy trying to offend my nationallity
00:38:34mby_next_time you got to be kidding me
00:38:35prolog1C. nocha wieda
00:38:38prolog1C. so um hoib 11 -11
00:38:41prolog1C. ?
00:38:46JensDenLange :D
00:39:50JensDenLange i jump on sven
00:40:10JensDenLange WTF CRIT`?
00:40:17JensDenLange 1400+
00:40:20JensDenLange 1400
00:41:31JensDenLange btw i love poland
00:41:32VanillaThunder all bot
00:41:33VanillaThunder and
00:41:36VanillaThunder end
00:41:49sebralane b
00:41:49AliBaba discount buuzzz
00:41:57JensDenLange yeee :D
00:42:14mby_next_time well
00:42:16mby_next_time lovely lag
00:42:26mby_next_time when i click on back and i start to run when abba on me
00:42:42AliBaba why we try ?
00:42:47mby_next_time cause we canb win it
00:42:48mby_next_time eze
00:42:49AliBaba go ff niggas
00:42:52AliBaba sure
00:42:55AliBaba eze
00:45:06VanillaThunder damn
00:45:43VanillaThunder moch da de scheiß bkb
00:46:11VanillaThunder b
00:46:25vutten FUCKING FF
00:46:28vutten IM GONNA GO FOR JULE ØL
00:46:30mby_next_time OMFG OMFG
00:46:32mby_next_time OMFG
00:46:33JensDenLange SAME
00:46:33BACKENiZER- end this please
00:46:34AliBaba me to
00:46:39mby_next_time jule?
00:46:39mby_next_time wtf
00:46:43AliBaba kom in mod byen jens
00:47:15JensDenLange care
00:47:18JensDenLange dont go solo
00:47:36prolog1C. or mid
00:48:11mby_next_time well nice farm vutten :D
00:48:11vutten Mery christmas
00:48:12vutten CU
00:48:15JensDenLange dmg! wp vutz
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