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Chat log

00:00:18Diablo some nice aoe there
00:00:18Lafrenzz morph
00:00:18creeeeeee slark
00:00:18mby_next_time why ppl ban nerfed morph
00:00:33mby_next_time when it sucks nowadays
00:00:41creeeeeee wishes?
00:00:46creeeeeee lich sven sand es?
00:00:46Lafrenzz im mid
00:00:51Strom storm
00:00:51vutten es
00:01:08Lafrenzz bb
00:01:10Lafrenzz check rune top
00:01:14que2stress sk pit es
00:01:16que2stress would be nice now
00:01:18Lafrenzz im mid bs
00:01:19Diablo get es and krobe
00:01:20que2stress sven
00:01:20mby_next_time diablo wise pick
00:01:20mby_next_time we rly needed fucking bs
00:01:26mby_next_time and im top
00:01:26creeeeeee sand then
00:01:27que2stress i swap
00:01:27mby_next_time going to farm
00:01:29que2stress if uwant
00:01:29Lafrenzz bs was a shit pick
00:01:31creeeeeee -swap 3
00:01:33mby_next_time -hhn
00:01:33mby_next_time -don
00:01:34Strom -swap 1
00:01:35mby_next_time -water red
00:01:35mby_next_time -clear
00:01:35AliBaba gg
00:01:40Lafrenzz yy u will be top mby
00:01:41mby_next_time i would send him bot so he has fun
00:01:43Lafrenzz bs bot
00:01:51Diablo kk
00:01:51Lafrenzz diablo bot
00:01:59Lafrenzz mirana bot
00:02:03creeeeeee krobe
00:02:03mby_next_time ali my slave
00:02:04creeeeeee as last
00:02:05mby_next_time come to papa
00:02:06mby_next_time !:D
00:02:06creeeeeee or lich
00:02:07AliBaba :D
00:02:08creeeeeee also great
00:02:10vutten how we lane dis
00:02:12Lafrenzz ali is my bitch
00:02:14que2stress i go bot with sk
00:02:14creeeeeee es lich top
00:02:15Lafrenzz sitting next to me
00:02:16mby_next_time []damn :<
00:02:19Lafrenzz and asking for a great cock
00:02:22creeeeeee storm is mid
00:02:22AliBaba hahahhah
00:02:22que2stress hmm
00:02:24AliBaba lick me
00:02:24mby_next_time oho that guy is another cafe gay? D
00:02:28mby_next_time dude wtf how many ppl ther:E D
00:02:30Lafrenzz me ?
00:02:32AliBaba :D
00:02:33mby_next_time you can make lan parties
00:02:34que2stress i am carryman then right?
00:02:35Lafrenzz yes im the master here :D
00:02:37que2stress and storm
00:02:37AliBaba isdronning
00:02:39Lafrenzz we do sometimes
00:02:39mby_next_time gay parties or lan w/e
00:02:39AliBaba and vutten to :D
00:02:45creeeeeee ye?h
00:02:47Lafrenzz sometimes, we add grp 10 ppl ^^
00:02:50Lafrenzz just for x
00:02:50Lafrenzz haha
00:02:56mby_next_time and your dad is owner
00:02:58mby_next_time of that cafe?
00:02:59AliBaba .D
00:03:00Strom share
00:03:01AliBaba :D
00:03:02AliBaba no
00:03:06AliBaba its myksel
00:03:13mby_next_time lal
00:03:14que2stress i take it
00:03:17Lafrenzz they are all my slaves
00:03:18mby_next_time myuksel your dad y ?:D
00:03:20AliBaba lal
00:03:24AliBaba no
00:03:30AliBaba myuksels dad
00:03:30mby_next_time gio pull mate
00:03:35mby_next_time ss 1
00:03:36AliBaba l
00:03:38AliBaba lick me
00:03:54Strom sabhre
00:04:00mby_next_time re top 2
00:04:24mby_next_time gay noobs lane
00:04:46Strom share
00:05:14AliBaba nigga they warded
00:05:18mby_next_time saw
00:05:25mby_next_time haras em1
00:05:32Strom share
00:05:35vutten slå den
00:05:52mby_next_time yes like that
00:05:59Strom lich afk?
00:06:04Isdronningen what=?
00:06:07Strom share
00:06:27Lafrenzz omw bot
00:06:31Strom ss
00:06:40Diablo focuys?
00:06:42Lafrenzz go silencer
00:06:48Lafrenzz go
00:06:49Lafrenzz go
00:07:02Diablo OMFG
00:07:21creeeeeee stuck potm
00:07:27Diablo rubic?
00:07:40Lafrenzz srlsy
00:07:41U.Fail2Amuse.ME next time use ur silence nap
00:07:54Lafrenzz fuck this srlsy
00:08:01U.Fail2Amuse.ME wp blood
00:08:02que2stress im b
00:08:05creeeeeee k
00:08:05Diablo for?
00:08:27U.Fail2Amuse.ME for being blind as fuck
00:08:33U.Fail2Amuse.ME 200 hp silencer attacks u
00:08:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME u stay
00:08:36U.Fail2Amuse.ME and wonder
00:08:39Isdronningen gang mid
00:08:58mby_next_time lal ali crazy boy
00:08:59Isdronningen forget
00:09:01AliBaba :D
00:09:28Strom ss
00:09:34Lafrenzz omw
00:09:35Lafrenzz go now
00:09:38Diablo sile
00:09:41Lafrenzz go
00:09:58Isdronningen here
00:10:23mby_next_time ss lich
00:11:22AliBaba ss lich
00:11:28Diablo bot gang
00:11:34Lafrenzz omw
00:11:36mby_next_time oom
00:12:03mby_next_time well well
00:12:34U.Fail2Amuse.ME blood is it that hard to silence sileincer
00:12:37creeeeeee rubick ss
00:12:37U.Fail2Amuse.ME plz tell me
00:12:38creeeeeee care
00:12:41que2stress top
00:12:43Diablo u want stun?
00:12:44creeeeeee okay
00:12:48U.Fail2Amuse.ME silence him
00:13:09Lafrenzz getting rune
00:13:12Lafrenzz go
00:14:42Diablo gang bot
00:14:51que2stress ss bs
00:14:53que2stress vl 6
00:14:58Lafrenzz go
00:15:00mby_next_time vs 2
00:15:01mby_next_time we cant
00:15:33mby_next_time as i asid
00:15:34mby_next_time we cant
00:15:38mby_next_time but no you want to try
00:15:41Strom lol they have bs
00:15:43Strom wasn't aware :D
00:15:44mby_next_time fujcking cant farm like that
00:15:45mby_next_time 3 deaths
00:15:46que2stress told ya
00:16:06Strom actually now I remember
00:16:09Strom I already saw bs during picks
00:16:14Strom and thought that his silence wills uck
00:16:16Strom but I forgot
00:16:17Strom :(
00:16:26vutten me got ze dagger
00:16:33mby_next_time haters
00:16:39Lafrenzz gank this fucking silencer
00:16:40Lafrenzz wtf
00:17:11mby_next_time god fucking god
00:17:23que2stress could use
00:17:24mby_next_time so dead
00:17:24que2stress help
00:17:27creeeeeee omw
00:17:28creeeeeee i'm invis
00:17:28AliBaba :vb
00:17:30Diablo shaker blink?
00:17:34Diablo lol top?
00:17:40mby_next_time when[] lich / es lane
00:17:42mby_next_time without gangs
00:17:46mby_next_time what you expect
00:17:50que2stress ty
00:17:52que2stress was nice :D
00:17:53Isdronningen twr
00:17:53Lafrenzz so fucking lucky u got a team silencer
00:18:00que2stress ah lol
00:18:01Lafrenzz my team is mentally retarded
00:18:02que2stress cree is sk
00:18:06que2stress and storm is strom
00:18:08que2stress i thought
00:18:11que2stress strom is sk
00:18:16que2stress and cree is storm
00:18:20Strom ye we swapped
00:18:25que2stress :D
00:18:27creeeeeee :)
00:18:31Strom thx for ulti use
00:18:33que2stress i wondered why sk was playing so good
00:18:38mby_next_time XD
00:18:38que2stress joking :P
00:20:59Lafrenzz grats for freewin by es and silencer
00:21:17que2stress eh first time silencer me
00:21:30mby_next_time so so so outpicked :)
00:22:15Lafrenzz dont take
00:22:49creeeeeee soon ulti
00:23:08creeeeeee we can just push
00:23:09creeeeeee i guess
00:23:10que2stress y
00:23:59Lafrenzz silence es
00:24:05Lafrenzz bs
00:24:06que2stress liech is arrow eater
00:24:07Lafrenzz and all go
00:24:13mby_next_time wont help
00:24:14Diablo need 11
00:24:15Isdronningen thats what they call me
00:24:16mby_next_time lich > us
00:24:23creeeeeee xDD
00:24:37que2stress ok i go suicide in
00:24:47Diablo go lich
00:25:11mby_next_time so outpicked: D
00:25:37Lafrenzz 4 carrys hahahaha
00:25:38mby_next_time cree wont let vutten get ultra :<
00:26:31que2stress well there are few players who can play potm
00:26:34creeeeeee hmm ma arvasin ma ei saa dammi
00:26:34que2stress and a lot players
00:26:36creeeeeee kui blinkin
00:26:38creeeeeee ja rupture peal :D
00:26:39que2stress who think that they can play pot
00:26:40Strom saad :D
00:26:41que2stress potm
00:26:45Strom max dmg insta
00:26:46Diablo so true
00:26:52que2stress same is true for bs btw
00:26:53Strom või, ma ei tea kas max just
00:26:54Lafrenzz SAME WITH STTYG
00:26:55creeeeeee :D
00:26:56mby_next_time it was so deep que :DDD
00:26:56Strom aga noh niipalju kui tuleb
00:26:59Diablo same for every
00:27:04que2stress nah
00:27:11que2stress ogre
00:27:16que2stress even rasmus can play ogre
00:27:19mby_next_time saw fintolixx
00:27:21mby_next_time with ogre
00:27:23Diablo rasmus <3
00:27:26mby_next_time sr but not everyone
00:27:37que2stress y
00:27:43que2stress but those guys do not think that tehy can play
00:27:46creeeeeee go from bot I gues
00:27:54creeeeeee all towers up there
00:27:56mby_next_time how about
00:27:59mby_next_time HEY LET'S FUCKING STUN HIM
00:28:06Isdronningen hahahahahaha
00:28:08Lafrenzz hahahaha
00:28:08que2stress hm
00:28:13mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:28:14creeeeeee you just got serverd
00:28:16creeeeeee served
00:28:20AliBaba I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:28:34que2stress nice bs damage increase i would say
00:28:50Lafrenzz just pro
00:29:05que2stress OUCH
00:29:25creeeeeee not cool :D
00:29:31que2stress well
00:29:36creeeeeee damn they have to spawn like creeps
00:29:38que2stress there are some guys who can play crix....
00:29:43creeeeeee and i'm so stupid :D
00:29:49creeeeeee its not me :(
00:29:51que2stress :D
00:30:01Strom I think there's only one hero
00:30:04Strom that everyone can play
00:30:07que2stress chicken
00:30:08Strom and it's skeleton king
00:30:09que2stress is no hero
00:30:18Strom one skill
00:30:19que2stress i cant play sk
00:30:21vutten or bara
00:30:22Strom and it's the most easiest skill ever
00:30:25que2stress no bara is difficult
00:30:26que2stress y
00:30:28Strom bara is difficult
00:30:28que2stress sk easy
00:30:35vutten why
00:30:35que2stress go end
00:30:39vutten bara charge autoattack to death
00:30:41Isdronningen lol
00:30:44Lafrenzz go
00:30:46que2stress nah
00:30:48Lafrenzz all
00:30:48creeeeeee not so easy
00:30:49Lafrenzz ok
00:30:51creeeeeee bara needs skill
00:30:51que2stress a bara that cant play early
00:31:41que2stress hm
00:31:42mby_next_time dat
00:31:44mby_next_time vytten
00:31:53creeeeeee OPAAA
00:31:57vutten Was for fuN!?
00:31:59que2stress gangam style
00:32:00vutten I HAD TO TRY!
00:32:03mby_next_time KK
00:32:04creeeeeee they so scared :(
00:32:05mby_next_time LIES
00:32:05vutten Have so faith!
00:32:09mby_next_time LIE
00:32:32que2stress noooo
00:32:33que2stress imn dead
00:32:36mby_next_time 712 cash
00:32:38creeeeeee KOH
00:32:39AliBaba DIE NIGGA
00:32:51Diablo nice follow
00:32:51que2stress greeeed
00:33:18que2stress -st
00:33:27que2stress need more int
00:33:30que2stress so that they get more dumb
00:33:34Strom how much you got?
00:33:37que2stress only 30
00:33:38Strom ah
00:33:45que2stress but generally
00:33:47Strom I made a 80 int game last time
00:33:48Strom :D
00:33:50que2stress a iq rise of 30
00:33:53que2stress is ok
00:34:16que2stress lets go
00:34:19que2stress top
00:34:54que2stress oops
00:34:56que2stress wrong
00:34:57que2stress key
00:34:57creeeeeee cata power
00:34:59que2stress i would asy
00:35:10Lafrenzz leave it
00:35:33mby_next_time gtfo silencer
00:35:43que2stress does it mean
00:35:45que2stress go the fuck on?
00:35:51mby_next_time go to fuck
00:35:52Lafrenzz I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:35:53mby_next_time !
00:35:56AliBaba GET THE FUCK OFF
00:36:00mby_next_time or GOAT TO FUCK!
00:36:29que2stress get tower like that
00:36:31que2stress we dont need creeps
00:36:53mby_next_time hey jude
00:36:59que2stress dont let me down
00:37:13AliBaba We win
00:37:14mby_next_time I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:14AliBaba trust me
00:37:15que2stress why dont u ff
00:37:19mby_next_time I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:37:19que2stress if u dont even try defending?
00:37:23mby_next_time i try
00:37:30mby_next_time my team prefers to arrow you to death
00:37:37que2stress y liech is arrow eater
00:37:50que2stress go mid now
00:38:05Strom I shop
00:38:41AliBaba I surrender! [3/5 of Scourge]
00:38:42Diablo I surrender! [4/5 of Scourge]
00:38:44U.Fail2Amuse.ME I surrender! [5/5 of Scourge]
00:38:45mby_next_time DUTUTUTUUM
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