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9% | 996 X | 1094 TS

Chat log

00:00:00marsbar2k [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 82 seconds.
00:00:03PeterLars RD
00:00:03sn0t.rocker mby
00:00:05Yuriko I lane with affli
00:00:06MYuksel -rd
00:00:06Affliction .rd
00:00:08Affliction *
00:00:09sn0t.rocker how about a new pc?
00:00:10VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF XD
00:00:11marsbar2k I wished the loading screen was "find waldo"
00:00:13Affliction -water 0 0 0
00:00:13Affliction -ii
00:00:15Affliction -don
00:00:16Affliction -hhn
00:00:17Affliction yuri
00:00:17PeterLars am
00:00:17Affliction what i take ?
00:00:17MYuksel wl
00:00:17Yuriko uhm
00:00:17PeterLars any ns
00:00:17PeterLars ?
00:00:18Yuriko some stun/disable
00:00:21VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF magina
00:00:21Affliction venge ?
00:00:24Inuusini no pugna, fml
00:00:27Yuriko ok
00:00:31MYuksel am wl banned
00:00:35Yuriko want me to pick her for u?
00:00:36Yuriko so they dont
00:00:44Affliction nah they wont
00:00:45VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF y
00:00:54VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF what for you?
00:01:03VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF :/
00:01:04PeterLars cent for mby
00:01:07PeterLars ^^
00:01:07Yuriko venge goes with me
00:01:09mby_next_time lal.
00:01:12Affliction we get rune and fuck em stupid
00:01:13mby_next_time let's miss more stuns
00:01:15Yuriko deal
00:01:20MYuksel get cent
00:01:23mby_next_time i go ultr carry sniper i think
00:01:23MYuksel cent
00:01:23sn0t.rocker magnus?
00:01:24MYuksel tide
00:01:26MYuksel y
00:01:41MYuksel get wards for top
00:01:43MYuksel mag
00:01:46Affliction magnus is a beast now :)
00:01:55MYuksel beast?
00:01:57PeterLars lesh
00:01:57PeterLars top
00:01:59Affliction ye
00:02:05Inuusini i can solo bot if cent woods
00:02:06MYuksel get thrall
00:02:10mby_next_time nah you cant
00:02:13MYuksel chick
00:02:16sn0t.rocker pl
00:02:19sn0t.rocker -_-
00:02:22Affliction he wips them silly and fuck them stupid :D
00:02:23sn0t.rocker our lane will suck
00:02:26marsbar2k why not
00:02:27marsbar2k :D
00:02:27Inuusini they dont have good laners
00:02:33mby_next_time ca[]use i remember
00:02:37mby_next_time some games
00:02:40mby_next_time with your solo.
00:02:47mby_next_time CENT
00:02:49mby_next_time YOU GO BOT LANE
00:02:49Inuusini guys?
00:02:58mby_next_time you both are so low guys :D
00:03:07Yuriko go top
00:03:08Yuriko lancer
00:03:08mby_next_time give double fb to em t's better
00:03:10mby_next_time -hhn
00:03:11mby_next_time -don
00:03:14mby_next_time -water red
00:03:14mby_next_time -clear
00:03:20Inuusini says second to last pick
00:03:25Yuriko come affli
00:03:28mby_next_time talking inuusi :DD
00:03:30sn0t.rocker lancer?? wtf
00:03:33Yuriko gotta make fb
00:03:34mby_next_time kk you think you're better w/e
00:03:38Inuusini i know
00:03:51Inuusini stun??
00:04:00Inuusini wtf u skilled
00:04:01mby_next_time iot's paulin
00:04:04mby_next_time dont expect anything
00:04:10Paulin8813811 idi nahuiu
00:04:11Inuusini return first
00:04:11Inuusini gg
00:04:12Paulin8813811 wood
00:04:32Paulin8813811 you say
00:04:35Paulin8813811 me wood
00:04:51sn0t.rocker lancer shit pick..
00:04:52Yuriko aa?
00:04:56Affliction sec
00:05:12Affliction aa
00:05:23PeterLars ss
00:05:27sn0t.rocker lancer?
00:05:30VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF ?
00:05:31sn0t.rocker u know last hit?
00:05:44VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF last hit?
00:05:45sn0t.rocker if ye do it
00:06:21MYuksel ss
00:06:51Affliction oom
00:07:06sn0t.rocker miss
00:07:11Yuriko go aa
00:07:11Yuriko go
00:07:28VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF late
00:07:36marsbar2k lol :D
00:07:37mby_next_time lal ck :D
00:07:39sn0t.rocker xD
00:07:51Inuusini QOP
00:07:56Inuusini asfd
00:08:01Inuusini 150hp pa behind u
00:08:10mby_next_time go top kill magna
00:08:14mby_next_time you start
00:08:27sn0t.rocker -_______-
00:08:29mby_next_time come on ck play more aggro we can ez kills.
00:08:50mby_next_time stun
00:08:51mby_next_time HIM
00:08:52mby_next_time FUCKINBG
00:08:52mby_next_time TODAY
00:08:55mby_next_time ff that ck
00:09:12Yuriko no
00:09:37Affliction qop have
00:09:37Affliction :/
00:09:43Inuusini inc
00:09:47PeterLars ss
00:09:48PeterLars re
00:10:09Inuusini gj
00:10:40sn0t.rocker miss top
00:10:42sn0t.rocker ck
00:10:43sn0t.rocker care mid
00:10:56PeterLars ss
00:11:17Yuriko wtf was that
00:11:20MYuksel g9
00:11:22PeterLars care
00:11:31Affliction qop
00:11:33Affliction otw bot
00:12:11sn0t.rocker go from behind?
00:12:41sn0t.rocker go
00:12:43marsbar2k so u all choose to go top
00:12:46marsbar2k while 3 was top
00:12:48marsbar2k bot even
00:13:01sn0t.rocker -.-
00:13:14mby_next_time well i left top due to your pussy style.
00:13:36Yuriko swap?
00:13:39Affliction y
00:13:48Yuriko get aa?
00:14:00Yuriko wtf speed thing
00:14:00Inuusini gj
00:14:04Affliction dunno
00:14:05Affliction :/
00:14:08Affliction must be centa
00:14:11sn0t.rocker y
00:14:14Yuriko since when
00:14:30sn0t.rocker new cent
00:14:49VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF ?
00:14:53MYuksel 1 hit
00:14:55PeterLars ^^
00:14:56VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF who us me
00:14:58mby_next_time pretty lucky
00:15:02mby_next_time 43 hp :D
00:15:07VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF who use me?
00:15:14Inuusini b
00:15:17PeterLars we need wards and up chick
00:15:17MYuksel w8
00:15:20sn0t.rocker got ult
00:15:22Affliction not me see replay after :/
00:15:25MYuksel g
00:15:34VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF i lost gold
00:15:43sn0t.rocker k
00:15:47sn0t.rocker go
00:15:51VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF if you like to lost ok
00:16:14sn0t.rocker venge u suck
00:17:00mby_next_time why the ufkc
00:17:03mby_next_time you so fast
00:17:06marsbar2k kæft du suger peter
00:17:36MYuksel b
00:18:11mby_next_time SERIOUSLY
00:18:12mby_next_time HATERS
00:18:18mby_next_time how fuck you can hate me ?
00:18:30sn0t.rocker buy a faster pc
00:18:42mby_next_time y so fun
00:18:58sn0t.rocker go
00:19:21Inuusini lvl 13
00:19:27MYuksel blin and vg
00:19:28MYuksel lolz
00:19:28VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF huh dagger
00:19:29MYuksel feeder
00:19:35MYuksel bot lane sucks ?
00:19:35mby_next_time fun is it 's paulin
00:19:41sn0t.rocker look stats
00:19:47Paulin8813811 its vaityl
00:19:47MYuksel yuriko
00:19:49MYuksel u kidding me ?
00:19:55Yuriko we win anyway
00:19:56Inuusini bot lane hated me -> got killed to cent
00:19:58MYuksel yuriko 20procent
00:19:58mby_next_time you know if strom reads it
00:20:01mby_next_time you get ban ?
00:20:13PeterLars u banned after this
00:20:23Paulin8813811 my frieng
00:20:25mby_next_time damn peter ban fagf
00:20:29sn0t.rocker who? xD
00:20:35marsbar2k ff dis Qop
00:21:30MYuksel gj
00:21:30marsbar2k GG PETER
00:21:31PeterLars ^^
00:21:32marsbar2k din noob
00:21:46mby_next_time hi yyuri
00:21:46Yuriko one who shops while going back
00:21:53mby_next_time :)
00:22:01mby_next_time good boy.
00:22:10Yuriko we won anyway
00:22:15mby_next_time sadly yes
00:22:28mby_next_time well we have peter
00:22:31mby_next_time so pretty unwinable
00:22:46Yuriko wtf when did cent get those items
00:22:56sn0t.rocker VS U AND VENGE??
00:22:59MYuksel thhx
00:23:04MYuksel i was going to silence
00:23:04MYuksel hin
00:23:06MYuksel and run
00:23:08MYuksel and u stopped it
00:23:09MYuksel thx
00:23:12sn0t.rocker b
00:23:25Affliction sry
00:23:26Affliction :/
00:23:35Affliction want my intention to get you killed :/
00:23:36Yuriko look at the bright side
00:23:47mby_next_time -ms
00:24:01mby_next_time -ms
00:24:08sn0t.rocker stun
00:24:15sn0t.rocker tard
00:24:27sn0t.rocker gang all
00:24:30sn0t.rocker i use ult
00:24:47Paulin8813811 go
00:24:53mby_next_time you are first
00:24:56mby_next_time not us
00:25:05MYuksel tp
00:25:05Inuusini dead
00:25:30sn0t.rocker VENGE
00:25:34sn0t.rocker get us wards plz
00:25:35sn0t.rocker ye
00:25:39mby_next_time those haters
00:25:47Yuriko was tabbed
00:25:54mby_next_time when blinking?
00:25:55mby_next_time for sure
00:25:56mby_next_time :D
00:26:02Yuriko I didnt blink
00:26:06Yuriko that was all your imagination
00:26:19mby_next_time well kk :D
00:27:08MYuksel b
00:27:22MYuksel yse
00:29:00sn0t.rocker venge and mort
00:29:01sn0t.rocker ffs
00:29:26sn0t.rocker pl useless shit hero 2
00:29:57VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF magna
00:30:03VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF you say this is sheet
00:30:07VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF phantom lancer
00:30:13sn0t.rocker it is
00:30:23MYuksel just cuz you gte kills
00:30:25VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF if you play
00:30:30MYuksel dozent mean that u play good
00:30:35Yuriko exactly
00:30:40sn0t.rocker did i say that?
00:30:41Yuriko I get no kills but I'm obviously the most useful player here
00:30:48MYuksel not u magnus
00:30:49MYuksel u do good
00:30:58sn0t.rocker bac
00:31:16marsbar2k im stil wondering'
00:31:18Affliction illu
00:31:18marsbar2k no awrds :D
00:31:47mby_next_time when i see magna with dd i feel butsex
00:32:34MYuksel no team work
00:32:35sn0t.rocker this cent
00:32:38sn0t.rocker roflmao
00:32:45sn0t.rocker nearly killed me solo
00:33:00sn0t.rocker thx for ur feed bot..
00:33:06MYuksel how can they fail
00:33:07MYuksel bot
00:33:08MYuksel really
00:33:09Paulin8813811 go rosh
00:33:11sn0t.rocker dunno
00:33:13sn0t.rocker shit players
00:33:15mby_next_time with smoke
00:33:18mby_next_time warded.
00:33:18MYuksel morted
00:33:19MYuksel bkb
00:33:22mby_next_time smoke here
00:33:25sn0t.rocker retarded mort
00:33:37mby_next_time come to me
00:33:39mby_next_time dudes
00:33:42VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF il try radiance
00:33:43MYuksel -ms
00:33:47Inuusini ill stay out
00:33:53mby_next_time k let's do with 2 roshan
00:33:55mby_next_time how fucking lovely
00:33:58MYuksel wards
00:34:00MYuksel and go smok
00:34:23sn0t.rocker wtf
00:34:28sn0t.rocker come??
00:34:32Yuriko nope
00:34:36MYuksel gather
00:34:36MYuksel all
00:34:37MYuksel now
00:35:49sn0t.rocker MORT
00:35:50sn0t.rocker xD
00:35:51MYuksel goomorted
00:35:52sn0t.rocker FFS
00:35:52MYuksel noob
00:35:53MYuksel haha
00:35:56mby_next_time LET'S KILL MAYBE
00:35:57sn0t.rocker rofl
00:36:01mby_next_time K I KILLED HIM I CAN DIE
00:36:01marsbar2k :D
00:36:03MYuksel morted leave
00:36:05sn0t.rocker PL
00:36:12sn0t.rocker GET SOMETHING ELSE THEN RADI
00:36:17sn0t.rocker its too late now
00:36:20sn0t.rocker ur farm is shit
00:36:20mby_next_time lovel 17 assits
00:36:20VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF ok
00:36:21Affliction ye need hp
00:36:41VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF if we only defend
00:37:28MYuksel try
00:37:28MYuksel again
00:37:29MYuksel gather
00:37:40mby_next_time XD
00:37:41sn0t.rocker omg?
00:37:41mby_next_time loled
00:37:42mby_next_time so hard
00:37:45Paulin8813811 sosite
00:37:52Paulin8813811 sosite
00:37:53mby_next_time magna no ulti
00:37:55mby_next_time we can fight now guys
00:37:59marsbar2k shall i keep warding :d ?
00:38:00MYuksel come pl
00:38:03marsbar2k or u guys wanna assist
00:38:05mby_next_time ofc you're noob
00:38:16MYuksel go
00:38:17mby_next_time go mid guys
00:38:19mby_next_time magna no ulti..
00:38:43mby_next_time kk let's crit me to death
00:38:56sn0t.rocker b
00:39:08sn0t.rocker LANCER
00:39:11sn0t.rocker ARE U RETARDED?
00:39:14VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF no
00:39:19sn0t.rocker GET OTHER ITEMS
00:39:21sn0t.rocker U TARD
00:39:24VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF ok
00:39:43mby_next_time god i ate 2 mich
00:40:11sn0t.rocker dead mort
00:40:22sn0t.rocker eouc
00:40:27sn0t.rocker this noob
00:40:27PeterLars b
00:40:31PeterLars they all coming
00:40:32Yuriko whos playing on paulin acc xD
00:40:39sn0t.rocker yuriko real about 10%
00:40:51MYuksel i gonna ban RE7 this guy
00:40:53sn0t.rocker VENGE
00:40:59mby_next_time you mean yuriko ?:D
00:40:59sn0t.rocker CAN U GET FUCKING WARDS
00:41:11Affliction can you get something like hp+
00:41:15mby_next_time hm
00:41:17sn0t.rocker for?
00:41:25VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF b
00:41:25sn0t.rocker if u act whise we get em
00:41:26Affliction we haver dps
00:41:28VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF they invis
00:41:51sn0t.rocker TOLD
00:41:53sn0t.rocker u
00:41:57sn0t.rocker ya
00:41:58sn0t.rocker I surrender! [1/5 of Sentinel]
00:42:08sn0t.rocker retarded guys
00:42:19Inuusini lasthit
00:42:26sn0t.rocker 2n5 it is..
00:42:27VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF you was frst
00:42:28sn0t.rocker srsly
00:42:38Yuriko which two
00:42:39sn0t.rocker pl useless mort and venge feeder
00:42:41MYuksel last fight
00:42:59Yuriko where are ulties magnus
00:43:04MYuksel magnus
00:43:05MYuksel do
00:43:05MYuksel fine
00:43:07sn0t.rocker are u kidding?
00:43:08MYuksel so stfu yuriko
00:43:09MYuksel really
00:43:10MYuksel u fail
00:43:12MYuksel and lancer
00:43:13MYuksel and veno
00:43:13marsbar2k wp pismam
00:43:16marsbar2k sen var guzel
00:43:17marsbar2k Oyna
00:43:24MYuksel ben var tab yapmak
00:43:37MYuksel pro team <3
00:43:42sn0t.rocker mort 40 min farming
00:43:43mby_next_time PRO LEHSH <3
00:43:44sn0t.rocker no items
00:44:34sn0t.rocker fucking shit
00:44:35sn0t.rocker really
00:45:05Paulin8813811 \ffs
00:45:07PeterLars .D
00:45:18sn0t.rocker rofl
00:45:18marsbar2k ta imod illus
00:45:22sn0t.rocker 10 min for rosh
00:45:41MYuksel haha nab
00:45:50sn0t.rocker sucks so hard
00:46:00MYuksel yuriko
00:46:04MYuksel dont play carry again
00:46:09MYuksel let me farm
00:46:09MYuksel top
00:46:19sn0t.rocker LANCER?
00:46:22sn0t.rocker ARE U KIDDING=
00:46:27sn0t.rocker U STILL GET RADI=?
00:46:35MYuksel rdy mag
00:46:37Paulin8813811 go
00:46:38mby_next_time care at magna
00:46:50Yuriko lol..
00:46:54MYuksel why
00:46:55Affliction I surrender! [2/5 of Sentinel]
00:46:56MYuksel that lost
00:46:57MYuksel raelly
00:46:58MYuksel fuckin noob
00:46:58marsbar2k siz var cock
00:47:00MYuksel why ulti 1
00:47:02PeterLars nice illu :D
00:47:04MYuksel bu var noob
00:47:05sn0t.rocker idc
00:47:07marsbar2k yes
00:47:09MYuksel magnus
00:47:09sn0t.rocker game lost anyway
00:47:10marsbar2k Dis snot
00:47:11marsbar2k So cocky
00:47:12MYuksel OL
00:47:14marsbar2k But suck huge dick
00:47:19sn0t.rocker was lost since mort and venge sucked bot
00:47:24MYuksel ye
00:47:24MYuksel but
00:47:28MYuksel one good ulti from u could win it
00:47:31MYuksel so stfu
00:47:32sn0t.rocker no
00:47:35MYuksel and stop blame people
00:47:35Paulin8813811 owned nahui)
00:47:38MYuksel for your noob ult
00:47:45MYuksel just cuz they fail
00:47:52MYuksel dont need that u should do the same
00:47:57MYuksel so stfu and play better
00:48:02MYuksel mean
00:48:08sn0t.rocker i played good for about 40 min
00:48:12MYuksel ye and
00:48:13sn0t.rocker and we didnt win anything
00:48:16marsbar2k divine inc
00:48:16MYuksel my ulti fuck them
00:48:16marsbar2k np
00:48:17PeterLars top
00:48:18PeterLars all
00:48:19sn0t.rocker it is lost
00:48:24MYuksel ye right
00:48:25MYuksel noob
00:49:07Yuriko that escalated fast
00:49:14sn0t.rocker SO? how many we killed?
00:49:16sn0t.rocker no one..
00:49:24MYuksel I surrender! [3/5 of Sentinel]
00:49:24sn0t.rocker noobs
00:49:25MYuksel go ff
00:49:25MYuksel guys
00:49:34sn0t.rocker bot lane won it
00:49:35VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF I surender
00:49:40MYuksel phantom
00:49:44MYuksel do -ff without -
00:49:45sn0t.rocker and pl
00:49:47VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF I surender!
00:49:47MYuksel ff
00:49:52sn0t.rocker stop play dota please
00:49:52VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF -ff
00:49:56Yuriko just type ff
00:49:56MYuksel with that
00:49:57sn0t.rocker WITHOUT
00:49:59sn0t.rocker -
00:50:01sn0t.rocker IDIOT
00:50:02VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF I surrender! [4/5 of Sentinel]
00:50:09VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF -ff
00:50:13sn0t.rocker pl stio
00:50:20sn0t.rocker pl stop dota
00:50:24Yuriko wp peter and co.
00:50:29marsbar2k Peter sucked
00:50:34VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF i dont know how
00:50:41VeLeS.NiGhTw0lF i frst time play here
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