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+34 X
+2 TS

94% | 1785 X | 1388 TS

+4 X
+2 TS

92% | 1725 X | 1420 TS

-12 X
+3 TS

86% | 1585 X | 1436 TS

+11 X
+4 TS

70% | 1405 X | 1359 TS

+16 X
+10 TS

20% | 1027 X | 1191 TS

-34 X
-3 TS

94% | 1748 X | 1435 TS

+28 X
-2 TS

88% | 1556 X | 1502 TS

+18 X
-2 TS

81% | 1520 X | 1394 TS

-30 X
-2 TS

59% | 1296 X | 1351 TS

-26 X
-2 TS

44% | 1219 X | 1258 TS

Chat log

00:00:00Jerkku [DotA-GC] ... and the wooden PC award goes to *drum roll* ... mby_next_time with 84 seconds.
00:00:07Pojetz NICE WOOD
00:00:09mby_next_time DABABABBABABA
00:00:13mby_next_time NICE WOODS PC MBY
00:00:14mby_next_time FAG
00:00:15VanillaThunder lol there are always partys...mby u just dont know where^^
00:00:19mby_next_time well dude
00:00:24mby_next_time in your capital city
00:00:24pWny- go to pratersauna
00:00:25pWny- pratersauna rocks
00:00:25mby_next_time and like 3-4 big cities
00:00:25VanillaThunder come to linz next week and i´ll show u :D
00:00:25mby_next_time no ppl
00:00:25MYuksel any wishes ?
00:00:25mby_next_time at all
00:00:25Jerkku where u live mby?
00:00:25VanillaThunder naix plz
00:00:25Asiankid -Naix
00:00:25mby_next_time Gdansk in Poland
00:00:25mby_next_time it's next to the see
00:00:25mby_next_time i see the see from my window :)
00:00:25MYuksel omni
00:00:27pWny- i banged a whore once there i guess ;)
00:00:28MYuksel anyone ud ?
00:00:29MYuksel dazzle ?
00:00:34Yuriko wait
00:00:34mby_next_time prolly she was a guy
00:00:35Jerkku very random town never heard
00:00:35mby_next_time :<
00:00:37Yuriko what do i pick
00:00:38Yuriko what is easy
00:00:39MYuksel ud anyone plz ?
00:00:39pWny- xD
00:00:42Yuriko who the f is chinese kid
00:00:46mby_next_time in german it's called Danzing
00:00:48VanillaThunder gimme crix
00:00:49Pojetz lesh
00:00:53MYuksel crix for u
00:00:56Pojetz fo r me
00:00:57Yuriko you want lesh?
00:00:59Jerkku CAN I MID ?
00:01:02MYuksel no
00:01:04Yuriko aight
00:01:06Jerkku ¨ok ff then
00:01:09VanillaThunder u want?
00:01:09MYuksel ff u
00:01:10MYuksel na
00:01:11Yuriko get me slark
00:01:13Yuriko brb tabbing
00:01:17mby_next_time XD
00:01:18MYuksel give me nevermore
00:01:20mby_next_time there no slark XD
00:01:24MYuksel -swap 3
00:01:26Jerkku myuksel sf ff
00:01:27VanillaThunder -swap 1
00:01:28mby_next_time yyriiko XD
00:01:32mby_next_time there's no slark XD
00:01:38VanillaThunder get abba
00:01:39Pojetz what u want
00:01:39VanillaThunder last
00:01:40VanillaThunder !
00:01:43Yuriko rhasta
00:01:44mby_next_time go pause
00:01:46MYuksel get rhasta or ud !
00:01:46mby_next_time []w/e
00:01:47VanillaThunder abba or pit
00:01:48Jerkku abba would help so much
00:01:50Yuriko -swap 5
00:01:51Pojetz -swap 2
00:01:53Asiankid lesh
00:01:54Asiankid go mid ?
00:01:55VanillaThunder abba plz
00:01:56mby_next_time LOL MYUKSEL SF XD
00:01:56Asiankid or someone
00:01:58Pojetz omg
00:01:59Pojetz no
00:02:01Yuriko let me mid
00:02:02Jerkku LIKE I SAID
00:02:02pWny- ^^
00:02:04Jerkku FF
00:02:09mby_next_time it's even funnier
00:02:10pWny- hey NA
00:02:10mby_next_time then
00:02:12mby_next_time jerkku's furion
00:02:13mby_next_time XDDD
00:02:13pWny- i come down with you
00:02:15pWny- and make pulls
00:02:15Jerkku XD
00:02:16Yuriko I can mid
00:02:16pWny- -hhn
00:02:17Yuriko np
00:02:18pWny- -di
00:02:19pWny- -don
00:02:20pWny- -ii
00:02:25mby_next_time lesh
00:02:26mby_next_time come top
00:02:27MYuksel abba top
00:02:27pWny- check
00:02:31mby_next_time OR NECRO
00:02:32mby_next_time COME NEXCRO
00:02:34Jerkku but that was
00:02:35mby_next_time :<
00:02:37Yuriko anyway
00:02:38mby_next_time axe woods?
00:02:40VanillaThunder well ur furi is rly shit btw :D
00:02:41Jerkku my worst furris
00:02:41Yuriko did they nerf bala?
00:02:43Yuriko or something
00:02:44pWny- hey du gschissna esterreicha komm mal mit hie
00:02:44mby_next_time they didnt
00:02:45pWny- hier
00:02:47pWny- ;)
00:02:48mby_next_time OK IM SOLO TOP
00:02:52mby_next_time share courier
00:02:53mby_next_time -hhn
00:02:53Asiankid me wood
00:02:53Asiankid ok
00:02:53mby_next_time -don
00:02:54Yuriko I did one game earlier, and before that its been months and months
00:02:54mby_next_time -water red
00:02:55Yuriko xD
00:02:55VanillaThunder omg
00:02:55mby_next_time -clear
00:02:59mby_next_time share courier
00:03:02Astrocreep u want me to come or not
00:03:05mby_next_time well ns jerkku should be ez
00:03:07mby_next_time nah
00:03:09Asiankid share
00:03:19Jerkku 2 guelling blade farmers same lane
00:03:21Yuriko asian kid = maxy?
00:03:21Jerkku gg
00:03:24mby_next_time nah
00:03:27Asiankid no
00:03:28mby_next_time asian + firstblood
00:03:29pWny- i told you allready i will make woods
00:03:29mby_next_time 2 mates
00:03:33mby_next_time that are pretty good
00:03:34Yuriko ah
00:03:35mby_next_time i mean fb is
00:03:46Jerkku upll me maybe
00:03:49Jerkku pull*
00:03:50Astrocreep share
00:03:50mby_next_time dude woods?
00:03:58Asiankid k bro
00:04:01MYuksel laag
00:04:01mby_next_time IMPOSSIBRY
00:04:01Jerkku BRU
00:04:01mby_next_time LOL JESTER NS
00:04:01mby_next_time XD
00:04:03mby_next_time even funnier then furi XD
00:05:02mby_next_time go gang mid asap axe
00:05:07mby_next_time ez kill and good for team
00:05:24Yuriko take bot rune oplz
00:05:24Asiankid hey
00:05:25Asiankid bro
00:05:31Asiankid stop talk to me
00:05:33Yuriko take
00:05:34mby_next_time NAH
00:06:04pWny- sry
00:06:12pWny- wp sf
00:06:13pWny- wtf
00:06:13pWny- wp
00:06:18pWny- sry for no miss
00:06:21MYuksel ..
00:06:22Yuriko well, fuck
00:06:30MYuksel gj
00:07:04Yuriko this guy is temeka
00:07:15Yuriko sf top
00:07:26Yuriko sf top sf top sf top with rune
00:07:27MYuksel shield
00:07:27MYuksel me
00:07:28MYuksel come
00:07:33mby_next_time CIOME MYUKSEL
00:07:44pWny- CARE
00:07:45pWny- RHASTA
00:07:48Asiankid haste
00:07:49pWny- back
00:07:49Asiankid oh no
00:07:55MYuksel ss
00:07:59pWny- rahsta was downlane
00:08:00mby_next_time pyussy
00:08:03mby_next_time oom
00:08:09Yuriko go
00:08:09Yuriko sk
00:08:12pWny- b
00:08:31mby_next_time |wtf ?XD
00:08:40Yuriko you werent oom
00:08:41Yuriko stop lying
00:08:46VanillaThunder missclick ...
00:08:47mby_next_time just bought
00:08:48mby_next_time soul ring
00:08:49mby_next_time bro
00:08:53mby_next_time had to go shop for it :d
00:08:53Yuriko no excuses
00:08:55mby_next_time XD
00:08:57Yuriko xD
00:09:02Yuriko rune bot
00:09:04MYuksel em
00:09:05Astrocreep ss
00:09:12pWny- -.-
00:09:16MYuksel wanna fuck my game up ?
00:09:20MYuksel stupid ?
00:09:25Jerkku i trust more my game than ur
00:09:31Yuriko go
00:09:58pWny- get Necro
00:09:59pWny- i stun
00:10:07mby_next_time SS 2
00:10:07mby_next_time TOP
00:10:09mby_next_time ss
00:10:14mby_next_time re
00:10:26Yuriko go sf
00:10:29Asiankid y
00:10:43MYuksel mid guys
00:10:47pWny- mom
00:10:51pWny- im oom
00:11:02mby_next_time ss 2
00:11:03Pojetz why u didnt heal
00:11:05mby_next_time re
00:11:18pWny- ffs
00:11:28Yuriko axe
00:11:28Yuriko our woods
00:11:28Yuriko low bala
00:11:28pWny- WTF ulti was that man
00:11:28Yuriko ?
00:11:28Jerkku im so dead
00:11:28Yuriko owned?
00:11:28Asiankid i take him rune
00:11:28Asiankid ^^
00:11:28Jerkku guess y
00:11:28Asiankid and he drop
00:11:28Yuriko he just entered
00:11:29Yuriko our woods
00:11:33Asiankid uf
00:11:40pWny- axe is invisilbe
00:11:49mby_next_time ss 2
00:11:52Asiankid w8 mid
00:12:09MYuksel 3 mid
00:12:13pWny- i farm now
00:12:16pWny- was not farming at all
00:12:25MYuksel 3 mid
00:12:25MYuksel def
00:12:26MYuksel all
00:12:33MYuksel 4 mid
00:12:41MYuksel guys
00:12:46mby_next_time sstill ss 2
00:12:49Yuriko 10 sec
00:12:51MYuksel wtf
00:12:55Yuriko ulti rdy
00:13:05Jerkku go
00:13:46Jerkku lesh has no diabol
00:13:47Jerkku XD
00:14:09Yuriko racist.
00:14:17mby_next_time lol gtfo
00:14:22mby_next_time BALANAR IS TOP LANE
00:14:42MYuksel go
00:14:46pWny- k
00:14:49pWny- mom
00:14:57mby_next_time SS BALANAR
00:15:29MYuksel abba wards
00:15:40silkwood ok
00:16:12Asiankid ubg chick
00:16:13Asiankid pls
00:16:23Asiankid ty
00:16:28Jerkku shield
00:16:43silkwood go
00:16:43pWny- go
00:16:43Jerkku SHIELD
00:16:50mby_next_time yo
00:17:26Astrocreep lets get sf more
00:17:34pWny- wtf leoric lvl 11
00:17:42mby_next_time 2 top
00:17:54Jerkku he has farmed whole game ofc hes 11
00:17:56Jerkku and no ganks
00:18:05mby_next_time SS NS
00:18:14mby_next_time re
00:18:14Yuriko nope
00:18:15mby_next_time 3 top
00:18:22Yuriko well murder them
00:18:23Yuriko ffs
00:18:23mby_next_time 4[] top
00:18:24Yuriko gogogog
00:18:25mby_next_time some help?
00:18:30Yuriko murder
00:18:41mby_next_time wp
00:18:42mby_next_time boys
00:19:01Jerkku COME TOP
00:19:02Yuriko OPPA optimist style
00:19:13Pojetz no mana
00:19:24mby_next_time 4 top
00:19:36MYuksel bala bait
00:19:40Pojetz go
00:19:41pWny- guys
00:19:45pWny- kill rhasta and lehsrac necro
00:19:46pWny- its easy
00:19:48Yuriko go negro
00:19:48mby_next_time ss 3 top
00:20:01pWny- miss all
00:20:02pWny- care top
00:20:03mby_next_time 4 top
00:20:04mby_next_time 4 TOP
00:20:08Yuriko get bot
00:20:08Yuriko fast
00:20:12mby_next_time gogo bot
00:20:46mby_next_time 3 mid
00:20:49pWny- oom
00:20:50Yuriko roger
00:21:10Yuriko wtf
00:21:10mby_next_time well
00:21:11mby_next_time i heard
00:21:13mby_next_time that tp
00:21:13Yuriko temeka hits first raze
00:21:15mby_next_time is overrated
00:21:22mby_next_time next time
00:21:23mby_next_time nbecro
00:21:25mby_next_time + lesh
00:21:26mby_next_time TP FUCKRS
00:21:28Astrocreep we went bot
00:21:31Astrocreep no mana
00:21:33mby_next_time ahnd you had tp
00:21:38mby_next_time i see a lot of mana
00:21:41mby_next_time one heal would be fine
00:21:52mby_next_time tp mid
00:21:59Astrocreep gj typing so much
00:22:01VanillaThunder urn plz
00:22:04mby_next_time ?
00:22:08mby_next_time wtf you talking about
00:22:13Astrocreep missed action
00:22:14Astrocreep nvm
00:22:22Jerkku b
00:22:22Yuriko omw mid
00:22:29Yuriko well go
00:22:30Jerkku OMG UP CHICK
00:22:36MYuksel jerkku
00:22:41MYuksel i hate the way u play and are
00:22:46Yuriko gank sk top
00:22:46mby_next_time 1540
00:22:47Jerkku hows that
00:22:49mby_next_time to mordigan
00:22:51mby_next_time 150 &
00:23:21MYuksel stun
00:23:46Pojetz SK=
00:23:48Astrocreep sk
00:23:49Pojetz ===
00:23:50Pojetz hahaha
00:23:51Pojetz uduit
00:23:54Astrocreep fucking hell
00:23:59MYuksel lol
00:24:02Jerkku haha
00:24:05Jerkku just u stun
00:24:19Astrocreep talk so much about tele
00:24:28Astrocreep cant even see action next to him
00:24:32mby_next_time was shopping dont care
00:24:36Yuriko xD
00:24:39mby_next_time you were doing nothing
00:24:43Jerkku abba u got good support items but can u up chick and get some wards ?
00:24:46mby_next_time so your arguemnt is invalid
00:25:01Astrocreep dont talk anymore
00:25:08mby_next_time i just advice
00:25:08mby_next_time you
00:25:09MYuksel thx
00:25:09Astrocreep unless ur a girl
00:25:10Astrocreep then ok
00:25:12Jerkku guess not
00:25:13Astrocreep dont
00:25:13mby_next_time and you offend me
00:25:16Yuriko i'm a girl btw
00:25:16mby_next_time nice thinking
00:25:18mby_next_time as always
00:25:24mby_next_time dont lie yuri
00:25:25mby_next_time we all know
00:25:27mby_next_time you
00:25:29Astrocreep no point when u cant see things next to u and even fter axe pinged
00:25:29mby_next_time fat as
00:25:36mby_next_time go offend me more
00:25:42Astrocreep u
00:25:42mby_next_time you get so many poitns for it
00:25:51MYuksel b
00:26:04Asiankid team play
00:26:07Asiankid 5 together
00:26:10Asiankid buy smoke
00:26:17Jerkku omw
00:26:22mby_next_time seriously
00:26:33VanillaThunder :D
00:26:42pWny- all miss
00:26:42Pojetz wtf?
00:26:43pWny- oO
00:26:46pWny- they do rosh?
00:26:49mby_next_time dk
00:26:50Pojetz banned
00:27:09pWny- more hate please
00:27:37mby_next_time hey team
00:27:39mby_next_time thanks for help
00:27:41mby_next_time i tank em
00:27:44mby_next_time and you go away
00:27:49mby_next_time let's start pussy play then ok
00:28:01MYuksel did u call me when i jumped in ?
00:28:13mby_next_time that
00:28:14mby_next_time lesh
00:28:16mby_next_time is faboulous
00:28:17mby_next_time XDDDD
00:28:19Pojetz ooops
00:28:20Pojetz :D
00:28:20mby_next_time instead of run
00:28:23Yuriko get ghost scepter
00:28:23Jerkku HE WAS KILLING SPREE ???
00:28:24Yuriko lesh
00:28:25Jerkku WTF
00:28:26mby_next_time he stays to get killed XD
00:28:29Yuriko umad?
00:28:32mby_next_time stealing sprere *
00:28:36Asiankid this aba is 20%
00:28:38pWny- ^^
00:28:40Asiankid but play 10time better
00:28:45Asiankid What is that
00:28:48pWny- THANX
00:28:50mby_next_time called gc
00:28:53mby_next_time :D
00:28:57Pojetz öra värise lits
00:29:12VanillaThunder b
00:29:30mby_next_time XD
00:29:30Asiankid ....
00:29:32mby_next_time that necro
00:29:40Asiankid My godnes
00:29:40Asiankid :D
00:29:47Asiankid never play at night
00:29:49Asiankid lots of noobs
00:30:05MYuksel go
00:30:06MYuksel all
00:30:07MYuksel mid
00:30:13Asiankid b
00:30:18mby_next_time cs pwny?
00:30:24pWny- 66/6
00:30:26mby_next_time -cs
00:30:29mby_next_time with neutrals?
00:30:30pWny- -cs
00:30:34pWny- neutrals 54
00:30:36silkwood -cs
00:30:36mby_next_time how the fuck you got so many itemsXXD
00:30:40pWny- ^^
00:30:41mby_next_time ah neutrals
00:30:42mby_next_time kk
00:30:50Yuriko we're fkd btw
00:30:55mby_next_time good
00:30:56mby_next_time !
00:31:20mby_next_time that block
00:31:21mby_next_time won XD
00:31:25mby_next_time won XD
00:31:26Yuriko say ty
00:32:29mby_next_time XD
00:32:31MYuksel lul
00:32:32mby_next_time wp
00:32:33mby_next_time XD
00:32:33MYuksel 580
00:32:41mby_next_time XD
00:33:04Jerkku !!!
00:33:04mby_next_time wtf
00:33:05mby_next_time wtf
00:33:06mby_next_time wtf
00:33:07mby_next_time wtfd
00:33:08Jerkku URN
00:33:09mby_next_time justk illed me
00:33:09Jerkku <3
00:33:10mby_next_time LOL
00:33:12mby_next_time XDDD
00:33:16mby_next_time was shopping gay XD
00:33:19Jerkku XD
00:33:25mby_next_time and ofc 580 crit myuksel
00:33:26Yuriko never go buy gays
00:33:28Yuriko never
00:33:30MYuksel :D
00:33:33mby_next_time mordigan + treds
00:33:42mby_next_time and add lvl
00:33:45Jerkku well got soon bkb
00:33:50pWny- i go AC
00:33:54pWny- kill
00:33:58Astrocreep haste
00:34:03mby_next_time thanks for nice income axe / rhasta
00:34:05mby_next_time was pretty lovely
00:34:36Asiankid lol
00:34:37Asiankid this dk
00:34:40Asiankid to imba
00:34:41MYuksel need souls
00:34:43pWny- k
00:35:08Astrocreep rhasta
00:35:24Asiankid b
00:35:25Asiankid ?
00:35:25mby_next_time that necro
00:35:26mby_next_time XD
00:35:37Jerkku omg
00:35:41mby_next_time what up
00:36:06Yuriko gone
00:36:24Jerkku b
00:36:25Jerkku b
00:36:25Jerkku b
00:36:26Jerkku b
00:36:27MYuksel b
00:36:41Jerkku i farm my bkb now
00:36:52mby_next_time awrded
00:36:54pWny- so i join a bit fights
00:37:00MYuksel more wards
00:37:00Yuriko lets go check rosh
00:37:04Yuriko come mby
00:37:07Jerkku abba wards now
00:37:14pWny- they do roshan
00:37:15mby_next_time OMW
00:37:15pWny- i guess
00:37:16pWny- LEoric
00:37:17mby_next_time warded
00:37:18pWny- make him with 5 hits
00:37:19silkwood warding
00:37:20mby_next_time so we shouldnt go
00:37:32pWny- check rosh
00:37:34pWny- maybe leoric is inside
00:37:41Astrocreep wtf
00:37:43Pojetz b
00:37:49mby_next_time kk
00:37:51mby_next_time good back
00:37:59Asiankid pfff
00:38:03mby_next_time kk ff
00:38:05Asiankid bb
00:38:06mby_next_time you 3
00:38:11MYuksel rosh
00:38:13mby_next_time fucking lick abba's pussy
00:38:16Asiankid we must protect
00:38:16mby_next_time instead of helping
00:38:18Asiankid our carry
00:38:19Asiankid my god
00:38:24mby_next_time nah
00:38:25Asiankid not to kiling
00:38:26Asiankid newb
00:38:26Yuriko then protect me
00:38:27Yuriko ffs
00:38:27mby_next_time better lick abba
00:38:31mby_next_time XD
00:38:33mby_next_time yuri XD
00:38:36MYuksel i take
00:38:36pWny- who take?
00:38:41mby_next_time you didnt change i see
00:38:44Yuriko ofc
00:38:45Yuriko xD
00:38:49Jerkku got bkb
00:38:52MYuksel good
00:39:23MYuksel huhu
00:39:24mby_next_time nah yuri odnt try helping pojetz
00:39:27silkwood -ms
00:39:30silkwood -ma
00:39:31Yuriko good guy yuri
00:39:32Yuriko eh
00:39:33Asiankid saving this noob
00:39:36Asiankid isnt good idea
00:39:38mby_next_time ya 2 good guy
00:39:52Yuriko but you people are like pokemon
00:39:56mby_next_time XD
00:39:58Yuriko I gotta save 'em all
00:40:04pWny- DD
00:40:05MYuksel me
00:40:05mby_next_time catch *
00:40:06mby_next_time :D
00:40:09Yuriko xD
00:40:13MYuksel plz
00:40:14Yuriko anyway
00:40:14pWny- wait for 200 gold
00:40:14pWny- got AC
00:40:22Yuriko lets go
00:40:28MYuksel go mid
00:40:29Asiankid lets die
00:40:31Asiankid and ff
00:40:31pWny- wait me
00:40:34Jerkku lol
00:40:36Jerkku go top
00:40:37Jerkku tower
00:40:42Yuriko without sf they're poop
00:40:43mby_next_time \your optimism
00:40:43MYuksel coem
00:40:44mby_next_time XD
00:40:44MYuksel abba
00:40:45MYuksel heal me
00:40:51mby_next_time i think you meant dk
00:41:18pWny- why u fight without me -.-
00:41:21pWny- i told you wait me please
00:42:11mby_next_time kk
00:42:12mby_next_time I surrender! [1/5 of Scourge]
00:42:17mby_next_time gg
00:42:23Asiankid I surrender! [2/5 of Scourge]
00:42:24mby_next_time thanks pojetz
00:42:28Pojetz np :)=
00:42:37mby_next_time as always glad to play with you
00:42:39pWny- pwny is my name not pojetz ^^
00:42:52mby_next_time nah you would be pretty useles
00:42:55VanillaThunder well german just know how to play dota :P
00:42:56mby_next_time with normal guy bot
00:42:58Yuriko jerkku will have 100% tommorow
00:43:02mby_next_time XD
00:43:03mby_next_time XDDD
00:43:04Jerkku XD
00:43:05mby_next_time XDDDDDD
00:43:09Jerkku JUST ROFLED
00:43:10mby_next_time and he leaves
00:43:11mby_next_time gc
00:43:14mby_next_time so he doesnt get -x
00:43:14Yuriko gg
00:43:15mby_next_time XD
00:43:16Yuriko xD
00:43:37mby_next_time dunno how they feeded yyou so much
00:44:22pWny- my hips dont lie
00:44:28pWny- *hira
00:44:29pWny- *hits
00:44:38mby_next_time MORE **
00:44:46pWny- ***
00:45:02mby_next_time oh no you killed me
00:45:03mby_next_time im sad
00:45:06Yuriko meanwhile in china
00:45:07Asiankid BURN!
00:45:07Yuriko oh a dk
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