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+32 X
+3 TS

98% | 1963 X | 1406 TS

+34 X
+3 TS

90% | 1639 X | 1454 TS

+50 X
+4 TS

79% | 1445 X | 1453 TS

+37 X
+4 TS

71% | 1377 X | 1400 TS

+27 X
+27 TS

16% | 1051 X | 1115 TS

-54 X
-4 TS

94% | 1681 X | 1537 TS

-33 X
-3 TS

86% | 1520 X | 1495 TS

-18 X
-4 TS

73% | 1425 X | 1387 TS

-32 X
-3 TS

56% | 1202 X | 1414 TS

-34 X
-8 TS

52% | 1222 X | 1355 TS

Chat log

00:00:04sn0t.rocker O
00:00:05sn0t.rocker M
00:00:06sn0t.rocker G
00:00:13mxL- damn
00:00:18sn0t.rocker for sure hes in my team -.-
00:00:20Yuriko peter what you go
00:00:20mxL- can i go mid peter?
00:00:22mxL- peder wtf
00:00:22creeeeeee who?
00:00:22Yuriko I can troll bs potm sniper
00:00:22j22koer cool
00:00:22sn0t.rocker yuriko u play support
00:00:22j22koer you can carry
00:00:22sn0t.rocker u suck with carry
00:00:22sn0t.rocker as i saw
00:00:22j22koer but can you support?
00:00:22mxL- yuriko pls
00:00:22Yuriko I cant support
00:00:22j22koer wisp here
00:00:22sn0t.rocker u cant carry too
00:00:22sn0t.rocker so stop dota and leave
00:00:22j22koer :D
00:00:22Idx sup
00:00:22j22koer that was harsh
00:00:22sn0t.rocker tard
00:00:22mxL- no
00:00:22creeeeeee MYuksel here?
00:00:22mxL- y
00:00:22PeterLars yuriko what u play
00:00:22PeterLars think he was toilet
00:00:22mxL- peterlars i go mid
00:00:22sn0t.rocker a supporter!
00:00:22Yuriko dunno
00:00:22sn0t.rocker PLEASE
00:00:22Yuriko what you go?
00:00:22PeterLars with who
00:00:22sn0t.rocker get a support yuriko
00:00:22creeeeeee it seems like he still is :S
00:00:22mxL- invoker
00:00:22mxL- he paused
00:00:22MYuksel iam he
00:00:22MYuksel here
00:00:22Yuriko ban that krobe imo
00:00:22MYuksel hmm
00:00:22MYuksel creeE?
00:00:22MYuksel want lesh ?
00:00:22sn0t.rocker pick axe for me
00:00:22sn0t.rocker please
00:00:22MYuksel invo
00:00:22creeeeeee rather invo potm sniper or bara
00:00:22MYuksel lesh
00:00:22mxL- i go mid with geo then
00:00:22MYuksel i ban lesh
00:00:22sn0t.rocker k
00:00:22PeterLars morph
00:00:22sn0t.rocker invo free ;)
00:00:23sn0t.rocker for u
00:00:41sn0t.rocker pick invo
00:00:43sn0t.rocker for him
00:00:48MYuksel go potm mid
00:00:53sn0t.rocker OOOOOOOOOOOOOOMG
00:00:55j22koer aiiiiight
00:00:56creeeeeee sniper better actually
00:00:56mxL- -.-
00:01:01MYuksel not sniper
00:01:02MYuksel plz
00:01:03sn0t.rocker YURIKO CARRY AGAIN
00:01:06sn0t.rocker FREEWIN TO YOU
00:01:07creeeeeee mkay
00:01:09sn0t.rocker FF
00:01:11j22koer stop it
00:01:14creeeeeee but rly...sniper is very strong
00:01:17PeterLars get me
00:01:18PeterLars mm
00:01:19PeterLars tide
00:01:23MYuksel w bot
00:01:23PeterLars -swpa 3
00:01:25creeeeeee fragile, but still
00:01:25Yuriko fb top then
00:01:25PeterLars -swap 3
00:01:25MYuksel wd bot with me
00:01:25mxL- nice choise brother
00:01:26Yuriko pete
00:01:27mxL- -swap 1
00:01:32Yuriko metamorph imba now
00:01:35Yuriko gush gg
00:01:36MYuksel get wr
00:01:39MYuksel wr and ds
00:01:40MYuksel for top
00:01:45MYuksel axe
00:01:46sn0t.rocker what last?
00:01:48sn0t.rocker bara?
00:01:49MYuksel i wont give you woods
00:01:53PeterLars sd
00:01:54MYuksel wd bot with me
00:01:54j22koer well
00:01:58Idx didnt ask for it
00:02:00sn0t.rocker bara or sd?
00:02:00MYuksel strom u there ?
00:02:01j22koer theres ds
00:02:02PeterLars sd
00:02:04Strom yes?
00:02:06MYuksel wards for top
00:02:06sn0t.rocker or ds?
00:02:06creeeeeee hope no bara
00:02:08creeeeeee pleaaaaaase
00:02:14Strom share chick
00:02:14creeeeeee uhh
00:02:22PeterLars sd top
00:02:25PeterLars with sk
00:02:29MYuksel strom
00:02:32MYuksel just for info
00:02:33j22koer tb
00:02:35MYuksel that paulin
00:02:39MYuksel didnt play like a 10 procent player
00:02:41mxL- wtf why captain bottom
00:02:43MYuksel but like 90+
00:02:43mxL- unseen
00:02:44Paulin8813811 ffs
00:02:47Yuriko share chicken
00:02:51mxL- stupid no-ego
00:02:53Strom he's not 90+
00:02:58PeterLars lol who
00:03:03mxL- you lol
00:03:05Strom but I know he's underrated currently
00:03:08j22koer :D
00:03:18MYuksel i sayed
00:03:20mxL- if you were yew you were mid
00:03:21MYuksel that he plays like a 90 +
00:03:22Yuriko go fb
00:03:24PeterLars ^^
00:03:56Strom some 90+ action right there
00:04:11sn0t.rocker lol
00:04:11sn0t.rocker xD
00:04:19Paulin8813811 go wood axe
00:04:30Idx how come
00:04:30Yuriko pulling
00:04:33sn0t.rocker k
00:04:48sn0t.rocker ss top
00:04:50Strom ffs this invoker
00:06:09sn0t.rocker yy
00:06:11sn0t.rocker ss
00:06:20sn0t.rocker care mid axe comign
00:06:27MYuksel salve
00:06:28MYuksel plz
00:06:51Strom ss
00:07:14Strom re
00:07:50creeeeeee miss mid
00:07:55creeeeeee re
00:08:04sn0t.rocker ss top
00:08:15mxL- ssmid
00:08:17mxL- care bot
00:09:01Strom ss 2
00:09:03PeterLars cree go away :D
00:09:06sn0t.rocker care
00:09:08creeeeeee NO!
00:09:08creeeeeee :D
00:09:12creeeeeee top rune
00:09:25creeeeeee ssmid
00:09:28creeeeeee nvm
00:09:28mxL- ss mid
00:09:28Paulin8813811 axe 2 klvl
00:09:30mxL- care toop
00:09:35mxL- pig on the way
00:09:44Strom ss 2
00:09:55MYuksel ...
00:09:57creeeeeee rrrrly
00:09:59MYuksel gj
00:10:03MYuksel anyway fuck this game
00:10:07creeeeeee well i cant get close enough
00:10:10creeeeeee to double starfall
00:10:34creeeeeee ss
00:10:34sn0t.rocker ss top
00:11:01creeeeeee mid coming bot
00:11:02creeeeeee care
00:11:04PeterLars wr bot
00:11:06Idx bot rune
00:11:06PeterLars ss wd
00:11:10sn0t.rocker wd top
00:11:13creeeeeee mid bot with rune
00:11:42Idx ss top
00:11:51Idx nvm
00:12:06PeterLars come
00:12:07MYuksel axe lvl 3
00:12:45sn0t.rocker lucky tard..
00:12:54MYuksel w8
00:12:55MYuksel bot
00:13:06sn0t.rocker gang bot soon
00:13:08sn0t.rocker be ready
00:13:10PeterLars i am
00:13:33Paulin8813811 b
00:13:37Paulin8813811 anbs
00:14:42sn0t.rocker care
00:15:20Yuriko where is everyone
00:15:21sn0t.rocker TP??
00:15:24PeterLars cd
00:15:25mxL- cd
00:16:07sn0t.rocker OOOOOOOMG
00:16:12sn0t.rocker 2 min scroll
00:16:26MYuksel gj strom
00:16:26MYuksel nice
00:16:31sn0t.rocker fucking scroll srsly
00:17:27Paulin8813811 gj
00:17:43sn0t.rocker again he sux
00:17:44j22koer b
00:17:45j22koer b
00:18:21PeterLars kill mid got ulti
00:18:50sn0t.rocker nice
00:18:52MYuksel yuriko
00:18:56MYuksel just because u have much money
00:19:01MYuksel then u go fly boots
00:19:04MYuksel Gg
00:19:16Strom "fly boots" :D
00:19:19MYuksel flying
00:19:27mxL- he wants to be as good as yew
00:19:32MYuksel go
00:20:11sn0t.rocker UYIRKO
00:20:13sn0t.rocker ROFL
00:20:13j22koer :D
00:20:15PeterLars wt
00:20:16PeterLars f
00:20:19sn0t.rocker HIS HP SWAP
00:20:20PeterLars tb
00:20:27Yuriko I was about to die
00:20:33MYuksel heal
00:20:34sn0t.rocker tide 50 hp more then him and he swaps
00:20:35MYuksel strom
00:20:35MYuksel me
00:20:35sn0t.rocker xD
00:20:55sn0t.rocker well
00:20:57Strom don't have time for this
00:20:59sn0t.rocker its nice lose already
00:21:03sn0t.rocker thx to yurikp
00:21:12sn0t.rocker freefarm top 3 kills
00:21:15sn0t.rocker and no items
00:21:16sn0t.rocker still
00:21:44sn0t.rocker retard
00:21:49sn0t.rocker FEEEEED ON
00:21:59sn0t.rocker and this player has 86%
00:22:02sn0t.rocker thats a joke
00:22:58j22koer np get that gold and farm
00:23:09sn0t.rocker juriko
00:23:16sn0t.rocker WHY THE HELL DID U GET BOT?
00:23:19sn0t.rocker U FUCKTARD
00:25:21sn0t.rocker dead
00:25:32Paulin8813811 suc
00:25:35Paulin8813811 K
00:25:45Yuriko he managed to hit one :)
00:27:14sn0t.rocker lol
00:27:15sn0t.rocker xD
00:27:18sn0t.rocker 70 hp^^
00:27:44Idx go top
00:27:52Idx ...
00:27:53PeterLars lol
00:27:53sn0t.rocker bristle
00:27:53sn0t.rocker cu
00:27:53creeeeeee ahha
00:27:53sn0t.rocker haha
00:27:53mxL- Xddddd
00:27:53MYuksel paulin
00:27:53creeeeeee dahell was this
00:27:55Idx 90% my ass
00:28:05sn0t.rocker can i have bracer?
00:28:09MYuksel ?
00:28:15sn0t.rocker tide
00:28:17Idx that new fellah
00:28:21sn0t.rocker thx
00:28:23MYuksel u mean ?
00:28:49Strom got ulti?
00:29:00creeeeeee now I do
00:29:01Strom lets kill, wd + potm ulti
00:29:02sn0t.rocker def
00:29:25Strom :(
00:29:29Strom was hoping to be invisible
00:29:34sn0t.rocker why no?
00:29:37creeeeeee i failed with that :(
00:29:41creeeeeee thought that was illu
00:29:44sn0t.rocker INVO
00:29:44creeeeeee that he left behind
00:29:45sn0t.rocker -.-
00:29:50creeeeeee saw second too late
00:29:50mxL- sorry im afraid
00:29:51Yuriko go
00:30:00sn0t.rocker THX
00:30:02sn0t.rocker INVO
00:30:07sn0t.rocker FOR NOT GOING BEFORE
00:30:34sn0t.rocker y
00:30:38sn0t.rocker your fail invoker
00:30:42mxL- k
00:30:43mxL- im sorry
00:31:18sn0t.rocker cant be true
00:31:27sn0t.rocker I surrender! [1/4 of Scourge]
00:31:30sn0t.rocker FF IT
00:31:51Idx lololo
00:31:55sn0t.rocker meteor
00:32:17Strom oh come on
00:32:20sn0t.rocker FF IT
00:32:34mxL- hold your horses
00:32:39mxL- or something
00:32:40sn0t.rocker lol
00:32:47sn0t.rocker su u sucker
00:32:48sn0t.rocker rofl
00:32:52sn0t.rocker 4n1
00:32:55sn0t.rocker u are afraid
00:32:56sn0t.rocker idiot
00:33:04mxL- okay
00:33:41Yuriko gg wp potm
00:33:42Yuriko I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:33:42sn0t.rocker gg
00:33:45sn0t.rocker I surrender! [2/4 of Scourge]
00:33:49mxL- potm
00:33:51sn0t.rocker go ff invoker
00:34:15mxL- id say gg wp bristle
00:34:19mxL- and wd
00:34:22mxL- and axe
00:34:24mxL- then potm
00:34:28mxL- :------D
00:34:33Yuriko potm won it for them
00:34:35Yuriko potm won
00:34:39creeeeeee nope :D
00:34:44MYuksel strom won
00:34:48mxL- yuriko only sees agicarries
00:34:55mxL- I surrender! [3/4 of Scourge]
00:35:07sn0t.rocker or better to say:
00:35:15sn0t.rocker terror lost for us
00:35:40PeterLars ^^
00:35:46sn0t.rocker gj terror
00:35:49creeeeeee boom :D
00:35:52sn0t.rocker lost another game as "CARRY"
00:35:58MYuksel wp strom
00:35:59MYuksel gg
00:36:04mxL- gg
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